Raspberry Pi 2 on sale now at $35

Let’s get the good stuff out of the way above the fold. Raspberry Pi 2 is now on sale for $35 (the same price as the existing Model B+), featuring:

  • A 900MHz quad-core ARM Cortex-A7 CPU (~6x performance)
  • 1GB LPDDR2 SDRAM (2x memory)
  • Complete compatibility with Raspberry Pi 1

Because it has an ARMv7 processor, it can run the full range of ARM GNU/Linux distributions, including Snappy Ubuntu Core, as well as Microsoft Windows 10.

Raspberry Pi 2 Model B

Raspberry Pi 2

BCM2836 and Raspberry Pi 2

Since we launched the original Raspberry Pi Model B, back in 2012, we’ve done an enormous amount of software work to get the best out of our Broadcom BCM2835 application processor and its 700MHz ARM11 CPU. We’ve spent a lot of money on optimising a wide variety of open-source libraries and applications, including WebKit, LibreOffice, Scratch, Pixman, XBMC/Kodi, libav and PyPy. At the same time, the Raspbian project, run by Peter Green and Mike Thompson, has provided us with an ARMv6-compatible rebuild of Debian with hardware floating point support, and Gordon, Dom and Jonathan have spent thousands of hours working on the firmware and board support to make Raspberry Pi the most stable single board computer in the world. It’s worth going back and trying out an old SD card image from 2012 to get an idea of how far we’ve come.

Nonetheless, there comes a point when there’s no substitute for more memory and CPU performance. Our challenge was to figure out how to get this without throwing away our investment in the platform or spoiling all those projects and tutorials which rely on the precise details of the Raspberry Pi hardware. Fortunately for us, Broadcom were willing to step up with a new SoC, BCM2836. This retains all the features of BCM2835, but replaces the single 700MHz ARM11 with a 900MHz quad-core ARM Cortex-A7 complex: everything else remains the same, so there is no painful transition or reduction in stability.

First silicon arrived last year, as we can see in this professionally shot video from bringup night:

Once we were confident that BCM2836 was performing as expected, James designed a series of prototypes, before we settled on the Raspberry Pi 2 Model B that launches today. This has an identical form-factor to the existing Raspberry Pi 1 Model B+, but manages to pack in both the new BCM2836 and a full 1GB of SDRAM from our friends at Micron. All of the connectors are in the same place and have the same functionality, and the board can still be run from a 5V micro-USB power adapter.

Raspberry Pi 2 is available to buy today from our partners element14 and RS Components. Remember you’ll need an updated NOOBS or Raspbian image including an ARMv7 kernel and modules from our downloads page. At launch, we are using the same ARMv6 Raspbian userland on both Raspberry Pi 1 and 2; over the next few months we will investigate whether we can obtain higher performance from regular ARMv7 Debian, or whether we can selectively replace a small number of libraries to get the best of both worlds. Now that we’re using an ARMv7 core, we can also run Ubuntu: a Snappy Ubuntu Core image is available now and a package for NOOBS will be available in the next couple of weeks.

Windows 10

For the last six months we’ve been working closely with Microsoft to bring the forthcoming Windows 10 to Raspberry Pi 2. Microsoft will have much more to share over the coming months. The Raspberry Pi 2-compatible version of Windows 10 will be available free of charge to makers.

Visit WindowsOnDevices.com today to join the Windows Developer Program for IoT and receive updates as they become available.


We’ll keep updating this list over the next couple of days, but here are a few to get you started.

Are you discontinuing the Raspberry Pi 1 Model B and B+?

No. We have a lot of industrial customers who will want to stick with Raspberry Pi 1 for the time being. We’ll keep building Raspberry Pi 1 Model B and Model B+ as long as there’s demand for it. Both these boards will continue to sell for $35.

What about Model A+?
Model A+ continues to be the $20 entry-level Raspberry Pi for the time being. Although the new board is called Raspberry Pi 2 Model B, we have no plans to introduce a Raspberry Pi 2 Model A before the end of 2015.

What about the Compute Module?
We expect to introduce a BCM2836-based Compute Module in the medium term, but for now we’re focused on getting Raspberry Pi 2 Model B out of the door.

Are you still using VideoCore?
Yes. VideoCore IV 3d is the only publicly documented 3d graphics core for ARM-based SoCs, and we want to make Raspberry Pi more open over time, not less.

Where does the “6x performance” figure come from?
The speedup varies between applications. We’ve seen single-threaded CPU benchmarks that speed up by as little as 1.5x, while Sunspider is around 4x faster, and NEON-enabled multicore video codecs can be over 20x faster. 6x is a typical figure for a multi-threaded CPU benchmark like SysBench.

Is this a full version of Windows 10?
Please refer to WindowsOnDevices.com.


A project like this requires a vast amount of focused work from a large team over an extended period. A partial list of those who made major direct contributions to the BCM2836 chip program and Raspberry Pi 2 follows: James Adams, Leo Azevedo, Jonathan Bell, Alex Bradbury, Dom Cobley, Steve Cook, Dave Collins, Phil Elwell, Gordon Hollingworth, Andrew Holme, Tammy Julyan, John Kelly, Walter Kho, Yung-Ching Lee, Gert van Loo, Ian Macaulay, Paul Manser, Simon Martin, Luca Di Mauro, Akshaye Sama, Andrew Scheller, Serge Schneider, Mark Scoones, Shawn Shadburn, Paul Sherry, Mike Stimson, Stuart Thompson, Roger Thornton, Madhu Thottupura, James Turner, Nidhi Varshneya, Andrew West. If you’re not on this list and think you should be, please let me know, and accept my apologies.

If you’re in front of a computer at 9am GMT and for a while after, you can watch us announcing the Raspberry Pi 2 live, and submit questions for us.


Michael Horne avatar

Congratulations on this fantastic news! :-) A real game-changer!

Tim avatar

Sweet! Now I’m going to read that post all over again….

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Steve avatar

I’m on the hunt for a vendor who actually has this board in stock, why does it seem like nobody has the Pi2B?

Ben Wilcock avatar
Iain avatar

It’s cheapest on RS

jon avatar

Could you post a link to the website you are referencing? Thanks!

Ollie Baxter avatar

Yes! We just bought some from cpc! Amazing :D

Budd avatar

Curious why RS lists the Pi2 at £22.85 but it appears in the Cart for £24.90 + £4.98 VAT for total £29.88/

Paddy avatar

How Fantastic. The Raspberry Pi was brilliant already. Keeping it low cost at a minor inconvenience of speed was the right decision. But now we get the speed too – and for no extra cost. How fantastic is that.

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Check out my video on the brand new Raspberry Pi 2! Awesome stuff!

The Raspberry Pi Guy

Ladyada avatar

Whoops! The link didn’t post, server is getting busy! Here’s the benchmark guide … https://learn.adafruit.com/introducing-the-raspberry-pi-2-model-b?view=all

mahjongg avatar

congratulations raspberry PI foundation!
Complete compatibility with previous models, but six times the performance, and twice the memory for the same price!

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You mean ‘perfect’ (a ‘prefect’ is a high school student representative as voted by students/or appointed by teachers).

I hope this help :)

Yazza avatar

*helps (we all make mistakes :-p ).

Bill Mavromatis avatar

Congratulations guys! Sounds very exciting! Any purchase link for the UK?

brigo avatar

The RS Components link provided in Eben’s article worked perfectly well for me – I received mine’s today!

brigo avatar

Excellent news – ordered one already – can’t wait!

OS1 avatar

hmmmm, Windows 10; to the dark side you move

Mr Floppy avatar

Well I think that is a case of wait and see. I don’t know how open it will be with windows but I can’t see the foundation being held to ransom with them on board unless this is some scheme in patent trolling they are working up

Alasdair Allan avatar

Microsoft is being awfully vague about what they actually intend to release though. Talking to their PR people about this felt like battling fog, http://makezine.com/2015/02/02/microsoft-windows-support-raspberry-pi-2/.

Anders Jackson avatar

Agree. To darkness the have turned. Hope they still able to turn around. ;-)

James Hughes avatar

Not sure how MS porting Win10 IoT to the Pi means the Foundation has turned to the darkside. After all, al the existing Linux stuff is still available and the recommended approach.

But hey, if you like conspiracy theories, don’t let me steal your tin foil hat.

geotheory avatar

I think they’re just being humorous

cm-t avatar

Well done !

Can’t wait installing ubuntu on a raspberry pi !!

Bruce Tulloch avatar

Congratulations to everyone involved. The BCM2836 looks like a real winner for the Raspberry Pi ecosystem. Well done!

bstrobl avatar

Is the BCM2836 a custom chip or one based on an existing Broadcom SoC with certain bits fused off? If it’s custom, why not include all the USB ports and Ethernet Hub directly so you can ditch the SMSC Hub?

Regardless, Congratulations on the new Product!

Alasdair Allan avatar

Compatibility. Basically they really wanted to keep backwards compatibility with all the older Pi’s already out in the wild. Eben talks about it during his interview with me for Make: Magazine, http://makezine.com/2015/02/02/eben-upton-raspberry-pi-2/.

bstrobl avatar

Thanks for the info! Had a look at the pricing on the Microchip website though and noticed a rather high price of around $5 for the chip(The foundation ought to have a very large discount though). Might be a future thing to reduce the costs of the Pi further :).

Dany avatar

How would this make the new boards incompatible with the old ones if the connectors are all the same? Unless it’s about backwards compatibility for the future compute module or reusing the same motherboards?

G avatar

The 2836 is a complete new chip but it re-uses a lot of the old 2835.

Benny Tall avatar

Great work!
I’m about to buy my first Raspberry Pi and thinking of going for this one. Is there any reason for me, as a newbie in development of embedded systems, to NOT go for this one and take a look at the A and B instead?

Michael Horne avatar

You should definitely go for the Pi 2. More powerful than the B+.

Emanuele avatar

Just look power consumption.

Bernard Klatt avatar

If you need network performance, remember the Pi II still uses the sick USB–> Ethernet I/O that cripples Ethernet speed.

Dave Whiteside avatar

Happy birthday RPi you have a new bigger brother
well done all

JD avatar

Hm, what are you talking about?

Pithagoros avatar

Somebody confirm I read that correctly please.

I thought I read the words “Windows 10”.

Pinch pinch pinch.

Alasdair Allan avatar

Yes, you read it right. Windows 10. But Microsoft is being awfully vague about what they actually intend to release. Talking to their PR people about this felt like battling fog, http://makezine.com/2015/02/02/microsoft-windows-support-raspberry-pi-2/.

Leo White avatar

Congrats to all! and well done on keeping it a secret :D

I’ve ordered mine and, by the time it arrives, maybe I’ll have worked out what to use the extra power for!

jonathan chetwynd avatar

Still not 2 cameras?

marvin avatar

Still no camera for selfies ? What a fail !

Just kidding of course. Looking forward to get one to replace my model B from first batch.

I did not see any info about power consumption

mahjongg avatar

Power consumptions lies between the old B, and the B+, but obviously depends on what you are doing, for example how many cores are actually active, how much you are over-clocking etc. But your old PSU from your B, or B+ will in most cases simply suffice.

johndough avatar


Now we are getting to play with the big boys;))

mahjongg avatar

its rather they wanted to play with us…

AndyD avatar

Very exciting news. Can’t wait to get one!

smartroad avatar

Should have called it the Raspberry PI A900; naming with the Archimedes :D

Nick avatar

Yay, Windows 10, best Pi news ever

Minecraftlog21 avatar

I Hope most will stay on the open source linux software and os vs that nasty windows 10.

Pickfire avatar

But still open source is better, go open source!

johndough avatar

WOW! Now we are getting to play with the big boys;))

Les Cook avatar

Exciting news! This is a real step up in terms of performance – Pi 2 ordered this morning :)

Stewart Watkiss avatar

Great news – well done to all!
I’ve ordered one already and looking forward to seeing how well it runs Ubuntu and other Linux software. With 1GB memory it’s now as much as the Lubuntu netbook I’m currently on and hopefully the new processor will make it responsive.
Very exciting times!

Alasdair Allan avatar

I talked to Raspberry Pi founder Eben Upton for Make: Magazine, taking a deep dive behind the scenes of the new Raspberry Pi 2. Everything that every other site doesn’t have you’ll find here, http://makezine.com/2015/02/02/eben-upton-raspberry-pi-2/.

cdu13a avatar

Very Excited. Very Tired. Staying up late to order a pi 2. It’s about 4:30am here. I had to reread the windows 10 part multiple times, since at first I thought it was the lack of sleep getting to me.

richard77 avatar

Congratulations and don’t listen to the people who love to complain… (Windows 10,not enough ram, two cameras…)
But I have a question: what about power consumption?

Eroan avatar

Great news and great improvements, congratulations for your hard work. I’ll order soon :)

AdRiley avatar

Wow. Just wow. When I saw this in an email from Pimoroni this morning I honestly thought it was some kind of joke.

Congratulations all. Looking forward to seeing you at the Birthday bash and handing over some more cash for one of these…

Pithagoros avatar

My Windows 10 comment was NOT a complaint.
So stop complaining.

Huw avatar

Really exciting stuff!

I’m happy Microsoft are on board too; it’s a direction they should be taking as a business.

sam avatar

damn, was really hoping for gigabit ethernet and usb3 to be included:( You should try and get intel to licence you their gpu for the raspberry pi 3 as their drivers are open source, would be a way better gpu.

calcprogrammer1 avatar

The VC4 has an open source Gallium3D driver in development too, just wait a bit longer and we’ll be using that.

John Cyber avatar

Congratulations! It will be definitely the heart of my next Kodi HTPC!

Dirk avatar

oh shoot… Talk about bitter-sweet news; just invested in 11 Raspi B+’s for our Raspberry Jams. This would have been nice for the Mathematica workshop.
Let the try-to-return games begin :-)

Terry Yang avatar

I feel like an idiot for ordering more B+ pi’s dang it. So you can thank me for this…everytime I order anything the next day they update it. And I thought they said they were sticking with this so as not to obsolete everybody’s investment. I guess not. However, not complaining, this is amazing work at an amazing price. And, personally, I could care less about windows but if it brings in more people then Raspberry Pi will flourish (even more) and that is great for everybody (other than maybe Dell, HP, Lenovo etc who will have to scramble to cut prices even if they are selling a “full” windows 10 on their machines).

Chris avatar

Very exciting. Particularly pleased you are adding Windows 10 support as it adds another interesting option.

I expect Microsoft’s motive is simply that they want to be involved with the most recognised machine in this space. They know it makes good business sense for them.

I also would like to know if the power consumption requirements have increased with this new (and significantly more powerful) model?

robert swift avatar

They also have a strong developer story and are working hard to let those developers leverage their skillsets and the power of C# with the coolness of Raspberrypi. Plus they are opensourcing more and more of their code these days. They have become a player in a lot of different spaces and a responsible citizen of the community.

Chris avatar

Very exciting. Particularly pleased you are adding Windows 10 support as it adds another interesting option.

I expect Microsoft’s motive is simply that they want to be involved with the most recognised machine in this space. They know it makes good business sense for them.

I also would like to know if the power consumption requirements have increased with this new (and significantly more powerful) model?

Dirk avatar

According to the presentation, idle consumption is comparable to the B+, peak consumption is comparable to the B model.

Marco avatar

Is it possible to get the presentation somewhere? Video preferred, but Slides would also be OK. ;)

John Cyber avatar

It will be definitely the heart of my next HTPC! Congratulations!

Miles avatar

Can this new model be overclocked?

jdb avatar

Yes. You can expect roughly the same level of overclockability on BCM2836 as BCM2835.

Liz Upton avatar

Yes, it can.

Marco avatar


Yggdrasil avatar

Awesome. Now, I assume, the RPi platform could be used as full Desktop replacement.

Tubatic avatar

Wouldn’t the ARM architecture still limit software operation to ARM specific applications? ie, would still need an ARM version of [app name here] to run on ARM Windows 10?

Jack avatar


I can finally surf the net on the PI!

Igor avatar

Exciting stuff! Can not wait to build a copter using Navio+ HAT on it, applications like OpenCV and SLAM immideately come to mind.

root2 avatar

Hey guys now THAT’S GREAT NEWS!

Thank you for this next step in RasPi evolution!

Just let me ask some questions, please:
– Will it handle h265 videos?
– Is it still necessary to obtain codec packs?
– Will it handle 3d video playback?

Thanks for your answers and keep up the good things!

jdb avatar

If you want to use the hardware MPEG2/VC1 decoder, then yes you will still need to purchase licence keys.

Enhancing software decoding of various formats using multithreaded decoders is something we’ll definitely be looking at.

dave avatar

Quad core 900mhz armv7 cortex a7 is not going to be fast enough to play back h265 smoothly. You would need either a hardware decoder or better cpu cores.

Jongoleur avatar

If you want a giggle, pop over to dear old Slashdot. The Pi2 is what they’ve been whining for since the Model B came out. And yet….

Oh well, you’ve kept it under your hats very well – it looks wonderous! Well done!

I’ve just ordered one… :-)

Peter Green avatar

Unfortunately /. ran with the article from the register which went out early AND contained misinformation about the CPU core. So the first pagefull of comments are moaning about something that turned out to be misinformation.

James Hughes avatar

I think you’ll find that all pages on /. are moaning about something.

It really is a waste of bandwidth nowadays.

Peter Green avatar

And yet somehow I still like the place. Maybe it’s just nostalgia.

Radu avatar

What about Android? Can we run Lollipop?

rahlquist avatar

It is exciting to see Windows 10 coming, but very very disappointing that we still don’t seem to have a working Android build. Why is it the closed source product is getting in first? Because the video drivers seem to be the choking point. Wonder if MS kicked in some sponsorship too?

Liz Upton avatar

No, we aren’t seeing sponsorship from MS. This is an open platform, so if MS wants to develop for it, they’re welcome to, and we’re pleased to see them making the effort – likewise, if Android devs want to develop for the platform we’re delighted to see them doing that. Our own engineering focus is on Raspbian.

Jesus Perez avatar

Once again using the surprise factor :)
Waiting for receiving the new model in Turkey: http://www.samm.com/itproducts/raspberry-pi-2-turkey.html

Best regards and congratulations.

Thomas avatar

“What about Model A+?
Model A+ continues to be the $20 entry-level Raspberry Pi for the time being. Although the new board is called Raspberry Pi 2 Model B, we have no plans to introduce a Raspberry Pi 2 Model A before the end of 2015.”

Maybe you should change this question/answer after the announcement today ;)

W. H. Heydt avatar

While I suspect that the RPF would like to bring out a Pi2A, I’d tend to bet that the production lines are going to be under serious strain getting enough Pi2Bs out to meet demand. It’s been mentioned that there are 100K of them at launch. Those will be gone very quickly, at a bet, and it will be a struggle to make and ship enough for at least 3 or 4 months.

There is likely to be a longer demand for the A+, anyway, as it can be used in applications that are more sensitive to keeping power requirements down than will be the case for most B/B+/Pi2B applications, so less need for a Pi2A.

Even so…I’d like to see one.

So…yeah. End of the year maybe for a Pi2A.

krzychosz avatar

The datasheet says it is an 800MHz cpu. Can you comment on this?

jdb avatar

All Raspberry Pi 2s are production-tested for 900MHz and so the default clock settings for the shipped firmware run at 900MHz.

This was an improvement that came quite late in the pre-release cycle (required testing on the production line to be implemented) thus documentation may not yet be quite up to speed.

beta-tester avatar

800MHz in specs, but clocked with 900MHz by RPi2?
then the RPi2 is overclocked already by manufacturer!
i guess, then we can not expect as much overclock range possibility on RPi2 as on RPi in the past – if the RPi2 will be overclockable without losing warants :?

Andrew Blank avatar

“We were being conservative on the frequency in case we encountered issues in production. In practice, we’ve found we’re fine at 900MHz, with significant overclocking headroom over that. ” — Eben Upton, CEO at Raspberry Pi

Source: http://makezine.com/2015/02/02/eben-upton-raspberry-pi-2/

Roland avatar

What’s the point of overclocking a device like this? My 3 year old dual core laptop is faster than that pi 2 can ever be. Overclocking for a device like raspberry pi doesn’t make sense at all unless for the sake of overclocking itself. In that case grab your LN2 bottle and get started.:)

jon avatar

Have you fixed the SD card corruption problem on the new version? That was the single biggest hindrance with he Pi, never really had any performance problems with it.

Ancor Gonzalez avatar

I wonder the same. I have had a lot of corruption problems with Pi1. The only solution has been to stick to class 4 SD cards. Class 6 and 10 always result in corruption when overclocking in my experience.

I’m afraid that “everything but the CPU is identical” means that the problems with corruption on overclocked devices will remain. :-(

Grandma avatar

This sounds fantastic and the same price as the old much less powerful one. Feel a bit let down.I am not very computer experienced but I checked the FAQ’S before buying a B+ for my grandson before christmas and there was no indication of this, said they would be working on software not better models for a couple of years. This release immediately after christmas buying season seems a bit of a con trick from what I thought was a trustworthy organisation so they could move what was going to be outdated stock. A christmas present that has had the shine taken off it within a month.

Helen Lynn avatar

Your grandson’s B+ will carry on being just as much fun regardless of the new product, as will all the others out there. It wasn’t a trick, we promise – we don’t sell products directly ourselves or carry any stock (instead, our official distributors manufacture and sell it under licence). At the risk of shocked looks from my colleagues, I don’t plan to get myself a Raspberry Pi 2 any time soon – I’ve got a Model B+ and an even older Model B Rev 2, I’m very happy with them, and I’ve got plans for both!

Paulo Nignofa avatar


ColinD avatar

Oh my! Christmas has come very, very early this year :)

Many thanks :)

Dougie avatar

Looks like I may be able to retire my Viglen MPC-L and replace it with a Pi2.

I’ve got one ordered.

Dougie avatar

The first part of my Viglen to RPI2 server migration arrived today. I now have a 160MB SATA hard drive that will carry the root filesystem.

I’ll start with a 8GB SDCard, move rootfs to the HDD then shrink the /boot to fit on the smallest SDCard I can buy.

Just need the RPI2 to drop in my letter box.

Ken MacIver avatar


In the finest tradition of succesful startups, will Liz’s old original kitchen table being put in pride of place at Pi Towers.

Liz Upton avatar

I’m afraid I’m still using it!

Aleix avatar

I’m terribly excited by this totally new development!!

Rich Steed avatar

Brilliant news – got a model B on the 1st day, got a B+ on the first day of release (thanks to the Certified educator course), now ordered a Pi2 :)

Looking forward to bringing it into school and showing it off to my students :)

Lars avatar

How come I cannot order via RS components anymore as a private user? Only company customers are accepted… I remember ordering my first Pi a while ago via them without any problems.
Element 14 website is down at the moment, so where can I get one?

Riza avatar

Windows 10 and its free….! great. Suddenly have some idea of an app, using Kinect 2 for Windows and this awesome Raspberry PI 2 board. May be HoloLens as well, if available soon.

Mike avatar

This is crazy. How come Raspberry Pi gets every time so much better?

I’m absolutely amazed by the amount of energy you guys are putting into this and can only wish you the best!

Thank you.

Lakeuk avatar

Got the B+ last week at a bargain price, now I know why :)

Good to see the Pi evolving while still maintaining the low price entry point

Trevd avatar

How does Windows 10 Fit in with the RaspberryPI Foundation primary educational mission? Wasn’t the fact the Microsoft had most of the UK education system sewn up and the kids where being taught how to use Word/Excel etc part of the problem in the first place?

@rudi .. It’s an armv7 so yeah. I got Kitkat running on the original PI, Just need to fix up the gralloc to free it’s memory properly

Ben Nuttall avatar

Education is still the forefront of the Raspberry Pi Foundation’s mission.

Windows is an IoT platform for embedded hardware/software developers. Raspbian will maintain its position as our main supported OS in education.

Clive Beale avatar

There are many reasons that ICT lessons in UK schools in the last 15 years often defaulted to using Office but an digital oligarchy wasn’t one of them. (The 1997 Stephenson report + government action/inaction since has a lot to answer for.) On the other hand, we do know that having a wider choice of software and hardware in schools improves teaching and learning — it’s why we make the Pi :)

Martin avatar

Will it be (err… IS IT) compatible to bare-metal level?
Will i.e. PiFox etc run on it out-of-the-box?
Or do hw-addresses expected kernel-adress etc shift with the new CPUs and all?
Does anyone know or have tried that?

Alasdair Allan avatar

Eben and I talked about this during his interview for Make:, http://makezine.com/2015/02/02/eben-upton-raspberry-pi-2/. Apart from switching out the 700MHz ARMv6 core for a quad-core 900MHz ARMv7—and the few missing ARMv6 instructions that weren’t used—this is going to be hardware compatible with the existing Pi’s out in the wild.

G avatar

On the ARM side the peripherals need a new base address. But as a good programmer you are of course using a #define for that……

Will JIANG avatar

Dose Win10 has source codes? If not, I still hate use Microsoft’s products.

Ben Nuttall avatar

Like the desktop PC market, you have a choice.

Raspbian will continue to be the main supported OS, for general purpose, particularly in education.

John Stead avatar

Why not cortex A9, why the old low level A7

Jose avatar

Cortex A7 is newer than A9. Similar performance but lower power comsumption.

MW avatar

Great news, though not for people who bought a B+ six months ago now having to buy a new model.

Congrats must also go to Broadcom for still supporting despite their own troubles, replacing the ARMv6 with the ARMv7 in the SoC is great for backward compatibilty as the GPu etc etc is not affectecd.

The only addition I would like is an 8GB eMMC model.

So yes this will blow Odroid, Banana and Orange and other clones out of the water, how can they compete with the RPF 3 years pricing and support and a quality UK manufactured product ?

MarkG avatar

Does this still have the same great low-power credentials as the original?

What current draw should I expect to see in an Idle state, compared to V1?

Ben Nuttall avatar

Yes it does. It’s about the same level as the original Model B.

agtrier avatar

The question everybody has in mind but nobody dares to ask: can it run the full (Desktop) version of Mincraft? ;-)

Ben Nuttall avatar

If you mean on Windows, no as it’s an IoT platform not a desktop OS.

If you mean on Raspbian, we were granted the licence to Minecraft Pi by Mojang. I’m not sure about the full version – if it has an ARM version maybe it will run.

agtrier avatar

Thanks for the answer. Yes, I mean the desktop version of Minecraft. It’s actually a Java program, and it works fine under Ubuntu Linux. The breaking point has always been the computing power and memory requirements, but that might no longer be so… well, gotta try it. My new Rasperry Pi is ordered already :-)

Nothing against Minecraft Pi, BTW. It’s a great educational (and fun, too!) software, but it’s a lot more educational and a bit less fun than the “full” desktop Minecraft :-D

Jason avatar

Sorry to be negative on this fabulous news but I’m really worried about the Windows 10 support. Do you not think that newcomers to the Pi will simply see Windows 10 use that and not try any of the flavours of Linux?

I’m a Software Engineer and have been using Unix/Linux since 1990 (I do also use and develop for Windows) but we have members of our team that have never tried Linux. They are increasingly out of their depth as more Linux based machines are introduced into the business and their lives. We need more people in industry with Linux skills and I was hoping the Pi would give us that for the next generation. Your thoughts please, agree or disagree?

But to end on a high note, Ubuntu support is a real bonus.

Haggishunter avatar

My initial reaction was similar – having maintained a few Windows boxes at home over the years, I could never see what people liked about it, and started using Linux as soon as I could afford a PC of my own to run it on. Plus, as with smart ‘phones, I can’t see any advantage to being able to run viruses on a Pi.

HOWEVER, I have thought for some time that Microsoft have the potential to produce some good software given the right motivation – they are a business after all, and will at least try to adapt, and they have a lot of resources. If they’re genuinely willing to dip their toes in the free & open water, I think they should be encouraged.

JOe avatar

Running windows on the RPi will slow it down to a crawl. I hope the foundation does not make any hardware concessions to MS.

Ben Nuttall avatar

Windows will not be used as a desktop – you develop your application on a PC and deploy it to the Pi. Performance will be fine for running such applications.

nightfil avatar

Any chance that h265 @fullhd will be supported? As far as i know the current Pi-Verson supports h265@QVGA. Due to the increase cpu performance and NEON i hope that its somehow possible?

Stick avatar

The Sinclair Spectrum’s sales record is a sitting duck…

Antony vIlla avatar

WOW, Jusy WOW,

Now Paired with OpenELEC and it will be the GREATEST Media Player Yet.

Question the cases are compatible with the B+ cases?

mahjongg avatar

yes completely compatible.
obviously if you have a metal case that uses the case as heat-sink there may be the issue that the SoC is somewhat lower, and the RAM on the bottom won’t use the case as heatsink, but for all other intents you can use any B+ case for the PI 2 B.

ED avatar

Not completely compatible. “Some” (which?) PiBow B+ cases with narrow fitting layers around the old chip won’t fit around the new chip. From Adafruit:

The physical changes include:
* Processor chip is larger, has moved slightly
* The RAM is now soldered onto the bottom of the board (no longer PoP)
* Other components and chips are moved around slightly to make space for the larger processor and RAM chip on bottom
This means that 99% of cases designed for the Raspberry Pi Model B+ will work with the Raspberry Pi 2 Model B. This includes the Adafruit B+ Pi cases. One exception is some Pibow cases which have a layer that has cutouts for the specific location of the processor. Pimoroni has informed us that they will have a new case design that is compatible with both. Check the description of any case to make sure it is compatible with both Raspberry Pi Model B+ and Raspberry Pi 2 Model B.

Ankit Banerjee avatar

This one’s gonna be a game changer. Thank you Raspberry Pi Foundation.
My plans with the Raspberry Pi have got a huge boost.

Kris avatar

If you provide this unit power via usb and obtain a suitable class micro SD and install a Kodi distribution on this hook on an IR adaptor will this run Kodi with audio and video over HDMI? Or does it need something else? Congrats on the new unit looks great I’ve never used one before and want to get started! Also I’m curious how do you turn it on and off! :)

Richard Poole avatar


I have a B that’s hooked up to a PiHub and a bus-powered USB drive and it runs Kodi like a dream. Audio + Video over HDMI.

I don’t use an IR receiver, but I don’t see why this wouldn’t work

Stewart Watkiss avatar

I have Kodi running on OSMC (Alpha 3) running on an original 256MB model B. I have a media centre remote control which came with a USB IR receiver – which works as well, all my videos are streamed as Ethernet over powerline (also works with external USB disk drive).

You can software shutdown the OS, but it still leaves the Pi powered up. I now use an Energenie IR remote control socket to turn the power off for the TV and the Raspberry Pi together so neither is left in standby when not in use.

Gordon77 avatar

Great News. Ordered one.

Juha avatar

just ordered one. Will be interesting to benchmark it against odroid-c1!

meltwater avatar

Excellent news about the Pi2. Looking forward to seeing it run.

Neil avatar

Is the ethernet on the Pi 2 still on the USB bus or is it native? (I’ve already ordered one regardless!)

Ben Nuttall avatar

Yes. In order to maintain complete backwards compatibility with Pi 1 everything but the CPU is identical.

Banana Joe avatar

What exactly is the benefit of this backward compatibility? It would have been no big deal to include a driver for a dedicated LANCE into a kernel.
I have switched to Banana Pro already. The lack of a dedicated Ethernet interface at 1 Gbit/s and a dedicated SATA interface were the main reasons for the switch. Sorry, but Raspberry 2 is DOA.

Ben Nuttall avatar

> What exactly is the benefit of this backward compatibility?

Supporting the 4.5 million customers who bought previous models, and ensuring that all software (and hardware add-ons) still work on the new model. That’s the benefit.

Peter Onion avatar

Will the ARMv7 features be available in the ARMv6 userspace ? NEON looks like being useful :-)

mahjongg avatar

NEON is supported, especially of benefit for software based codices. Running 20 times faster thanks to NEON.

Jack Peters avatar

I would have loved a better GPU rather than all that RAM… But oh well, its still a huge improvement and I cant wait to push it.

dknute avatar

I had some issues with original Pis, minor USB problems and the hardware I2C not supporting repeated start condition properly. Is the Pi2 using exactly the same I/O blocks or something compatbile but better?

BK Tan avatar

Congratulations. Looking forward to upgrade to Pi 2.

mennie avatar

I’ve been using the Raspberry Pi as a media player and didn’t have many comments on the “old” model.
But I hope Raspberry in the future will move to support 1G ethernet, HDMI 1.4 and TrueHD / DTS-HD passthrough and maybe playback of 4k UHD content.
I’ve ordered my Pi 2 B this morning so looking forward to see what improvements this model will bring.

Anonymous avatar

You might want to fix the year in
“It replaced the original Raspberry Pi 1 Model B+ in February 2014.” on the product description page ;)

Niklas Schnelle avatar

Great idea on keeping the now open GPU and general board design. One of the remaining limitations of the Raspberry B/B+ is it’s slow ethernet that is both 100 Mbit/s I’m assuming this is not being changed with the Raspberry Pi 2?

mahjongg avatar

As the USB stack is mostly software driven, a small improvement in USB speed is to be expected, but with completely compatible hardware elsewise the improvement won’t be huge.

P. Bohk avatar

where can i buy it for 35 $ ? Here in Germany is the price 42 EUR ! Comparing to model B – 30EUR….

Texy avatar

$35 without taxes or delivery, as has been mentioned many times before. Unless you expect the supplier to pay those for you?

Christian Nobel avatar


Here in Denmark the net. price excl. delivery and VAT is 190,- DKK (recently reduced from 194,24 DKK) for the model B+, where the price for the model 2 is 227,19 DKK – in other words the model 2 is 19,6% more expensive.

And we saw the same with the model A+ claimed to be 20% cheaper, but the price did not drop a cent compared to the A price.

I think that it is damaging to RPi’s credibility coming with these claims that are not true.

Richard Ahlquist avatar

@Christian Nobel 227,19DKK at today’s exchange rate is USD $34.56. Pretty close to the advertised price.

Christian Nobel avatar

You don’t get the point.

I do not have at problem with the price as such (and it makes no sense converting the price for at product produced in UK first to US$ and then back to Danish DKK), but what I do raise objections to is the statement that the price is the same as the old one, when it definately is not.

If the statement instead have been that the RPi 2 would be approx 20% more expensive than the B+, I would have considered it much more honest.

James Hughes avatar

You don’t need a calculator to know that the old Pi was $35 and the new Pi is $35. That’s a 0%, not 20% difference.

What third party distributors then charge is nothing to do with the Foundation, and if someone is overcharging, then go somewhere else. You should be able to get them for $35 plus tax and shipping, exactly as was the case with PiMk1.

Tobias Hübner avatar

Just ordered two Raspberry Pi 2 here in Germany via RS Online. I paid 72,78€ including shipping.

Bob avatar

I ordered a B+ last week and it arrived at 10:30 this morning – if only I had waited a week :-(
Its still good news and sure I will get around to a ‘2’ before too long :-)

Juha avatar

Ordered one. Will be interesting to perf test it against odroid-c1.

Ioannis avatar


Extremely good news !!
Especially because we are 100% compatible with it
Warmest Regards


rahlquist avatar

Would still love to see a working Android build with accelerated video. Is there no hope of that ever going forward?

neutronscott avatar

Exactly. One of the reasons I stayed up and bought the pi on launch day was because I was certain we’d get Android.

Staying away from closed chipsets now. Bah!

James Hughes avatar

Nothing to do with closed chipsets really. Lots of closed chipsets out there run Android. In fact, the Pi chip is the most open of all the ARM cores.

And of course, Caveat Emptor. No one promised Android…

That said, this device is more likely to work OK with Android than the old one.

rahlquist avatar

Thanks James. While I know nobody promised Android, we all hold out hope. For me Linux is fine but taking a broader look, Android would help increase penetration, desire and enthusiasm. Just my 2cents. While chipsets are not the issue your own posts point out the now defunct Android 4.0 project was in part to build the HW acceleration libraries needed to make things work more smoothly on the back end. To that end, I think honestly this should be re-approached, perhaps someone at Google under NDA with Broadcom would be willing to help?

A cross post of my comment over at Make with Eben’s interview about the Pi 2.

They exist to get kids programming, and that is a noble goal, yet they continue to pass over Android. I understand there has been difficulty getting video acceleration working but think about this.

If I make a proprietary programmable toaster but the code only runs on the toaster, then the benefit of getting someone to learn how to code on it is limited, the kids will see it and go, “Oh, yeah I can make this do some cool stuff”. But only other people with that toaster can use what I have done.

Give them the ability to learn to code on a device supporting Android and many more will want one, so they can make apps for their (and their friends) phones. Being able to code on a standard Linux platform is a great skill, but from the mind of the youth, being able to code something they can share with others, who don’t have the Pi Passion(and hardware), that would be priceless and bring a whole new level of enthusiasm to the mix.

James Hughes avatar

I not convinced Android gives any advantage in education. You need a fairly big machine to build for Android, a Pi2 would struggle immensely. So you need a PC for the build environment, and deploy to a Raspberry or other Android device.

Add to that the specific Java used for Android apps, and the benefits are few and far between.

You learn much more on a Linux device – Linux command line, any language you want (including Scratch), most of the entire Linux application repos is available.

ric96 avatar

RS was kind enough to swap my B+ (Freshly ordered, untouched) with a Pi2 For A small fee. YAY!

Paulo Nignofa avatar

Congratulation for this new release.

May I point out that the Model B+ page on this very site was mentionning “this is the final hardware evolution of the project idea we had”.

Based on this I bought mine 2 weeks ago with cam and case and for sure I would have prefer this one as it can run Ubuntu.

I am happy that the Raspberry Pi exists, I am happy that a project like this progresses, for the kids it targets and for the community built around it, but I feel very frustrated that this has been kept as a secret, and even more by the incorrect statement in the model B+ page that lead me to buy a B+ two weeks before a “6 times more powerfull” pops out.

This is not something I was expecting from a charity fundation.

James Hughes avatar

The Foundation never announces stuff like this ‘upfront’ because if they did the shelves would be full of older models that are difficult to sell. It’s a shame that there are people out there who have just bought B+’s but I am afraid there is not much that can be done about it.

The B+ was the final evolution of the Bcm2835 version. It has always been accepted that there would be a replacement device at some point – that point is actually a couple of years earlier than previously predicted.

Chris Rose avatar

I would like to make a couple of comments on this new development – having worked with Pi’s since they first appeared.

I currently own 7 Raspberry Pi’s going back to an early first generation Model B, Model A’s and Model B+’s. I also am the main Pi support engineer in Kirklees College I.T. Department here in West Yorkshire.

I think its quite a good move to be able to offer a Windows 10 development environment – as this will allow the development of core apps that run under Windows 10. This should in theory (and I cant wait to test the theory) – allow one to craft Windows 10 apps that will be able to run with a Windows Domain Account enabled – making the Raspberry PI’s into native domain devices – anyone working in a big Windows Domain environment will know what I am getting at.

This will in my opinion legitimise the Pi as a piece of hardware within a CORPORATE environment – which may open up a whole new market place for Ebden’s new baby. I am already considering a Windows 10 based Kiosk system that can be used by students in our Libraries / Learning Resources Centres – and I can also see opportunities for low cost digital signage solutions here in the College. The fact it will be running Windows means I DON’T have to fight with my I.T. Department to justify purchasing NON windows capable devices – I can just point out “its like a ‘bare bones’ Surface Tablet” – and hopefully the “powers that be” further up the food chain wont have any alarm bells ringing over my purchasing non standard hardware :-)

In addition the ability to support Ubuntu will also open up larger worldwide educational markets as well. All this is only going to encourage NEW people / organisations / corporations to consider investing in Pi hardware, people who considered the Pi to be not mainstream enough will now be thinking – differently now it can run Windows.

All in all I think this sees a step change in the size of the global marketplace for the Raspberry Pi – all in all its a superb move.

Chris Rose – Kirklees College

jdb avatar

This comment right here should be required reading for detractors spouting “Windows 10 negates the educational focus of the Pi”.

Microsoft pushing Win 10 for Devices on to Pi 2 will open up more market opportunities – specifically targeting already-established Windows-based dev houses and the “Maker Pro” segment.

Raspbian (or at the very least a comparable Linux platform) is and will continue to be the OS of choice for our education-targeted apps and resources.

MW avatar

It would appear that many responders have not grasped the fact the BCM2835 / 36 SoC is basically a GPU with a CPU attached, as can be visualised by understanding the boot process when powered applied.

Therefore the A+, B+ and Pi2 B still use the 9514 USB/LAN Chipset, yes 10/100 LAN but in real terms it is fast enough for most uses.

Regards HDMi Spec the GPU is limited to what was available at the time it was developed.

Therefore either except the limitations which backward compatibilty has bought about, or throw 3 years of work away by using a different SoC………

You can please some of the people some of the time, but not all the people all of the time !

Roger Smith avatar

Interesting interview from Make, but the sound quality defies description, abysmal doesn’t even begin to cut it. Eben’s voice (which is very good in a proper recording) veers randomly between shouty and speaking from the bottom of a bucket of custard.

Dar avatar

Thank you! This is so amazing! February 2nd is my birthday and this is my favorite present and I am so happy the the pi foundation released this amazing board on my birthday! I will remember this the rest of my life!

Alexmrb avatar

I know this may be an unintelligent question, but will you be able to control the GPIO pins with Python on the new Raspberry Pi in Windows AND Ubuntu? Or will you just be able to control them in Ubuntu?

Daniel Gran avatar

This is excellent news with the improved arm7 cpu! I cannot wait to get my hands on the second edition. The improved performance should prove very useful for a Java developer running heavy programs.

Gert van Biljon avatar

Keep up the good work!!

Red Baron avatar

Not happy about the Windows-thing going on here…The article (and not only this one here) states how “we want to make Raspberry Pi more open over time, not less”. Most of the hardware is de facto close source and pretty tightly guarded (ARM, Broadcom etc. hopefully ring a bell here). Okay, I can live with that. Further we go along the line of all the propietary firmwares and drivers without which the Raspberry Pi will be just a pile of useless junk since considering the lack of information there is no way (none that I know of) of writing a completely open source equivalent of those. But on top of that you now want to provide Windows as an alternative to Linux on this platfrom. Yes, open source is also about being able to make the choice but Windows is omho a HUGE step backwards from what the goal is claimed to be. At least don’t pretend what your goal is. Don’t get me wrong – I love the fact that there is a Raspberry Pi but making open source (both hardware and software) the main slogan is just rediculious.

Texy avatar

You don’t want Windows? Fine – don’t use it. Is Linux or any other OS going to suffer on the Pi because it’s an additional option – I very much doubt it. Will the educational goals of the Foundation going to change because of it? Certainly not……

kneekoo avatar

Awesome news! Congrats to everyone involved in building the new Pi! Now I can barely wait to tinker with one. :D

Woo-hoo! \o/

Justin Resuta avatar

How can I order this in the US?

mahjongg avatar

Same channels as the older models.
RS and Farnell both have US branches, which sell them NOW.

bala avatar

really awesome :-)
and we have lot of interest on this kernel source.
so where we can expect this???

PeterF avatar

Fantastic news – mine is on its way! Well done to all the midnight oil burners!

As far as naming is concerned, calling it Pi2 is safe and logical, but a processor tweak and memory doubling makes it more like a MASTER!

(I’ve still got my Beeb (B) and MASTER (and A310) and all the rest of the paraphenalia…)

meigrafd avatar

Whats about the internal connection between SoC and LAN/USB Chip, is that improved that too?

Or is it still connected over only one USB2.0 line?

ChristianB avatar

Great news! Do you know when it will be available to a online store that ship to Canada? I got the B+, great device but CPU is always 100% when playing a movie. This one will be better and I could use by B+ at something else :)

yayyy Pi 2!!!!!

Dominic Amann avatar

The Pi is available for shipment to Canada from Farnell . I ordered one from MCM . but I always ship my stuff to a Niagara Falls address and pop over the border periodically and pick it up.

funky jamma avatar

great i wish they would have said something about this being released instead of me buying a model B+ last week. I would have waited.

Florian Manach avatar

Congratulation to the foundation for this game-changing release and thank you for making it backwards compatible with the B+.

markit avatar

Good new on hardware side, very bad on software one with Windows 10! I’m sure M$ will be able to shift our students from a open platform friend to knowledge (the source code is available to study, learn and change) to the “next generation of closed source producers” that will use tools of M$ and will want them once grow up.
I think the educational goal of the foundation is almost dead, with a slow path started with proprietary minecraft, mathematics, the “store” etc..
Sarcasm on: will not be great use M$ Win10 at school and have it at home and in the smartphone? Yeah, who cares about educate children to freedom and be able to build the digital world themselves?

James Hughes avatar

You realise that the Windows stuff is in addition to all the Linux stuff? Not instead of? It’s all purely optional.

The Foundation are not going to let MS hijack the Raspi, but they are going to let them port their OS to it. And it’s going to be the IoT version, so no desktop anyway.

markit avatar

I do, and do you realize how things are going to go? I’ve seen the raise of M$ monopoly from the beginning, and I know how hard is educate people to value freedom and use their brain, against have the next M$ Whatever or iSomething that knows what you want much better than you.
Do you really think that having M$ on Rpi will be an improvement to achieve user’s freedom (as software users, is not “freedom of choose”) and have children dig and use more Free software that is the only one compatible with education? Putting secret code in their hands, a clear path to the “usual world” that the foundation said wanted to change looks very silly to me. Children don’t know anything else that M$ Windows or MacOS, is what they expect when they turn a computer on, they expect to have a “store” and apps to download and use without having any idea that they can’t control them, or what they really are. If they will have the choice, what they will choose? The OS with plenty of familiar apps, or the one that preserves their freedom? On your opinion, having Win10 on Rpi is going to improve their freedom and knowledge or reduce it? Will we have more people involved in free software having M$ Win10 on the Rpi?

Yuhong Bao avatar

Why did it took so long to move to ARMv7?

James Hughes avatar

Waiting for the right chip to become available – a backwards compatible upgrade path was required.

Ta'Ku avatar

Should have named it Raspberry Tau =)

3xBackups avatar

Much as I agree with you. A lot of people would have though it was a knock off called that. Tau makes so much more sense than 2 pi everywhere.

Roslyn avatar

I feel disappointed about wasting efforts taking windows into the platform. For me this project meant freedom, openness extacly the opposite values microsoft promotes.

James Hughes avatar

Well, it’s MS making the effort, very little work at the Foundation end. They can spend their money where they want!

Cù Đức Tùng avatar

I live in Vietnam. when i can buy this :x…. thanks s^^

Peter Andrijeczko avatar

Quad core – a positive forward step.
Windows 10 – a backwards step and a deal with the devil.

bertwert avatar

This is great news :-)

The forums are down because high traffic, I haven’t seen that yet…

Abhi'an avatar

Is there any purchase link for India? Or do they ship to India?

Dave avatar

Lovely to hear this great news.

I’ve just ordered yet another Pi.

My collection so far:
x2 Combined networked doorbell and automated RGB LED porchlight (Internet of things begins).
x1 Giant 6ft long bighak (lifesize working version of the beloved 80’s bigtrak).
x1 Wifi 3D printer server.
x1 Gifted to a friend so they can get into programming.
x1 Research machine to help REMAP control a kindle via voice to aid the disabled.

The new one… would love to continue my handheld kinect based 3D scanner project, but being honest, it’s going to become my minecraft server!

elmo avatar

Will faster CPU affect somehow ethernet transfer? For now in model B when copying something over ethernet CPU gets 60-80% usage because of the kworker process. With more powerful CPU maybe it would be a little faster?
I know that backward compatibility is the most important for you, but damn – I would really love gigabit ethernet in Pi, it would be just perfect machine :)

Anyway nice update, keep going with this awesome job! :)

James Hughes avatar

I believe it may be a bit faster, but I’ve not done any tests.

David avatar

People seem to look for excuses to complain. This is a great improvement. Only thing better would be if the compute module could handle extra memory.

Shawn avatar

Great news! Now if we could just get wifi and bt onboard, this thing would rock!

travis avatar

Glad to see more power coming to the Pi.

I’m sad to see Windows 10 as a “selling point” though. This community should not be supporting restrictive proprietary software… The Pi is about tinkering and making things while Microsoft is about marketing and spying.

James Hughes avatar

The community isn’t supporting it, Microsoft are. The Foundation is putting a tiny bit of work in but not much.

But I suggest you rethink your comments about MS, spying is going a bit far, don’t you think?

Peter Andrijeczko avatar

The primary role of the Foundation is to bring cheap and open computing into schools and the education system, for that they have succeeded extremely well and should be applauded.

But education and the ability to program computers should not be subject to the whim of evil corporations, in their first exposure to computers, kids should be taught to use open and free tools exclusively such that it doesn’t matter whether or not they or their parents can afford to pay a Microsoft tax, or indeed want to.

If Microsoft want to crowbar their bloated and proprietary operating systems onto Raspberry Pi then I guess that’s their right, but the Foundation should not be assisting them in doing so.

Let’s not forget that the vast majority of important programming tools in Linux are Open Source and have Windows equivalents. Therefore if a kid later on wants to run those tools in Windows, so be it, but that’s then his or her choice.

Until that point, there should be a clear distinction between education and corporate profits.

Ben Nuttall avatar

1. Our education focus is stronger than ever – we have a team of people writing resources and training teachers.
2. By definition of the way the Raspberry Pi Foundation is formed, any profits made from the sale of Raspberry Pi goes towards our own education mission or to those doing other education projects through our Education Fund.
3. The Windows 10 image for Pi will be an IoT platform for developers – not a Windows desktop and certainly not replacing anything we do using Linux in education. Raspbian will continue to be the recommended and fully supported OS for general use and use in education.

Douglas avatar

Buy link? 3rd- party casing options? Very excited! Thank you for making this product!!

Ben avatar

ho ho ho !
Now I have a browser :)

Bytes avatar

Can’t wait for ubuntu or android lolipop for raspberry pi 2 XD

Tom avatar

That’s great news!
I still am using my Model B 256mb so I’m pretty sure to order as fast as possible.
Unfortunately I’m located in Belgium and the Belgium distributor doesn’t seem to have knowledge yet of the new Pi 2.
I know this is rather a logistics issue than a something concerning the foundation, but does anyone have an estimate when the Pi 2 will be available internationally? (seems RS still has them, but the Belgian site of RS only accepts companies with VAT number to buy).

David Lowe avatar

Nice to see the Broadcom sinc logo appear on the board at last – a little bit more advertising payback for them can only help bolster the Pi’s future.

Kevin avatar

I wish raspberry could partner with someone like amazon or newegg. They both have fantastic customer service. I would like to order one of these today but neither of the etailers offers paypal payments or live chat support.

Simon Mijares avatar

I could make good use of some amazon credits in this board

andrum99 avatar

Wow – custom SoC! Quad core – very nice!

However, you really should have called this the Raspberry Pi Model B+. Calling it model B is going to properly confuse folk looking for cases and add-ons, as well as confusing retailers.

Dan avatar

Does anyone know where to find a “UK” made Pi 2 in the US? All of the places that I’ve checked are selling models that are made in China, including Element 14.

andrum99 avatar

Obviously I meant to say Raspberry Pi 2 Model B+ – doh!

ndm avatar

Jeeej now I can have a Pi with an OS that costs more than the hardware…

I don’t know why MS is supporting this, but I’m sure it’s an evil scheme. The only dos related thing my Pi will ever come close to will be barbados, and even those chances are very, very slim.

James Hughes avatar

Fear not, there will be no legal requirement to run Windows if you don’t want to. But we do have some tinfoil hats you might like to consider.

Also, Barbados is nice, you should take your Pi there. Wear sunblock (that goes for both of you)

Dan avatar

Does anyone know where to purchase the “Made in UK” version of the Pi 2 that ships to the US? All of the places that I’ve called only carry models made in China, including Element 14.

Matt avatar

I will not buy one if it is made in China. Can someone verify where these are being made?

mahjongg avatar

they are ALL made (assembled) in the UK, only the printed circuit boards are made in China, with “made in china” printed on them, perhaps that is where the confusion stems from.

Only red B+ PI’s are assembled in china, only for the Chinese market.

Matt avatar

I bought two of the original Model B rev 2.0 boards, and they both have “Made in the UK” printed on the PCBs, so this is not true. Can we get an official response on whether the Raspberry Pi 2 is made in the UK or not?

Dan avatar

That’s interesting. I contacted a reseller in the UK, and they said the boards that they have say “Made in the UK” on them. Maybe I’m misunderstanding, but it sounds like you are saying that they all say “Made in China” on them, even though they are assembled in the UK. Is it possible to purchase Raspberry Pi 2 B’s that say “Made in the UK” on the circuit board? If so, what suppliers in the US will have them?

Ben Nuttall avatar

The Raspberry Pi is designed in Cambridge, UK by Raspberry Pi engineers and manufactured by Sony in Pencoed in Wales, UK. They say “Made in the UK” on the board.

However a small proportion are manufactured on behalf of Premier Farnell in China – but these are for the Eastern markets.

SergeantFTC avatar

What is the 2836’s RAM limit? Is there a possibility of the foundation releasing a model with more RAM but the same processor, as happened with the original Pi?

David Adams avatar

Read the post, bought the PI2, then re-read the post just to make sure I wasn’t dreaming! I actually bought my first PI (a PI1B+) at Christmas and I’m MORE THAN HAPPY for this to be out now because at this price, my old one will be soon fitted to a robot, or running a NAS, or controlling my TV, or connecting my caravan alarm to my phone, or being used as an infra-red time-lapse camera or………..

A massive well done the the Raspberry PI Foundation. You guys are an inspiration.

Hemna avatar

Nice bump in specs, but disappointing that there is still no SATA support. SD slot as a hard drive is just unusable over time. I’ve tried many different SD cards, sizes, manufacturers and they all eventually fail after a few weeks of uptime.

Back to buying banana Pi for me.

Mike avatar

This is awesome news – can’t wait to get my hands on one of these. I’m especially interested to see the performance improvements that will come for the Mono framework and Monodevelop on the Pi now we have ARMv7 … I personally see a native ARMv7 Mono build as a better route to Cross Platform development for existing windows developers than the Windows 10 IoT release!

Drentsoft avatar

Neat, just ordered a couple :D

@Ben I assume when you say it power consumption of the original B that’s about 700ma+/3.5W?

Kurinando avatar

What about the Compute Module?

You say in the medium term… how long is it? 2-3 Months or more?

Also in the raspi.tv video the power supply is a little diferent.

the compute module 2 will be a direct replacement with the actual?

Thanks for all the hard work

Keith Sloan avatar

Interesting, but not sure how much of a boost the new CPU will be given that my Pi is already clocked at 900Mhz. Okay Arm7 probably runs quicker than Arm6 at same clock speed. Surely the things that will see the main improvment will be things that can exploit four cores, Perhaps it will become clearer over time which things can and which things cannot.

James Hughes avatar

Running something like LXDE shows massive improvements – all those threads running to update the display, run the little widgets etc can run over different cores, meaning your main app, even if single threaded, now has a whole core to itself. That’s 15% right there. Add the additional cache, NEON instructions, cortex-a7 optimisations and you should see a decent benefit.

SergeantFTC avatar

What is the 2836’s RAM limit? Is there a possibility of the foundation releasing a model with more RAM but the same processor, as was done with the original Pi?

James Hughes avatar

1GB, so at max already.

FiredUp avatar

At only $35, everybody should have one.

bakul avatar

Congrats, guys! Very glad to see the Pi evolution continue!

For the non Linux/windows oses, where do we find all the relevant info for building new kernels? Things like how to enable all four cores, any differences from the current IP addresses etc.? Thanks!

bakul avatar

Meant to ask about any differences in IO addresses, not IP!

dom avatar

Linux tree has been updated to support Pi2, so that would be the best place to look.
Main changes are peripherals have moved from 0x20000000 to 0x3f000000, and bus addresses for sdram (e.g. prodiding an sdram to dma or gpu) have moved from 0x40000000 to 0xc0000000 (i.e. no longer in GPU’s L2 cache).
This commit may be informative:

EverPi avatar

This was really nice and a surprise :D, waiting to get one in my hands here in Brazil. Congratulations Raspberry Pi Foundation!

Jeremy avatar

Looks to be the same form factor as the B+. Can anyone confirm that?

James Hughes avatar

Yes, exactly the same form factor. Couple of components on the board itself have moved slightly (CPU, RAM), but board is same size, and connectors in the same place.

Andrew G avatar

Very happy to see the upgrade in processor and memory; however, at the same time was saddened to see that NIC and USB were not upgraded too. Really wanted to see a 10/100/1000 NIC and USB 3.0/3.1 for new version; data throughput has been a substantial hurdle for me, I guess it will continue to be a drawback.

James Hughes avatar

That would require chip level support. The Bcm2636 would have taken at least a year more to get those added and would cost more as a consequence, then add on to that the software development time. Going to a completely different chip would break all the current projects (and there are 4.5M mk1’s out there, a big market you don’t really want to hurt), so not an option.

John avatar

I don’t really see how adding USB 3.0 would break past Pi projects since USB 3.0 is by design able to step down to USB 1.0/2.0 speeds if necessary.

Same for ethernet – if you can go 1000, then why not, and if an older project can only run 10/100 then it’ll step down as it’s designed to do that.

As for time to code all that – I concede that would take time, but the hardware part shouldn’t be that much of a hurdle due to how NICs and USB is supposed to handshake and talk at the slowest necessary speed.

Great to see and read all you all have worked for turning out so well for you and workers/hobbiests/tinkers/HTPCers etc around the world.

Peter den Haan avatar

The issue is not what you connect to USB/ethernet. You’re right, the bus will step down and remain compatible.

The issue, rather, is the software driving the USB3/gigabit hardware implementation. USB is integrated in the Broadcom SoC, so for USB3 you would need a different chip. Maybe the Broadcom folks would be able and willing to rework the SoC USB just for the Pi. Maybe you’d be forced to a different SoC altogether. Either way, you would at the very least have a new USB stack requiring new software to drive it.

The Pi’s ethernet interface works off the USB bus. A gigabit interface on USB3 would work, but again you’d be looking at a different ethernet chip – and thereby also a different USB hub, since both are integrated on the same chip.

By the time you’ve done all that, you’ve basically created a new hardware platform that would certainly take a while to reach the level of stability, maturity and support that is such a distinguishing feature of the Raspberry Pi.

Sascha avatar

When there would be a 1000 NIC i would order a new one….but all that new speed on CPU is not so important like a faster NIC.

Jimmy Foster avatar

Yaaay!! You guys rock!

Steve avatar

Does anyone know if the Pi 2 has gigabit ethernet?

KTB avatar

It does not.

kumo avatar

This is why I haven’t bought one.

John avatar

I’d prefer to see an investment in Mint over Ubuntu. Just my very limited experience that it works a bit better on less powerful hardware and comes more readily with lighter weight interfaces.

Stewart Watkiss avatar


Linux Mint does not currently provide a version for arm and have no plans to as far as I’m aware. So to create a version for the Raspberry Pi would involve building it all from source which would be a very big undertaking.

Ubuntu has had a ARMv7 image for some time and the reason it wasn’t on the Pi before is because they’d made the decision not to use ARMv6 which is the processor on the previous versions of the Pi.

The version currently available for the Raspberry Pi is the Snappy Ubuntu Core, which is specific version of Ubuntu created for cloud platforms, IoT and as the basis for the Ubuntu phone. Ubuntu even provide a guide to porting to other devices “Snappy for Devices porting guide”.

I expect that Raspbian will continue to be the default OS that most people use, but Ubuntu Snappy Core provides another option which I think is going to be interesting.

Vince avatar

You rock! :)

Claudia avatar

I bought a Pi last week (A+). I was planning to do a retro portable console so the form factor and the low battery usage were reasons why I considered it. So, is there any plan to release a Pi 2 A+ anytime soon? It would be awesome to have another extra USB and maybe beef up the RAM and processor a bit but otherwise, it’s perfect! Anyway, I’m kinda broke but I’m planning to get the Pi 2 soon, should be perfect as a media center.

Andrew R. avatar

Just want to say thank you for all the hard work you guys put into this project. Its very much appreciated that the Raspberry Pi project continues to grow. I’m sure over the next few months that we will see many more fascinating builds come out of this updated slice of Pi.

Pepe Lopez avatar

This is good news.
I am the happy owner of 5 PIs: NAS, Robot, Internet Radio…

But if you really need more power, Gigabit Ethernet, Ubuntu…
Have a look at Odroid C1… that’s a big step forward.

Greetings from Spain.

James Hughes avatar

The C1 has A5 cores, not A7’s – they are much slower for the same clock. So we expect the Pi2 to be as fast as the C1, if not faster.

Pepe Lopez avatar

I would like to add a link.
It could be useful for people who asked for a comparison with Odroid C-1.
And, please, bear in mind that I don´t want to put you down but to provide information to other users.

PS: I’ve just ordered a Pi-2 from my retailer in Spain. 8-)

Peter Green avatar

What i’d like to see is some actual benchmarks, sure the higher clocked A5 has more DMIPs but how does it perform under real workloads?

Hussam avatar

The ODroid-C1’s Cortex A5 core has 1.57DMips/MHz so at 1.5GHz you have a total of 2355DMips per core. Whereas the RPi based on Cortex-A7 (1.9DMips/MHz) at 900MHz has a total of 1710 DMIPs per core. Based on these theoretical values the C1 should still exhibit about 37% more performance.

Ofcourse this is all theoretical and based on marketing speak…only proper benchmarking will prove one to be more performant than the other. I personally have a C1 and have ordered an RPI2 as well.

JBeale avatar

Surprised and pleased by a new quad-core device so soon after the B+/A+. I ordered a few (In the USA, MCM Electronics said RP2 is both “coming soon” on the main page, and then on the order page “in stock”; but we shall see). Even if the old USB architecture hasn’t changed, the CPU improvement may make some USB video camera devices usable on model 2 that were not on the older model; we can hope. Maybe a single Pi2 can now support several USB cameras at once for motion detection, if the limit before was ‘motion’ % CPU, rather than USB bandwidth.

Mark O avatar

The rest are just hardware boards. RasPi is a revolution, a tidal wave, a community who want the world to realise you can have as much fun with and learn much much more with a £25 computer than you can with one 40 times as expensive.
Love what you’re doing Raspi foundation; evolving, listening and a constant stream of h/w and software answering our requests.
Love the community and how much I’ve learnt from the community and enjoyed surfing the Raspi wave.
I’ve a B+ in a robot, another in a Kodi/OSMC media controller and just ordered a 3rd for tinkering today. You’ve just made a £25 computer so cheap and powerful we masses can give one to the children, teach and learn ouselves!

expandables avatar

Hi will the original software on the b+ work on the pi 2?

James Hughes avatar


ItsMe avatar

Oooouh you can’t imagine how happy this makes me! i was lookin’ for a more powerful replacement for my raspberry pi which i used as Homeserver (Media/Web/Light-home-automation) and in turn would use my old pi for developement. But there was no board that suited my needs.

Besides !THE PRICE! the compatibility is the best aspect. plus i can be sure that there will be a huge community that can help me out.

Thank you so much!
Keep up the good work! I’m so excited!!

Brian Bowman avatar

And The Pi Foundation do it yet again :-) Already ordered mine!

Sean avatar

This could’ve been an awful april fool’s if you’d waited until april… When I saw the post on the BBC I thought it was someone getting a little confused… but congratulations!

R avatar

Any idea what the power consumption is? I know part of the original selling point of the original Pi was how low powered it was. (About the cost of a burger from a fast food outlet to run it for a year I think.)

Junior Reis avatar

Waiting for the sale on Aliexpress … But if someone has a site that is already selling would be great help …

konstantinos avatar

hello there!will raspberry 2 support flash?

dom avatar

No. Adobe dropped support for flash on Arm 18 months ago. It’s a dead standard.

konstantinos avatar

but a lot of websites-webgames-apps are build using flash..

Christos avatar

That’s great news, excellent work guys ! It was just two days ago that I ordered my first RPi B+ and I am eagerly waiting for it to arrive ! As soon as I get the hang of it I’ll keep it for my standalone alarm project and then I’ll order the new RPi2 to start another couple of projects ! Thank you very much for enabling us to delve into the beautiful world of programming, learn new things, and help us create our very own “smart” devices !
Greetings from Greece, keep up the good work !

Emilio avatar

shut up and take my money

Mo3bius avatar

Does this mean, that Raspbian is now unnecessary? Should I install https://wiki.debian.org/ArmHardFloatPort ?

I am just confused here, because raspbian is a port of debian to arm6 and will not be able to use arm7 features, but is still recommended ?!

Mo3bius avatar

Does this mean, that Raspbian is now unnecessary? Should I install https://wiki.debian.org/ArmHardFloatPort?

I am just confused here, because raspbian is a port of debian to arm6 and will not be able to use arm7 features, but is still recommended ?!

Jens avatar

Arghhh, one week ago I ordered and got two now old B+ raspberries for me and my son … Nevertheless I’m happy that you push out new boards with improved performance

Oliver Warner avatar

How could you partner with Microsoft? You’ve let us all down. The whole point of the Raspberry Pi was to teach kids to code. Now they get Windows. Yay! Let’s teach them C#, which lets face it is the worst language in the world. How are we supposed to teach are kids about code and open source on a closed source operating system for people who don’t care how computers work? I am really surprised at this and won’t be buying another Raspberry Pi because of this.

Rrrr avatar

Hey, it is a nice piece of news but now that you have fulfill all our expectancy about the raspberry pi, is it possible to ask you to improve your communication strategy, it is insuportable to announce a product the day you sell it.
People who just by one of the ancient version just feel robbed.
If you have announced that two month before, we’ll had the choice of waiting for the new pi or just buying one immediatly depending on our needs.
This new pi is nice but it is badly introduce.
Mayby you should propose an exchange for those who buy a pi last month ….
Again thanks a lot for all your work and please do something about your com.
Sorry for my poor english, i am a french raspberry pi enthousiast.

Dougie avatar

Announcing on the general availability day isn’t such a bad thing, it certainly ensures the first batch of boards get bought on day one. As before with the B+ & A+ the secret was leaked (on the Register and SlashDot) some time before the official announcement. It was less bad with the PI2 than those two earlier announcements.

If you announce too soon in advance (before production of the new machine) you’d risk suffering from the “Osborne Effect”. That’s where the new machine’s specification (even thought it doesn’t really exist) outstrips the old machine by so many shiny bells and whistles that you end up with so much held inventory of the old machine that you drive your company into administration, receivership and oblivion before the new machine is ready.

It’s common for folks who bought a full price machine to feel they’ve been outdone, but as my economics teacher told me “You pay your money and you take your chance.”. If you don’t do that you’ll always be waiting for the new, better, cheaper machine.

Jeff Mercer avatar

Great news but of the four suppliers on the order page, one is unreachable, one is only able to ship in the UK and the other link is broken, pointing to a website in China that is effectively unreachable.

Allied Electronics has them in stock! But someone needs to tell them it’s spelled ‘RASBERRY’ without a P for Bob’s sake.

Nic avatar

You had better tell the Foundation how to spell ‘rasberry’ then too!

Phil avatar

And the dictionary.

AndrewS avatar

ITYM dicshunary

solar3000 avatar

what’s there left to say? can’t wait. cant wait to try microshaft 10 too.

KingTuna avatar

Are there any plans to get a second NIC on there? Seems like the hardware is now beefed up to be fast enough to run as a small firewall using Snort and would save on tons of electricity instead of a 1U rack server.

Eric avatar

Saw it in the newsfeeds this AM, you sure had kept it under wraps! Went to http://canada.newark.com/ , they had 150 in stock so I ordered 2.

Checked a few minutes later, and they were sold out.

Can’t wait to see how it performs with Linux. Also signed up for the Win10 program, just to see how it performs. What a geek toy, great work!

Rui Silva avatar

Bought my first PI a couple days ago… felling a little sad…

Benoit Lachance avatar

I am surprised to see the forum still down. is there an ETA for it to be back online?

Benoit Lachance avatar

I am surprised to see the forum is still down. is there an ETA for it to be back online?

gordon77 avatar

A bit disappointing to have no forum most of the day, but maybe its just overloaded?

KTB avatar

I think they’ve just diverted traffic temporarily because the load was causing the forum to spit out SQL errors left and right.

MW avatar

Regards the Windows 10 comment, it is not a full blown version it will be more like a basic Tablet Version and Microsoft not the RPF are supporting as an IoT Platform

Regards the comment regards Adobe Flash, Adobe themselves do not support on ARM platform, so tough, ask the crappy websites to offer HTML5 Videos, not for Flash Support in ARM Linux.

Regards Raspbian it already had an ARMv7 port, it was “tweaked” for the RPi ARMv6, so no issues there. If used Debian ARMHF it would not have full support for the Camera and future Monitor add-ons via the board connectors etal.. Admittedly in time more Linux variants will be available

I wll state again the only difference between the A+/B+ and RPi 2 B is the CPU/Memory……

Iain avatar

Ordered mine this morning, cant wait.

I am a computing student in the UK and in my opinion the last thing we need is more Windoze in education.

Otherwise, frigging brilliant.

MW avatar

“Windows Developer Program for IoT”

This has b***** *** to do with Eductional, and if people would actually read everything it is an M$ initiative


You will not be running M$ Office anytime soon !

mr floppy avatar

There’s going to be a lot that. People will not realise that it isn’t a full desktop. There are probably many people who will go out and buy one, plug in their USB cd and wonder why their windows install isn’t booting.

On the other hand, I think that many kids will end up with one unexpectedly, be faced with the option to purchase visual studio or a free alternative and be swayed towards the free

Robin avatar

There is the Visual Studio community edition, which unlike the express versions is complete & free (not for commercial usage).

Mereke avatar

I live in Siberia how can I purchase your product.

Teknodude avatar

The only question is: Will it blend?

Eric Olson avatar

Having 4-core SMP available from my point of view is a major win over the single-core when using the Raspberry Pi to teach computing. When updating the Raspian distribution for the new board, it would be great to include a package of gcc 4.9 patched with the Intel/CilkPlus parallel extensions:


The CilkPlus programming language adds about 4 keywords
to C/C++ and provides an amazingly simple way to start thinking about and programming parallel algorithms.

DataIsGold avatar

If the foundation could convince MS to release a version of Visual Studio that actually runs on the ARM platform that would be great for education.

DataIsGold avatar

I hope the foundation convinces MS to release a version of Visual Studio that will actually run on the Raspberry Pi 2.

sharifirad avatar

Congratulations on this fantastic news! :-)

Cameron R avatar

Any idea when the Element 14 site will be back online? Kind of hard to order one with the site down.

Bill Stephenson avatar


You guys are just kicking some serious ass now!!!

Ordered 1 from Newark as soon as I saw the news, they were already sold out, but I expected that.

I’ll be updating the “Raspberry Office Kit” today and releasing the new disk image as soon as I can.

Abraham avatar

Where can I buy one in US?

John-Paul avatar

Just curious, but why not call it Model C to prevent confusion with the Raspberry Pi vs.1 B/B+? Especially since you have no immediate plans for an A/A+ and seem focused to release a new compute module as the next step.

Christian Nobel avatar


How can it be claimed that the price is the same, when it in fact IS NOT!

Here in Denmark, the price (net. price excluding VAT and delivery) at RS is approx. 20% higher for the model 2 than the B+.

And it was the same story we saw when the A+ was introduced, it was clamed that it was 20% cheaper than the original model A, but the price at RS is exactly the same.

I do not have at problem with a better product having a higher price, but I would prefer some honesty, instead of claims that are not true.

matt avatar

What a vendor charges for it has nothing to do with what they buy it for, or the RECOMMENDED selling price.

I have mine ordered, in the USA, for the list price.

JBeale avatar

Here in the US, the approved vendor (MCM Electronics) is selling RPi-2 at the advertised $35 price (plus tax and shipping). I remember in the past, in some countries there was some import tax that was added to the base price(?) But in any case that is something you should raise with your supplier.

G avatar

For some (unknown???)reason the price of the B+ has dropped rapidly in the last weeks. Please compare your Pi-2 price with a B+ of ~six weeks ago.

Christian Nobel avatar

I guess you are in the US?

The exchange rate for the american $ have gone quite a lot up recently, therefore the Pi has been cheaper for you.

BUT the Pi is produced in the EU, and the price for the B+ has been the same since it was introduced.

So that has nothing to do with import taxes or anything – simply spoken RPi is not telling the truth when claiming the price should be the same.

Peter den Haan avatar

Where do you live? Here in the UK, the price of the B+ has plummeted from £25-ish to £20-ish recently. Now we know why.

Christian Nobel avatar

As said, in Denmark – but it seems that the problem is the same in Germany.

The price in Denmark has not changed in ages, apart from the B+ has been slightly reduced (from 194,24 DKK to 190,00 DKK) the last few days.

But I can also se that RS has another pricing strukture in UK than in Denmark, so eg. the price for the A+ is approx 20% lower than the A, where the is no price difference in Denmark.

So it appears that the problem more lies at RS (and Farnell) in Denmark, but it offends me hearing RPi making claims which apparently only are valid in the UK.

Richard Sp. avatar

Well, it’s not as simple as saying “freedom to choose is fine” here. We all remember Microsoft anti-competition history and it’s a big company willing to spend big money to keep people away from alternatives to their products.

So it’s natural to see people worried about what they consider a threat to the project they helped to grow, especially when the foundation worked together with Microsoft to allow this.

Other than this, good piece of hardware.

Pete B avatar

Microsoft Windows 10 ? Why, Pi Foundation, how dare you give us more options which are, wait for it, optional ?! I won’t be buying another Pi just in case you offer me even more options and things to do with it. Bloody liberty.


In related news, the Odroid C1 isn’t a fair comparison. I should know, I’ve got one. It’s sitting in a box waiting for the software to get up to scratch. I’m not holding my breath.

MrWebsky avatar

I wonder what will be the reaction of RasPI look-alike board supplier from Shenzhen (China). Their processor familly includes octa-core chips in both symetric and big.LITTLE configurations and they are not so restricted on price and existing user base. Also I’m waiting for direct comparison between BCM2836 and A20 used by RasPI and its look-alike.

Rudy Tanner avatar

I still look for some real real-time capability.
Until now, it was not possible to use fast ADC properly
as the time interval was varying. Wonder if this one
could do the job.

Patrick P avatar

Guys, your great.
Saw the news for the new Pi Model 2 with great Hardware specs today.
The Pi is now nearly perfect for home nerds like me and even business solutions.

There is only one option i’m still missing and when you ask me, it should be possible with no doubt: PoE capabilities

I know there several gadgets on the net, but a on board solution would be perfect


ulix avatar

I’m really sad! The Display was before the Raspberry Pi 2 in the pipeline. Now we have a new Raspberry Pi, but no display to it. Can it get better? Yes, with this rubbish win10 stuff…

Manuel avatar

Still Ethernet 100/10?

It should have a gigabit ethernet, moving big files from/to the raspberry through the net is awful.

Why have not you added a gigabit?

Peter den Haan avatar

The most important reason probably is that it would have broken backwards compatibility. For a gigabit network to be useful, you’d have to take it off the USB2 bus and integrate it into the SoC — or, alternatively, upgrade to USB3 (we can dream!) — likely forcing you towards a completely different SoC. They were clearly not prepared to write off the installed base like that.

I’m willing to bet that for most of us networking on the new Pi is faster anyway, seeing how a great many tasks used to be primarily CPU-bound.

Tzarls avatar

I can´t really undestand how could anyone feel disappointed with these kind of news… We´ve been getting better hardware for the same price for 3 or 4 years now. It´s like buying the same cookies over and over only to find they´re getting tastier over time!

Of course I can understand the “and I had just ordered a batch of the old model!” feeling – in fact I ordered 1 B+ and a couple of A+ a few days ago, but hey, I´ll be getting exactly what I payed for! So keep up the good work (and move manufacturing to Perú so I can get new models without having to pay high shipping rates and wait for weeks for delivery! :D)

Ahmet Sipahi avatar

Hi! I want to buy Raspberry 2. I live in Turkey. Is the price $ 35, but the shipping fee? Can you help please.

SeanE avatar

I’ve ordered 10 of them and plan to run nothing but Windows 10 IoT on them all, just to spite all the daft commenters here.

Ben Nuttall avatar

Sounds fun.

Scot avatar

I just spent ten minutes doing my best flounder impression to my monitor. That just happened!? I suppose it was only a matter of time since we got wheels and a sandwich, but… wow. You’ve really out done yourselves this time!


using namespace std;

int main()
If (true)//if mind == blown
cout << "Pi 2 has landed!" << endl;
return 0;

david avatar

Will the raspberry pi b+ be able to run windows 10

Ben Nuttall avatar

No. Windows 10 IoT will only run on Pi 2 as it depends on ARM v7 architecture. The original Pi Model A, B and B+ were ARM v6.

Jonathan Collings avatar

Can this finally be the MythTV front-end I have been waiting for… Thoughts???

meigrafd avatar

Are there any details about the connection between LAN chip and SoC?
Does Pi-2 have the same Performance as with Pi-1 or is it better?

Peter den Haan avatar

From the article:

Fortunately for us, Broadcom were willing to step up with a new SoC, BCM2836. This retains all the features of BCM2835, but replaces the single 700MHz ARM11 with a 900MHz quad-core ARM Cortex-A7 complex: everything else remains the same…

Therefore, SoC USB support is still USB2, and the hub/ethernet chip is still fed off that. Any improvement (and there will be some) will be simply due to raw CPU speed.

Mark avatar

According to RS the Pi 2 needs NOOBS v1.4 (which they sell on an SD card) and V1.3 won’t work. The blog only refers vaguely to needing an “updated” version of NOOBS.

The only version available for download is V1.3.12 which, oddly, is dated today.

Can anyone clarify which is the correct version to use?

Dougie avatar

It’s clear that v1_3_12 has been made available to coincide with the PI2 as it includes the 3.18.5-v7 kernel. So you can stop worrying.

I was lucky the download pages stayed up for long enough for me to get a copy.

Ben Nuttall avatar

The version of NOOBS currently on our downloads page will work with Pi 2. There’ll be a minor updated version (v1.4.0) due out in the next week which should contain all the software from the previous Pi 1 image, all configured to work on the new hardware. The current 1.3 version contains the updated kernel for ARM v7 and most software has been ported – there are just a few extras to deal with.

John Miller avatar

Does the Pi 2 have the same form factor as the B+? So, will cases built for the B+ work exactly the same for the Pi 2?

Neil avatar

Just ordered one from RS. They say NOOBS 1.4 is required and 1.3 is not compatible but they have sold out of 1.4 cards and linked to the Raspberry Pi downloads page but this page only has 1.3 (dated today). So, what do I use with it when it arrives later this week?

Dave avatar

I want to see someone connect 4 x USB HDD to that and run a btrfs based NAS…

Peter Alexander avatar

Is there a version with HDMI 2.0? I’m looking at apps for Ultra-HD at 60 frames per second, which needs it.



Corey avatar

Glad to hear about a newer, souped up model.

Only thing is, well, I just ordered my first Pi last week. I researched specifically to make sure I was getting the latest version.

This is still on your FAQ’s page:


As of the July of 2014, an updated version of the Model B, the Model B+, has been released. Beyond this revision, which updated certain pieces of hardware without changing the main processor on the board, there are no immediate plans for the next model; a new model may be released in 2-3 years, but this is not a firm schedule.

So I’ll admit, I’m a bit of a sad panda right now for arguably selfish reasons. :-( May want to give the FAQ a sprucing up.

Nels E Godfredson avatar

I have the article from last annual from Pi and you said there was going to be any new hardware upgrades, only the 4 usb ports added…. why the change? I would really like to have seen a Business version with 2 NIC’s.

Stewart Watkiss avatar


The foundation has said before that they had not plans to release a new version, but I believe that was due the need to maintain backward compatibility and that there was nothing else that could be used and maintain compatibility.

From the blog post it says:
“Broadcom were willing to step up with a new SoC, BCM2836. ”

So it seams that Broadcom have provided the means to maintain compatibility without increasing price and providing a new better, faster Raspberry Pi. So it seams perfectly logical to make the change rather than continue to supply the old spec just because they had previously said (in good faith) that they didn’t have any plans for a new version.

I don’t believe that the Raspberry Pi foundation would ever deliberately decieve anyone and I’m sure that’s not the case here.

ulix avatar

Here the same!
The Display was in the Pipeline before the V2. It was said that this will wait, now we have V2 and no display.
Why the rush to get V2 out? Why not change ethernet and some other things? And why before the display?
I’m wondering about the goal, is it yet the community and programming or changed it more to get quantities sold. If Microsoft is not involved in this, then it must be.
As well as now there is work on Win on the Raspberry, why that, is not the display more important?

ulix avatar

I think this short announcement policy is not good, people support Raspberry Pi so they want to know
More about the development and happening in the HQ and on Raspberry Pi. Like it was when the first Pi was
Released. We don’t know anything on the display, which was planned so long. Give people some insight to
Your development….

Jonathan Collings avatar

Could this be the $35 MythTV front-end I have been waiting for…. thoughts???

rbn avatar

Gutted. I bought a B+ about 3 days ago :-(
Butr ordered one of these as well :-)

tzj avatar

Excellent news!

Now that the soc is exposed it helps justify water cooling kits for those HARDCORE users.
Which leads to another point, under supercooled conditions the 2835 could acheive around 1.4GHz??? But was restricted beyond that At the gpu level???

So my question is, what could be thoretically possable with the 2836 under supercooled conditions and will it also have a similar sofware restriction?

Tim Sander avatar

I would like to see the technical reference for the BCM2836?

Couldn’t find it anywhere…

Is “FIQ” and or “Monitor Mode” available with this chip?

Robotica avatar

Thanks for bringing Windows 10.

Jon P Mercer avatar

Trying to source the Pi 2 in USA. No luck. Any suggestions??

HBE avatar

Looking forward to a better Mathematica experience on the Raspi. I guess gnuradio might also be practical now, at least simple applications.

Daviljoe193 avatar

Yay, now I can finally run all the apps I used to run on my Windows CE netbook!!! Now if you excuse me, I’m going to to see how this thing runs Chromium OS. :)

Pelican avatar

I’ve started with Raspi B.
The second was a Banana Pi, because the speed of the Raspi was not enough.
Now, I’m back I’ve just ordered a Raspi 2.
SATA and LAN still could b a problem but lets see how it performs…

David avatar

I just have bought one on https://es.rs-online.com/!

Tom Luo avatar

Thank you Raspberry PI foundation.

v avatar

What about 64bit support, will we meet it in some future releases?

igreka avatar

Does anybody know where to get the new Raspberry Pi 2 Model B in the US for $35?

user879 avatar

You probably will not find one under $40 for a little while;
what a few weeks or until the first rush is over, the price should come down some. When I bought my A+ I found amazon had the best price, but it isn’t on amazon yet. Can’t what to get a pi2 myself!

designandhack avatar

This is awesome! I’m hoping to buy a few for a couple of projects but they were already sold out through Element 14. I hope they get some in soon!

André Cass avatar

I want him in Brazil

Lob0426 avatar

Ordered a couple so my brother could have one. It will be interesting to test it against my Panda Board ES in performance with UBUNTU.

Nice job!

Mike Thompson avatar

Hey guys, congratulations on a wonderful new device. I immediately put in an order for a few from Newark.

As the co-creator of Raspbian I very much welcome the quad-core ARMv7 as a good step forward for the Raspberry Pi. It’s even better that you’ve worked on making sure that the 4 million devices in users hands aren’t immediately obsolete from a software perspective. On our side we’ll do whatever we can do to help transition Raspbian forward so users continue to have the best Linux distribution available for their devices — regardless if they purchased Pi two years ago or two years from now.

As for Windows 10, it’s an interesting move on Microsoft’s part. I have a feeling that all the fretting about it in the postings above will in the end prove to be needless worry when we see how underwhelming in the end result will be. It’s obviously useful for embedded IoT devices in a Windows dominated corporate environment, but beyond that I think a competitive Linux based solution would have much greater flexibility. Despite the changes recently at the company, I’m very skeptical that Microsoft really understands the open source and Makers movement. I guess time will tell.

Bill Stephenson avatar

I’m happy to see another OS that will run on the Pi, but I’m not much interested in running Windows 10. I’m sure others will find uses for it, but I really love the work you’ve done with Raspbian and I’ll keep working with it.

Thank you too Mike!

MW avatar

Great to see that Raspbian will still be the defacto OS

Anything else will just be an alternative for people who want something a little different.

Regards Windows 10, baloney, it is a NT Kernel Development Platform not son of windows RT !

fuzzy avatar

Are there any Japan distributors?

Element 14 and the other distributors you linked don’t seem to ship internationally.

Steven Chesser avatar

So glad to see this. Just got into using the Pi three weeks ago for
first time and was hoping for a new board to come out soon and not
2017 like every where posted.

Having a quad core will now help me improve my projects final goal as
I can now take advantage of fast multi-threading!

Great job guys and gals involved!

tx fun avatar

Oh great, now we can deploy .Net Apps. Oh no , now i will never learn python

Matthew avatar

Why was this a complete surprise? I was updating my Raspberry Pi, scouring the Net for news, etc. just a few weeks ago, then decided to buy an Intel NUC so I could have a bit more power (mostly more RAM!). I’m mostly interested in the quiet/efficient/low-cost PC aspect. It would have been nice to know this was coming. My research (early January 2015) concluded that there would be NO hardware upgraded PI before 2016 or so.

Akshay Zade avatar

In earlier models, USB, Ethernet and other things were on the same bus to CPU (or something like that) limiting the throughput. As a result, USB 2.0 couldn’t operate at full speeds and I/O had speed limit. Is this situation any different here?

Alexander avatar

How come you decided to break naming convention and call this the Raspberry Pi 2 rather than the Model C?

Texy avatar

…well for one thing all previous Pi’s had the same SoC, the new Pi 2 is different.

Ben Nuttall avatar

“Model B” is the $35 level board – and we added a B+ for the additions
“Model A” is the $25 level board – and we added an A+ (and reduced the cost to $20) for the additions

Raspberry Pi 2 contains a whole new chip – it’s a second generation Raspberry Pi, a much more significant difference. The difference between A and B is USB ports, ethernet and RAM. The difference between 1 and 2 is 4x cores, 2x RAM and over 6x speed and performance. There will be a Model B and (eventually) a Model A as before, with the new chip.

The naming convention is not broken – it continues with a numerical prefix :)

Cyclotol avatar

Imho Videocore IV is really showing it’s age now, it was impossible to have desktop OpenGL 4.x support on the original Pi and the issue has been dragged along here as well. You guys seriously could have considered a SoC that packs a modern GPU that at least supports OpenGL ES3.1 (GL4.3+ would be even better), It’s a real pain to have to dumb down our 3D applications to that restricted a and castrated legacy ES2.0 API when all the major players out there are readying adopting ES3.0+. Videocore IV on Windows doesn’t even support shader model 3.0/feature level 9_3 which is the absolute minimum API revision that most developers out there support. This is a terrible choice imho, you could easily have licensed the Mali IP from ARM and build your own ‘modern’ SoC without all that legacy Videocore stuff. It’s simply ludicrous to ship a product that features a GPU which doesn’t support SM5.0/FL11_0.

Texy avatar

I guess 4.5 million sales so far proves that having the latest and greatest is not top of the pile for the vast majority of users or for educational purposes. I’m sure there is other hardware out there that will fit your purpose, perhaps for just a little more money…..

levelKro avatar

Buy one when is available on buyapi.ca.

The Model B+ offer great new feature, I have planned to buy one, but the rPI 2 is much better for same price.

Sandesh Damkondwar avatar

I’m damn interested to get hands on.

Envira Phani avatar

Great work guys, love to see windows and ubuntu ported to PI.
Glad to me a member of PI family.

SoRoom avatar

Very nice ;)
It make me very happy. I will buy 2-3 for testing.
And Ubuntu run good?

Ben Nuttall avatar

Ubuntu are providing their Snappy Core image, which runs well on Pi 2. It’s not a desktop image for general use – it’s a special server image for developers.

Having said that, there’s bound to be a suitable standard Ubuntu image that’ll also run on Pi 2 floating around somewhere. It won’t be as fly as Raspbian as we’ve done so much work optimising it for the hardware and Ubuntu desktop (particularly the Unity interface) is made for computers with more processing power and RAM. Perhaps a Lubuntu or Xubuntu image will work better.

VLD avatar

Why the hack windows?

Durval Menezes avatar

Too bad the Pi2 doesn’t support either USB3 or eSATA… either of these (but specially USB3) would be just the ticket for what I want to do with it, ie, personal NAS.

More RAM and CPU is always nice, but the current Pi offers more than enough, so I think I’m gonna pass on the Pi2.

Let’s see whether the Pi3 offers anything in this regard.

Also, it’s disappointing to see Raspberry in league with Microsoft: this not only casts a shadow on Raspberry’s “open” (source/hardware) attitude, as MS and Windows is anything but, but also shows a kind of naivete that really worrying (not a single company in history has ever benefited from having anything to do with MS and Windows, much to the contrary: the “partnership” eventually destroys them, if not entirely at least in spirit. Just look at Nokia and Novell, to mention only two…

MW avatar

Everyone feels that the RPF are in league with M$ not so, M$ want to use the RPi as a development platform for Internet of Things and obviously that does not mean you will be installing a full verion of Windows 10.

The crucial word is development and if the people who splash “install Windows 10 on RPi” on Blogs would get their facts straight stupid comments would not be posted.

The same applies to Ubuntu, Snappy is an Internet of Things Development platform.

So yes if we teach kids to code on RPi giving them opportunities to find a career path which is relevant to what they have learnt is good.

You will find loads of information on the NET, but not everything is the full picture…..

Raspbian Operating System is still the backbone of the RPi, anything else is an alternative so if do not like the alternative djust ignore it.

Mistofeles avatar

Raspbian or Minibian ?
In IoT (Internet-of Things) you need a lot of boxes without screen, keyboard and GUI. A small LCD is many times more than enough.
Still you need a lot special IO. I’m using now Arduino here, but it would be great to get rid of the USB cable. The same goes with HD.

Mistofeles avatar

M$ might get more resourses to Raspberry, even though I stay with (minibian)Linux.

There is some aspects in all Raspberry Linux distributions, which should be fixed (IMHO).
They might be fixed with our (users) help.

I’m waiting for RPi3, but going to buy some RPi2 in immediate need.

Karthik Swamiappan avatar

I have a basic doubt.. Can this Raspberry Pi 2 platform detect any USB device like how a normal PC does? To be more specific, I am looking to install Garmin Express and sync my Garmin Edge 500 through USB such that I can track and Save my workouts…

James Sylvester avatar

Did not read all comments so not sure if asked/answered, but is this available in Australia yet, or is there a seller who will export to Australia.

Not worried about power supply differences, just want a collectible.

Faizan avatar

Funtastic :) Would love to grab 3 :D

Keep it up Eben.

Dmitry avatar

and on the Raspberry Pi 2 will run MetaTrader 4?

HD avatar

Nice Job and its going viral.
Let’s see whether the Pi3 offers anything in this regard.
Thanks for the amazing tech tool.

Radu avatar

How about Android TV? Would make a killer smart-tv accessory.

Ben Nuttall avatar

Hopefully we’ll see some work on Android this year. We’d love to see the Raspberry Pi (probably in the form of a custom board using the compute module) used in a commercial product like a smart TV.

Marty avatar

Thanks, good News. I ordered one :)

Matt Smith avatar

Hi, silly question but if do a
‘sudo apt-get update’ and ‘sudo apt-get upgrade’

will my b+ card slip straight into my 2 b+ (which is delivered today hopefully)


Iain avatar

Good question, I’d imagine not.

PS. You were one of my favorite Doctors, don’t listen to those Tennant fanboys. I’d bet that was an original joke for you!

Matt Smith avatar

Personally I never watched Doctor Who although I am enjoying Broadchurch.

MW avatar

Yes definitely

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

Ben Nuttall avatar


Just add the command sudo apt-get dist-upgrade and that should do the trick.

Cire Gli avatar

Thats all fine and great, but as far as I can see, raspberry Pi 2 doesnt address the single biggest problem of the originial raspberry pi.

The lack of gigabit ethernet card.

Ben Nuttall avatar

Not necessary for use in education – and would risk breaking backwards compatability and likely make the creation of the new chip take much longer, therefore not a priority or a good idea at this stage.

The new chip (2836) is exactly the same as the previous chip (2835) except for the CPU which has been replaced with a quad core 900MHz ARM7.

Mistofeles avatar

Great to see it evolve !
Next logical steps:
– SATA or mSATA connector ! !
– RTC ! !
– Mic connector
– Arduino type programmable GPIO

When you add (m)SATA, please do not make it like in Banana Pi, where it sticks from the side of the board. Make it so that the HD and the board can be stacked

These boards are largely used in laboratory and security without keyboard nor screen. Here RTC, MIC and programmable GPIO were needed.
GPIO could be a separated stackable card.

Christian Nobel avatar

Other logical steps:

Power off functionality
Reset button
On-board flash memory
USB client port, so terminal can be used through USB
USB backpowering
LiPo connection
A sligthly larger PCB, where the corners look like this:

(It is difficult to draw here, but I hope you get the point) so the board can be installed in standard boxes where the screws for the lid are in the corners.

But get me right, the RPi is a great little computer, so the above are only “nice-to-haves” in case you at looking for inspiration.

Christian Nobel avatar

Ok, drawing didn’t work, try again:


Levon avatar

Good job !!!

Frank Riegel avatar

Whoopeee! Congratulations guys, great news, Just saw your ad on Facebook and shared it on my wall.

Does it need new codecs licenses to be purchased?

Ben Nuttall avatar

Yes as each codec licence is tied to the hardware of the Pi.

SzestKam avatar

yes, yes, yes!!!
This VERY good news for me!!!

SamFox avatar

Why shouldn`t it be possible? There must be a way to upgrade an existing b+ image to a ARMv7 kernel and modules.

Ahmed Nasheed avatar

can’t find worldwide delivery.. specifically to Maldives. through some googling found one site that sells to maldives but it’s over priced. RS used to ship to Maldives when i bought PI 1 B, but now they don’t. i’m really itching to have one right now. To give my self a treat on my b’day :P but seems i’ll have to wait for sometime to get it here for a reasonable price.

horace avatar

won’t this run much hotter than the old one? if all cores get used at the same time for a while? is a heatsink recommended?

Ben Nuttall avatar

Idle, the Pi 2 will not run hotter.

If you spin up all 4 cores and put it through its paces, it will get hot. But not dangerously hot.

Heatsink not recommended for general use but it’s up to you if you think you’ll need one.

Nick Corston avatar

Great news – good luck with this.

Investment opportunity. Anyone want to buy a class room size box of 30 model B’s, for the price of early adoption ;-)


SamFox avatar

Following commands should do the upgrade

– apt-get update
– apt-get upgrade
– apt-get dist-upgrade

Don Bronson avatar

This story looks like the foundation improved RPi’s specs so that microsoft could take their software into the platform and now that they are ready, they make this announcement together.

I wouldn’t mind microsoft doing this on their own, but I think the cooperation and promotion from the foundation is a step back.

I hope I’m wrong!

Ben Nuttall avatar

> I hope I’m wrong!

Good news: you are!

We always intended to do a next generation model. Obviously MS had nothing to do with that – it was down to Raspberry Pi and Broadcom’s engineers. Not until we had functional boards out did MS get involved and offered to work on porting Windows IoT for it.

Neil avatar

Same ‘ol Ethernet is a bummer, I agree. And I don’t immediately see how you could get a better one with a HAT – the I/O isn’t really designed for that. But at least it has Ethernet. Phew. So, off to Element14 I go. Right now :-)

Muhammad Saad Khan avatar

That’s a great news Eben – Kudos to rasberry pi team & engineers. I am ordering now and expecting it to run extremely well on Ubuntu & Linux.

Microsoft Windows 10 top up is just ahhhmazing.

Evilus avatar

Is Raspbian for ARMv6 (Raspberry Pi 1-st generation) going to be discontinued some time later? I ask because I bought Raspberry Pi B half year ago for home server and I want to know if I don’t wasted my money.

Ben Nuttall avatar

Not at all. Raspbian will continue to be the recommended and supported OS for general purpose in order to maintain backwards compatability with Pi 1 and to make the most of the huge effort to make it the best performance we can get out of the Pi.

The introduction of Windows 10 IoT and Ubuntu Snappy Core are additional optional choices limited to Pi 2 only – and they both have specific use cases in development. For general use and in education, we recommend Raspbian – and we’re not going to drop ARM v6 support as we have 4.5 million 1st generation Pis out there to support.

Serbia avatar

Where can we buy this in Serbia? And can we increase the RAM?

Ben Nuttall avatar

The RAM is soldered to the board. You can’t increase it.

We’ve been working hard to make applications on the Pi such as the web browser, Scratch and so on run really well with less RAM – the Model A+ only has 256MB RAM and you can browse the web with it.

Pedantic of Purley avatar

mSata? Oh come on. That is so last year. M.2 is the currently favoured way of adding a future solid state drive.

More seriously, I bet there are loads of people who will ditch their Pi 1 and replace it with a Pi 2 and would quite happily send their Pi 1 to a freepost address. These could then be redistributed to more worthy causes rather than end in cupboards or be discarded. Alternatively they could be tested and sold much cheaper as refurbised with the profits going to the Pi Foundation to be spent wisely.

Is there not a case of providing a suitable envelope with every Pi 2 purchase for those who want to see their Pi 1 reused? I realise that the complete setup would take some organising and could not be undertaken lightly but the benefits could be substantial.

Dave Walker avatar

+1 Great idea!

exartemarte avatar

Sound idea. I would be happy to donate older/surplus pis for use in education.

kretzer avatar

Good idea!
A lot of cool projects run with pi 1’s, and if they were good enough last week they should still be so next week.

Keith avatar

I was thinking the same thing. Maybe people could donate them at Raspberry Jams?

Ben Nuttall avatar

Good idea. Or schools!

Coke avatar

The following commands should upgrade the kernel to use “old” raspberry rev 1 installations with the new raspberry 2

– apt-get update
– apt-get upgrade
– apt-get dist-upgrade

Philipp avatar

I just installed my very first Raspberry Pi (B+) with OpenELEC and hooked it up to the TV.

No trouble. Not even one teeny tinsy bit of a problem. Such a great, great little machine. And I got the package with all the electrics tinkering stuff, so I’ll be sure to get back to a hobby I haven’t kept up with for almost a decade.

You guys have created an incredible, incredible thing! All my machines run Linux, why would my media center run something else?

Biggest respect for all involved. You’re heroes in my book.

Bernhard avatar

I am really excited about the new Raspi2, he is really 4 times faster than my old one. If i start browsing 25% CPU, the old goes up to 100%.

Greetings Bernhard

Ralph Lampenscherf avatar

Launching the Raspberry Pi 2 B+ is great news. A real step ahead !!!

Martijn avatar

Question: Does this new RPi2 support WOL (Wakeup On Lan)??

MW avatar

There are no changes, except the VideoCore GPU now has a ARMv7 attached. It still has no WoL on the 9514….

ME avatar

We are British we dont use the dollar $

Pounds we use here in the UK.

Please change this and stick up for our NATION!

Have you sold out the Americans?

Why because Micro$oft told you to do this?

Sell out just like UK government with ARM in 90’s

Michael Horne avatar

As has been repeatedly stated, in so many places I’ve lost count… The reason Dollars are used is because the raw materials are ordered in Dollars. With currency fluctuations, to use Sterling would be impractical as the price goes up and down.

I would’ve thought that bringing production to the UK would’ve been evidence enough that the Foundation truly supports the UK economy. The Pi was born in the UK, is made in the UK and is supported from the UK.

Ben Nuttall avatar

We’ve always priced in dollars since the beginning. As per our FAQs:

The components we buy are priced in dollars, and we negotiate manufacturing in dollars. Because currency markets are so volatile, we price the final board in dollars too so we don’t have to keep changing the price.

cpslashm avatar

Should have announced this on April 1st. No-one would have believed it, which would have been amusing.

KTB avatar

“Nonetheless, there comes a point when there’s no substitute for more memory and CPU performance.” – Eben Upton

An internal server error occurred. Please try again later.

Ben Nuttall avatar

Looks like our web server needed more memory and CPU performance.

Tuxedoar avatar


Exciting news!. Congrats and thank you very much for your commitment and continous hard work!. Keep up with that!.

Now, is it me or you have been particulary silent about the fact that the raspberry pi 2 was coming ?. It’s something it catches my attention. If you agree with me on this, was there any particular reason to be silent about this?. No criticism intended, just wondering! :) .


James Hughes avatar

Because the existing stocks of B+ needed to be shifted, or a lot of landfill would be used up. Look up ‘Osbourne effect’

Don Porter avatar

Thrilled to see RS in Bangkok has them! I ordered one today (thanks to Chrome’s Thai-English translator – RS site is largely in Thai). Free shipping! It has been a Pi-exciting couple of days!

Lex avatar

I hate Windows and MS is known to be really evil, so why do you support them?

BTW: I know the UK like censoring, but you guys are even worse.

James Hughes avatar

Though about binning this post as its basically a waste of bandwidth, but thought everyone else might like a glimpse of the sort of thing that’s been arriving.

To the OP – MS are doing the port, with some very minor help from the Foundation. So I suppose that is ‘support’, but its not affecting the core business of getting Raspi’s and education out to the world at large.

Parn avatar


The only shortfall of the B+ was its somewhat lacklust performance compared to some other CC size devices (OK they were more expensive also).

Now the new PI 2 is going to further strengthen RasPI the position in the market with a ARMv7 1GB spec at the same price as the B+.

jsvfoto avatar

It’s impossible to find in North America. Element14 is sold out and I keep getting server errors/request denials when I try to set up a notification for when it’s in stock again.

I’m patient and in no hurry to upgrade my 1st Gen Pi, but I can’t wait to get my hands on the Pi2. It seems like a vast improvement in terms of processing, and kudos for keeping the price point the same. That will only increase the popularity of this wonder board.

ukscone avatar

have you tried adafruit or microcenter? microcenter will almost certainly have them soon OTC and i expect adafruit if not already got them will have them soon

Johan Adler avatar

Nice, but I would still have liked to have a normal and dedicated power jack. It does not have to be anything huge, the ubiquitous 2.1 mm center positive DC jack would IMHO be a huge improvement, even it would only accept 5V DC.

(Having an internal DC-DC converter capable of using e g 6V to 15V DC would be even more convenient. Even more versatile would be a boost/buck converter accepting something like 1.2V to 28V, but the need for that capability is probably to small to justify its implementation.)

I would love to be able to power my Pi’s from regular wall warts. When it comes to stuff I use Arduino or other microcontrollers for, I find it useful to have access to both the higher voltage, say +12V DC from a wall wart, and the regulated +5V and +3.3V, to use with different peripherials.

Just my thoughts…

James Hughes avatar

In Europe, regular wallwarts are exactly what are used to power Pi’s, uUSB is mandated for all mobiles now I believe so there are lot of them about. I also use a uUSB cable attached to my laptop to power a Pi – not an option with barrel. Barrel connectors are too numerous in type to use – people might think its the right polarity and voltage just because it’s the right size. Bang.

Internal convertor for a voltage range would add too much to the cost.

JBeale avatar

> “the ubiquitous 2.1 mm center positive DC jack would IMHO be a huge improvement, even it would only accept 5V DC.”
Unworkable in a consumer product unless it really accepts all voltages that plug delivers (24 V?)

canuck avatar

WOOOO! This is incredible news! But seriously, you got the name wrong, it should be the Pi^2.

I got the Rev1 Model B at home, so of course I got one as soon as I can! I even went out and got a better case for my old Pi (Pimoroni doesn’t support it anymore, sigh) so no fears of the old one being trashed anytime soon :)

I can just imagine the possibilities with the beefier Pi in the classroom. Right off the bat, using the Pi^2 as a server with content, while the ‘old’ ones are still used as thin terminals. I think there was a Khan Academy setup like that.

And the fact that it is still $35 for a quad core machine? You guys are freakin’ wizards!

As for Microsoft working in the Pi^2, bring it on! Don’t see how it directly helps the education aspect of the foundation, but then again neither does Openelec.

Just one request guys: please don’t release a Pi^3 in the next year or so. My wallet won’t be thanking me ;)

Ben Nuttall avatar

> But seriously, you got the name wrong, it should be the Pi^2.

But 1^2 = 1.
1*2 = 2.

Joe Deller avatar

Noticed some oddness with Minecraft and the Python API, compared to the model B. Minecraft seems to still be receiving commands from the API after the Python code has terminated.

As an example, I have code that renders a CSV file into Minecraft blocks. Previously the code would terminate once all the blocks had been rendered, but now the drawing continues quite some time after the code exits.

The functionality isn’t affected, it’s just a bit disconcerting, perhaps there’s some thread oddness now that there are multi cores.

The speed improvement is very welcome, coffee intake will be dropping now that the rendering is significantly faster.


Simon Tan avatar

Awesome response to the competitors. Keep up the good work. What will the competition do next? Competition is great!

Luís Pires avatar

I’m using my Pi 1 Model B as a webserver; I’m also using a SanDisk 32GB SDHC Extreme Pro card.

The websites have mainly graphics (architects and photographers) and I would like to speed them up using a Raspberry Pi 2.

Will a Raspberry Pi 2 boot with the Pi 1’s Model B Raspbian image?


Drentsoft avatar

Ha we asked exactly the same question at exactly the same time. Still no answer though :(

Ben Nuttall avatar

No, but you can update it to continue running with the same file and system install.

Drentsoft avatar

I have a Model B that I’m using as a dev server that I want to replace with a B V2. I was wondering if I need to reinstall everything or can I just do a dist-upgrade, copy the SD card to a microSD card and boot straight from that? (The OS is installed on an external hard drive).


Andy avatar

…Now, if I can get Eclipse on it, recompile the AVR plugin, get Cadsoft to port Eagle to it, I’ve got my total development environment in my pocket!

James Hughes avatar

Will you please stop lying. The price of the B2 is the SAME AS THE B+. This is a FACT. It is $35. Look on RS or Farnel or any other main line supplier for the proof. I have no idea why you think this is not the case, but you are WRONG. It is $35.

We do not play by the rules of the American’s, we play by the rules of the world. The entire worldwide trade in silicon is in Dollars. So that is the best (and only) way to have consistent pricing. It really is that simple.

The Raspberry Pi is a UK designed, UK made product. The SoC itself, with its ARM cores (designed in UK) and GPU (designed in UK) is actually made where the huge majority of other chips are made, in the Far East (Taiwan), and paid for in dollars. That is the way of the world.

As for UK identity, I’m pretty sure the Pi is UK through and through. That’s enough identity for me.

Benoit Lachance avatar

Forum is still down…

Tue Feb 3 10:40:44 EST 2015
date -u
Tue Feb 3 15:40:48 GMT 2015

Albert H avatar

Have the USB core issues been fixed? I remember there was some discussion on how the RPi1 had issues that were seriously problematic:


Liz Upton avatar

Yes, about two years ago. (Slashdot comments are perhaps not your most reliable source of news.)

PeterF avatar

It was delivered late morning. Now booted.


Thanks again to the midnight oil burners.

Benoit Lachance avatar

Canadian customer:
on feb 02 10AM(EST)/3PM (GMT):
pre-ordered 2(PI2 + noobs card bundle) from newark canada (part 38Y6469 $46.52 CAD/bundle or $37.50 USD)
(NEWARK shipping went from $8 CAD flat to $20 CAD flat)

Not expecting to get them prior to april….

Jesse V. avatar

I live in the United States, Is there a vendor in the UK that will ship me a few of the Pi 2 devices?

JBeale avatar

458 comments and not one inquiring about how the new silicon was tested. Given this is apparently the first deployment of the BCM2836 SoC, and the complexity scale of these systems it seems possible there might be something unexpected, but I guess that is a testament to the team that everyone assumes it all just works!

James Hughes avatar

It went through the same sort of testing as any Brcm chip – I think this has been covered elsewhere. First silicon was some months ago – its been fairly well tested since them. Rather impressively, there were few if any faults found on the alpha silicon, which is one of the reasons the Pi2 is here now!

JBeale avatar

Thanks for that, I saw “BCM2836 silicon bringup” on vimeo with the spinning teapot demo, but did not know how long ago that was. I gather ‘2836 is a combination of the established Cortex A7 and the balance being the well-understood BCM2835. Still the combined system seems substantially complex, so I imagine thorough testing is quite a task.

Christian Nobel avatar

Interesting, critisism is not allowed, and critical posts are being censored away.

You can claim from now on, and until judgement day, that the price is the same, which the entire computing press in the world have been swalling raw, but the plain fact is, that in half the world this is not true.

Pitty that you do react like this.

Benoit Lachance avatar

I hope you are not trolling (dont feed the troll :-) )

Well that is called USD fluctuation:

Re-pasting my initial post:

Canadian customer:
on feb 02 10AM(EST)/3PM (GMT):
pre-ordered 2(PI2 + noobs card bundle) from newark canada (part 38Y6469 $46.52 CAD/bundle or $37.50 USD)
(NEWARK shipping went from $8 CAD flat to $20 CAD flat)

Not expecting to get them prior to april….

Liz Upton avatar

Christian, you’ve posted nine times on this, and we’ve let your posts stay up. But this is beginning to look like trolling, and that’s something we don’t tolerate here: could you please wind it in?

James Hughes avatar

Except your posts have been left up, and not censored (By me anyway)

I suspect if this $35 fact was not true, then the worlds computing press would have noticed by now? As it is, only you seem to have noticed it, and not the 50k people who have bought one. So, who do you think is right here? 50k people and the worlds press, or you?

Of course, presenting some evidence of your claim would go some way to support your claim, but I haven’t seen that yet.

Christian Nobel avatar

I tried to answer Liz, but apparently the answer was lost due to congestion, so I bring it again:

Hi Liz.

No I am not trolling, but as said, which I hope you understand, is that when you say that the price is not changed, the entire computer press globally brings the statement.

Unfortunately the simple fact is that in large parts of the world this does not happen to be fact, wherefore I would appreciate that you take this fact into considerations when you make press releases, and instead say that the price will not be drastically increased (give and take 20% depending on country) – and maybe the fault lies with RS not following the price structure globally, but then I would hope that you could bring this up with RS.

And besides that, some of my post were only suggestions for improvement, but some were also trying to explain that there is difference in how the American price compared to the price that is faced by EU citizens (apparently excluding UK ), and probably other places in the world (eg. RS in Australia takes 43,18AU$ for the model2, but 38,00AU$ for the B+).

And to answer you, as you can see from above, there are differences in prices, and as said, maybe RS is to blame, and with regards to the world press, they just says the the price is not changed, because the press release says that 35US$ equals 35US$.

Don’t get me wrong, I do not see a problem in the fact that a better product actually is more expensive, but I acknowledge the fact that it gives a lot of frustration in the “non US$ countries” when the users discovers that the price is increased.

And other European manufactures of electronic devices who also sources in the far East do not face any problem with fixed European pricing.

James Hughes avatar

I really don’t know how many times it can be said. The price is $35. On top of that you will need to convert to local currency, add tax and postage, to give you the final result. If that doesn’t come out to about $35 (given the vagaries of exchange rates, and noting that the price will be based on what the product cost the supplier to import at the time of import, rather than exchange rate at time of end user purchase), then you really need to look to a different supplier. But the recommended price, exclusive of tax and delivery, is $35. This is NO different from the previous model, the exact same things applied to that as well. It was $35, the 2B is $35.

Also note, that right now, some resellers are DISCOUNTING the B+ to less than $35 in order to shift them, since they are now less good value. So they are being sold for less than $35, not the 2B being sold for more.

Rich avatar

Ordered from RS components, it was “in stock” at time of ordering, money taken, now being told it wont be available until after the 10th or possibly after 23rd. RS are useless, think I’ll cancel the order!

Vision-Ary avatar

I was buying an Odroid then suddenly the light! :D

RaspberryPi2 <3 !

JeremyH avatar

Got mine this morning from PiHut.

I was please to see the VFP supports hardware double precision (64 bit) floating point – the documentation implied it was single precision only for an armv7 with neon.

A 16,000 line C compilation took 30 seconds on the Pi 2, 95 seconds on a B+. A larger build using “make -j 4” to use all the cores would benefit much more. Fantastic! Thanks!!!!! And it feels snappy to use!

I thought the B+ was a truly inspired upgrade design. This is too. There are some clever people in the foundation.

Its got hardware integer divide as well – woohoo!

Alex avatar

10x performance on compilation using just one core? Really?

James Hughes avatar

I saw very impressive speed improvements on compiling. I suspect more down to having lots of memory in this case. Some C++ compiles use a LOT of ram.

Ben Nuttall avatar

> I thought the B+ was a truly inspired upgrade design. This is too. There are some clever people in the foundation.

Yes! A lot of the work put in to the B+ board redesign was with Pi 2 in mind. James Adams did a fantastic job with it.

MW avatar

Well received mine today, whoopee..

After several attempts to download a new fresh image was good to go.

So far so good except Epiphany Browser still not polished (buggy) but at least IceWeasel is usable.

Youtube is better experience but would not call the Pi a Desktop replacement.

10/10 to the RPF, can it get any better ?????

Ben Nuttall avatar

> 10/10 to the RPF, can it get any better ?????

Well according to the statement in the previous line of your comment, it can!

With further software maturity, Pi 2 will become more like a desktop replacement. And who knows what the *next* generation will be like. But we do know one thing: it’ll be *better*.

Matthew Scott avatar

Can this run windows 8 arm?

Ben Nuttall avatar

No, just Windows for IoT devices. No desktop version is planned.

David Kajaks avatar

Does anybody know how to get your hands on one of these in Canada?

Neil Haigh avatar

Saw the news yesterday, ordered one yesterday
NOW RS are saying that they are out of stock, it should be with me by now.

Never using RS again, not raspberry’s fault!

James Hughes avatar

Sony are making 80k a week at the moment, so should be stock in soon at all resellers. Or try Pimoroni or the PiHut who have them in stock.

Ben Nuttall avatar

Don’t worry, you shouldn’t have to wait long. Both RS and Element 14 were inundated with orders yesterday and luckily, Sony are producing 20,000 units per day in the factory in Wales which will be distributed as swiftly as possible.

John avatar

I hope Broadcom saw fit to change out the 16GHZ SDCard interface to one of the newer bigger SDHC 32Ghz or SDXC interfaces. These are ASIC cores that are transparent to the actual software and mostly the hardware except you can put more on board and they have better timing.

James Hughes avatar

No changes made to the USB or SD card I/F’s AFAIK. Wasn’t really the time.

Max avatar

I hope one day to be able to replace a Windows Active Directory domain controller with a Raspberry Pi 2, if that were possible… with so many people moving their computing to the cloud, in a Windows environment, basic user account authentication still works best of the AD is on the local network. A low-cost, low-power solution to this would be awesome!

bjuraga avatar

Any chance to get this in or near Macedonia?

Dougie avatar

You should be able to run sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade to get the new kernel installed on your existing SDCard in your existing RPi model 1B.

Get the new machine, clone the card and it should boot first go with nothing else needed.

All ARMv6 code will run on ARMv7 so it’s upwards compatible, the SoC and USB/Ethernet hardware are plug compatible. The difference is that code that’s explicitly compiled for the ARMv7 chip won’t run on your old RPi. It is not downwards compatible.

Tomorrow I should be able to confirm that as I’m expecting delivery of my RPI2.

Brett Parker avatar

It looks like a vast improvement, well done guys.

Dougie avatar

Full Minecraft isn’t just pure Java. It’s Java plus JNI. The source code for Minecraft is closed so there’s no way to port the JNI (Java Native Interface) pieces. Those pieces exist for the parts of Minecraft where pure Java is too slow and therefore wouldn’t be useful in an X86/X86_64 emulator (even if that were possible).

You’ll have to ask Mojang/Microsoft to create a special build. While you’re there ask them for a refresh of the Minecraft Pocket Edition that we’ve got on the RPI1.

Ben Nuttall avatar

Plus, that was given to us as an educational tool, not a game.

Tim Rowledge avatar

How does the existence of a new version stop the old versions working exactly as before? People that bought a B, or B+ yesterday are getting exactly what they click on the ‘buy this’ button for. The fact that there is now an even better Pi does not damage them one whit.

It’s hard to get lunch for much less than the cost of a Pi. I’ve seen people whining about demanding a free replacement, about how it doesn’t include a GazillionGB and Zettabit ethernet. And of course, it shamefully include No Pony, not even a pink one.

malcolm newton avatar

Congrats was just thinking I needed more power after
installing Ruby/Rails.
Just ordered Pi2 from Newark/element14 here in Canada.
Any idea the ship dates? I hope its not April?

Ben Nuttall avatar

> Congrats was just thinking I needed more power after installing Ruby/Rails.

Great! How does rails perform?

> Any idea the ship dates? I hope its not April?

It’ll likely be within a week assuming Canada’s on form. We’re producing 20,000 units a day so we should be managing to meet demand without a long wait like in 2012.

David Lowe avatar

Better to recommend “sudo apt-get upgrade” to save on bandwidth at this time. This is sufficient to get your B2 to boot, but excludes a handful of big packages (Mathematica & Wolfram Engine inter alia). Grab those later when the servers are less stressed!

David Lowe avatar

Hi James – what’s in the silicon that makes the 2836 clock faster than the 2835, for lower overvolt? Is it narrower lithography, or some other? I remember Dom saying the foundry had tweaked things in favour of speed at the expense of power consumption at the time of the B+ release. Is it more of that?

Imam Mohammad Bokhary avatar

Great…in a cheap rate with excellent performance capabilities.

Ron avatar

Bought one today exactly because it will run Windows.

John avatar

Congratulations! Does anyone have advice on how you upgrade and modify an existing image like Raspbian? We have a custom image for our robotics projects for the Raspberry Pi that need a custom image (link here). Any hints on whether we’ll need to release an entirely new image to make this work with the Pi2?

Alidad Modjtabai avatar

this is not $35.00, this around $45.00, I was planing to buy one, and the average cost is between $45.00 to $55.00.

Can find $35.00 for that new version, does anyone where to find that price!

Liz Upton avatar

The $35 is ex tax and shipping, so prices will vary depending on where you live.

Legohammer avatar

Seems like I’m not the only one where RS have taken my order and money but can’t now deliver. Feels like deja vu as I had this problem when the Pi first came out. Hoping that the wait will only be a couple of weeks not months like last time …

Ben Nuttall avatar

It will likely be days not weeks or months! Sony are manufacturing 20,000 units a day currently.

Marino Meloni avatar

Well done, will order one immediately
thanks for this great project

Beau avatar

How can I order one in America. Element 14 just says “product not found”?

free avatar

For minecraft, minetest may work and it’s really free.

A question: does the gpu processor change?

Liz Upton avatar

The GPU is still the same.

Ben Nuttall avatar

Good idea! Give it a try and let people know how you find it.

Eric Olson avatar

The presence of 4-core SMP could be used for teaching and illustrating parallel algorithms. Does anyone know if the GNU GCC 4.9 CilkPlus patches work on ARMv7?


Will Mathematica still be free for the faster CPU?

Also, does anyone have precise power measurements of the new board compared to the B+ board? At idle what is the current draw? How does the maximum current draw compare with all 4 cores and the video core running full out?

Ben Nuttall avatar

> Will Mathematica still be free for the faster CPU?

Yes! :)

Keep an eye on http://www.walkingrandomly.com over the next few days. The author, Mike, will be writing a benchmark post like he did when it first came out: http://www.walkingrandomly.com/?p=5220

dicktonyboy avatar

Education recycling:-

IF the Pi is meant for education
AND responsiveness is a must in classrooms
AND there is a ‘long tail’ in demand for older Pis
AND green recycling is a plus

THEN why can’t schools return their old Pis for free replacement with Version 2s
AND full production move across to V2’s only

Schools benefit – industry benefits – and the planet is happy!

Eric Olson avatar

LOL, any recycled Raspberry Pi that has survived a year of school use should be considered to have passed more rigorous testing than any aerospace or military-grade standard requires.

aristofeles avatar

Cant find worldwide delivery too :(

alkendi avatar

I ordered my Pi2 yesterday from RS, having had trouble doing an online purchase (due to my card not RS) I phoned and the order was completed by a VERY helpful and extremely patient person given the volume of calls and orders being made yesterday.
The Pi2 arrived in my hands less than 24hrs after the order was processed.

I have NO complaints about RS or their service, only praise they have never let me down on any of my previous 3 Pi models since my 1st order on Launch day.

BTW Kudos to the Raspberry Pi Foundation on the new Whizzbang evolution You Guys are the best

Pete avatar

Ordered up mine from RS … Looking forward to getting my hands on it ! Lots of posts are talking about cost/prices … It seems to me they cost 35$ but they sell for all sorts of prices because of taxes, choice of shop, speed/cost of delivery Import export issues? I once ordered a case from pimoroni and liked the paper bag it came in as much as the product! I can’t see that anyone is getting ripped off for a sub £30 bit of kit? Shop around .. theres no conspiricy!

Paul Roe avatar

Hi Liz,

Forums seem to be redirecting to the blog posting, don’t know whether the site is under heavy traffic.

Only a Linux noob in the grand scheme of things, but the Ubuntu snappy image has a problem.

It doesn’t have ntpdate installed so the system year is 1970 (because of the lack of RTC), which means that when you go to update snappy or install a package you get an ssl error because the time is wrong, overriding the date allows you to use the image (until you reboot).. I use > sudo date –set=”Tue Feb 08 20:11:55 UTC 2015″

Could someone look at this as the image is unusable at the moment IMHO.


Pete avatar

I forgot to say .. As a die hard linux user .. I welcome Microsoft to the Pi .. The linux community is one of the most inclusive people groups on earth.

ulix avatar

Could you get us some news on the dsiplay.?

James Hughes avatar

Mainly thinking – “its going to take a different chip or another 2 years to add it to the 2826, and we can’t break backwards compatibility or wait two years.”

Tony Hughes avatar

Great announcement and product guys.

I can’t believe some of the comments though…

1. Windows – if you don’t like it, don’t use it.
2. Windows – looks to me like its probably going to be a non-GUI “Internet Of Things” based OS version. You won’t be running browsers and office.
3. You ripped me off – no, the Pi you bought yesterday still does exactly what it did before the Pi 2 B announcement. I own 8 Model B’s and they haven’t stopped working. My investment in them has not become worthless – they still do the same job they were doing last week.
4. Price – seriously – can you read? $35 plus sales taxes, shipping and currency conversion. I can find them for $35, so can you. If your retailer charges more than $35 plus sales taxes, shipping and currency conversion, vote with your feet.
5. You didnt do “this” or “that” – your personal requirements probably came second to Raspberry Pi Foundations goals, timeframes, and target costs.
6. I need a free Pi 2 B because I bought an earlier model – are you even reading what you write before you click post?
7. Schools should get free replacement Pi’s because they bought earlier models – see above.

Many more examples…

All the Pi models are great. My first Model B rev 1 is still ticking along as a media center with huge uptime, and no new release has devalued any previous release in any way except for resale value on the secondhand market, which is just a normal fact of life.

Ben Nuttall avatar

Thanks for your helpful comment :)

Joakim avatar

I do understand what Christian is saying but i think it is imposible to do anything about.
He is from Denmark and i am from Sweden but i think its the same in many countrys.
The prize of the B+ has been holding steady for quite some time but the new pi2 sells for around 20% more.
The stores just sees an opportunity to make some monye, because they know that the first batch will sell out fast no matter what.

PeteG avatar

Ordered mine from RS yesterday noon as Element 14 were out of stock, cost more, but worth it I thought. RS said order would be despatched same day for Tuesday delivery.
Waited in all day Tuesday, at 17:15 got an email from then saying they were having problems supplying them.
Less than happy.

Szymon avatar

$35 WHERE!

Ada fruit, pi hut, botland and other shop rise the price. If i buy to Poland at Farnel it will end up at $53

You have to incrase avaliblity, until then same cleaver seller will get as much as they can on Pi2 hungry consumers. Demand is now higher ther avaliblity so it is a simple way to grab quick money from market.

edwinj85 avatar

@Dougie – Damn. Well Microsoft are being pretty awesome at the moment, maybe they WILL port full fat minecraft – think of the educational gains! Ahem.

Gee 'The Rabid Inventor' avatar

Ok I have had a couple of nights playing with the new Pi (sorry dudes work for a distributor).

My big thing is hardware and GPIO two notes to watch out for in these early day after the launch.

RPi.GPIO doesn’t work straight out you will need to download the latest version from sourceforge (check my blog)

and if you are programming in C or Python (haven’t checked any others ) you will find any Sleeps or delays will be longer in some cases up to 10%. this is easily fixed by setting any of the overclock options in raspi-config including none.

Hope this helps

Gee :)

Harold Fieger avatar

Amen to all of that . Come on and be real it is $35 , it costs more than that for a single dinner out .

Come to think of it though, the new Cadillac CTS has a touch screen dash and mine doesn’t. I guess they owe me a new one for free. oh yeah , and a new tablet, phone ,3D TV …………..

Gee 'The Rabid Inventor' avatar

Forgot to mention this is all from a fresh burn of the latest version of Raspbian 31/1/15