New in the Swag Shop: recycled CD case pencils!

These feel lovely when you sharpen them, have a beauteous Raspberry Pi logo at the end, and are made in solid colours from recycled CD cases. Buy some, look funky when you doodle, help fund computing education, and save the planet too – what could be better?

Amazingly, we have not yet sold out of our first batch of Babbage the Bear. (He has stayed on the shelves longer than the camera boards, which we find shocking and remarkable.) Get him while he’s snuggly!


gee avatar

Somewhere there is photographic evidence of babbage bears line up in ranks ready to take over the world with there cuddly cuteness :)

Richard Collins avatar

I was impressed with the speed of postage, got my loot Saturday morning. :)
Babbage will be for a friends new baby, when it is born.

Tom West avatar

“He has stayed on the shelves longer than the camera boards, which we find shocking and remarkable”.

I find it remarkable too – the camera boards aren’t even on the shelves!

liz avatar

They were – they all sold out within a few hours. We’re making more!

ukscone avatar

Heard if anyone has gone the full Borg with Babbage and implanted a raspi & camera board in to Babbage?

CW avatar

Nannycam redux.

edwinj85 avatar

Wait a second – why not redo the bear entirely and sell it as a kit for kids to assemble?

Think about it – it still works as a bear but it gives younger kids all the parts they need for a really simple project that will act as a jumping board for more things. I would definitely buy a 5th pi for such a project.

edwinj85 avatar

Heck, give the new bear a little LED array too for the GPIO pins, and maybe a small powered speaker you can connect up to the pi to activate with e-speak – I PROMISE you this will hook younger kids.

It would increase the price of the bear a little but but it would be so worth it. I’d happily contribute to a kickstarter for this. I’d do it myself but this is WAY beyond my technical skills.

J Ashfield avatar

Is there any chance you will be making Raspberry Pi jumpers?
because over here in Northern Ireland its too cold all of the time most of the time to go about in a t-shirt

AndrewS avatar

They’re not yet listed in the swag-shop, but one of the people from the Foundation was showing us iron-on RaspberryPi badges at the recent CamJam – when/if they become available I guess you could iron one onto a sweatshirt.

J Ashfield avatar

I’ve got one of them -their from Adafruit

Alex Gibson avatar

Can you fit a Raspberry Pi inside Babbage the Bear? #justwondering

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