Raspberry Pi tutorials

Whether you’re doing some smart home improvements or just want to inject a bit of fun into your life, we’ve got something that you can build easily and affordably.

How to use a Raspberry Pi in kiosk mode
Kiosk mode on your Raspberry Pi allows you to boot straight into a full-screen web page or an application without using the desktop environment.
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Iron Man Arc Reactor stood upright on a desk with LEDs alight
Raspberry Pi Pico Iron Man Arc Reactor
Build your own Iron Man Arc Reactor using a Raspberry Pi Pico, a strip of LEDs, and some wizardry to produce a 3D infinity mirror effect.
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Block ads on every device in your house with a Raspberry Pi and Pi-hole
Pi-hole blocks advertising and tracking at your router, so all the internet traffic coming into your house is filtered.
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How to add ambient lighting to your TV with Raspberry Pi
Make watching TV more immersive with Raspberry Pi-powered ambient lighting.
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How to control your 3D printer using OctoPrint and Raspberry Pi
Control and manage your 3D printer and more using OctoPrint and Raspberry Pi.
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How to set up a UK train time display
View local UK train departures in real time using a Raspberry Pi and your monitor of choice.
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How to play retro games on your Raspberry Pi with RetroPie
Are you looking to (re)discover the joy of playing retro video games using a Raspberry Pi and RetroPie? Here’s everything you need to know to get started.
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How to build a Raspberry Pi NAS
Network-attached storage (NAS) allows you to save files from your computer and mobile devices to external hard drives via your home or office wireless network.
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How to build a Raspberry Pi cluster
A Raspberry Pi cluster is a low-cost, versatile system you can use for all kinds of clustered-computing related technologies, and you have total control over the machines that constitute it.
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