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About RP1

Architecture diagram of the RP1

RP1 is a 12×12mm, 0.65mm-pitch BGA southbridge, which provides the majority of the I/O capabilities for Raspberry Pi 5.

It provides:

  • 4-lane PCIe 2.0 endpoint

  • Gigabit Ethernet MAC

  • 2× USB 3 host controllers

    • Each has 1× USB 3 and 1× USB 2 port

    • More than twice the usable USB bandwidth vs. Raspberry Pi 4

  • 2× SDIO ports/eMMC (not used on Raspberry Pi 5)

  • 2× MIPI transceivers (4-lane, supporting DSI and CSI-2)

  • Video DAC (3-channel, supporting PAL/NTSC and VGA)

    • Only one channel (composite) used on Raspberry Pi 5

  • Low-speed peripherals (SPI, UART, I2C, PWM, GPIO, I2S)

  • Delta-sigma PWM audio out

More information on RP1 can be found in the RP1 Peripherals document.