Raspberry Pi Big Birthday Weekend 28 Feb – 1 March 2015

Raspberry Pi turns three (three!) next month and we would love you to come to our birthday party!

lego invite

The party is so huge and packed full of stuff that we couldn’t fit it into one day so we’ll be taking over the University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory on Saturday 28th February and Sunday 1st March for the Raspberry Pi Big Birthday Weekend. It’s going to be a buzzing behemoth benchmark of a birthday bash. Blimey!

There will be captivating talks, animated hands-on workshops, informative show and tell sessions and chatty panel discussions. There will be a marketplace to buy the latest Raspberry Pi add-ons and other cool stuff. There will be competitions, prizes and goodies galore and a chance to chat with the Raspberry Pi team over a nice cup of tea. There will be gardens bright with sinuous rills and little, fez-wearing monkeys riding unicycles. You really don’t want to miss it.

uncle buck pancakes

This is *exactly* what it will be like. But with fewer pancakes.

Each day will be different so feel free to come to both. As well as two days of all things Pi there will be an actual fill-yer-cakehole party from 4.30pm to 7.30pm on Saturday evening with food and drink (including a surprise birthday beverage).

So whether you’re a seasoned Pi person, whether you got a Pi for Christmas and would like to learn more or whether you’re just wondering what it’s all about then come along—we’d love to meet you. The Raspberry Pi Big Birthday Weekend is going to be a joyous celebration of creativity, technology and community so get your tickets now! Tickets are a scandalously reasonable £2.50 and entry is free for under 16s.

Get involved!

The party will be a celebration of all things Raspberry Pi which of course includes the amazing Raspberry Pi community. We’d like you to get involved and we are looking for people to:

  • give talks about Pi-related stuff;
  • run workshops or help run one;
  • take part in show-and-tell especially if you have interactive stuff or crazy inventions;
  • help run the day by spending a couple of hours as a marshal.

If you’d like to do any of these things (or have any other suggestions) then please get in touch. And if you’ve not done anything like this before then this is the perfect opportunity to help out, delight and inform us or just show off :) The party is being organised for us by Tim Richardson and Michael Horne—who are responsible for the excellent CamJams—so drop them a line and get involved!

We’ll also be running the Pi Wars obstacle course as first seen in the December CamJam so bring your robot along if you think it’s hard enough.

We’ll have a birthday webpage up shortly where we will post updated details of speakers, workshops and activities as well as detail on transport and other logistics. If you don’t want to register yet but would like to be kept informed then sign up for the mailing list.

See you there!



Vincent Willcox avatar


Booked my tickets! Will be the first time I have managed to attend! I’m part of the Ipswich Makerspace and helped about 1% with TractorBOT

Really excited and looking forward to coming!

Pithagoros avatar

£2.50 and free for the kids is amazing. Given that you could easily have asked a lot more than that and would still have sold out, your lack of avarice is truly heartening in these times.

Peter Green avatar

Note that it actually seems to be £2.50 for each day of the main event and then another £2.50 for the evening party. Plus those prices seem to exclude eventbrite fees.

Still a bargin at £9.63 total mind you.

Clive Beale avatar

Though if you fill up on cake and fizzy pop you’ll save £13.58 on dinner so it’s like we are actually *giving you* £3.95.

Dave Akerman avatar

You had me at “cake” :-)

Ben Croston avatar

You had me at ‘beverage’ :)

Eli avatar

Monkeys wearing fezzes? That’s so….. cool!

Liz Upton avatar

We reserve the right not *actually* to have any monkeys wearing fezzes.

Leo White avatar

How about Pi powered robotic monkeys in fezzes?

Liz Upton avatar

If you build one, we’ll give you a present.

Leo White avatar

Its tempting… and I did spend the last 10 minutes looking at monkey toys and fezzes… although I’m supposed to be adding lasers and working cannons to my pirate ship before moving onto new robots!

hmm decisions decisions…

AndrewS avatar

Does your pirate ship actually *need* to be more dangerous?! ;-)

Leo White avatar

Well I didn’t win the PiWars sumo challenge so obviously its not yet dangerous enough :)

Liz Upton avatar

I couldn’t believe you didn’t win. That thing’s a beast.

Leo White avatar

I forgot to bring along my anti-wedge shaped robot device (i.e. a metal plate to reduce my ground clearance), although I’m not sure if that would have helped much as Metabot had a lot of pushing power!

Maybe for the next PiWars we can have a ‘tug of war’ event to see which robot has the most pulling power… or just pulling against a force meter to avoid any more David vs Goliath match ups!

AndrewS avatar

That first sumo match was definitely one of my highlights of the day :)

Leo White avatar

Being our first event of the day I was busy thinking “don’t break it, don’t break it” as I tried to gently nudge Pyrobot out of the arena!

Clive Beale avatar

Fezzes are easy. The unicycle training may take a bit longer.

AndrewS avatar


P.S. Did Rachel make the invite?

Clive Beale avatar

No, I did. In my best writing and everything.

Niall Saunders avatar

Fez-wearing monkeys? Is that the best task you could find for Jonathan B?

Got a spare couch Mr Bell? Can I put a tent up in your back garden?


wally avatar

I always wanted a stack of pancakes like that!

Jongoleur avatar

Its nearly THREE years since we made the Farnell and RS servers collapse in a cloud of smoke???

I don’t believe it!

Well, I do, but Happy Birthday Pi, anyway!

The Pi Hut avatar

Can’t wait! Might have to dust off the old “Birthday Suit”

Liz Upton avatar


ukscone avatar

don’t forget to iron it. It’s looking really wrinkled

ukscone avatar

Is Lisa Mather repeating her stirling job as Swag bagger in Chief again? She’s scarey when she’s on the prowl for party swag :)

Liz Upton avatar

She is, I fear. (We are exceptionally grateful; Lisa’s amazing.)

sheroy avatar

This is what it will exactly be like with a fewer pancakes but more raspberry pie’s and pi’s.

Hove avatar

Ah, now the leap year 29th February 2012 Birthday makes sense – 2 parties every none leap-year!

Tim Rowledge avatar

Sounds like an excuse to have another Pi party here on the west coast of Canada. The last one was plenty of fun and that was ‘just because’. Having a birthday to celebrate just adds to the pleasure.

Christine Harvey avatar

Oh no! That’s the same weekend as the Raspberry Jam in Leeds :( I have a Raspberry Pi clash!

Liz Upton avatar

This is a *really* special event; and unlike Jams it won’t be repeated this year. We’d love to see you, and you’d miss some really outstanding stuff – I hope you decide to come!

Michael Horne avatar

That’s okay! Go to Leeds on the Sat and join us on the Sunday!

Jonathan Morris avatar

Sadly, I don’t live in England. :(

Jonathan Pallant avatar

Awesome. Steve needs a power upgrade in time for its second outing.

Liz Upton avatar

*Mr Burns voice* Eeeeeeeexcellent.

omenie avatar

Hi Liz – I’m totally on for synthesizer-based demos, talking, hands-on and the like. Things are moving on. Although 28th is my anniversary, will require delicacy … can you cover travel and expenses? Drop me a line.



Liz Upton avatar

Afraid we can’t travel expenses for speakers – but I may have an answer to that. Check your mail!

Tim avatar

If I didn’t live 3 hours away I’d be there. Thanks for the invite! Can you send me a piece of cake please?

Gee 'The Rabid Inventor' Bartlett avatar

Does anyone know if Byron’s delivers??
Fizzy pop
and the worlds best burgers :)

have to visit them when in Cambridge

Gee 'The Rabid Inventor' Bartlett avatar

not to mention:
Hacky, Makey , Raspberry Pi , workshoppy goodness

ukscone avatar

no but he does a grand line in purple prose

Liz Upton avatar

We also have Five Guys. I’m completely unable to decide which I like best.

The Raspberry Pi Guy avatar

Five Guys is where it is at

Michael Horne avatar

There’s a Byrons in Centre MK. My first time. Won’t be my last!

David Rolfe avatar

Don’t talk to me about MK… quite a few years ago now I caught a bus from there to Cambridge to attend one of the first (I believe) Jam’s… and that was after a long train journey!

The alternative for me involves a 3 hour (or more) car journey which includes going round Birmingham on the M42, which is never fun.

Anyone fancy me giving me a helicopter (or light aircraft!) ride from Shobdon airfield?

(For those who haven’t heard of it, it’s a small airfield in Herefordshire, not that far from the Welsh borders!)

Liz Upton avatar

MK has a Krispy Kreme. Which means I can’t go to MK any more or I will get diabetes and die. (Same goes for the Grand Arcade in Cambridge as of late last year.)

Ben Willis avatar

Currently working on a PC version of Raspbian (not having very much luck yet I am afraid). Hopefully I can make it to the party! Did you say Monkeys with fezzes??!!

Ron Lansverk avatar

I would love to drop in and wish ya ‘ll a happy birthday, but your neck of the woods is just a wee bit to far for me to manage…coming from the Twin Cities of Minneapolis – Saint Paul, Minnesota.

But toast yourself from those of us in America who are learning right along with our kids.


josh long avatar

ill be there

jamie pilsworth avatar

raspberry piiiiiiii

aisha avatar

I’m booked for Sunday, traveling up from London for the day.I’m already beginning to get anxious, you see I’m a woman of a certain age who can remember seeing the 1st silicon chip, the first version of Windows in schools and the fun when the BBC micro appeared.
I left the classroom just as the Pi entered, but have retained my keen interest in the new computing curriculum, although I strongly disagree with the direction the subject area has lurched into.
My problem is will there be space for fringe refuse-nix like myself? I’m even wondering if I’ll be allowed in without my own personal robot?
Seriously, I really hope the event will have a comprehensive diversity element, not just posh families, a la the Robert Robinson 1960 BBC quiz show.

Liz Upton avatar

Oh good grief yes, you’ll fit right in.

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