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If you follow us on Facebook or Google+, you’ll probably be aware of my maker crush on Bob Clagett. And if you work in the Pi Towers office, you’ll have noticed the I Like To Make Stuff merchandise that covers my desk.

Subscribers to the I Like To Make Stuff channel will be aware of Bob’s easy-to-follow style of building. I first discovered him when he was building a hidden room behind a bookcase and was instantly hooked…because who wouldn’t want a hidden room behind a bookcase?

More recently, Bob has started to incorporate tech into his builds. Last February, Bob built a gorgeous arcade cabinet for his home, complete with RetroPie innards and a decal of his family as superheroes.

He then moved on to a Pi-powered display sign for his workspace, a micro version of his arcade cabinet running Kodi, and a bar-top gaming cabinet for those with less space.

For anyone wanting to make a RetroPie build, it’s worth watching this playlist. And for anyone wanting a clear tutorial for using Raspberry Pi for signage, you can’t go wrong by checking out his walkthrough.

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Phil Olynyk avatar

I really hate those looping animations; they are the 21st century’s blinkies.

I will now try to concentrate on the words of the article.

Matthias avatar

Fully agree!
If you use Firefox, you ca try this Addon https://addons.mozilla.org/en-gb/firefox/addon/toggle-animated-gifs/

JAVE avatar

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

That add-on will went straight to position 2 of my essential add-ons to install. (Addblocking still is nr 1)

H. Kamran avatar

If you have a Raspberry Pi (preferably the Zero), then you can make a network-based ad-blocker. http://lifehacker.com/create-a-network-wide-ad-blocker-with-a-raspberry-pi-1727295925

Achmad the 'I just get these headaches' avatar

Thank you so much for that addon
Today has not been a good day and those gifs were pushing me over the edge ! Now I feel calm again.

Ian Neill avatar

Thank you so much for that add-on!

The animations make me dizzy, and are very distracting from the content.

Joseph Alway avatar

It’s posts like these that make me glad that I look at tech sites. I may not have ever thought to look up an animated gif pausing add-on for Firefox. I still love looking at cool stuff people do with their Raspberry Pis, but please Less Animated Gifs . . . 1 animated gif of Picard at the bottom of the post is plenty. :-) He’s definitely still the best Star Trek Captain.

Chief Points avatar

Thank You for the link to this add-on! You’ve saved me from having my eyes melted by yet another animated GIF ;)

J Hunt avatar

That’s the spirit. Way to stay positive.

dobra-dobra avatar

I feel exactly the same. When I see an animated gif I try to scroll down as fast as possible in afraid that my brain will blow.

Tom Messenger avatar

Going to get the gif blocker next. Nice to hear from others that I am not alone. Ever since angry fruit salad was a thing in the ’90s, web pages have continued to get steadily worse. Blinking flashing ads are obviously the tool of the devil; why would someone think using them in an article makes it “better”?

Shannon avatar

Please make sure to use the proper Dr. Who and Star Trek/Piccard animated GIF’s to maintain site consistency. :-)
That is an awesome channel. Thanks for the heads up.

Rob Zwetsloot avatar

No, only I may use Picard gifs on the blog

Liz Upton avatar

That’s true: they’re all reserved for Rob, and we get our lunchboxes stolen if we use them without his permission.

Ian Garthwaite avatar

There’s one for Chrome too.

Matt avatar

Looks like a great channel!

arvand avatar

raspberry Pi is very good at all stuffs
i made a led strip with it and work with my wordpress blog, which when a comment submited, colors will be changed

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