Raspberry Pi for home

The big computer that fits in your hand

Why Raspberry Pi?

Raspberry Pi is your tiny, powerful $35 computer. If you need a smart home hub or a home computer, if you want to watch a movie or chart the stars, you can do it all with Raspberry Pi.

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It’s a computer. Simple.

Raspberry Pi has all the features you expect from a computer: wireless internet connectivity, HDMI ports for your monitors, and USB ports for your accessories, along with ample processing power and RAM for all your day-to-day use.

Have it your way

Want a desktop computer? You’ve got it. Need to build yourself a smart speaker? You can do that. Want to make a robot to find you the best new mac and cheese recipes each day? A bit weird, but sure. Raspberry Pi offers computers to fit a huge range of needs and applications of all shapes and sizes.

Save money. Save the planet.

At 15 watts, Raspberry Pi uses just a fraction of the power draw of traditional PCs. Not only is this gentler on your wallet when it comes to your energy bills, it’s also kinder to the planet.

Raspberry Pi OS

Raspberry Pi OS is our official supported operating system. It’s free.

Download Raspberry Pi OS


A familiar desktop environment with everything you’re used to, like a web browser, word processor, and spreadsheet application. You’ll find yourself using Raspberry Pi OS intuitively.


If you need support to navigate the desktop, Raspberry Pi OS comes with a range of accessibility options like screen readers and magnifiers.


Raspberry Pi OS receives regular free updates, ensuring that your Raspberry Pi features the latest accessibility options, upgrades, and security patches.

Think it. Build it.

Raspberry Pi gives you the tools you need to make the tech you want, at a price you’ll like.

Host a Wi-Fi hotspot with a Raspberry Pi

This Raspberry Pi-hosted Wi-Fi hotspot connects to a guest Wi-Fi network, then runs a separate private Wi-Fi network for all of your devices.

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Block ads at home with Pi-hole

Pi-hole blocks internet ads at your router, removing bandwidth-sucking and privacy-invading ads from your whole network.

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Plug-and-play Raspberry Pi USB webcam

Webcams are generally low in quality and low in resolution, so we've made a tutorial to show you how to build your own high-quality Raspberry Pi webcam.

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An ideal platform for learning

Raspberry Pi is used all over the world as an easy, affordable way to teach programming and physical computing to people of all ages and all backgrounds.

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We don’t just do computers

Enhance your Raspberry Pi experience with our range of accessories and add-ons.

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The right tool for the job

Find the perfect Raspberry Pi for your next home project.

Raspberry Pi 4

  • Full featured
  • Dual display support
  • Choice of multiple RAM variants

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Raspberry Pi 400

  • Compact form factor
  • Dual display support
  • Complete computer kit available

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Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W

  • Smallest Raspberry Pi form factor
  • Raspberry Pi-designed System in Package
  • Connection adapters available

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