Operating system images

Many operating systems are available for Raspberry Pi, including Raspberry Pi OS, our official supported operating system, and operating systems from other organisations.

Raspberry Pi Imager is the quick and easy way to install an operating system to a microSD card ready to use with your Raspberry Pi. Alternatively, choose from the operating systems below, available to download and install manually.

Raspberry Pi OS

Compatible with:

Raspberry Pi OS with desktop and recommended software

  • Release date: May 7th 2021
  • Kernel version: 5.10
  • Size: 2,867MB


Release notes

Raspberry Pi OS with desktop

  • Release date: May 7th 2021
  • Kernel version: 5.10
  • Size: 1,180MB


Release notes

Raspberry Pi OS Lite

  • Release date: May 7th 2021
  • Kernel version: 5.10
  • Size: 444MB


Release notes

Raspberry Pi Desktop

Compatible with:

  • PC and Mac

Debian Buster with Raspberry Pi Desktop

  • Release date: January 11th 2021
  • Kernel version: 4.19
  • Size: 2,948MB


Third-party software

Here are some other operating systems you can use with your Raspberry Pi


A Kodi Entertainment Center distribution

Ubuntu Desktop

An open source desktop operating system that's widely used around the world, complete with all the essential applications for home, school, and work

Ubuntu Server

A popular flavour of Linux for cloud and data centre environments

Ubuntu Core

Ubuntu for embedded environments, optimised for security and reliable updates


Turn your Raspberry Pi into a retro-gaming machine


30-day trial of ThinLinX's Debian-based thin client for Raspberry Pi

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