We won an award!

Well, this is unexpected, and we’re all feeling a bit overwhelmed. Raspberry Pi won the Best in Show award for Hardware Design at the ARM TechCon yesterday. Apparently, a chunk of perspex is currently being engraved, and will be making its way to us soon.

Here are a couple of pictures from the day, very kindly sent to us by Bac’an, one of our forum members. We are especially delighted by the one suggesting that Eben himself has won Best in Show, as if he was a pedigree dog. It’s not as if he has a particularly glossy pelt, although he will sit up and beg if you do the right manoeuvre with a Jaffa Cake.

Raspberry Pi stand - that's Avatar running at 1080p on the monitor above the alpha board.

Eben, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. (A bit like a well-dressed spaniel.)



tachyon avatar

Congrats guys! I know you guys will use this to gain even more momentum for the cause.

Bizzo avatar

Hey, congratulations guys. Reckon you’ve earned it.

ukscone avatar

As well as the chunk of perspex (a possible murder weapon along the lines of the imfamous blunt object for the next person who calls Eben Jason)

Do you get a years supply of pedigree chum too?

Liam Fraser avatar

Huge congrats guys :). I bet beagleboard and similar are panicking haha!

traffikante avatar

It’s great!

k3ypad avatar

Outstanding lads! Congratulations! Looking forward to the release!

Alexandre avatar

Congratulations! RaspBerry Pi is a great “small hardware.” kkkkk

Zachary avatar

AMAZING, it’s come so far since the initial thought! I’m glad to have been with it since the beginning!

csaba2 avatar

Not suprised:)
But gratzz;)
can’t wait relase;)

RISC avatar


Can’t wait to buy couple of R-Pi boards…

Kev avatar

You deserve it! Keep up the hard work, I can’t wait to get my hands on a few RPi’s!

Bumsfallera avatar

Great! =) Raspberry Pi FTW! :-D

Blotto avatar


sonicase avatar

congrats :D

asdf avatar


richard77 avatar

Well deserved.
In a market of all alike products, most barely Acceptable, and very few Exceeding Expectations, your project is clearly Outstanding

SlayingDragons avatar

Nice. You guys definitely and without doubt deserve it. :D

gbl08ma avatar

As I said on the forum, congratulations!

Shouldn’t we submit a story about this to Slashdot? :)
(I know some days ago this website got featured on /. with the schematics for the 2006 $25 PC, anyways, can’t we aim for Slashdot front page again?)

liz avatar

I would imagine they’re getting a bit sick of us by now – but yes, submit away if you’d like!

gbl08ma avatar

I don’t think my submission will get far with my “terrible” karma at Slashdot. (Whether that classification is fair or not, that’s another thing… I don’t consider myself a troll!) :)

gbl08ma avatar

Well, I changed my mind and thought it couldn’t hurt to try my first Slashdot submission (the terrible karma kind of inhibits me). You can find the submission here: http://slashdot.org/submission/1831916/25-pc-prototype-gets-award-at-arm-techcon

Let’s hope I didn’t write anything wrong. And let’s vote up so I get my first accepted /. submission in favour of the RasPI project :)

Jongoleur avatar

The Slashdot response so far has been a concerted whine of “why hasn’t it got x, and y”. There are many posts along the lines of Why HDMI? Why only 256Mb ram, it won’t run “z” Why no WiFi? and it isn’t “open” Binary Blob! Eeek! Broadcom!


Oh well, the more Slashdotters that don’t buy, the better, I suppose. :-(

Brian Smith avatar

Reminds me of the infamous Slashdot snub on the iPod when it was first released in 2001:
“No wireless. Less space than a Nomad. Lame.”

a historical reminder to take the readership’s somewhat jaded options of new tech with a pinch of salt, I feel.

liz avatar

Funny you should mention that. :) I have actually bookmarked the infamous thread from Macrumours where people comment on the announcement of the iPod back in October 2001. I go and read it every now and then when people start whinging that we’re useless because they want 2GB of RAM so they can run Javascript games/websites with 500 instances of Flash/Minecraft. I find it cheering.

gbl08ma avatar

If you look carefully at the innards of the reply threads at Slashdot, you’ll find there are also many people that support Raspberry Pi (or else, it’s just Liz posting as Anonymous Coward :) )

I know the Pi isn’t made in the same scope as the beagle/pandaboard, but I’ll do another comparison: I recall seeing many people saying “256MB is not enough” or “the processor will be slow as dog” before beagleboard lanched. When it launched, its price was much higher than the one expected for the Pi, and still loads of people bought it (and keep buying).
Now, why won’t people buy something that’s more than five times cheaper, it’s smaller and offers similar (or better) capabilities? Plus, it’s not really a prototyping board – it’s more finished than that (although you can still hack it easily).
The RasPi sure will have its defects, like anything, but I think it’s gonna be successful [enough for a 3rd model with more RAM/CPU/USB/whatever].

Andrea avatar

Congratulations guys, you definitely earned the award! :D

Mark avatar

Congratulations to everyone who made a difference to make this happen.

Raffy Mananghaya avatar


Of course the Puppy Linux community’s tail is wagging at your references to Eben as “bushy tailed” :)

Hope that you will reserve one board for Barry Kauler, our chief dev (URL: http://bkhome.org/bkauler/ ).- I will pay for it.

Raffy Mananghaya avatar

Addition: For developers who want to have fun with the cutting-edge Puppy Linux @ 113 MB, see here.

We do love kids, puppies and fruits. :D

liz avatar

You guys are right at the top of the list for the pre-production run – we’d love to see Puppy running on Raspberry Pi. (And you are also in the class of people who don’t have to pay – cue giant storm of outrage from other commenters.)

DaVince avatar

Honestly, I think most commenters would be more than happy to just pay the 25/35 dollars for it. ;)

Acsen avatar

CONGRATS!! can’t wait for the final product! and even though there are still rough edges in the interface speed, I still buy them today!! :)

I hope to see the products listed in amazon.
Cheers from Costa Rica.

kneekoo avatar

Congratulations! :) Now you have an award-winning device for the masses. The problem is we’re still waiting for its release. :P

s1oan avatar

Congratulations! :D

Glenn De Backer avatar

I’m really sure that if there are no ordering problems ( beagle and pandaboards are still hard to get on sites like watterot) and with its price, the rasberry pi will kick off an arduino like frenzy and that a lot of other awards will be won…

MH avatar

No way! Well done, lads! Well deserved.

Ben avatar

With all the dog comparisons, are we still able to use CAT 5 cables?

toxibunny avatar


Charlie Brej avatar

Congratulations. A well deserved accomplishment. I saw the presentation at ARM a couple and I was flabbergasted that there are other people who not only share my views of education, but that are trying to make a change. Can’t wait to get involved.

Sven avatar

Congr.! Just can’t wait for the RPI to be released *-*. Does anyone know how much shipping to Germany will cost?

liz avatar

Not yet. We’ll let people know as soon as we’ve settled it with our distributors.

Florian avatar

Hey ! Congratulation !!! where can i buy an Rapsberry Pi ? :) send me a email plss

liz avatar

Have a look at the FAQ at the top of the page.

Davespice avatar

Good work, congratulations!

Neil Pacala avatar

Mabuhay Raspberry Pi!
Next up, award for philanthropy.

Jamie avatar

The first of many deserved recognition awards I am sure. Congratulations! Being a software engineer just recently introduced to hardware tinkering via arduino, the Raspberry Pi has caught my interest and I have been eagerly awaiting news and release announcement for rpi for several months. I started my computer science journey in the 1980s with an old green-screen IBM PC clone and a VIC20. I can’t wait to introduce the rpi to *my* children now, to give them the same excitement to explore computing themselves.

DH avatar

You guys have been talking this up for 2 years. Time to ship or get off the pot.

jamesh avatar

Er, announced May 2011. I make that 6 months. Still scheduled to ship Q4 2011.

liz avatar

I love that we’ve excited you enough to cause time to dilate four-fold, but we only announced the project to the public back in May, and we’ve been saying “last quarter of the year” ever since then.

daniel avatar

Was there any question you would win?

SiR avatar

Big congrats!

Pirx Danford avatar

Congratulations and its well deserved!
Keep on rocking folks :-)

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Nick Doncemperk avatar

hey , how i can buy this ?

liz avatar

Head over to the FAQ at the top of the page.

[…] We won an award! Well, this is unexpected, and we’re all feeling a bit overwhelmed. Raspberry Pi won the Best in Show award for Hardware Design at the ARM TechCon yesterday. Source: http://www.raspberrypi.org […]

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