How we’re managing the first sales

An article in today’s suggested a couple of things – first, that we’re already producing units, and secondly, that we’re limiting sales to programmers only at first. Both of these appear to be the result of some horrible miscommunication (blame Eben; he’s very tired). To allay the obvious fears that some of you seem to have, if what’s currently happening in my inbox and on Twitter is anything to go by, I’ll copy and paste the clarification email Eben sent them here:

Just seen the article. Might be worth the clarification that we have 10k *parts kits* on order, not 10k devices. It wouldn’t make sense to order 10k manufactured devices before we know if the design is good (thereby obviating the point of a phased launch).

A little more detail on the idea that we’re providing preferential access to the first 10k units to developers:

I think it’s fairer to say that we expect most of the people who *choose* to buy early units will be programmers (the same people who buy Arduinos and Beagleboards). There’s no formal method in place to ensure that the first 10k go to programmers (it wouldn’t really be feasible for an organisation our size to screen our customers in this way). The closest we come to a scheme like this is that we’ll probably hold back a couple of percent of the first few runs to ensure supply to various partner organisations (OS and middleware vendors mostly).

In our minds “the first 10k will go to developers” is shorthand for “the first 10k won’t go into schools”.

In short, those first units will emphatically not be sold to programmers only. If you want one, and you click on the buy button in time, you can have one; they’re being sold on a first-come, first-served basis, whoever you are, and whether or not you are a programmer. We’ll be announcing here on the website, on Twitter and on the mailing list when we are ready to take orders, which should be some time in December. After that, it’s down to how fast you can click your mouse!

Edited to add: You may have seen on our forums that we’re mulling the possibility of limiting sales to those who are prepared to donate the cost of a Raspberry Pi to the foundation at the same time as they buy one. As soon as we’ve reached a decision on this, we’ll let you know!

Edited again to add: Some people in the comments seem a bit confused about what Eben means by a parts kit. He is talking about the foundation’s order of the parts from which we make the board: chips, transistors, silicon substrate, capacitors, resistors and all the other bits of electronics hardware that go into making a computer. This isn’t something you can buy from us (the board is much too fine-pitched for you to be able to make at home – you’d need assembly robots to do that), but something that we buy from a number of suppliers and turn into the thing that you’ll be buying in the end.


Marson Montekuri avatar

I want 2!!!!! (for now) :)

Josh avatar

Just post a comment here with how many devices you want! Everyone wants to know!

Justin Bier avatar

i just one :D there so awesome

vospunt avatar

I want 1 or 2 devices :)

Marson Montekuri avatar

Ok, I post here, but it was a joke (if you notice the smile).
We CANNOT make a pre-order here.
The site will have an appropriate sell menu or link, maybe in DECEMBER.

Justin Bier avatar

Martin Vladev avatar

Any more information about the platform you will be using in order to sell the units? eBay, amazon etc.

Thanks! Keep the great work.

liz avatar

We’ll have an online store on this website.

ukscone avatar

the .org or the .com (when it’s fixed)?

liz avatar

The .com, which will be linked to from here. (With blink tags, if you’re not careful.)

Jongoleur avatar

Marquee too?

liz avatar

Oh, definitely. And some of those sparkly animated gifs from MySpace circa 2002.

ukscone avatar

and autorunning audio. who is really loud and obnoxious? i know i’ll make an mp3 of me trying to sing

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You better have rotating flaming skull animated gifs and construction guy icons on all non-functioning pages too!

Jongoleur avatar

An mp3 (even of your singing) would be anachronistic. A really inept midi file would be more appropriate!

ukscone avatar

i’m good at inept

DaVince avatar

Make it an MP3 of the MIDI file! Then it’s both a dumb waste AND modern browsers can play it!

Bacan avatar

POP-UP! Must have POP-UPs!

All Vaporware products use POP-UPs.

Do you have any Nigarian business Princes to make offers?
( All in jest and fun. I know and acknowledge the professional level everyone at the Foundation performs doing their tasks. Esp. you Liz )

liz avatar

But surely the really *skilled* vapourware merchant would use a pop*under*. Far harder to block, and infinitely more annoying, especially if it’s packed to the gills with Flash so it slows your browser to a crawl before you even know it’s there.

GAPjr avatar

When!? The suspense is killing me! I want one now. LOL

AndrewRus avatar

What methods of payment will be available?
For example in Russian Federation may be problems with PayPal. And we usually pay using Western Union or T\T.

Justin Bier avatar


MoritzJT avatar

Yeah I hope I can order two units, and maybe donate a third… Really excited about this after seeing it in action @qtdd2011 in Munich!

Greetings from RWTH-Aachen

Antoine avatar


thank you for this interesting message about first sale.
Are the number of item limited by buyer ?

In other words should i command for all my friends 10 items ?


liz avatar

Not sure yet – when we’ve squared that one away, we’ll let you know.

Antoine avatar

Ok, thank you

bosconet avatar

even if you don’t make it a requirement, you should let people purchasing the units to donate!

Jongoleur avatar

“There’s no formal method in place to ensure that the first 10k go to programmers”

How about a text box on the order form asking for a “Hello World” in C?

*evil grin*

To be honest, I think we’re all getting a bit excited in the run-up. I myself interpreted some things Eben said in the Seneca College chat as indicating that sample production was under way, though on going back, nothing of the sort was said!

Now to investigate how to trigger a big hooter to react when an email arrives from!

tnelsond avatar

I don’t think that would work. It’s so easy to look up and then copy and paste.

Shish avatar

Write a program that outputs your order details according to a specified binary format?

jshriver avatar

Does the Hello World in C count on stdio.h :) or do we have to do some memory mapped i/o to the HDMI port to display it on a TV hehe.

Just kidding. :)

Julian Grammer avatar

I find gmail account linked to Android on HTC Wildfire works well for that. :-)

TechDrummer avatar

So by “parts kits” do you mean these will be bare bones mainboards without the fancy cases that the final build device will have? If that is the case, will there be a way for the folks who decide to jump in early to purchase those case options at a later date? Also, is there a timeline for when the final device will be available?

I’m excited to this little guy in action at home!

liz avatar

No, we mean big boxes of transistors, chips, resistors, capacitors and so forth. There will be the opportunity to buy a case on its own later, though. No specific timeline yet, although it should be December.

Oli avatar

Just to ask for further clarification, the parts kits you’re both talking about here are what you’ve ordered to assemble the units; these “kits” aren’t what will be sent to the first buyers. You’ll assemble the kits into working machines and then send them on to people.

Just trying to make sure that if I do manage to get an order in, I’m not just going to have a bucket of bits, a board and a diagram, rather something I can shove an SD card in and get hacking on.

liz avatar

Yes, that’s correct.

Paul B avatar

What a shame. I was hoping to relive the halcyon days of 1981 when I purchased a Sinclair ZX-81 in kit form, and soldered all the chips, resistors, diodes, capacitors, *everything* onto the PCB. I’d rather enjoy doing that again!

cynfab avatar

Hi Liz,

My only concern with such a highly anticipated and affordable product launch, is that e-bay snarks (I just made that term up) will snap up vast amounts of the first batch in hopes of re-selling them on e-bay for profit. This happened with the $99US HP tablet, and lots of folks lost out to that great deal.
Here’s hoping you all figure out a good way to avoid this…and online store overload. I’ll be trying to buy a couple of boards out of the first batch, and promoting them to some friends in education.

Best wishes during what will certainly be “interesting times”.

liz avatar

We’ve got a plan in place to deal with that – we’ll be auctioning some boards ourselves on eBay with a low starting price – and they’ll be signed limited edition ones.

cynfab avatar

Sounds like a great way for folks to donate to the charity as well as get a “special edition” board.


bladfireable avatar

How exactly will you sign them? I can’t help but say I’m intrigued

liz avatar

In very small writing, with one of those sharpies with a pointy end.

Stuporhero avatar

A point here is that the Raspberry Pi is not a one-off run. People reselling them on ebay are going to be disappointed when the next batch show up…?

hajj_3 avatar

Its a good idea to have a donate only for maybe the first month. $25 donation + $25xORDERS. so $25 + $100 = $125 if they wanted 4.

Hope to see high res photos of the final board soon with a business card and cake of coke for size comparison :)

Andrew Scheller avatar

A cake of coke? Yum! ;-)

chichovaca avatar

At first I apologize for my grammar. I’m finishing my degree in systems engineering and I am dazzled by the device that created . I think you are setting a new course for the informatics future . I would love to purchase 2 devices Raspberry Pi model B. It would be of great interest for testing and Developments on them. Congratulations and much success. Greetings from Argentina!

Julian Chausis

macarelo avatar

I am too from Argentina and wish to acquire 2 units of model B.

Now, if this “pay the value of the Pi to the foundation” thing kicks into gear, I will only be able to pay for one (or wait for a second batch?)

Or is that program for first world countries only? (crossing fingers)

ffuentes avatar

You will probably have to wait (like me).

I have some money to spare but I cannot pay more than for one if I have to use my prepaid card. I hope R-pi allows payments with Western Union or something similar, so it would be easier to pay for people in South America.

Taras avatar

Hey hey hey, I’m too finishing my degree in electronics engineering :). I would love to get Raspberry Pi B edition for some experiments and may be finally i would contribute something good to the project. But i doubt that B edition would be available soon. I would like to read world-wide shipping policy of project managers. Greetings from Ukraine!
Taras Zakharchenko

Brian Salter avatar

When can we hope to see the “buy now” button for the parts kits?

liz avatar

The parts kits are just boxes of transistors and other computer parts which we are using to build the final devices. (You wouldn’t be able to build something as fine-pitch as a Raspberry Pi at home; you need assembly robots.) They’re not something that’s for sale.

joukio avatar

hmm, I do have some people nearby that have these assembly robots at hand…… ;)

Ethan avatar

Clearly the best solution is to ship the robots to end-users along with the parts.

DaveO avatar

I can assemble them at home! :D

Thunder__X avatar

Now I’m sort of worried that some of us won’t be able to get our hands on one in December. Why wasn’t this whole “10k parts kits” thing clearly explained when we were told about “10k units”? I have the feeling someone was misinformed. I hope I can at least get one model B, but the only programming I’ve done is in ruby, but I’m very good at troubleshooting and an above average knowledge of electronics so maybe I could be of some help to the community? I’ve been checking this website pretty much every day since the alpha boards were unveiled and it would be quite disheartening to myself and the other people like me checking every day for news, to see this released and sold out in a few hours.

liz avatar

I don’t understand what your complaint is – we’ve never said we’ve started manufacturing, and we’ve always said that we’ll tell you here as soon as we do. Nobody has been misinformed. Perhaps you’re misunderstanding what a parts kit is. (Read the comments upstream if you’re not clear.)

Thunder__X avatar

I wasn’t complaining, but it seems that I have misunderstood the post and I apologize. By “10k parts kits”, do you mean all the components to make a board/s (10k boards?), but not the assembled board itself? And for the first production, you’re only going to use _____ out of the 10k parts kits?

liz avatar

That’s right – we have ordered all the parts required to make ten thousand boards. We assemble the boards ourselves. We will be making 10k of them in the first run.

Thunder__X avatar

Thank you for clarifying, I really appreciate all the work you, Eben, and the foundation is doing.

vfrico avatar

And when we will have the boards?

jamesh avatar

Boards should be available December.

Peter Vollmer avatar

Which version do you ordered? Model A or B?

Thanks for answering.

liz avatar

We’ll be selling both models from the start.

John avatar

Any news on what the ratio of A to B boards is going to be in the first 10K?

liz avatar

Not yet – we’ll let you know!

emmmdeemmm avatar

What ways of payment will there be? Just credit card, or will wire transfer be possible as well in Europe?

liz avatar

Credit card, wire transfer, PayPal and offline payments will be available.

MmmPi avatar

Offline payments? Do you mean a check or money order?

liz avatar

Exactly. We know that some of the people who want to buy one of these may not be able to make online payments.

Eric avatar

Liz – you are doing a great job! Thank you for being so responsive to questions!

Eric avatar

Can I sign up to be notified when the purchase site is up?

liz avatar

Sure – sign up to the mailing list at the top right of the front page.

Ben O'Steen avatar

If I bought this kit, what level of soldering/assembly would it require? eg breadboarded? (v unlikely) through-pin soldering? or will it require some hardcore surface-mount soldering?

If the chip(s) are smd, will it come with paste and a stencil or will they have already been machined on?

liz avatar

I know that name! Hi Ben. I think I owe you an email from a while back – sorry it’s taking a bit. As you can imagine, things are quite busy!

The kit’s not something that’s for sale; Eben’s referring to the purchase of parts by the foundation which we’ll then send to the fab to make the boards with. Damn that English language and its ambiguity. (I added a clarification to the post at the bottom, as well.)

Ian Stirling avatar

I understand the difficulties of making dense BGA circuitry at home – however I am in the middle of a design for a device based around a similar ARM device, which would involve the same production issues anyway.

(Given that I want it fairly small, it has to be BGA).

A kit of the major semis, at the same price as the board would be something I would be interested in.
Especially if a design was available to allow slight editing of the Pi.
(and yes, this would cost rather more than the Pi, as the board manufacture is not inexpensive)

liz avatar

I’m afraid we won’t be selling such a kit.

Ben O\'Steen avatar

Hi again :)

Ah, I think I get it – this would be money put up to cover the cost of one set of parts? And I’d guess that production runs would start Q1 next year with the idea that the folk getting the mkI boards feedback for some Q&A in case the design needs to be tweaked? That sort of thing?

liz avatar

Spot on. :)

Dave Dean avatar

Wait, did I read this right? You’re doubling the price of the device and pushing the launch to December?

Also, whenever your blog has DB issues (from traffic, I assume), your spam addin goes haywire and blocks posts even after the db connections are working again.

liz avatar

We are not necessarily going to limit orders to buy one give one orders – even if we do, it’ll only be for the very earliest adopters, and we won’t be doing that for very long, just long enough to keep demand down to a level we can meet initially. And we’ve always said last quarter of the year. We were hoping for November, but December’s still the last quarter.

KyRol avatar

I’m sorry for this question but I’m worried.

Do you plan to produce some amount of devices and finish production at any point because of limited budget?

liz avatar

No, that’s not something we foresee happening. As I’ve mentioned before, the team behind the project is made up of some stratospherically experienced business-people, and the maths to do with pump-priming have been done very carefully.

MarkSmith avatar

If the online store allows it, for the first couple of days I think it would be fairer if the initial board run was one per customer. Or perhaps allow pre-ordering to gauge demand.

If the online store allows it, for the first couple of days I think it would be fairer if the initial board run was one per customer. Or perhaps allow pre-ordering to gauge demand.

Personally I would like board version 1.0 for posterity and a working 1.1 version to develop with ;)

Thomas Bouchet avatar

Hi Liz,

As you maybe know, we, in France, have started to make a grouped command. As I’m writing, the number of models is : 7 models A and 64 models B.
Is there a chance that this command could be done in just one click or do I have to say everyone, on our french wiki, to do it themselve ?
I didn’t ask who wanted to do a donation or not actually…

liz avatar

It depends on whether we decide to limit the number of purchases a single body can make in the initial weeks. We haven’t come to a decision on that yet – if you keep checking here, we’ll announce the decision once it’s made. If we do limit purchases, I’m afraid you’ll have to order the units separately.

AdamH avatar

“Oh, definitely. And some of those sparkly animated gifs from MySpace circa 2002.”

at first, i thought that said ‘sparkly animated girls from MySpace circa 2002’…i was really looking forward to that…

Tom Cole avatar

Should we have had alerts about new posts on the front page if we were on the mailing list? I’ve been checking the website a couple of times a day so have read most things, but haven’t received any alerts via email about anything.

I was just hoping I could be one of those lucky people to get in on the first batch. Incidentally, my interest is educational and not hacking/robotics like many here.

liz avatar

No. The mailing list’s main purpose is to let people know when they can order. Eben’s been meaning to send out the odd news item, but he’s been much more pressed for time than he imagined.

hamster avatar

It would be nice just to get an occasional “ping” to be sure that we will get the big announcement!

Can you add an embargo for everybody to not post it in Slashdot for 48 hours, so I can be sure to get my order in before the site melts? :-)

albert007 avatar

may be a shell script browsing the page every hour should be able to notify whenever the board is out for sale..

ex: curl | grep “buy now”

tricky part is knowing the exact “buy now” string ;-)

kuma0140 avatar

Hi liz

In Model B, does the ethernet chip on the Model B supports IPv6?

Bob H avatar

Silicon doesn’t care about the IP stack, it is just Ethernet, the Linux implementation needs to have IPv6 in the kernel and all current Kernels support IPv6.

Xiao-Long Chen avatar

“Silicon doesn’t care about the IP stack”

LOL! That made my day :D

Ben O'Steen avatar

I get BBC Micro flashbacks when people start talking about Model A and Model B…

liz avatar

Good! That’s exactly what we intended. 8)

mirol avatar

It would be nice to be able to buy a RasPI for the “normal” price… it just wouldn’t be worth for me (and many other people, i think) to pay the double price… i think, pre-orders is a better idea

liz avatar

In that case, you’ll have to wait a little while until we relax that requirement.

Marco avatar

What about taking pre-payments? I for one would be glad to pre-pay and help your cashflow (and remortgage payments ;-))

liz avatar

We’re adequately funded and pre-payments would cause a massive administrative headache, so we’re not taking them.

Adam Sewell avatar

These first 10k units, are they the $35 or $25 model? Half and half? I have the potential to order about 50 of these things if the $35 model.

liz avatar

They’ll be both models, but we’re not decided on the ratio yet. (We’re aware that demand for the Model A will be much smaller.)

Vincent RABAH avatar

I think people are seeking for model B, because of ethernet port ?! That’s my case, I actually run my blog on a ARM Seagate DockStar and would be happy to move to Raspberry Pi B for my self-hosted Green blog :)

Marco avatar

one less issue to deal with for you then :-)

riFFraFF avatar

Yeah, right. Like ya’ll have time to filter out every soul that want’s one of these.

liz avatar

As well as encouraging kids in the direction of learning computer science, I’m hoping we’ll be able to do something about the dreadful levels of reading comprehension we see round here too.

Jongoleur avatar

Perhaps you should have tried text-speak….

tnelsond avatar

I don’t know if it’s so much reading comprehension as overall laziness.

DaVince avatar

I’ve seen people replace “though” with “do”. I don’t think it’s just laziness…

Julian Grammer avatar

Well said, Liz,

I spend a lot of time reading through the posts on this forum and finding myself shouting out loud in an otherwise empty house “Why do you people not read previous posts before asking previously answered questions” and “If you don’t understand the meaning of what you have just read, keep reading it over and over again until you do understand before replying with inane and entirely pointless comments/oppinions!

Julian Grammer avatar

Oops, please delete superfluous ‘p’ and add missing ‘”‘ where necessary.

gnrl avatar

so where is this “buy it now” button? one of each oh please take my money already!

BK avatar

Can you walk me through the logistics between placing an order an receiving the parts?

liz avatar

You place an order, a Raspberry Pi gets put in a box by one of our elves, and it is posted to you. Easy.

You don’t have to do any self-assembly (see the bottom of the original post for an explanation of what a “parts kit” means in terms of PCB manufacture). The Raspberry Pi is whole, entire and complete.

novelty2145 avatar

You mean the Raspberry Pi is integer, holomorphic everywhere on the complex plane and every Cauchy sequence has a limit in it?

Tom Cole avatar

Some the questions here are just amazing….

novelty2145 avatar

with 10k devices, do i have a greater than .25% chance of getting one? :P

liz avatar

No crystal ball here, I’m afraid – the short answer is, we’ve no idea. You’ll just have to wait and see.

Dave avatar

I’ve noticed that you’ve said that the Raspberry Pi wont come with a case at the start. What will happen when they start to be made? Would those who had already bought the board have to buy a case if they wanted one?

liz avatar

That’s right – we’ve said elsewhere that in early 2012 we’ll be shipping units with cases, as well as uncased units and cases on their own. A lot of the early adopters are planning on hacking hardware and don’t want a case; a lot also want to make their own. The cases we’ll be selling should cost very little.

Michael Battaglia avatar

I am a software developer and would like to see if I could assist developing software for this “industry altering” device. Is there a way that I can reserve at least one of these units?

tnelsond avatar

I don’t think so. It’s a first come first serve basis, and they aren’t serving them yet.

Bob H avatar

You and everyone else…

Julian Grammer avatar

Ah… then this would evidently be the place for a “me too!” post

Shish avatar

The pi is linux; write software that runs on linux (and doesn’t have any weird x86-cpu-specific code in), and it should run on the pi :-P

darkcity avatar

you can emulate the hardware – qemu

Bizzo avatar

Have a look at this post in the forums
ukscone has created a VirtualBox vm that you can download, which (if I’ve read correctly) will give you the OS that will be on the Raspberry Pi. I’ve downloaded and installed it, and it works great.

Jason Ozolins avatar

One thing I love about reading Raspberry Pi news posts and direct quotes is that I get more a view into how mass market devices are developed and produced by experienced people in the electronics industry. Your openness and enthusiasm is great.

The sad downside is that journalists and bloggers end up misconstruing some of the things that you say, causing you to have to clear up those misconceptions. All I can say is, it was pretty clear to me in Eben’s interview at the ARM show that he was making an observation about the likely early demand for the boards rather than a statement about availability; it looks instead like GigaOM quoted David Braben saying the first run of boards would only go to programmers, and referred to that rather than going back to the primary source. Sigh.

All I can say is, really looking forward to ordering one for me and one for my son (my daughter too, but she needs to learn to read first. :-)

Adrian avatar

Firstly: Liz, congratulations on not only reading all these posts, but responding with seemingly endless patience.

Secondly: I heaved a massive sigh of relief when I read the clarification on the “kits”. It would have been one good way to keep the number sold down :P~ Mind you, you’d have then spent the next ten years debugging the issues those first 10k orders, because of everyone’s shoddy soldering and bad ESD procedures.

Will definitely be waiting for the chance to order some “B” units. Happy to donate to the cause to get in early. Texas Instruments should be a bit worried by this, very different system, but launching the Beagle Bone now is probably a bad move.

teddy avatar

great news,
can’t wai’t for your computer on the market. And hope i will have one of the 10 000;

Good luck for the next day, you will have a lot of work!!!

Vincent RABAH avatar

Raaaaa, I need one to make a test drive + a blog post on my green-IT blog :p

Darren avatar

Hi Liz,

I would be happy to pre-order the devices I want (3 Model B units) and pay up front. I wouldn’t expect you to deliver all three at once and I would be happy if you needed to use my pre-order capital to finance yourselves (or construction costs) for a while.

I am sure I am not the only person that feels like this and surely such an action would make sense in terms of financing. You would be totally de-risking your situation by allowing people to cover the manufacturing costs before you manufacture.

Just to be clear here is how I suggest you implement this.
– Allow me to pre-order the devices and quantity I want and pay.
– You also make me pay two lots of postage when I order
– When you get the first devices you ship me one.
– When you have larger quantities available you ship the rest of my order to me.

Can’t wait to get started with this stuff. I have soooooooo many ideas that were waiting for a platform that is cheap enough.



liz avatar

For us, it doesn’t actually make much sense in terms of financing – we have financing worked out for that first run, which will prime the pump for later production and means we can operate without taking preorders. Taking your money in advance not only causes us an administrative headache, but also opens us up to accusations of being vapourware (we get enough of those already – go and have a look at yesterday’s Slashdot thread). This is also why we’re not taking donations yet. We’re very careful not to open ourselves up to that sort of criticism. In short, we’re not taking pre-orders.

Andy Crook avatar

One thing I haven’t seen is the total price, unless I’ve missed it? Are you going to include an SD card with a working OS on it, and how much would that cost on top of the device?

Or are you expecting people to get their own SD card and download the OS from you?

Basically will it work out of the box? Power it up and provide a HDMI cable and keyboard and up it boots?

liz avatar

We haven’t decided on how much a pre-loaded SD card will cost yet, but it will be well under £10. You can also get your own SD card and download distros from us here. Once you’ve got a flashed SD card (either from us or by making your own), it’ll work straight out of the box.

[…] group has placed orders for the first 10,000 part kits and hopes to be able to start putting the systems together and shipping them to early customers […]

Burngate avatar

(sigh) … so I’ll go and switch the pick ‘n place robot back off again

Dylan Smith avatar

Far too fine pitched for me to assemble? That sounds like a challenge to me :-)

I’ve hand assembled with a soldering iron 0.4mm pitch LQFP packages. Quite a lot of people are successfully hand-soldering QFN (leadless packages() too. It’s only really BGA that I don’t want to mess with (even so people are soldering BGA at home with roll-your-own reflow ovens made from toaster ovens and other cooking equipment!)

Tulio Adriano Muniz avatar

Hello Liz, I want to buy one unit of model B, I would like to pay by credit card Visa International. For Brazil, how exactly are the freight for the ZIPCODE: 65075-180, Sao Luis or ZIPCODE: 65215-000, Viana?

liz avatar

I’m afraid I don’t have a definite answer for you at the moment, because we don’t know yet if we’ll have local distribution where you are, but we expect international shipping to be in the range of about £7.

vfrico avatar

The international shipping is the same for Europe and others continents, or it will be cheaper in Europe?. They aren’t the same costs to send to France or send it to Brasil.

liz avatar

We’re spreading the pain around, so it’ll be the same everywhere.

Hernan Rodriguez Colmeiro avatar

Awesome! So you’ll ship to other countries in South America too?
Here Brazil and Chile always get the most fun, while in Argentina we see the trains pass by as most companies won’t deliver here :-/

Tulio Adriano Muniz avatar

If there is a local distributor I my district or region, how do I become a case to be favorable?

Julian Grammer avatar

Surely that’s an interesting mathematical exercise if you’re not taking pre-orders and therefore have no prior knowledge of the percentage of shipments to different areas worldwide and therefore the cost thereof.

jacklang avatar

Freight rates not fixed yet as it depends if we have local distribution, but from UK it would be around £7 plus any local import taxes

Pramode avatar

Waiting to get my hand one one or two Model-A’s (or B’s)!

And, congratulations to the whole Raspberry-PI team for this fantastic effort!

toadstool avatar

Patience is a virtue. People who try to ‘get in early’ or who attempt making a convincing argument to jump the queue with pre-orders should be made to wait until after Christmas ;-) I understand there is a lot of excitement and hype surrounding the Raspberry Pi (quite rightly so) but come on people, read the post; “…they’re being sold on a first-come, first-served basis, whoever you are…”

[…] fondation en charge de ce projet de machines à très basse consommation à 25$ pièce a annoncé le lancement d’une production de 10 000 kits. Les engins devraient être prêt a être expédiés vers les utilisateurs le mois […]

Oli avatar

Sorry to bother you again Liz. As others have said, you’ve been doing an amazing job fending off these queries, and I’ve got one more for you.

What currency are these things going to be sold in? I see the price tags of $25 and $35 but wonder if there’s going to be any localised breakdowns. Specifically for me, the venerable and great, Great Britain Pound.

I know you have global appeal – but thought you were UK based so wondered if there was an option of paying in our local currency and thus sidestepping the £2.50 that Santander will charge me for daring to buy something in another currency. If so, what price?

I’m sure there are plenty of €uro users who have had similar thoughts.

liz avatar

They *should* be sold in your local currency, with conversion available in our shop. (We’ve got some work to do on that.)

The dollar problem arises because all our components are priced in dollars. With currency markets as volatile as they are, and our margins as small as they are, we could really find ourselves in trouble if we set the base price in any currency other than dollars.

Chris avatar

Ok, from what I gather, when you guys say “parts kit” you mean that you guys ordered all the parts and hand assembled a unit and shipped to me…

I’d come up with a better term…

liz avatar

It’s an industry standard term. Just think! As well as encouraging people to do some programming, we’re helping to expand your vocabulary too!

We don’t hand-assemble anything; the pitches involved are too small. We use pick and place robots.

Jongoleur avatar


How long did it take to train the Daleks?


seidonakanishi avatar

Hi Liz,

My company is specialized in Embedded Linux projects.

Please advise when Raspberry start receiving orders.

Thank You !

Florian avatar

Be careful, nvidia wants to patent your USB-Stick PC Format: (german link),news-246505.html

liz avatar

There’s a thread about this in our forums. We’ve carefully documented all the work we’ve done on this over the last six years, so we’d have prior art – and the details of that patent are very different anyway from the Raspberry Pi.

csaba2 avatar

Not a bad idea I hope I can get my hands on one so I could do some php(maybe using a c translator for php like hiphop-php) programming on it;)

Anthony avatar

Can we get an update on the form factor/layout of the first production level board?

To me that’s far more interesting than “coming soon – a buy button”

For me it’s all about figuring out the orientation and casing, so that I can figure out out it fits into my remote solar powered application hardware.

liz avatar

As we’ve said before, as soon as we have artwork, we’ll be publishing it here. We’re working on some last-minute routing stuff at the moment which needs finalising before we can set the layout in stone.

ainonyme avatar

Les deux version seront en vente le même jour je suppose

liz avatar

Mais bien sûr que oui!

ainonyme avatar


jshriver avatar

Since there is a limited run, how about a limit per order? I know I was planning to buy 4-16, but realistically just 1 would be enough to start testing/development. Guessing others are in a similar boat. If you limited orders to 1-2 it might allow more people to get them during this first run.

Just an idea :)

[…] многие ждут с нетерпением. В декабре Дэвид Брабен начинает продажи устройства. Первая партия будет для энтузиастов, то есть для […]

Vladislav avatar

Yeees!! one B version from the first sales to Russia please =DD

Henderson avatar

I want 3 units.
Will you send outside US, like Brazil?

jamesh avatar

Available worldwide – and sent from the UK as that is where the foundation is based.

[…] многие ждут с нетерпением. В декабре Дэвид Брабен начинает продажи устройства. Первая партия будет для энтузиастов, то есть для […]

Den avatar

It’s cool device! I want to buy 1!

Alexey avatar

Whant 1 pcs.

[…] 25 доларів за базову версію, за благодійної моделі. Скоро настане момент, якого багато хто чекає з […]

Evgeny avatar

I want one.

Alexey avatar

I want one unit.

jamesh avatar

And you are all more than welcome to one unit. They’ll be available from this website sometime in December.

Smatt avatar

I want 2 unit with shiping to Russia)

Oleg Kiz avatar

I ready to order one device… for test. Thanks!

Leo URL avatar

I want five unite now. come on we need now this Raspberry Pi for test or **** we want help Raspberry Pi about.

jamesh avatar

They will not be available until December at the earliest. They have not yet been manufactured. The website and email list will announce when they are ready to purchase.

Cybernick avatar

I’m ready to oder 2 devices. Thank You!

Bizzo avatar

Hi Liz,

Can I pre-order some mod …….

Only kidding. I just wanted to say that I think you’re doing a fantastic job here, replying to every post that asks the same question. The amount of patience you must have is amazing.

I think all the regular readers here will agree that you guys are awesome.
Just sayin’ …

liz avatar

I cope with this by stepping away from the computer every now and then to lean out of the window and swear at random passers-by. 8)

ukscone avatar

You should automate the leaning out of the window and the swearing. a tape loop, a couple of really loud and big speakers and a raspberry pi and you are all set. It’d leave you free to drop kick dwarves over the garden fence and sip Godiva Chocolate liqueur.

Tell you what. let me send me a raspi and i’ll knock the system up for you :D /me ducks

Bizzo avatar

Is this some kind of favouritism? You get one first? ;-)
Just ask to be put on the pre-order list!

BTW, what’s the offical stance on abbreviating Raspberry Pi?
Raspi? RPi? R-pi?

liz avatar

Several of us have been using Raspi; my Raspberry Pi email folder is just called RP (as is my browser bookmark); others are also using R-pi. I don’t think official blessings really help; I’m sure the community will settle on one or two abbreviations, and I don’t think we’ve seen any that we don’t understand yet!

DeliciousRaspberryCake avatar

From previous posts (also outside of this comment area and the fora) I understand the board will not include an SD card. The SD card (with loaded software) will be sold separately in your webshop in the near future. For those who don’t wish to buy the SD card (those who already have SD cards for example), raspi will provide linux images presumably preloaded with some software.

May I know the estimated size of the linux image? E.g. will it fit onto a 2gb or 4gb SD card, or is there any approximation you can provide?

jamesh avatar

At the moment we can build 2 or 4GB images, so either. Compressed they are about 130MB, so not too bad to download. We have had some issues with the image and some cards, where although made to a specific size, it won’t fit on that size of SD card. But you can always put a 2GB image on a larger card, then create a extra partition on the unused area if your SD card is ‘odd’.

Montekuri avatar

May you use Mediafire and/or Megaupload file hosting websites to host such Linux images?

Maybe rapidshare too:

Thanks a lot

liz avatar

Well potentially, yes; but the plan is to distribute a torrent from this site.

asb avatar

In addition I’m sure there are plenty of people with bandwidth to burn who are willing to host HTTP mirrors (BitTorrent is banned in many places).

Jan avatar

Please don’t use these nagware sites, there are many better file hosting alternatives. Also, it should be some wget-friendly site.

Anyway, I don’t see reason why it shouldn’t be distributed through the usual Linux distro mirrors, I’m sure many of those will be happy to host the images and even custom builds (for several OSes).

DeliciousRaspberryCake avatar

Is there perhaps more info you can provide? Like does this linux release use a large swap and is space reserved for the user when speaking about a 2gb image? Is there a specific SD-card size “advisable” ?

I’ll just assume you mean cards that aren’t 2 billion bytes or more (2gb VS 2GiB) when speaking about “odd”

jamesh avatar

Well, you can specify what swap you want. Just create a partition of whatever size on the SD. The default build at the moment (which won’t be the end build I imagine) reserves a swap partition (can’t remember the size).

There are no specific sizes – I’d just advise 2GB or more. I use 4GB. Not run out of space yet.

Odd cards are those that report they are e.g. 2GB, but where a 2GB image won’t fit on them, for whatever reason.

DeliciousRaspberryCake avatar

Thank you~

Last question from me; you say you have used 4gb without a problem, so it is an SDHC or SDXC slot. In the past, it was demonstrated that the Raspi can output a fullHD trailer, which must have been large in size. Does this specific card reader have a limit of 32gb like most SDHC readers? I have also heard rumours about the memory reader IC being “slow” compared to consumer-market USB sticks, does this hold truth or can it utilize faster SD cards?

Roman avatar

I want one unit with shipping to Ukraine.

Adam avatar

I know it’s a drop in the bucket with 160 some odd posts, but back when this project was first launched I had e-mailed you guys about the “buy two get one give one” idea that OLPC uses. I think this is a great idea. I have two small children that are just starting to use computers and will be ordering one as soon as I can. Good luck guys!

liz avatar

Yup – it’s always been the plan that people will have the option to donate the cost of a unit when they buy one, and we’ll keep that option open indefinitely. Actually *enforcing* it is a bit of a brute-force way to try to tamp down demand for the first few weeks, and it’s inevitably put a few backs up, but we still think it’s an idea worth pursuing.

Marson Montekuri avatar

But, a “forced donation” is not a “donation”.

liz avatar

Nobody’s forced to donate under this scheme. If you don’t want to donate, you can wait a few weeks until we lift the requirement.

Mihail avatar

I want one unit with shipping to Russian Federation

Chris avatar

May I suggest something for the next version? an input HDMI/av as well. That way you could use the rasberry pi as a ticker device or a phone call notifier… Similar to what the chumby people are making in the netv.

Although your unit may be too underpowered to pass thru decent hidef video…

jamesh avatar

It’s capable of doing it (but needs a bit of extra hardware), but there are DRM issues – with HDMI in you would perhaps be able to circumvent the DRM on incoming video which is a no-no.

Julian Grammer avatar

True, but for instance, I have been looking for an HDMI input solution for some time for use in an affordable HD capture for CCTV. While I understand that this is well outside the scope of the stated goals of the RasPi, I believe the onus should not be on manufacturers to stop people infringing copyright. In short, I am against DRM dictating hardware specifications.

jamesh avatar

The original Videocore was designed for CCTV applications – but with the camera attached directly to the GPU, not via HDMI. It much better that way.

In fact the onus IS on manufacturers of the GPU to add DRM to their product. You cannot use HDMI without implementing DRM as required – that’s part of the rules of using HDMI. Not much Raspi or Broadcom can do about that.

Pavel Shulga avatar

I want one unit with shipping to Ukraine

Shipper avatar


Ben West avatar

I would like to reserve 2 PCs, a model A and model B, for testing the St. Louis, USA hacker space Arch Reactor, and for the community mesh network WasabiNet (also in St. Louis).

How does one get confirmation of making a reservation?

Also, congratulations!

liz avatar

If you read the original post, you’ll see we’re not taking reservations or preorders. We’ll be selling from December on a first-come, first-served basis.

Ben West avatar

Thank you for the clarification. I admit wasn’t sure about ability to submit reservations after scanning the comment stream.

jamesh avatar

There is a lot of information in the FAQ.

László avatar


I need 2 Raspberrys. (ship to Hungary)
If it is possible. But at least one.


Shipper avatar


Taras avatar

That’s nice. Ship me a couple too ^_^

Shipper avatar

Double Done! In fact, it was done a week ago!

gsh avatar

Can’t believe how many people can’t actually understand, “We’re not taking pre-orders”

int can_i_pre_order(void)
return 0;

int can_you_post_to_me( enum country_t country)
return 1;
return 0;

jamesh avatar

I think that should be

class Raspi
public :
bool isAvailableForPreorder() {return false;};
bool isAvailableInCountry(CCountry cnt) {return true;};
bool HaveIReadTheFAQ() {return false;};
bool inFactHaveIReadAnyCommentsAtAll() {return false;};

gsh avatar

I’m somewhat annoyed that the Raspi forum doesn’t have a fixed width font so we can suitably add nice spacing to our code, it makes me look like a beginner again!


Paul Sinnett avatar

Have you not considered setting this up as a Kickstarter project? That would allow you to raise funds, get an idea of demand, and reward investors with a kit once they’re done.

liz avatar

There’s some discussion on our forums about why we’re not doing this (you’d be surprised at the cuts Kickstarter and Amazon take, which add up to about 7% of what gets pledged).

Reseller avatar


I need 10000 units of each model, for research and development. I’m not very qualified, so I will broke some of them before I got them working…


JustACat avatar

Good news! Looking forward to December.

[…] : Le blog du Raspberry Pi Tags: raspberryPi […]

nickolay avatar

Russian Federation. 2 raspberry pi (B version), please…
If it is possible, + one A version.

For Education in School.

don bright avatar

“you would need an assembly robot”

hmmm ….

would a makerbot work????

liz avatar


#include avatar

firstly, great news to see that the raspi will be shipping (even in low volumes) in December.
Also thanks for spending so much time answering queries on various threads.

Secondly a few questions, do you have an estimation of how long it will be before the second batch of raspi’s become available – a rough ball park would do – are we looking at 1 month, 3 months, 6 months or longer? Also do you have an idea of the number of raspi’s being built in the second batch?

liz avatar

Tedious production reasons mean our batch size is fixed at 10k. We’ll begin making the second batch as soon as it looks like we’re selling out of the first batch (so pretty much instantly if you guys are being honest about what you intend to buy); this may be a *little* slower in the case of the second set of 10k because we need to ensure there are no early-life failures. It’s a continuous process – once we’re all started up you should just see a stream of the things without being aware that they’re being made in batches.

jacklang avatar

Depends on the speed of sale of the first 10K and evidence of contibued demand
I suspect we will sell more when things like cases and manuals are available

Tulio Adriano Muniz avatar

Liz, please respond. It would be possible to perform a pre-order or have to wait until the total available for sales, and from when will be available in full?
Thank you!

jamesh avatar

Well, asking for someone to respond doesn’t make any difference….

AND PLEASE READ THE FAQ AND OTHER COMMENTS. This has been answered many many times.

No to preorders.
December is the current expected release time.

RITRedbeard avatar

So basically what should have been said “We’re delaying from our original date of November back a month until December.”

Not only that, but these first units will be produced in a 10k run and you’ll be wanting donations + price to get one. And you’re setting a certain amount to “developers” aside. Open source projects. Qt, Debian, Ubuntu, etc… but not education.
After that, it’s a free-for-all.

So realistically January or later, judging by the demand of these puppies.

You could have said that much more clearly and concisely.

jamesh avatar

Please read posts more closely. Original release date was Q4 2011, no month specified. We had hoped for November, but now looks like December. Not really a delay I am sure you will agree. More an adjustment but still within the original estimate.

The donation scheme is still being discussed.

Some will go to developers (not a very high percentage at all – couple of hundred probably), rest will be sold first come first served from the website, as has always been the case. 10k has been the first run size for a couple on months. Whether you are quick or slow on the site will determine when you get the device in December or January or February or….

Of course, there may be issues with the board, and we have to redo it, which may mean a official delay. These things can happen, but we sincerely hope not – a lot of time has been spent trying to get this right.

_pr avatar

Awesome! I want 2 too!
Great work!

RaJa avatar

Great news!
I want to buy 2.

hank avatar

I really want one, but I am in china T_T
I just hope that I can get one next year

DaVince avatar

Actually, tempoarily doubling the price is a good idea. People may not be happy with it, but it will keep the demand a lot lower at the start, giving you time to prepare properly. Smart thinking there.

Alexey avatar

Hey! I wanna this too!

its BEST solution for SOHO! thin-clients have bigger price, but this solution will give MORE features!

for start, I want to order 10 units for test and integration.

wait for release…

Andy avatar

Must admit really looking forward to hopefully getting a model B to play with although my wife is suitably unimpressed that she will loose her husband again on a new toy ;)

liz avatar

Tell her that if you can’t beat them, join them. It’s worked a treat in our family. 8)

gsh avatar

Which bit the beating or the joining?

ukscone avatar

i’m practicing my wimpering and sad puppy dog look. it worked last time for the 1st Zipit but SWMBO has started to become immune in recent months.

Thunder__X avatar

I honestly wouldn’t mind doing a “buy one, give one” pacakge and paying for two to have one go to either a developer for free or a child when the second release happens in 2012.

DIY Phone Gadgets avatar

I am getting impatient. I’ll definitely buy one to interact with my Android and some motor drivers. This is exciting! This might be the best choice to add hardware to my Android phone. I have a list of solutions here:

Khmara Artem avatar

I’m wonna at least 4 devices (B).

Kendall Baker avatar

I would at least like one of these puppys to play with. Look like it would make an awesome addition to an HDMI tv to make it HTPC for streaming.

Renato Fernandes de Queiroz avatar

At Linuxcon Brazil you will have some samples to sell?

AlexB avatar

Patiently waiting……………………………

stephen downward avatar

I might be just eleven,but I am really considering buying one of these units as I have a robot with a computer I programmed that weighs a LOT because of the UPS.I would love to power this off of a few AA batteries. :)
I’ll probably get a model B unit because of the extra RAM.
Does Model B have an I/O port like Model A?

Sammy Fischer avatar

I would have said it sounds promising, but after trying to get 28C3 (Chaos Computer Club Congress in December) cards last sunday I would say you better get some *good* servers to handle the storm of orders once you open your shop.
The 28C3 cards were all gone after *3* minutes of intense server-abusing. Taking into account the interest you raised with the Raspberry Pi and the fact that you have 10.000 units, I would guess they might be gone in an hour or so … IF your servers can stand the load :)

kiskocsog avatar

Too bad it have only composite and HDMI output. HDMI needs at least DVI monitor, composite is not enough for use it as computer, just as video player.
Instad of composite output a VGA output would have been much better. Without it, raspberry pi is cheap but needs expensive monitors…

raffy avatar

Some unsolicited advice here: ;)

1. You can of course maximize distribution by using the mailing list, say, (step 1) doing a forecast = asking people via email to fill a googledocs form of their minimum order, and (step 2) taking orders before full announcement, also using the mailing list (buyer is asked to follow his/her previously submitted forecast quantity).

2. Postal EMS works and is cheaper than commercial couriers in many countries. If the item is declared SAMPLE/DEMO, then the tax will be nil (‘coz sometimes the taxes and charges exceed the cost of the item!).

Thanks for reading!

Martin Habovštiak avatar

I’m curious, how many non-programmers will buy it. I suggest add checkbox: “I’m a programmer (survey question)”. I don’t think many people will answer opposite.

ieti avatar

Raspberry Pi seems really great and i will definitively will buy an “B” model.

As i see the size and functionality i propose an “C” type – with same hardware as “B” model, but without analog TV connector and with added second LAN port, maybe more RAM too. This will make this device even better because it can be used as little router too. Maybe Wireless will be good too, but maybe this additions will make it more expensive.

Big thumbs up for making such awesome device! :D

jamesh avatar

There is a whole thread on this in the forum.

Taking off analog saves no money (few cents for the connector), and adding another LAN port adds a *lot* of cost. See the thread for more details on why.

Ilya avatar

Hello. We are a group of bachelor students of Sevastopol National Technical University (Ukraine), Technical cybernetics department. We research parallel programming. In our master theses project we are developing multiprocessor system used for increasing automatic control systems modeling accuracy and speed for later usage on FESTO devices (one of its laboratories is situated in our university). We would like to use your computers (quantity of 11 pieces) for research.

Can you contact with us?

[…] is scheduled for sometime in December 2011. Unfortunately, the first 10,000 units will likely go to developers. Image courtesy Raspberry […]

[…] von Raspberry Pi zum Mini-Preis von 25$ bzw. 35$ kommt im Dezember auf den Markt bzw. in den Shop. Verkauft wird er nach dem fifo-Prinzip. Man sollte sich also beeilen, um einen der ersten 10000 Rechner zu ergattern. Und man sollte […]

Howard Smith avatar

Been registered for early notification for a while now, and getting really excited as we head in December. I was part of the early bare board community in the UK back in the late 70s/early 80s, with stuff like this: and I want to be in at the start of RaspberryPi. It’s important.

buffer bloat avatar

One for me. Thanks.

Richie avatar

I want to buy 2 and contribute 2, but where?

jamesh avatar

They are not yet available – keep an eye on the website or register on the front page to be sent an email when the final board is released.

[…] kaufen und mit dem Tüfteln anfangen? Nach einem Missverständnis mit einem Reporter stellt die Foundation heute auf der Homepage klar, wann der Pi zu kaufen sein wird, wie man ihn erstehen kann und ob der […]

Peter Christie avatar

Liked how you plan to distribute the device when available. My first computer was a BBC B and am looking forward to getting back to programing again.

fijal avatar

I want one and I can donate the cost of a Raspberry Pi to the foundation at the same time.

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[…] Read More Infos here: […]…

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[…] There you will find 66914 more Infos: […]…

Stefano avatar

I want 20. This is brilliant idea and should be founded!!!

Andy avatar

Sounds great -but where can I buy one? Can I order online?

rSw avatar

hi where and when can i order this ? I want the expensive one xD

nicolas joly avatar

I want one

Circuit Bird avatar

I would love one to use for music applications. I’d love to know if they’re on sale yet. if so, how can I order one?


JamesH avatar

Not on sale – soon. Buy here.

Michael Dionne avatar

I am ready to order 25 units @ 35$. I am an indie game developper (programmer) with a lot of experience in computer reselling/repairing, and in video game consoles/accessories repairing.

Jeffrey Law avatar

I know this is an age old question. I also checked Liz’s blogs. I’m still a bit clueless. Where can I purchase the Raspberry Pi stickers? If it’s not officially sold anywhere, what’s the best way (paper, printing, etc) to make one? I know there’s already a logo file I can download. I want a sticker so badly so I can put it on the top of the Apple logo on my Macbook…turning it into a Raspberry book.

Thx much in advance.

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