Movember 2013: look! Eben can grow hair on at least one part of his head!

This year, Eben’s participating in Movember, and growing a moustache to raise funds for men’s mental health, in memory of our very dear friend Chris “Oggie” Lightfoot, who died in 2007. He’s been growing the hairs on the lower part of his face out since November 1, and now has enough stubble to shape into a moustache. We’re taking suggestions for precisely what shape to shave it into in the comments here: the rules state that handlebar moustaches are fine but may not link to either his chin or his sideburns, ‘cos those aren’t moustaches: they’re beards.

Facial hair after five days’ concentrated growth. Click to donate.

I should point out that giving November over to the production of a moustache is more onerous for me than it is for Eben. I have to put up with kissing a husband with bristles; my Dad shouting in restaurants “That’ll tickle your fancy, Liz! Bwa haha!” (Dad, I expect a large donation from you to make up for the embarrassment from that, and I am not eating in public with you again this month); and trimming the thing for him in the mornings. So please give generously. I’d like to feel that this month is worth it.

Eben is very, very bad indeed at growing hair on some parts of his head, but we are hoping for luxuriant results given that this only involves the area under his nose. Please let us know below just what shape you think his face-topiary should take. I’ve got a veto on this one, so moustaches resembling those of dictators from history will not be attempted, but you never know: you might come up with something we like.


Ken MacIver avatar

Its’ s got to be a ZaPiTa

liz avatar

Go on – enlighten me. What on earth is one of those?

Ken MacIver avatar

Sorry; a poor pun on Zapata
Pretty much any form of droopy full fat handlebar, named after Emiliano Zapata a Mexican revolutionary and peasants friend (appropriate maybe ) immortalised in film by Marlon Bando..

Ken MacIver avatar

Bando ,, ? I meant his better known brother Brando.

Robert M avatar

…and certainly not his distant cousin, Bando Calrissian, who also sported a stylish ‘stash, if I recall.

CP/M avatar

No, it was another pun – on bandolero. You’re wittier than you thought!

Brendan Tierney avatar

I can’t think of any designs for the moustache, but I think it is a great idea to raise funds for people with disabilities! You deserve a brownie/scout badge for this!

Pygar2 avatar

Try the suggestions on one of these: and see how you like them!

Personally, I would suggest the Little Tiny Triangular Separated Mustaches, like a Twenties gangster…

liz avatar

I have been suggesting a “My Name is Earl” handlebar arrangement. Glutton for punishment, that’s me.

asb avatar

Speaking of My Name is Earl, I can’t help but think Randy is a much rounder (and dumber) Sam:

Randy. Sam.

liz avatar

Do you know, I think you’re onto something there.

eben avatar

Aargh. Now I’ve seen that I can’t un-see it. Going to be awkward next time we’re down the pub.

Pygar2 avatar

Well, that is certainly a possibility, but I still think the little tiny triangular “Boris Badenov” ‘stache is cooler.

Jim Manley avatar

I hope the Wooly Willy people have been put on notice that they may not use Eben’s likeness without the expressed, written permission of the Foundation … :D

Pygar2 avatar

I wasn’t going to be the one pointing out the resemblance…

Movember avatar

That’s not a moustache! Has Eben read the rules?

liz avatar

Yes: it gets groomed into a moustache tomorrow morning once it’s clear there’s actually enough hair there to do it…

Rich avatar

Surely it’s got to be a moustache shaped like a pi (π)!

Rich avatar

… preferably even with a wavey top line!

CP/M avatar

+3.14159 for that!

bertwert avatar

+3.1415926535897932384626433832795028841971693993751058209749445923078164062862089986280348253421170679 for that!

bertwert avatar

More accurate! ;)

CP/M avatar

Doubt your memory’s that good.

JamesH avatar

I also am Movembering; so far, so pathetic, but not as pathetic as not getting any sponsors. Like last year.

So, should anyone wish to contribute, feel free to donate to Eben’s so far better effort.

ukscone avatar

have you tried swigging a few bottles of Miracle-Gro?

eben avatar

I thought you were just going for the rugged look when I saw you the other day.

JamesH avatar

There a difference between ‘rugged look’, and ‘cannot be arsed to shave’. And now I have an excuse for the second!

The Raspberry Pi Guy avatar

Awesome! I think that Eben’s moustache should look like this:

The Raspberry Pi Guy

bertwert avatar


Martin Bonner avatar

That’s not a moustache – that’s a (very fine, although a little dandified for my tastes) beard (with a moustache on top).

Eben won’t have time to grow one of those in Movember (unless he gets a 5 o’clock shadow by about 10am).

The Raspberry Pi Guy avatar


CP/M avatar

Medusa’s dad.

Charlie avatar

Eben needs a Charlie Chaplain Moustache.

Charlie avatar

Oops, I messed up the HTML tags

Gert van Loo avatar

Hummm. that is called ‘the tooth brush’ and unfortunately also has some very negative vibes, despite that fact that Chaplin was anti-fascist and also a visionary as his ‘great dictator’ (from 1940) showed.

Ken MacIver avatar

Also a possible confusion with Pte Baldrick (BlackAdder goes Fourth) and his barnstorming slug balancing Act for the troops..

Charlie avatar

Maybe if he wore the hat and shoes?

Iain B avatar

Luxuriant handlebar – no question

john avatar

Please, not a pencil-thin moustache! Barely tolerable on David Niven and Vincent Price; Eben would scare all the little children!

TheMainMan avatar

Picture that growth in blonde and that’s pretty much what mine looks like after 5 days.

I’m voting for the Yosemite Sam look, but it depends on whether he can grow his eyebrows fast enough to match!

Great to see you supporting a great cause Eben!

RM avatar

I vote for the full on 1970’s porn stache. Or the “My name is Earl” stache, which is almost the same thing.

eben avatar

Not sure I want to be rocking the Nick Stokes look:

without even the flimsy nicotine-withdrawal excuse.

IrishFramboise avatar

Why not set the bar a little higher? Tom Selleck….

ukscone avatar

if Eben is short a few hairs I could always shave mine off & send him some extension hairs

liz avatar


Noodles avatar

A Poirot moustache!

Tom avatar
eben avatar


groll avatar


Dutch_Master avatar

+1 on remembering Chris this way. Never met him, but judging from the wiki page Liz linked too, he would have contributed great things to humanity. Alas :(

Oh, and Eben: where there’s brains, there can’t be hair, as they say ;)

liz avatar

He *did* contribute great things – many of them are linked on the Wikipedia page you mention, and his blog is well worth a read too (notice that it’s pretty much from another geological epoch, by internet standards, and therefore the formatting may not be as shiny as you’re used to); it’s nice to get to know him that way, and I still dip into it occasionally to remember what it was like talking to him. He’d have contributed much, much more if he’d still been around, and I’m absolutely positive he’d have been part of the Raspberry Pi project if he were still here. We miss him very much.

Plus, I’m pretty sure the bugger was physically incapable of growing a convincing moustache, so there.

tzj avatar

Mmm… what about bum fluff? Bring back the teen years XD

IrishFramboise avatar

@eben I’ll race you. But you’ve had a slight “head” start….;o)

smintzo avatar

I’m most troubled by the revelation that Eben can’t trim his own moustache!! It’s not that hard to self-trim is it? (not that I’ve ever tried …)

CP/M avatar

How about letting Liz grow the moustache? The winner for the best program donates £10!

Multiple winners allowed.

Covering Eben’s balding pate also allowed.

Lars avatar

A moustache shaped in the form of a manly *cough* set of raspberry leaves ;-)

AndrewS avatar
CP/M avatar

Looks like a flourescent sneeze.

Lars avatar

Exactly like that AndrewS…apart from the colour… :)

Chris avatar

There’s only one logical moustache:

Magnum PI

I rest my case.

Ken MacIver avatar

Oooh that works on so many levels.
Erudite, Appropriate and Funny.

Dave Akerman avatar

We have a winner :-)

liz avatar

I’m tending towards that conclusion myself.

Chris avatar


Andy avatar

I think if you trim it like that, Eben’s hair might just grow straight out from his head.

Hans Otten avatar

No pi(e) in his moustache!

Miguel avatar

A Prototyping Bad kind of beard :)

another dave avatar

I personally think a sine wave shaped moustache would be good.

ukscone avatar

So what was the final result? We want to see so we can take the mickey, i mean enquiring want to know.

liz avatar

I’ll stick some photos up tomorrow, all being well!

Patrick avatar

Eben is a Good Sport !!!

IrishFramboise (AlanMc) avatar

Photos, photos, please.

Adrian Lees avatar

Decided to join in.
It’s for a good cause. Eben, “may the best man win” ;)

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