Raspberry Pi for Dummies: sample chapter

If you’re wondering about introducing your kids to Scratch, but aren’t quite sure where to start, here’s a handy resource for you. Sean McManus, one of the authors of Raspberry Pi for Dummies, has sent me a link to a couple of sample chapters of the book, including the first chapter on Scratch. You’re welcome to download it to find out whether the book’s for you.

Raspberry Pi For Dummies PDF Sampler



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Finally! A book aimed squarely at me! Let the replies begin! :lol:

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yeah, we’ve been looking for a suitable missile to throw at your head. :D

Jim Manley avatar

Ouch! Oooch!! Eeech!!! I really didn’t see that one coming from that particular angle, but that’s mostly because a student went nuts in class yesterday and chucked an empty plastic fruit drink bottle. Fortunately, his aim was even worse than his grades, but it was empty and he no longer has to worry about attending a field trip to the Great America amusement park or the 8th grade promotion ceremony. That’s what I get for filling in for a fellow STEM teacher – boy does he owe me some payback dinner now!

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Never mind the kids! This pensioner/old codger has found it superb as an ease-in to the Raspberry Pi. Thank you guys.


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I’d like to have a look at it, but instead of coughing up, the page demands either a login or a signup- sorry, neither.

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I’m with you Pygar. This nefarious practice is a prime way of introducing malware, and would probably treble our inbox traffic with garbage. So what’s wrong with being a Grumpy Old Git anyway? Like you , I value my privacy. (One of the few Human Rights Conventions that not enough use is made of!)

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I agree. But I just spotted a “Download” button underneath the embedded-scrollable-PDF in the article above, and it seems clicking that does allow you to download the PDF without registering! :)

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Did you scroll down the page? I am able to see 74 pages directly in my browser without entering anything. I believe that is the TOC, Chapter 1, Chapter 10 and the index. I think login is only if you wanted to download a PDF.

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Thank you for your support everyone! It’s quite a big file so it wasn’t possible for me to host it directly. You should be able to read on screen without downloading, but document sharing sites typically require a login to download. Scribd is well established and reputable, and wherever you download, I don’t get your email address. If you already have an account at Slideshare or Issuu, I’ve also posted it to those sites for you:

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I’ve just bought a copy, largely for the section entitled “Making a Steve Reich Machine”.

Thanks, looks great.

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IS this officially
backed by the “For Dummies” brand?

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It is. For Dummies is an imprint of Wiley and Sons, who also publish the Raspberry Pi User Guide by Eben and Gareth Halfacree. (I think we’d be in big trouble if we were promoting something called “For Dummies” that wasn’t theirs; it *is* a trademark!)

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Many years ago I bought a “For Dummies” (tm) book as a present for my mum, and using a sticker and a black felt-tip I cleverly changed it’s title to “Windows 95 For Mummies” :-D

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