MagPi issue 18 – out now!

Mail from the folks at the MagPi, the free to download magazine for the Raspberry Pi community, written by the Raspberry Pi community. November’s issue is out now.

This month’s cover star is Pi NoIR. You’ll learn much more about IR photography with Pi NoIR, find out what you can do with it, and why you might want to get your hands on one.

This month’s projects include a plant-monitoring system using a wireless sensor network, and more on interfacing with LEGO sensors and motors, this time using Scratch: an ideal project for beginners. The second part of Mod My Pi’s tutorial on using switches and buttons with your Pi is here, with plenty of other projects and tutorials on topics from the regular camera board to string streams in C++. You’ll find competitions, book reviews and much more besides.

Here at Pi Towers, we’ve been really interested to watch the development of Raspberry Jams and other Raspberry Pi events outside the UK, and were excited to find a report on the latest bilingual French/English Raspberry Pi event at CERN (I am dying to get to one of the CERN jams) in the form of an interview with one of the presenters, Google’s Bernhard Suter.

Raspberry Jam, CERN

It’s great to see from the events page how people are organising Pi activities all over the world now: you’ll see news about a Dubai Jam, as well as an Italian meeting – and plenty in the UK. And I’m all over a new series called Project Curacao, where John Shovic takes us step-by-step through the installation of an environmental monitoring system on the island of Curacao, just 12 degrees north of the equator. The Pi and its sensor equipment is hung from a radio tower, and is meant to deliver environmental information over a period of six months. John’s going to be talking about everything from powering and installing the project to programming it and interpreting its data.

I can’t believe how fast this month has gone. Enjoy this month’s magazine: as always, all the back issues are available for you to download and read for free at The MagPi team is always looking for volunteers to help with everything from writing to production, so get in touch via their website if you can help.


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Awesome it is finally out!

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Sorry to whinge, but the Raspberry Jam CERN piccie takes me to the MagPi site
I was looking forward to the interview with my co-cognate (if that’s a word)

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It’s in The MagPi – which is why we link to The MagPi!

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Who’s a silly billy then?

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Ok, read that, now to read the rest … I may be some time …

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Awesome! I will be giving it a read soon!

The Raspberry Pi Guy

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If you like the plant monitoring network, you might also consider this option:

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