TechRepublic: Inside the Pi Factory

We were at the Sony factory in Wales again last week, where Raspberry Pi contract manufacture takes place. We spent some time on the factory floor with Nick Heath from TechRepublic. There’s an interview with Eben yet to come (and we’ve a feeling it’ll be an interesting one – Nick’s the type to do his research, and asked some very welcome hard questions), but to whet your appetite, here’s a photo essay about what goes on during the production process: a nice accessory to Pete’s long post here from last week.


scruss avatar

Wait, they come with acrylic cases now?

liz avatar

It appears that Farnell are shipping them cased, yes. (First we knew of it was when we saw them come off the line on Thursday!)

John avatar

Jeez how often do I have to re-order that thing to get the latest benefits?!

Salamander avatar

In deed they have two products you can order: a cased RPi and a non-cased RPi.

Ben J avatar

The new 512RAM RS orders came in a case too, a pink one though! with no holes for the connectors

Jens Arnt avatar

As for the RS cases.. They seem to be “for transport only” cases .. Which makes sense to me as some of the components/pins are not meant to be exposed to your local postman … It also comes with double seals that you have to break to get to the PI ..

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