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you guys still have a long way to go.and im still waiting on that lcd that works with the dsi connector.hint hint

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all good things come to those that wait

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New Out Of the Box system?

oooz, sounds interesting. Cant wait :D

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Gordon (from RaspiFoundation) gave a demo of the New Out Of Box Experience at the Cambridge Raspberry Jam on Saturday – it looks very slick.

Loved Eben’s comment in the video above about how many Pis are needed before you have a tonne of them ;-)

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New Out Of Box System, not Experience! (We worked hard for that acronym, you know!)

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OOPS – Youtube doesn’t allow video changes, but I can change the thumbnail and add an annotation http://youtu.be/Bc631QRq-zI

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Its like eben has just been asked for a kiss on the sample pic…

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Great to meet people from the Foundation on Saturday at the Cam Jam. NOOBS looks like a great initiative. Blogged about it here: http://www.recantha.co.uk/blog/?p=4191

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That explains the slightly bizarre ordering process at Farnell for the camera I had on Tuesday :-)

Ordered 1 camera. Got to checkout to be told that the minimum spend is £20. OK, go back and add a second camera. Fine, placed order. Shortly while later get email saying that the order has been adjusted back down to 1 camera … which was want I wanted in the first place :-D

I’m guessing they were limiting the cameras to one per person.

Anyway it arrived next day and is working great. Another score for the RaspberryPi Foundation.

At least we didn’t bring down the Farnell website this time ;-)

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Those two guys are likeable Nerds. And I say that with all due respect.

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How many levels is that above standard nerds?

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