Video from Seneca College on Fedora, Raspberry Pi, open software and education

Our partners at Seneca College’s Centre for the Development of Open Technology in Canada made some video at the weekend while Eben was visiting. Lots here on what Raspberry Pi is all about, if you’re unfamiliar with the project. Eben talks about our thinking on open software, our aims for the Raspberry Pi, and just what we think people will be doing with the device; and Professor Chris Tyler from Seneca’s School of Information and Communications Technology talks about what open software means in education.

The video is in HD with some nice close-ups of the alpha board, for those of you who are into that sort of thing. Thanks to Seneca College for filming and editing the piece.


Chris Tyler avatar

It was great having Eben here on the weekend. Video of his FSOSS talk is being transcoded and will be available later this week, too.

liz avatar

Hi Chris! It’s nice to put a face to the name. Thanks again for all your help – we’re looking forward to seeing the video of the talk as well.

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Seneca has lots to be proud of in this, Chris. Your comments about high school programs and experimentation prior to enrollment in post secondary education left me pining for the same opportunity back in my own day. Alas, that’s all in the past, and the future looks brighter with Raspberry-pi as a part of it. Huge applause for Seneca’s dev efforts! I’m just blown away by it all!

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Very professional video. The school’s multi-media department can be proud of their efforts and results.

And the Best of Show, Eben, performed wonderfully as always.

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Excellent video, have they said how many they might be interested in? Do they plan to resell them to their students or use them in class, or both?

liz avatar

Seneca are partners rather than (or rather, as well as) customers, so we’ve been discussing development rather than sales with them.

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A nice insight into Open Source in computing education – I’ll be showing this to my Computing Club tomorrow….

KeviBIPi4CUuxqhz avatar

Simply brilliant! Keep the updates coming! =)

electrodacus avatar

What is the status ? is already November :)

Jessie avatar

Can’t wait. Going to ask for this for x-mas or my bday. I’m hoping to port over some type of embeded Linux to it an write some APIs and have some retro game console.

Mark avatar

I know we all need to be patient and wait for release, but it would be cool if you could post what’s going on at the moment. What are the remaining stages before release? What last minute problems are you fixing?
Thanks. Looking forward to following the release.

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Final board layout still being finalised – few issues here and there (finding time mostly).

Dan Weaver avatar

Well done all involved; this looks fabulous. Can they be purchased? I’ll have one to play with for 25 bucks. It’s because of innovation like yours that Open Source will win out for the benefit of humanity.
Very warm regards and a hug to all you wonderful geeks!

jamesh avatar

Should go on sale around December time..

Joe avatar

Very nice video! Shame about the editing though. Very difficult to watch the closeup / Eben / closeup / Eben / closeup / Eben / closeup / Eben / closeup / Eben / closeup / Eben cuts.

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Thanks for coming to FSOSS, Eben.
It was really nice to have met you. You’re a heck of a funny guy.
And totally awesome and humble.

Let me know the next time you’re in town. We can go for better pitas.

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Nice video, have to agree about editing, the close up changes wreca bit off putting and did someone misspell ‘development’ at the end? Someone needs to find an open source dictionary!! In all seriousness, brilliant video and I can’t wait to get my hands on some of these boards.

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Nothing against Fedora or KDE, but I would have expected the promoted distribution to be Linux Mint or Ubuntu. Linux Mint is “best known for its usability and ease of installation, particularly for users with no previous Linux experience.”, which seems to better suit the philosophy of Raspberry Pi.

Just an observation. No flame war necessary.

jamesh avatar

Cannot use Ubuntu, doesn’t support Armv6, only v7.

Internally at Broadcom we use currently Debian on Raspi and similar hardware, so that’s the one with the most experience, and it has very good Armv6 support. On that we find LXDE or XFCE desktops work well with the limited processing and RAM.

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