The embedded video doesn’t come up – restricted content. Cana access it via the Huff Post link though.



WHOOOPS CAN access it via Huff Post …..


Eben’s shirt collection is becoming positively stunning in its suave and debonair style! :D

Nice video snippets of some projects we haven’t heard about here before. I’ve always wondered where the maple syrup in Vermont actually comes from … ;)


I think my Mum bought him that one… :)


Man, I couldn’t get the video to appear on the HP site. There is so much scripting crud on that site that by the time I allowed a half dozen external links through my scripting blocker the video still didn’t appear; and there were many more to! So I gave up. One can only imagine how many nefarious cookies (even LSO cookies) that HP site is trying to plant on my machine – I’m outta there… Wish I could’ve seen the video though :-(

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