The Benton Park Live Coding Orchestra

We’re always really excited to see the resources and tools we make being used by kids in school. This video is from Benton Park Primary School in Newcastle, where a Sonic Pi orchestra put on a live coding performance recently. You can see setup, practice and some of the performance itself here.

I first watched this with Sam Aaron, who created Sonic Pi, looking over my shoulder, and we were both giggling with glee.

If you’re a teacher and you’d like to get something like this going in your own school, but don’t know where to start, why not apply for one of our free CPD sessions at Picademy?

Benton Park Raspberry Pi Live Coding Orchestra

And if you’d like to hear more from Sam, he’s going to be live-coding┬ásome of the music for the evening party at our upcoming Big Birthday Weekend – I hope you’ll be joining us!

Edited to add: you can read more about the orchestra on the Benton Blog.


Ejaz avatar

Hi Liz,
I want to know if I can use use your Raspberry Pi for educational purposes same as a desktop?
Be able to use an Operating System and applications, surf net for projects, research, use spreadsheets for analytical work etc
Network multiple Raspberry Pies
I can’t code at the moment!

Much obliged if you can call on [number removed by mod – we don’t have the capacity to provide telephone support, and it’s not a good idea to post your phone number here]


AndrewS avatar

Sounds like would be a good starting point for you :-)
And check out the “Community” tab up at the top of this page for lots of other helpful links.

Helen Lynn avatar

This is just lovely! Everyone really engaged and absorbed by what they’re doing and enjoying it.

Jason Green avatar

I notice several pi’s were used. Especially absent a clock chip, how was synchronization handled?

Alice Witherow avatar

I’m the Headteacher at Benton Park but the school is Benton Park Primary in Newcastle upon Tyne. Theses children are in Y5 and 6. I would be grateful if you’d correct your post. The school you are mentioning is the High School in Leeds.

Our children are now teaching coding to other schools and are big fans of Raspberry Pi. Please contact me if you would like to know more.

Thanks Alice Witherow

Liz Upton avatar

Sorry folks – we’ll get the fix in now.

Nick avatar

The school responsible for this is benton park primary school in newcastle not benton park in Leeds.
We would be grateful if you could amend the post to reflect this!
Nick Shepherd
Benton park.

marc mckiernan avatar

We’re the company doing this with Benton Park and six other schools.
Jason: No clock chip, live mixed through a…mixer.Each sound and visual output split, and more wires than you can shake a stick at. The visuals had a live camera attached to another projector.

Also, could you make the link, which says Benton Park School to either the school:

or to our site, not the Vimeo location of the film: Sorry, only just found this. Thanks.
Any enquiries to [email protected]


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