Bear deadlock

We’ve been choosing bear names for the competition today.

A name has been chosen! See our latest post to find out what it was.

We ended up with a shortlist of the best names, and set to voting.

Thirty seconds after this, the shouting started. Note that Gordon has drawn a Darlington pair (badly) to explain things to the software guys, who are slow to catch on.

Unfortunately, we ended up in deadlock, with four votes each for Darlington and Babbage. Eben went so far as to try cheating, and added some extra ticks when he thought nobody was looking.

Eben, cheating

So we’ve decided we need your help. The two choices we’ve boiled things down to are Babbage and Darlington. We’d like you to let us know which you prefer. Please leave a comment letting us know which is your favourite! (Babbage and Darlington only, please; we know some of you want to call the bear Pinus after Linus Torvalds, but there were all kinds of problems with that.)


Nicolas Martinez avatar

+1 for Darlington

Matt avatar

Babbage please

M avatar

Obviously Darlington!

killor avatar

Mr. Darlington I guess!!

Jules avatar

+1 for Darlington

Wolfgang avatar

+1 for Darlington

Philip avatar

+1 Darlington

Matt Howe avatar


Norman Dunbar avatar

-1 for Darlington, sounds like a NE England railway yard. :-)
Suppose that means +1 for Babbage then, by elimination.


Stephen Minton avatar

+1 for Babbage. Babbage the bear sounds _so_ much better …

ME avatar

I like ‘Deadlock’ ;)

Neil Ford avatar


JJ avatar

+1 Darlington

Paul avatar


Gavin Lee avatar

Both – Mr Darlington Babbage the bear sounds good to me.

David Reynolds avatar

+1 for Babbage the Bear!

Mattt avatar

I’m torn between the 2, being a programmer with an electronics background. I’d be inclined to have 2 designs for the 2 camps and perhaps a more feminine companion for Babbage called either Ada or Lovelace to keep it in line with the surname theme. There are may young ladies being introduced to technology through this project so you would also be introducing them to a great role model.

Peter Wallhead avatar

Babbage FTW!

Colin Cameron avatar

+1 for Babbage (keep it British, like the Pi)

Dominique avatar


Mattt avatar

Sadly I missed this originally so I’m probably much too late with my idea :)

Mike avatar

+1 for the more formal Darlington Babbage (or DB for short), I like that.

Massimiliano avatar

Darlington sounds better even if Babbage was more appropriate.

However i vote for Darlington :P

Bryan avatar

Darlington Bear

Max avatar

I like Darlington

Neale avatar

Northern lad, so Darlington gets it.

spamsac avatar

Babbage +1

Mr S avatar


Leo Leibovici avatar

Babbage Bear!!!

Matt Reynolds avatar

+1 Darlington

iain mac avatar


Aaron avatar

Darlington Bear!

Aaron avatar


Michael avatar

+1 for Babbage, have just been on my regular visit to the Science Museum where I always stop to admire his early computer with all the works showing – just like the Pi!

@BizzoDoes avatar

Babbage (if only for the alliteration)

The Pi people once had a bear
Just sitting there, quiet in a chair
They needed a name
For fortune and fame
Hope Babbage is the name that he’ll bare

Matt R avatar

+1 Babbage!

Andrew Buckingham avatar


Gregor avatar

It can’t be Darlington Babbage? Or Babbage Darlington. whichever sounds more natural in English.

I mean if bear gets into the news it will always say for example “Babbage who only goes by one name,” That’s what they do with Indonesians who often have only one name.

Tobia Piccoli avatar


Yiannis avatar

+1 for Babbage

Olaf Kayser avatar

I would prefer “Babbage the bear”, it sounds nice and it is a reference to a scientist far ahead of his time. But also Ada Lovelace should be honored, but then my preference is Ada.
Best regards

Jay avatar

Babbage +1 please

Phil Spiegelhalter avatar

+1 for Babbage (assuming no one like the computer history museum are already marketing a bear of similar name!)
Babbage may get abreviated to Bab’s (Pan’s people / Pi People ???)
Darlington to Darling – (Black Adder et al)
Not the time to suggest Sterling (as in Moss, MOsfet – an alternative to Darlington)
The Babbage link appears stronger to me – and its only 2 syllables.

chris avatar


hwsknudsen avatar


Ken MacIver avatar

Hmm tough choice

Babbage makes you think more of software and algorithms, (the A&D Engines a side)

Darlington is definitely in the Hardware world and one of the first railway termini to boot.

I’d cheat and order the Bear in two colours…

Heiko avatar


Dave avatar

Another vote for Darlington

d0vr avatar

+1 to Mr Darlington Babbage, but just Darlington if need be.

RIch avatar

Darlington – too good a choice to pass up!

Darryl avatar

As a hardware person, +1 Darlington.

johndough avatar



You can’t call a single bear
by the name of Darlington pair.

hiebel claude avatar

+1 for babbage
babbage is software
darlington is harware
Pi is software (hardware ?)

Steve Trease avatar

+1 Babbage.

Kostas avatar


Becky avatar

Babbage, definitely.

Peter avatar

It’s gotta be Darlington, can’t go past a pun!

Alex Eames (RasPi.TV) avatar

+1 Darlington

Graeme Hunter avatar

+1 for Darlington

vasi avatar

I see on the whiteboard that somebody had to explain what a darlington is.

+1 Babbage

Dom avatar

babbage darlington /

Neil C avatar

Ralph didn’t make the shortlist :(

+1 for Darlington

Stephen Mouring avatar

+1 for Babbage!

Del avatar

Babbage is a beary good name

AtkinsSJ avatar

Babbage! Because that’s the name I nearly submitted, then saw someone else had beaten me to it!

KeyJ avatar

Clearly Babbage, for being British and being quite a bit closer to the matter of computing.

liz avatar

Google Darlington Pair – you might be surprised about the whole matter of computing thing!

Søren Hilmer avatar


Chris Lee avatar

Babbage. It just sounds better for a bear.

Residuum avatar

Definitely Babbage.

Mari avatar


DaveG avatar

Darlington too like Paddington so it’s got to be Babbage for me

Miko Jones avatar


Dennis Kelley avatar

Darlington – sounds cute for a little bear!

Glen Oakley avatar


Andy avatar

What’s wrong with NE England? (Apart from not being as good as NW)
+1 Darlington

yehnan avatar


Rob C avatar


owain avatar

+Darlington. I just love the Darlington Pair/Bear pun.

Erich avatar


Gervase Markham avatar

Darlington. It’s very British :-)


Mic Edwards avatar


Nedstryger avatar

Because this is the beginning of a new era in computing.

Sam avatar


chambilkethakur avatar


Eric Windmeier avatar


Michael Horne avatar

(oh, come on, Babbage The Bear? I can already see the television series potential there!)

Peter Hedlund avatar


Su avatar


David Schwarzfischer avatar

i prefer Babbage

majikthijs avatar

alliteration of bear with Babbage is unwieldy. Darlington bear is more verbally pleasing

Raspberry pi and Darlington bear

Neil Stanley avatar


Gareth Jones avatar


Boris avatar

+1 for Darlington

meltwater avatar

Darlington Bear I think sounds better, but Babbage I feel has stronger computing roots.

I still like RaspBEARy I saw in the comments lol

Mr Babbage Darlington and his wife, Mrs Lovelace Darlington. Although that would make a rather confusing history lesson…[for all I know, may even be fair to give equal credit anyway]

“Mr and Mrs Darrrrlington, don’t you know.” in best posh voice.

Tommy H avatar


guru avatar

+1 Babbage

Nick avatar


ukscone avatar

Babbage of course as I was the second person to suggest it :) especially as Darlington is one of my goto swear words after stubbing my toe when in polite company

timr avatar

Darlington, bacause it’s less well-known
But I like Deadlock too. Sounds like an awesome dude! :-)

Andrew Edwards avatar

Babbage The Bear.

Gregg avatar


XTL avatar

Babbage the bear sounds pretty nice, quite British, and I have a feeling Darlington will be more (over)used mascot/pet name.

Wim Vandersmissen avatar

+1 for Babbage

Andy avatar

Knee-jerk was for Darlington.

But *Babbage* gets my vote – software and all that, and has a more unisex ring to it.

Ravenous avatar

Darlington. It has to be, because:

hardware always wins over software;

he’s obviously a collector (had to get that pun in somehow)

almost rhymes with “Paddington”…

Hove avatar

Darlington please

Keith avatar


xzanfr avatar

+1 for Babbage

Emanuele avatar

+1 for Babbage

Big Mike avatar

Babbage, because of the potential for backstory: After the little cub was born, he quickly developed a fondness for cabbage. However, he couldn’t pronounce it properly, and called it “babbage”. He said it so much, that everyone started calling him little Babbage.

Dave Akerman avatar

Don’t care, but let me know if you want to send him on a journey …. :)


Davide Ranieri avatar

Darlington (a cousin of Paddington’s obviously)

Cristian C avatar

I don’t like any of them. I pass.

Donald Taylor avatar

+1 Darlington

Greymattersplat avatar

Darlington, here. Glad to see “Radius” made the short list though.

David Guest avatar

Ba Ba Babbage!!!!!

colin allison avatar

Living in the town as I do – Darlington it has to be!

Richard George avatar

“Darlington Babbage” does really sound quite distinguished.
My loyalties lie with Babbage, but “Babbage Bear” is just too alliterative to flow smoothly.
Is calling him “Darlington Bear” (which I like, but not as much as “Darlington Babbage”) likely to cause trouble with Mr Bond & co?

gyeben avatar

Babbage. I think it sounds much better than Darlington.

Leo avatar

Bablington seems like good synergy

brox avatar


Aaron avatar

+1 for Babbage

Homer hazel avatar

Babbage please. I had to look up Darlington, even though I have BSEE. Nothing came to mind, but I can see a Babbage Bear.

Dave Desson avatar


Homer hazel avatar

The answer is simple. Design another bear. Make sure one of the two looks feminine and name it Darling(ton). The other bear could be Babbage. 8>)

Jim Manley avatar

Darlington “Pear” Bear would be cute (and wouldn’t a pair require a +2 for a valid vote? ;) ).

However, as one of the team members who presents, operates, and maintains the Babbage Difference Engine Number Two, Serial Number Two, at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View in Silicon Valley, I have to register a +999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999 (the largest 30 decimal digit number the Babbage Difference Engines can represent).

T.E. Sumner avatar

The bear, after all, is too DARLING to be anything else

Abishur avatar

+1 for Darlington!

Parth avatar

+1 for Darlington !

Emily avatar


Zac avatar

Babbage for me thanks

Sven avatar

I vote for Darlington!

bpwain avatar

Darlington :-)

Ben avatar

Darlington Bear definitely :)

Patrick avatar

Darlington that is the only one that my daughter (9-years old) could pronounce correctly. (English is not our native language)

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