Welcome to the newest member of the team!

At 9pm this evening, Helen, who manages the Raspberry Pi Facebook and G+ accounts (when she’s not on maternity leave) gave birth to the first Raspberry Pi project baby. Alexander Joseph Lynn is a new brother for John, and we can’t wait to meet him. Congratulations, Helen, Tom and John – we’re all looking forward to seeing all of you very soon!


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Congrats! :)

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Congratulations guys.

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Congratulations! Perhaps a commemorative baby blue Pi is in order? If just the one, for Master Alexander!

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Congratulations to the new parents.

Are we going to have a “name the baby” competition? Along the lines of the “Name the Bear” one?

I’ll get my coat.


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Looks like “Alexander” won. :-)

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Congrats but why isn’t there a “Pi” in his name?

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Because his parents want him to still be talking to them when he’s 18. As far as I know, Chris Curry’s kids do not have “BBC Micro” as a middle name.

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Congrats. I hope he will get one of the first Pi-Bears (or at least one reserved for when he is old enough to cuddle it).


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He certainly will!

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I suppose “Baby Beeb” was just simply out of the question, especially considering the nature of playground bullies … :(

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Not sure why, but in addition to the reliability problems with posting from an iPad from the Best Coast, nested replies are also not working from the iPad or even a Chrome browser on a Windows 7 desktop system. The post above was supposed to be nested below Liz’s nested reply to Peter Berrett’s.

Plus, everyone’s name has a period after it, which I believe also started happening a few months ago when the aforementioned issues started. Is WordPress deliberately shooting itself in the foot? Who do they think they are, Microsoft? ;)

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I did have Philippa/Pippa on the girls’ names list, but that got vetoed. But anyway, it’s a boy.

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You’re damned lucky you didn’t have this lot voting on the name, ‘cos he’d have ended up being called Frambo.

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Belated thanks, everyone :-)

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Awww, welcome baberry pi :)

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