Hacking the haulage industry

Regular readers will remember that we featured Andy Proctor’s delivery lorry – hacked with a Raspberry Pi to become an Internet of Things delivery Andy lorry – back at the start of December.  The BBC found out about him too, and he’s featuring on the front page of their news site today, with a really nice little video segment about what he’s been doing. Here it is for your viewing pleasure. Thanks Andy!


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Thanks for sharing the video. I have added the code to the website now and I will be adding the Bar Code scanning information once I get my head around it all! Thanks to the foundation for the ability to achieve this with the fantastic RaspberryPi.

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Thank *you* Andy – and that invitation to come and visit us remains open!

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Well done Andy!

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It seems like those codes would be perfect for voice recognition. “Late 15”, “Late 30”, “Now Departing”, etc. Then have an array of vocal confirmation responses before sending: “Late 15”. “Would you like me to tell the office you’re running 15 minutes late?”. “Yes”. “Notification sent”. Pretty awesome, Andy.

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A great example of the kind of things possible when you combine the low-cost and versatility of the Raspberry Pi with a bit of imagination… :-)

I wonder if Andy’s truck will ever end up looking like http://www.raspberrypi.org/mission-control-desk/

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Great stuff Andy!

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Andy, get in touch if you’re want and we’ll send you a GPS to your Pi so you can log exactly where you pickup/drop off at(and always have the correct time on your Pi) http://www.microstack.org.uk/products/microstack-gps/ — we’ll send you one if you want to have a play?

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Regrettably BBC videos cannot be seen/played outside the UK. BBC policy I’m afraid :-( If someone would load it to YT and paste the link here? TIA!

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I have no trouble viewing it in the US. I just clicked on it and it ran fine. I love seeing what people can do with the Pi. It seems to have brought out the creativity in so many people. The community reminds me of the old days with the Commodore Amiga.

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Great stuff! I suspect you won’t be a truck driver for long: you’re made for TV!

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Andy has a better desk in his truck than I do at home! :P Joking apart, fantastic work! :P

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