Raspberry Pi Documentation

Keyboard and mouse

Getting Started with your Keyboard

Our official keyboard includes three host USB ports for connecting external devices, such as USB mice, USB drives, and other USB- controlled devices.

The product’s micro USB port is for connection to the Raspberry Pi. Via the USB hub built into the keyboard, the Raspberry Pi controls, and provides power to, the three USB Type A ports.

back of keyboard

Keyboard Features

The Raspberry Pi keyboard has three lock keys: Num Lock, Caps Lock, and Scroll Lock. There are three LEDs in the top right-hand corner that indicate which locks are enabled.

num cap scroll
Num Lock

Allows use of the red number keys on the letter keys, effectively creating a numeric keypad. This mode is enabled and disabled by pressing the Num Lock key.

Caps Lock

Allows typing capital letters; press the Shift key to type lower-case letters in this mode. This mode is enabled and disabled by pressing the Caps Lock key.

Scroll Lock (ScrLk)

Allows use of the cursor keys for browsing web pages and spreadsheets without the mouse. This mode is enabled and disabled by pressing the ScrLk key while holding the Fn key.

Getting Started with your Mouse

Our official mouse has three buttons, which activate high-quality micro-switches. The wheel is for quick scrolling when browsing documents and web pages.

the mouse

Always place the mouse on a flat, stable surface while using it. The mouse optically detects movement on the surface on which it is placed. On featureless surfaces, e.g. PVC or acrylic table tops, the mouse cannot detect movement. When you are working on such a surface, place the mouse on a mouse mat.

Connecting it all Together

This is the configuration we recommend for using your Raspberry Pi, official keyboard and hub, and official mouse together. The hub on the keyboard ensures easy access to USB drives, and the mouse’s cable is tidy, while being long enough to allow you to use the mouse left- or right-handed.

It is important that the power supply is connected to the Raspberry Pi and the keyboard is connected to the Raspberry Pi. If the power supply were connected to the keyboard, with the Raspberry Pi powered via the keyboard, then the keyboard would not operate correctly.