Pocket PiGRRL: is that an emulator in your pocket?

PiGRRL and robot

Huge, city-destroying robot for scale (Photo: Adafruit/ Ruiz Brothers)

Last year we went into full retronerd dribble mode over the PiGRRL, a Pi-powered Gameboy. Our friends at Adafruit have brought the project up to date with the Pocket PiGRRL. It has a 3D printed case and uses the smaller Raspberry model A+ plus a 2.4″ PiTFT HAT to bring the size down. Emulation is handled by RetroPie.

Adafruit say that “it’s easier than our previous PiGRRL build” and the use of components such as the amplifier and charger means that it’s suitable for a confident beginner—at the very least you’ll earn your soldering skills badge.


Nuex* Luke Castle avatar

When can you buy it

Ran0mUser avatar

All you need for this project is at Adafruit (all the parts are on the right-hand side, click them and find a distributer at the bottom of the part page if you’re outside the US)
It probably isn’t ever going to be available fully assembled – it would never pass the various selling regulations for electronics without some serious modification.

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I’ll be selling these soon, so if you’re really desperate to buy one, follow my shop. And feel free to message me with any questions: etsy.com/shop/ElectroniCustoms

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Now all I need to do is to persuade my mum to buy me one. £127.62, crossing my fingers.

Yours Truley,


winkleink avatar

Love the picture of the inside.

I expected it to be crammed full but there is even space in there even with all that tech.

Kratos avatar

I love this project. (Off to find a 3d printer…)

Jamison avatar

Super Mario World requires more than 2 buttons.

Nuex* Luke Castle avatar

Maybe this is the pi verision

Brian Hanifin avatar

If only the case were sold, my son would love this project. I just can’t justify buying a 3D printer just for it yet.

Jake McHargue avatar

@Brian You can use something like this: http://www.sculpteo.com/en/ or join a hackerspace for < $100/month. They have 3d printers coming out their ears.

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