Help us translate our YouTube videos

As we work to create more content for our YouTube channel, making our videos as accessible as possible is key to serving the growing Raspberry Pi community. And as we push to create more videos linked to our collection of free resources, providing translated subtitles will help to bring our content to more people across the globe.

We need your help to make this happen.

YouTube translations Raspberry Pi

Subtitles for our ‘Getting started with soldering‘ video translated into Portuguese.

Translating YouTube

We recently enabled translation submissions for all our YouTube content, allowing viewers, subscribers, and members of the community to contribute translated subtitles, descriptions, and titles for all of our videos.

YouTube Subtitle translations Raspberry Pi

Once approved, these translated subtitles are available for all viewers of our videos via the closed captioning button on the navigation bar of every video, while translated descriptions and titles will automatically be shown, based on your location. Anyone who has contributed to the translations is automatically credited in the video’s description.

YouTube translations Raspberry Pi

Thanks Mário!

Our aim is to collect translations of our videos in as many languages as possible, including the original English. While YouTube does a great job of using speech-to-text to create automatic subtitles, these aren’t always correct – especially when the videos feature loud background noises and music – so we need to create subtitles in English too.

Submit your own YouTube translations

If you’d like to contribute subtitles for our YouTube videos, you can do so by heading to the Community Contributions page for our channel. Simply pick a video you’d like to translate and work your way through. The system is very easy to navigate and allows you to manage the timing of subtitles, which is very handy. Once complete, your translation will be sent to us to double check. When we’ve approved it, it will be published. If we find any issues with the translation, we’ll let you know via the Community Contributions page.

YouTube translations Raspberry Pi

A sneaky peek into what we see on the other side

If you find a video that’s already been translated, but you see faults in the language and/or grammar used, you can also correct and improve existing translations.

Thank you

If you contribute a translation to any of our videos, make sure you post a comment for the world to see in the video’s comments section. If you have a Twitter account, leave your username in the comment and we’ll make sure to thank you on the official Raspberry Pi account when we’ve approved your submission.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed so far, and to everyone who is now logging into YouTube to take part. It’s things like this that make our community the best out there.

Thank you.


Luke avatar

My laptop will be ready for when I am back from Tenerife.

Diego avatar

Hi, in which comment should I let my Twitter account name (I’ve already translated 2 videos from english to french).
Just in case of : @DiegoYourself (same name in Youtube)
I’m still translating the next ones…

Elfen avatar

Would like to translate in Spanish but I’m sure there is somebody out there that will do a better job of it.

And I’m already doing Spanish->English written translation for a few people, so my hands are currently tied up for now.

Elfen avatar

A warning how ever (What happened to the edit button?!!)

Spanish is very regional, with over 130+ Dialects and 1000’s of Sub Dialects world wide. So try to find a Universal Middle ground which all can understand easily.

An.86 avatar

Me gusta esta idea, hacer que todos pueden conocer e integrarse al mundo de R-Pi, y de formar gratuita apoyarnos, hacer crecer más está comunidad.

wy avatar

I want to translate it into Chinese.I love it!!Even though I don’t know if there is anyone has done.

Rick van Soest avatar

I’ve translated a 7 video’s to Dutch. Where available I’ve also translated the subs. @RickvanSoest on twitter. I’ll try to do the remaining this evening.

Esa Rantanen avatar

I started translating in Finnish, with the basics: “Use Etcher to install operating systems onto an SD card” and “Getting started with soldering”. Will translate more!

MOB avatar

I translated CC for “Getting started with soldering” into Swedish a week ago, but have not gotten any feedback.

Rıdvan avatar

I can translate for Turkish people. You can send e-mail my account :)

Marc avatar


I submitted my first translation for a video the same day that you sent the newsletter. It was never approved or reviewed.

Are there any languages that you don’t want the videos to be translated?



Alex Bate avatar

Hi Marc. Thank you so much for submitting. We want them all and I’m working through them daily. We received a lot of translations so it’s taking time (as it’s just me) to read through them all. Once I get to yours, you’ll get an email from YouTube. Thank you so much for submitting one – I promise it wasn’t in vain :)

hassan avatar

I just submitted a translation for one video to Arabic. There is some Written English in the video that without sound and I could not translate it! “Did not find an option to add a translation foe it! ”
such as: Start a Code Club in your school in 00:53 and others.


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