VNC tutorial from 10-year-old Philip

Philip Organ is a regular attendee at the Cambridge Raspberry Jams. He’s ten now; we first met him back when he was seven, when he sent us a video of a game he’d written for his Pi.

Philip (small) with me and Eben (large) at the last Raspberry Jam

Philip (small) with me and Eben (large) at the last Raspberry Jam

Philip’s Pi shenanigans were impressive then, but he’s come on leaps and bounds in three years. Here’s his most recent video: a tutorial on setting up a VNC server on your Raspberry Pi so you can access it remotely.

I wish more tutorials were like this. Thanks Philip!



Ben Nuttall avatar

Great to see young people with the confidence to make a video to help others!

Spencer Organ avatar

Thanks Ben, Philip is preparing a getting started with Python series next. Very proud Dad here.

rbn avatar

Well done Philip. Doing a video tutorial like this is not easy. I know as I’ve found it quite a hassle to do myself. Loved the toilet break! Also the way you kept going when problems occurred. excellent.

Carrie Anne Philbin avatar

Good job Philip. It takes me *ages* to make video tutorials for Geek Gurl Diaries, and sometimes I lose enthusiasm for making them. But watching your video has reminded me how much fun it is to teach others how to do something. I hope to see many more.

Matt Richardson avatar

Thanks for sharing what you’ve learned, Philip! Keep it up!

SomeOldGuy avatar

Well done, Philip! Even though I’ve been using many kinds of computers since 1974, I found this tutorial helpful. I was not sure which version of VNC to use on the Raspberry Pi before I saw your video.
Thank you!

wally avatar

Wish this tutorial was available the first time I installed a VNC server.

Ian Neill avatar

Superb video. I did learn something, but your enthusiasm was the real treat!

I am looking forward to your Python series.

Good work.

Philip Thompson avatar

Watched your video and now have VNC working.
You’ve taught this old dog some new tricks…

Thank you Philip

Chris Smith avatar

Great video. This old dog also learned how to set up VNC server.

Now all I need to know is how to automate this so it gets set up on reboot…

Chris Smith avatar

BTW I’m 72 and have been working in the computer world writing software and designing hardware since 1960. That old! :-)

Chris Smith avatar

Oh and also BTW, that is a whole lot easier than trying to get freenx-server to work.

The Pi Hut avatar

Great work Philip! Keep it up!

SimonFD avatar

Most excellent work! Well done! :)

Thomas avatar

It’s very good to see people wanting to create tutorials like this, and I love seeing them from people younger than myself, as it reminds me how well technology is doing. (I’m 16, and I’ve been programming from the age of 9).

I’ve actually subscribed. I honestly think I might learn something new from him. The younger are always better :)

Arcko avatar

Great work!

Andy Clark avatar

Thanks Philip for the great tutorial. We’ve all watched your video here at the RealVNC offices, and you’ve inspired us to get our own VNC Server working on the Raspberry Pi.

Keep up the great work!

Andy C.
Engineering Manager, RealVNC

Liz Upton avatar

That’s amazing – thanks Andy!

Spencer Organ avatar

Hi Andy (from RealVNC)

I read the message you left for Philip on his video. As he is only 10 I will drop you an email instead!


(Philip’s Dad and chief Pi chef at

Qwertlicious avatar

now my brother Samiru has no excuse!

Gavin Lee avatar

Thanks Philip, I followed your instructions and had no problems getting Putty and RealVNC to work. Very pleased I can work at my desk whilst I get my time-lapse pi working.

Good job.

Simon avatar

A huge thank you from a 40yr old beginner, who needs simple and easy to understand tutorials. It’s good to see where mistakes are made, It shows that things aren’t always as easy as just click and play…. Hope to see lots more posts in the future.

John avatar

…sending thanks your way, from Canada. Great job! I’ve been wanting to install VNC for some time but never got around to figuring it out. Thanks to you the job went very smoothly.

Andy Crofts avatar

Year or so ago, I asked for help on a forum – couldn’t get tightvnc working with Remmina.
10-year-old girl replied, gave me exactly the right answer.
Stupid mistake on my part. (I felt like a fool, as I’m in my late 50’s, and have been ‘in the industry’ for 30+years).

So, I’m not really surprised at this! Well done, Philip! Make more videos – you won’t believe how often what seems blindingly simply obvious to one person can, to another, just be simply too blinding to understand…

MalMan35 avatar

Hey Philip I am 13 almost 14 and I just started codeing last year so I am sure you are just as smart or even smarter then me ;D really good job on the tutorial. I made some HTML tutorials here

Jarle Teigland avatar

Brilliant work Philip, I can tell your Dad’s enthusiasm for computing has rubbed of on you – keep up the good work

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