Wireframe issue 1 is out now!

Wireframe is our new twice-monthly magazine that lifts the lid on video games. In Wireframe, we look at how games are made, who makes them, and how you can make games of your own. And today, we’re releasing our very first issue!

The inaugural issue

In issue 1, Far Cry 4 director Alex Hutchinson talks to us about going indie. We look back at the British games industry’s turbulent early years; we explore how curves and probabilities shape the games we play; and we get hands-on with Nomada Studio’s forthcoming ethereal platformer, Gris.

Wireframe magazine


  • Jessica Price on the state of game criticism
  • Portal squeezed onto the Commodore 64
  • Treasure — the iconic game studio at 25
  • Gone Home’s Kate Craig on indie game design workarounds
  • And much, much more…

About Wireframe magazine

Cutting through the hype, Wireframe takes a more indie-focused, left-field angle than traditional games magazines. As well as news, reviews, and previews, we bring you in-depth features that uncover the stories behind your favourite games.

Wireframe magazine

And on top of all that, we also help you create your own games! Our dedicated Toolbox section is packed with detailed tutorials and tips to guide you in your own game development projects.

wireframe issue 1 cover

Raspberry Pi is all about making computing and digital making accessible to everyone, and in Wireframe, we show you how programming, art, music, and design come together to make the video games you love to play — and how you can use these elements to build games yourself.

Free digital edition

We want everyone to enjoy Wireframe and learn more about creating video games, so from today, you’ll also be able to download a digital copy of issue 1 of Wireframe for free. Get all the features, guides, and lively opinion pieces of our paper-and-ink edition as a handy PDF from our website.

Wireframe in the wild

You can find the print edition of Wireframe issue 1 in select UK newsagents and supermarkets from today, priced at just £3. Subscribers also save money on the cover price, with an introductory offer of twelve issues for just £12.

For more information, and to find out how to order Wireframe from outside the UK, visit wfmag.cc.


Simon West avatar

It’s a great read. Loved the article by Kate Craig on design workarounds.

Andrej avatar

Thanks! the “Staying alive” as well as the whole Toolbox section are great.

Chris avatar

Just read through Wireframe #1. Loved the Staying Alive article – took me for a trip down memory lane though I hadn’t heard of the majority of games or software houses mentioned.

However, I do have gripe or three about the Python code example ‘explosions’.

Under Raspberry Pi Stretch:

In line 51 ‘for x, y, *_ in particles:’ throws up a syntax error regarding the * in Python 2 though not in Python 3.

The final line: ‘clock.schedule_interval(explode_random, 1.5)’ gives NameError: name ‘clock’ is not defined even though I added the line ‘from ivy.clock import Clock at the start of the code. Changing clock to Clock in line 103 sorted that.

Finally: draw is defined ‘def draw():’ but is never called so there is no output!

I have a suspicion that nobody proof-read that code.

Chris avatar

Ah! Got it. Not being a native Python speaker I didn’t realise that the code had to be run under pgzrun. All working OK now. Sorry about the uninformed comments.

Eben Upton avatar

If I had a pound for every time I’d typed “python blah.py” instead of “pgzrun blah.py” and then stared at a console full of errors for a few minutes, I’d have enough to buy a consolation beer.

Elfen avatar

Looking Good!

interested avatar

I followed the link and it appears the offer is six issues for twelve pounds, however I still think it is still worth the investment

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