Handheld games console – for REAL dummies

Here is the most rubbery review presenter we’ve ever met. Bryan Lunduke is here to show you how even a complete beginner whose hands are made from foam can build a games console from scratch, using a Raspberry Pi.

A tip, Bryan. I know you do not have hands that work (or, presumably, fingernails); but you’ll find that Pibow you’re using looks EVEN BETTER if you peel the backing paper off each layer!


brigo avatar

Thanks for showing this, it was so funny, really brightened up my day. Bonk!

ArKay avatar

Please normalize the sound, it’s much much too low.

Raspberry Tau avatar

I love it.

John avatar

BONK! For fun Brian should post the parts list or make himself a buck and post it as a Amazon Wish List with refer.


AndrewS avatar

I guess Bryan might be able to pick up some tips from http://www.raspberrypi.org/pigrrl/

Looks like Bryan shares the same hairdresser as Boris? ;-)


Ken MacIver avatar

Brilliant stuff,
Job Done : too Srewfixy
Sorted : too Eastendery
BONK : Perfect.

Ronnie avatar

It was good, and funnny. Grats

Ben Nuttall avatar

I love this! We need more muppet-based learning resources.

Liz Upton avatar

*Holds tongue*

Dan avatar

Great video, for a puppet. BONK, whateva that means. The Puppet said he’d post a link to the image he used, but didn’t. :-( I’ve got mine working with some git hub advice but would like to try the image as mine is not that stable.

Gee 'The Rabid Inventor' avatar

Guru will probably tell you later, but that is not an official Pibow :'(

sorry guys

Gee 'The Rabid Inventor' avatar

It is a cool video though I’ll just have to forgive the rubbery faced person ;)

AndrewS avatar

What, you mean Guru? ;)

Gee 'The Rabid Inventor' avatar

Well I say NOOOOOOTHING!!!!!!!! (diplomacy) ;)

Maybe eye-patch, cutlass and a sturdy ship but no rubber faces I can see

AndrewS avatar

Sturdy ship, you say? Sounds like we need a boat-off between Guru and Leo

mihommad avatar

windows 10 will it run xbox app and stream?

André avatar

Will there be a part 2? i think until where this video comes to a end i could do it the real problem is the rest

André avatar

sry… by “rest” I mean the part that the video didn’t teach.

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