Raspberry Pi tutorials

How to play retro games on your Raspberry Pi with RetroPie

A Raspberry Pi sits within a Nintendo Entertainment System-style case upon a wooden desk. Attached to the case is a Nintendo-style controller, with another wireless controller beside it. A screen in the background plays a retro-style 8-bit platform game.

Are you looking to (re)discover the joy of playing retro video games using a Raspberry Pi and RetroPie? Here’s everything you need to know to get started.

How to build a Raspberry Pi cluster

A clear acrylic cluster box housing eight Raspberry Pi computers. Each computer has a POE+ HAT attached, with yellow Ethernet cables running from the HAT to the switch box below. The box sits upon a blue cutting mat, next to a screwdriver, a Raspberry Pi computer and a POE+ HAT

A Raspberry Pi cluster is a low-cost, versatile system you can use for all kinds of clustered-computing related technologies, and you have total control over the machines that constitute it.

How to build a Raspberry Pi NAS

A Raspberry Pi sits upon a black mesh shelf. A powered USB port is connected to the Raspberry Pi via USB lead. A portable hard drive is plugged into the hub via USB

Network-attached storage (NAS) allows you to save files from your computer and mobile devices to external hard drives via your home or office wireless network. Using Raspberry Pi, you can connect your existing storage devices — such as external portable hard drives and USB flash drives — to create secure backups of all your important files, accessible from anywhere in the world.