CNN short

CNN shot this video of Eben talking about Pi and teaching a class of students from Chesterton Community College earlier this year, but didn’t air it when planned because they decided to film a longer, more in-depth piece instead, which we’re hoping to see near Christmas. We thought you’d like to see the original, short news clip.

We notice that these days, he doesn’t say “um” quite as much. (And sorry about the formatting. I deserve a large glass of wine for getting this thing to embed at all…)


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There nothing embedded at all that i can see on my iPhone ;-)

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It’s a Flash video, so the iPhone won’t run it – you’ll have to wait until you get home!

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If it gets uploaded to YouBoob, they’ll automagically transcode it on-the-fly as H.264 so it can be played on anything, including iOS devices … and Pii for free! ;)

Jason avatar

You deserve cases of wine for the wonderful job you do.

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Thats a nice short film – me thinks that BBC technology reporting have to up their game now :-) Although on reflection, they did introduce the world to RaspberryPi!

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Fingers crossed for success in the States… :)

Tom avatar

Most excellent! Eben should be, um, congratulated!

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Ah, good ol’ Chicken News Network – can’t wait to see a longer version!

I’ll call Wolf Blitzer and get you into the Situation Room … it would be a great improvement over Whatever-gate is happening on any given day that’s typically getting its 24 hours of overexposed infamy – Benghazi-gate, Petraeus-gate, Allen-gate (my Naval Academy classmate, BTW), fiscal cliff-gate, Kardashian-gate … :(

Actually, I should tell Miles O’Brien to cover you for PBS here (formerly CNN’s chief science correspondent and a fellow pilot).

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(commenting here since this is where I first noticed)

Could we please get a reddit share widget? You could probably dump the digg one if you need room.

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We’ve some design changes coming up here soon; we’ll probably be killing off the current share widget and replacing it when we do that.

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Is it bad, that I’ve noticed that the last ” was missing on the BASIC “I AM GREAT” program….and the !’s
I’ll get ma coat.

Adam avatar

Well spotted.
I can assure you the ” was originally there, we had to cut it out so we didn’t have a program running over Eben’s face :)

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