*Taps monitor* – is this thing on?

Well, that was a busy couple of days.

Thanks for bearing with us while we tried to stop this website from falling over under the weight of more than one million more requests than it usually sees. (I hope we’ll have some graphs and pictures of servers weeping blood for you later on.) One of the things we had to do to try to keep things working round here was to shut the forums for a couple of days: we’re sorry you couldn’t get your fix, and you’ll be pleased to hear they’re back up now.

In case you’ve been living under a stone for the last few days, I guess we should explain that the reason for this sudden loss of functionality was the release of our newest product, Raspberry Pi 2 – which has a new quadcore ARMv7 chip, 1GB of RAM and no wheels, all for the very familiar price of $35. Here are some videos to let you know what it’s all about.

First up, here’s the footage that was taken live at the press conference where we announced Pi 2. Eben stands up to talk about two minutes in.

A couple of boards had sneaked out into the hands of community bloggers:

Alex Eames from Raspi.TV did an introductory video – and he also made the video below, where he hammers all four cores in parallel to see how the Pi 2 copes. (Splendidly, is the answer.) You can download the test he used to try it out on your own Pi 2.

Make magazine also did a very jolly performance test, which should help illustrate to B and B+ owners just how much more oomph the Pi 2 has.

Here’s Eben on the BBC:

A certain snarky somebody shouted “Wheels!” at the press conference when one of the journalists asked what improvements we should have made to the device. Adafruit came out our rescue within hours.wheels

There’s been so much press we can’t possibly link to it all – thanks very much to everybody who took the time to write about the release.

All the existing stock of Pi 2 (around 150,000) had gone by Tuesday, but we’re making new ones at a rate of 20,000 a day, so if you have one on order it should be with you soon. (Some resellers may still have stock – we don’t have figures on all of them, so shop around.) We’ve been overwhelmed at the reception you guys gave the news; thank you for your support, your enthusiasm and your excitement. We couldn’t do this stuff without you.


AndrewS avatar

Awesome! Incredible to think that the initial estimate for “lifetime Pi sales” was 10,000 and you’re now manufacturing double that, every single day! An amazing almost-3-years.

Antao Almada avatar

I got the impulse shopping bug on the launching day and tried to get a couple of boards from the main suppliers announced here.
Neither Farnell/Element14 or RS accept Paypal. Created an account at Farnell and placed the order. Received an next day telling me that they only sell to businesses. Canceled the order. Created an account at RS and placed the order. Received an email next day telling me they didn’t charge the taxes.
These guys are not maker friendly at all. I thought makers were your target.
The impulse is now gone and felling very frustrated… :(

Brendan avatar

I would suggest looking at some of the other maker friendly stores like Adafruit http://www.adafruit.com/categories (usa) and http://www.buyapi.ca (canada). Either way this is a pretty amazing update.

Antao Almada avatar

I’m in Europe and ended up ordering it from https://www.pi-supply.com/
Thanks for tip though.

Pi Supply avatar

Direct link is here for anyone wanting it – https://www.pi-supply.com/product/raspberry-pi-2-model-b-newest-version/

Doug avatar


I know it has only been a few days since its release, but I couldn’t find them ANYWHERE in stock in the USA. At least from a reputable supplier. Thanks again!

Chorlton avatar

I agree with you: the buying experience is a put-off. I bought mine from Pimoroni, who weren’t as cheap as the Blue Chips but did accept PayPal and really do give exceptional customer service.

W. H. Heydt avatar

I’ve been mostly using MCM Electronics for a while. They are connected to Farnell and are more small order friendly than the main vendors, and the price is the same.

I got an order in through the badly limping web site on Monday and it is in transit…slowly because I don’t want to pay for fast shipping. At last check (scan), it was in New Mexico and should be here (California) on Saturday.

Matt avatar

Frustrated here too… Wish there were better channels to order from than the current authorized resellers..

I ordered from Element14 within 3 hrs of the release announcement (already had an account)… Couldn’t find anything about when it would ship, but based on them being one of the officially listed resellers coupled with the announcement of availability, I assumed it would be in the next few days…

The 2 confirmation emails that I received were messed up – while I could see it was ‘successful’, the template variables weren’t swapped before it was sent to me, so I just had things like “{OrderDate}”…

I’ve now seen that there is a string at the bottom of an email along with with some garbage and non-swapped variables – in a non labeled box is “Expected Ship Date: 02/17/2015&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp”, so I guess I have a bit of waiting to do…

I think I am just going to cancel and wait until they get things sorted better.

Patrick avatar

I ordered mine from element 14 day it came out and got next day shipping ( if you order before 8pm) what got me was they sold over 200 as I was signing up for the account..
But got mine and went to cex for the lapdock for the atrix £55 with 12 months warranty..

Dave Walker avatar

I used CPC.co.uk (the more consumer-facing arm of Farnell/Element 14). Free Delivery, and quite painless. They do add sales tax on in the basket when you checkout, but if you’re aware of that, it’s not a big deal. Mine arrived yesterday.

xpeace avatar

RS Really Sucks – I received an order confirmation on February, 2nd and several days later the “update” that they don`t sell to non company customers.

The Order confirmation is usually regarded as legal contract confirmation, …

-> Could you Guys get Conrad Electronics involved.

Conrad already sells the previous PI Versions, special PI wide angle cameras, and other useful Pi accesoires + they do both B2B and private consumers.

Please get CONRAD Electronics involved as distributor.

EJ Courtemanch avatar

I can’t wait to get my hands on a Pi 2. It looks really quite amazing. Yeah, on the day it was released I’m fairly certain that, not only was the this sight facing high traffic, but so was element 14. I tried to go on their site to buy one and it wasn’t working. By the time I was able to get on the site (like 11am EST), they were already sold out.

So yeah, everyone wants the new Pi lol

rahlquist avatar

I have to say your US distributors just suck at inventory management. Gotta Newark/Element14/MCMElectronics are so not on the top of my list right now. So, like many others I heard about the new PI on Sunday night. Tried all night to find any place to order till about 2am Eastern, went to bed and got up in the morning. Found the item available to order on Newark site so I placed an order at 6:56am. When I got my email from Newark/Element14 it said it wouldn’t be shipping till 2/17 so wanting it in time for my vacation that starts on 2/11 I looked around. Found that MCMElectronics listed it as in stock. I placed an order with them and canceled my order with Newark/Element14. After 2 days my order still said processing and finally switched to Backordered with no date info.
So I fire off an email to MCM to find out WTF. Meanwhile I look around and go to Newark/Element14 site and hit Buy to see how long the wait is and I get this crap; http://i.imgur.com/hHFcYgW.jpg and then I realize you are all related and according to that link it said MCM ships all your personal non business orders. So I realize I should have never canceled the first order. Then I get my email response from MCM to top the cake.
Hello-I apologize for the inconvenience. Unfortunately the web does not show real time stock allocations. It is updated every couple of hours and we sold out of the part within minutes. Yours is currently on backorder and we are expecting stock to arrive late next week. When we ship it out you will receive an email with tracking number.
WTF big electronics company has a website that cant do real time stock indication? Then why the hell would MCM have an “In Stock” indicator on items, talk about deceptive as hell.
So now I wait, for a company to hopefully ship my item and me to get it eventually. I started ordering from MCM in 1981 and this will be the last damn order ever. What a pile of BS.

BC avatar

Ordered from MCM Electronics yesterday around 3pm EST. UPS delivered it this afternoon at 1:11pm! I have been a customer of MCM since the early 90s. I don’t know if they recognized that or what, but WOW they did awesome! Of course I don’t live very far from their warehouse.

William avatar

I ordered from MCM monday morning… it still says “Back Ordered” how the F* did you get it first? i been an MCM customer since the 90s as well.

TK avatar

I bet amazon.com will have them soon. I ordered one from the UK store to be shipped to a friend in the UK and then to the US (probably the fastest option right now) and even it’s been delayed a bit due to the overwhelming demand. I’m sure things will start to normalize in a week or two when the feeding frenzy slows down a bit.

Stick avatar

Ordered from RS on Monday morning, arrived today, all up and running. With a product this good and Microsoft on the case, the Sinclair Spectrum’s sales record is toast.

Nobody avatar

29 Feburary 2012 round 2… aaaaaahhhhh

Liz Upton avatar

…happily, though, this time we have well more than 2000 of the things to sell, and we’re able to produce a *lot* more every day than we could back then!

W. H. Heydt avatar

You also have a *lot* more actual owners who want the new boards. Funny how that works.

I also note that you have gotten over your fear of a dud in this case and made an initial run of a lot more than 10K.

Liz Upton avatar

Yup! Really hope you enjoy yours, Hal.

W. H. Heydt avatar

Thank you. I expect to. Not only do the specs (and the initial reports) look very good, but the RPF has an excellent record for having working software.

More for curiosity than anything else, I’m going to run a test with the Ubuntu alpha.

By managing to get one this quick (partially luck of the draw, I suspect), I’ll be able to demo it at the Jam on the 21st.

salts avatar

Can’t wait to check this out with in browser video as a KA Lite client, but I have to wait, I just can’t get to pick any up until the beginning of March, life is really tough at times :-)

Chris Whelan avatar

I ordered Mon am from RS. It arrived Tues am!
It’s really possible to use as a general purpose PC. I have been browsing with Iceweasel whilst playing some tunes through Clementine, and performance was great. Libre Office Writer is now entirely viable.
Congrats to all for making a good product brilliant!

Bill Stephenson avatar


Adrian Pemsel avatar

I tried to order both from Element 14 and RS in Germany early Monday morning. Both sites wrote an email saying they don’t service private customers. Tried to import from theIr UK sites but they both redirect to the German stores. Finally I remembered Pimoroni and YES they still had some in stock AND shipped mine to Germany the same day. Can’t wait for it to arrive tomorrow. Said to say, but both primary distributors Element14 and RS are just no option outside the UK and Pimoroni saved my day.

rahlquist avatar

I had hope till I worked out the exchange rate. Pimoroni would cost me $77.62 shipped. Ouch. :(

Oliver Hörmann avatar

watterott.com and pollin.de still have some! Both are great shops, they are very maker-friendly.


Alan Mc avatar

The rollercoaster ride continues, onwards and upwards! Congrats, bravo and thank you.

John-Paul avatar

Why did you pick Raspberry Pi 2 over the Raspberry Pi C?

Jeff avatar

Following BBC/Acorn Conventions:
We had A&B (BBC micro A&B)
Then A+&B+ (BBC B+64 & B+128)

Surely it should be the Raspberry Pi Master?

Alex Eames (RasPi.TV) avatar

LOL. A lot of the above comments remind me of a certain leap day just under 3 years ago.

RPF you have proved beyond all reasonable (and unreasonable) doubt that you are not a one-trick pony. You’ve gone and done it again – only bigger. But at least this time you took your own site down as well. ;)

Fabulous. Can’t wait to clink glasses at the party. Congratulations on a spectacular launch. :)

Gaz99 avatar

I am with Alex.

I bought a Pi on day 1, and when my Pi 2 arrives it will be my 5th. I have taught myself Python, programmed a Home Energy Centre, made a network port/cable tester for the facilities department at work, and I am currently monitoring room temperatures in my house and balancing my central heating.

But that is all piffle – most importantly I have got my two daughters interested in Scratch, python and coding and problem solving. I could not have imagined doing that without the Pi and the Work the Pi foundation has done.

The Pi 2 is a fabulous achievement, well done to everyone at the foundation.

Markus avatar

I ordered two from RS and it arrived in Sweden the next day with DHL. Amazingly fast! I’m not sure if they have a warehouse in Sweden or if it was actually shipped from the UK.

Oliver Hörmann avatar

Writing this post on a Pi 2 running epiphany.

RPF, you can’t be praised high enough!
Since three years you make me feel 35 years younger. I started w/ a ZX80, now my son fiddles around w/ minecraft (on the RPi, of course).

Releasing the Display now would be a very nice topping. Is it in sight already?

Hat tip from Germany,

vasi avatar

Their answer is “yes, of course”, but actually they’ve just started working on the RPi 3.0!

G avatar

No, they starting working on the 3.14… But they have problems with finding the LS digit.

Lee Wilkin avatar

It would be super-cool to see “Raspberry Pi V. 3.14” printed on a future board! :-)

vasi avatar

Raspberry 3.14159265358979

Frank avatar

When your distributors are selling this thing at £30 in the UK, it is false advertising to promote it as a $35 computer. $35 is around £23 NOT £30!

Ben Nuttall avatar

It’s $35 plus local taxes. Educational institutions are tax free so it’s $35.

CPC (part of element 14) are selling for £24.94 + tax.

Aaron Pearson avatar

I got my one from CPC on the 3rd and I am hoping that it will come tomorrow but if not it will come on saturday or sunday!!!!!

John-Paul avatar

$35 is the MSRP, which is what the primary resellers (i.e. Element 14) are selling the board for. However anyone can purchase and resell the boards at a slight mark-up in order to turn a profit.

David avatar

For example, Adafruit has them listed for $45. $10 more than they were selling the B+ for.

Robert Andrews avatar

In the end Adafruit has been reliable with shipping and accessories. So the $10 dollars evens out or actually saves against other purchase options I’ve explored.

Jonas Grosse-Holz avatar

Got mine today (I live in Germany and ordered at Waterott, one of Element14’s resellers). Just posting this from my new Pi 2 with Motorola Atrix Lapdock :)

JBeale avatar

Out here on the US west coast we get up later than the rest of the world, so backorder it is. Meanwhile I’ve lost count of how many Pi’s I have, but there are four active on the LAN at the moment. R-Pi boards have done a lot of data acquisition for me at home and at work. I have a few projects that have been waiting for a faster CPU, which now may see the light of day. Keep up the good work!

W. H. Heydt avatar

Hah… I’m on the West Coast. I managed to get through the MCM in time to get one. I will have three up and operating on the household LAN as soon as my grandson finishes his homework (homework first, Pi after, to prevent distraction).

When I run ConReg at DunDraCon, I use up to 5 Pis at a time. Give me a Pi with a SATA port and an RTC, and it would be 7.

I’ve lost track of how many I have…around a dozen (I think).

user879 avatar

Go US west coast! Can’t wait until the second round reaches distributors, this in an awesome pi!

Jongoleur avatar


I ordered my Pi2 from RS as soon as I saw the announcement, and it was delivered on Tuesday afternoon. Its a speedy little thing and launches JMRI (a Java based model railway control system) slightly faster than a Compaq Mini notebook computer.

Definitely 10/10!

Zach B. avatar

I know there has been work done for a display accessory(Eben showed it off slightly in October 2014 at Tech Crunch) and mentioned that they were aiming toward the end of the year or beginning of this one, but there has been no update as to if it is still being released. I would like to order a Raspberry Pi 2 and a display accessory at the same time(money is tight and hard to hold on to), so any word on its progress?

Bobby Youstra avatar

Got one of the last Pi 2s up for stock!

HBE avatar

Mine will arrive tomorrow, which will be Raspi # 7 for me (doing, split among them: fileserver, webserver, DUMP1090 (ADS-B aircraft transponder receiver), 2 webcams (one NoIR), XBMC, home automation via 433MHz remote controlled power plugs, telescope camera for astronomy, BOINC (Einstein@home), temperature and humidity sensors, and some other minor things. For someone in his 40th, it’s a great excuse to do soldering and LEGO-like stuff again ;-) Thank you Raspberry Pi Foundation for this!

Shannon Spurling avatar

So, I ended up on element14’s second round. Oh, well. So, as I understand it, the Jam sandwich still isn’t included? Come on! Get your act together! At least Liz can order her wheels from adafruit. The jam sandwich is still DIY.

G avatar

DIY instructions for wheels are here:http://www.gertbot.com/toaste.html :-)

Liz Upton avatar

ToastE is my favourite robot ever. Thanks Gert!

Clive Beale avatar

‘Biscuits’ hates you.

Liz Upton avatar

Biscuits has never brought me a sandwich. Remedy that, and he’s in with a chance.

Shannon Spurling avatar

“Biscuits”? Is there a link? I’d like to try an Americanized upgrade. “Bisciuts and gravy” :-)

Liz Upton avatar

Biscuits is one of our office robots: Clive built him for the Robo Butler resource. There’s a picture of him towards the bottom of it.


Sadly for your gravy ambitions, Biscuits is an English biscuit (i.e. cookie) robot – his body’s made from a biscuit tin!

Samuel B avatar

I can’t wait to get my hands on the new Pi! :)

PiEater avatar

Ordered mine through Allied Electronics in the US. :-( Backordered… It will be 3&4 for me. Looking forward to a minecarft server for the kid!

Alex avatar

Bought one through a eBay reseller in Hong Kong! Thanks! Will also buy VC-1 and MPEG-2 licenses for it as well when it arrives.

4-core and 1GB in the same form factor is really cool. It’s now not a piece of hw for simple monitoring and testing, but a full-fledged op device.

Dominique Laloux avatar

This is a great news for all people interested in bringing computer technology to youth in regions of the world where resourcs are scarce !

The Raspberry PI was a very exciting tool for people who already have access to other computers and want to explore programming and interfacing with the physical world.
The Raspberry PI 2 is a lot more than that: it has the potential to trigger many projects similar to the One-Laptop-Per-Child project, bringing ICT to hundreds, thousands — let’s dream : millions — of youth who, at the moment, can only look at pictures of computers.

Having installed a first Raspberry Pi room in Togo last summer, I can’t wait to get 25 Raspberry Pi 2 and to install them in replacement of the 25 existing Raspis. I already know how the 200 kids of that Middle School will react at the upgrade.

Thank you to every member of the Team who made that dream possible to those young people !

Bob Foster avatar

I got mine through a Dutch distributor, was playing around with it last night, it is very nice on the X Window GUI side, very snappy and responsive, desktop PC like response, very pleased with my purchase, keep up the good work!

Only downside…I’ve never touched Minecraft until now, damn you!!!

Guido Stepken avatar

I am pretty sure, global market easily absorbs even 10 million RPi² within just a few month.

Excellent work!!!

Ken MacIver avatar

I know having a growing personal collection of Pi’s is quite common. But for those of us that are happy to upgrade and possibly never use ‘old faithful’ again. Instead of just giving them to my local school, is there any scheme where we can post them to, so they can be given to some of the educational projects.
A Red Nose Pi day project perhaps ?

Pat avatar

Kali Linux thanks you for the boost in speed and memory. Another addition to my PenTesting arsenal.

John avatar

Can’t wait to get one… in 6 months when they’re in-stock anywhere.

Thanks for making some great improvements, but at least have more stock available for such a popular product when you announce the next big release.

Seriously the biggest letdown for something so exciting in a while.

Liz Upton avatar

We had 150,000 units in stock, and we’re making 20,000 more every day. I’d imagine you’ll be able to get one as soon as next week.

John avatar

This is awesome! Congrats on the warm reception! I loved the phrase “weep blood” . . . And those are some great wheels by Adafruit!

David Rolfe avatar

Sorry to hear that folk ‘across the pond’ (and elsewhere also) had problems ordering one on Monday. I was lucky as I live in the U.K. and although (due to having been away for a long weekend) I didn’t even hear about the release until quite late in the day, I was able to open an account with CPC and place an order with them at 18:40 for ‘next day delivery’.

I was obviously absolutely delighted to see on Tuesday morning that it was already out for delivery with UPS, and even more so when it duly arrived later that day, packed in a nice strong oversized box…complete with air bags!

What I would like to know though is just how the Foundation, and also the many other companies, reviewers and testers who must have known what was coming, managed to kept it a secret right up until the launch.

I know that they would all have signed ‘NDA’s (non disclosure agreements) but even so there is usually a leak somewhere along the line, especially with a launch of a product such as this.

Well done to all concerned, and especially to Eben and Liz for their unceasing work on the project!

AndrewS avatar

Threatening stares from Mooncake…

Jim Manley avatar



I know it’s hard to see from there in damp Cambridge, but from the scorched earth here on the Best Coast I can’t repeat this enough – WE LOVE YOU, ALL OF YOU, YES, EVEN JAMES HUGHES ;) The Foundation has still yet to realize that they have accomplished something – as serial offenders at that – that few organizations in the wide swath that is human history have done. They’ve created not just wild and crazy products based on long-forgotten whims and prayers, but a Community that now obviously numbers in the millions worldwide and that number is rapidly climbing the “stick” part of the “hockey-stick” curve for demand.

A special thanks to the Foundation for making sure that Raspberry Jams Silicon Valley will be able to show off the Pi² 1:30 – 4:30 PM on Saturday, February 21st, at the Computer History Museum at 1401 N. Shoreline Blvd., Mountain View, California, as well as at innumerable educational institutions all over Northern and Central (and probably Southern) California until production and distribution catch up with demand. If you’re in the SF Bay or Monterey Bay areas, we make house calls and are willing to come show off (perhaps in exchange for a bit of food and drink, since gasoline/petrol is now cheaper than dirt) the Pi² in the flesh/silicon/whatever at your school, hackspace, shop, House of the Rising Sun …

Hal and I have been sitting around kibbutzing about what was coming next for many months, and when we got wind that a surprise was in the offing, we confidently winked and nodded to each other and fully expected a touchscreen to appear. We have never been so happy to be so wrong and will be delighted to show off the Pi² far and wide. I had been procrastinating pulling the trigger on our last block of grant money for the year hoping that the touchscreen would appear and already had a ton of B+ boards and peripherals in a purchase order. Now I can go to the district Assistant Superintendent for Business, who’s also the acting IT Director and acting Career Technical Education Director, and show him that we have a viable desktop computer replacement that will allow us to get to a long-coveted 1:1 kid-to-computer ratio overnight for the 16,000 students in our district.

This has also rekindled my momentum in getting Pi-finity! to fruition by this Summer (on a fruit-named computer, no less ;) Bill Stephenson, we now have what we need to really make the Raspberry Office Kit not just ROK, but be the Raspberry Office Computing Kit – aka ROCK!!!

And now, back to finishing testing the rest of the 40-odd Pi3D demos, one of my favorite ways to show off what a GPU can do in Spades, Clubs, Diamonds, and especially Hearts, Liz. XOXOX to you, Eben, and the rest of the Motley Crew!

Liz Upton avatar

Hooray! I’m SO glad you’re so pleased with it. I’m hoping we’ll be in your neck of the woods next month or later this month; I’ll make sure to make some time so we can get together!

Jim Manley avatar

Hi Liz! YAY for you coming! It’s supposed to start raining here this afternoon through the weekend, and although we will probably be back in drought mode by the time you get here (no rain in all of January – driest on record since they started keeping records in 1888), I’ll save some humidity in a big pickle jar until you get here ;)

Managed to bring Epiphany to its knees with about eight tabs open, but scrolling the entire blog page up and down at will with only occasional brief gray square checkerboard placeholder grids showing as it caught up is more than satisfactory. Do you know if anyone at Google will be taking another stab at porting the Chrome browser now that we have much better hardware available?

The Pi3D demos all run, except possibly a few that I need to rerun at 128 MB of RAM on the GPU instead of 256 MB (setting it higher can cause problems, even on the Pi 2, but this was true on earlier Pi systems, too – I need to understand what actually happens at those higher settings).

That Ladyada is something else – I now so much want a case with wheels big enough for a Pi … and a Subway 12-inch sandwich that would make the old Earl of Sandwich blush! :D

W. H. Heydt avatar

In the unlikely chance that it turns out to be “later this month” and that later is in the range of the 13th to 16th, come on out to San Ramon and DunDraCon. You’ll find me chained the the ConReg desk, overseeing–what is the collective noun for Pis?–a whole bunch of Pis.

TK avatar

With the Pi 2, there now truly a very viable option available to use as a thin client. I would like nothing more than to see Citrix take what they have already done in beta for the Pi and come out with an officially supported Receiver for the Pi 2, which should be easier to accomplish on the ARMv7 platform. The “regular” Pi already trounces thin clients costing many times as much and even those containing more CPU power and memory. The Pi 2 would be a MONSTER as a thin client with Receiver. This would certainly make such units more affordable for educational institutions plus be even “greener” with the incredible power savings. All interested in promoting this should talk to their Citrix reps and post on Citrix blogs! I most certain am!

Liz Upton avatar

As it happens, we had a call with Citrix on Friday – watch this space!

TK avatar

Hi, Liz: That is encouraging, as I have been in touch with a number of people at Citrix regarding this for some time now, so my optimism meter just spiked. :-) Many thanks in advance for taking this into serious consideration.

Stephen Hill avatar

I didn’t realise this was coming out. Immediately I heard the news I ordered from RS in UK who said they had it in stock. I then received an email that said “sorry we cannot deliver as promised”. Presumably they sold out. However within 2 days I got an email saying it would be delivered and it arrived today (6th Feb).

What I’m saying is “do not despair” because it looks like stocks are coming in all the time. BTW it’s lovely. Raspian OK as expected but I’m about to try Ubuntu.

DR avatar

Glad to see you guys are building a multicore SBC. I have the model B with 512 I plan to get a RPI 2 as soon as you guys catch up with the demand. I plan to run emulation station on the rpi2. I have my rpi 1 running motionpie and plan to buy more model A’s for other cameras around my house.

James Hughes avatar

Demand is almost caught up – 20k being made per day. Should be available off the shelf in couple opr three weeks or so. Order now!

Patrick avatar

I find it funny Maplin in the UK are going to sell it for £39.99
Paid less than that for case and Pi 2 and free shipping next day..


James Hughes avatar

Hmm. I wonder wonder sometimes what Maplin are thinking.

Jevin avatar

Now that they’re scarce, the price gouging is getting out of hand. CanaKit selling it for $65 USD on Amazon, and out of stock elsewhere. I’ll keep my eyes peeled on Element14 and Adafruit, although the Adafruit markup is about $10-15 so… meh.

James Hughes avatar

So wait a week or two, and the prices should stabilise. Prices always rise when their is a shortage, but this shortage will be short lived. 20k being made PER DAY.

Arthur Reader avatar


So if you follow all of the instructions for the previous PI versions and no-one BUT NO-ONE points this out, you’ve wasted 10 quid on a SDHC card and have to go back to the shop and get the micro-SD version.

Thanks Raspberry Pi, thanks a bunch.

Have some raspberries from me.

Liz Upton avatar

The Raspberry Pi has had a micro-SD slot since July 14 last year – it’s definitely in the documentation!

Kke avatar

Rats… I did buy a SDHC, a big one… :'(

Dean avatar

Well, amazed that they’re actually LESS than $35 USD here downunder :-)

got one two days after the launch from Element14 who sold out just afterwards

Happy chappy, now just need to do something with my 256 Meg B, B, B+, two A+’s and now my 2 :-)

it’s the thought that counts?

Jeremy avatar

Time to get them all talking to each other. Perhaps the older models looking after some sensors and communicating the readings to a central point for logging/display? Pretty sure that’s at the low end of the exciting possibilities.

bradley avatar

I was pleased with ModMyPi. Found out about the RPi2 on Mon am (purely by accident). Ordered with ModMyPi Mon after 1pm, shipped Tue, delivered to work Wed pm (30 mins after I’d left), ripped the shipping packaging open Thu 6am (30 mins before I started work and got in nice and early to do so), showed 6 yr old step daughter Thu pm, nearly fell over stunned when asked if she can write programs on it.

The only problem with it is….

…not had a chance to play as not been at home long enough in a state of wakefulness

However now about to leave work and I’m going home to an empty house, with only a small black and white fluffy purring thing to distract me….

Kke avatar

It’s funny that so many people are having problems with RS not shipping to private costumers. I have read the conditions in the spanish web page, and yes, they DO say so. BUT in my case they have shipped it. And I even called them to complain about some [mod edit – language!]. I wrote my ID (which confirms that I am no comapny). So they knew I was no company. I am glad that the biggest problem I have experienced with them is that the proce was listed without VAT. We are not used to it in Spain.
Btw, the stock management they have is crazy, during one day I saw it go from “in stock” to “not shipping until the 27th” several times. Not joking.

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I’ve been looking for a week and no one seems to have them. Well, Amazon says they will on Feb 13 for $59.
Are there any places in the US that sell them?

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*** Spoiler alert for Intersellar ***

“Thanks for bearing with us while we tried to stop this website from falling over under the weight of more than one million more requests than it usually sees.”

I’m reminded of that scene in Interstellar when they land on the water planet and look at the distant mountain range and Coop says, “those aren’t mountains – THEY’RE WAVES!!!”

Well done on surviving the wave! :-)

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US buyers, Try newark.com — they seem to have them at a fair price. http://www.newark.com/raspberry-pi/raspberrypi-2-modb-1gb/sbc-raspberry-pi-2-model-b-1gb/dp/38Y6467
TheInkBright vendor going via the US amazon.co want a ridiculous $55 plus extra fro shipping and CanaKit wants $70.

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Sorry for the previous typos.
on .

The CanaKit is at least a real kit and there are several configuration options, including one that has a case, power supply and micro SD card http://www.canakit.com/raspberry-pi/raspberry-pi-kits while it at least appears that the InkBright offering may be just the board.


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I bought one of these very hard to obtain jewels at work. Just wanted to say thank you to all involved with the Raspberry pi Foundation. So very excited to start playing with this.

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It’s good that I didn’t face any shortage problem here in India (I was expecting it). Ordered it on tuesday got it on friday ! And I must say, It’s Awesome !! btw the website is hosted on the same pi :)

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