Housekeeping-type post – book compo results, awards, dinner.

We won another award! That’s three in two weeks; we’re very shocked and very pleased. This is the BASDA Theo von Dort award, which Eben was given at the Software Satisfaction Awards 2012 ceremony we were embarrassingly late for last night (we made it for the awards, but we missed most of dinner thanks to a gridlocked A1). Thank you to everybody at BASDA who voted for us – and especially to Kevin Hart, who must have been having kittens when we didn’t turn up initially.

On the right of Eben is Gyles Brandreth, who made my night when he gave Raspberry Pi a shout-out when he started his after-dinner speech. I can die happy now. Apologies for quality – photo taken with my phone, and the digital zoom is pants.

If you want to vote for us in another set of awards (we’re up against Sir Alan Sugar in this one, and he’s been raising support via Twitter, so I am perfectly sanguine about posting a link here), the voting for the V3 awards closes in a couple of days. We’re up for project of the year, and we’d really appreciate your vote!

We’ve finished judging the book contest! The summer coding contest results will be coming within a few weeks too; we’ve checked all the output, and poor Rob, now freshly off a plane, will be combing through the code over the next little while as well. Sorry for the delay on both; the book contest was late because we’ve only just got the box of author copies. We weren’t able to choose a single entry to win, because there were so many great ones, so the winners are (in no particular order):

Colin Cameron
Dan Ringer
Paul Harrap
Mark Hamersma

Can you all email me with the heading “I won a book!” at [email protected], including your real names and addresses?

We had a board meeting! There’s not much content I can discuss here yet from that meeting, but I thought you’d like to see what the Foundation’s trustees look like when full of Cambridge University roast beef and port. Here we are in the Wilberforce Room at St John’s College, some of us a bit tiddly, enjoying the dinner that represented the aftermath of the meeting.

From left to right: Martin Cartwright (finance director), Prof Alan Mycroft (university), Pete Lomas (hardware genius), David Braben (Elite, Frontier, BBC Micro), Eben Upton, Jack Lang (university, business school, chair of board), Alex Bradbury (not a trustee, but our lead developer and generally way more smiley than he is in this picture). Dr Rob Mullins is missing, as the eagle-eyed among you will have spotted. He was at home looking after a poorly child.

I should point out that most of our working life is not, in fact, conducted in suits or black tie, in the midst of a lot of silverware and expensive crystal, despite photographic evidence to the contrary. (Right now I am drinking from a mug that says I ♥ Vegas and sitting on a beanbag.)






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Congrats on the awards, well deserved!

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You have a mug that advertises sitting on a bean bag? Nice! Where do I get one? :-)

Seriously, congratulations all round. I’m just popping over to vote for you. Anyone up against Alan Sugar is worth voting for, although, I’d vote for you guys anytime!


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Ha! It turns out I can be funny at times!

Thanks for picking my entry. And to think I was going to buy a copy yesterday, but the bookshops here didn’t have any copies!

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Voted for RPI for the V3 awards :)
Absolutely love my Pi. Only done a small project until now (CCTV with on/off switch connected to door lock) but I feel like a school student again, and being able to interact with the real world, the sky’s the limit!

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Hey Liz why aren’t you in any of the pictures? You are the only full time worker, so where are you? And congrats on all the awards and praises you have received!

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Holding the camera, I’d imagine.

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Yup, that’d be me!

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Your avatar is difficult to see Liz, we need you in more photos :-)

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GorillaPod and self-timer…

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Strange Shortlist in some of the awards- not an Apple product in sight even under mobile and tablet.
I don’t own any Apple products (except a Gen1 Shuffle I won in a competition that sits in a box) , but how can you talk about best mobile and best table without the N0.1 selling devices in the market not included.

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Liz, any chance of listing the winning entries – hard to look them up from the comments thread! :)

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I think I’ve found the right ones:

Colin Cameron
Paul Harrap
Dan Ringer
Mark Hamersma

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Okay, those links don’t work too well (for me at least). Here’s the text:

Colin Cameron on September 18, 2012 at 3:00 pm said:

“Enjoy your signed copy. Pages 132 through 262 have been replaced with -132 through -1.”

Piglet on September 18, 2012 at 4:02 pm said:

“The best/funniest/most tear-jerking wins.”

Please sign mine:

To Liz; the most wonderful, amazing, and supportive wife in the world. With all my love, Eben.

If giving that to me and not Liz doesn’t bring a tear to his eye, I don’t want the book. :)

Paul Harrap on September 18, 2012 at 3:54 pm said:

Dear Person Buying This Book From Ebay,
While we are delighted that you have got a signed copy of this book, and hope you enjoy it, we are mildly disappointed with the man we sent it to in good faith and who subsequently sold it on Ebay.
Signed, Eben and Gareth.

[Cont …]

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[Cont …]

Dan ringer on September 18, 2012 at 8:52 pm said:

To one of the best nephews, Jeremy, 12:
Raspberry Pi is just the beginning of your adventures in programming and hardware development. Remember, you can do anything you put mind to!

Mark Hamersma on September 19, 2012 at 3:17 am said:

We’re just getting started with this, and the kids are already surprising me with their insights!

:Start Dedication

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”

To Ebony, Alyssa and Jy,

I hope this helps you on your way to creating some magic.


PS. Your Dad doesn’t know the answers to your Pi questions.
PPS. Seriously ! He doesn’t.
PPPS. I’ve hidden the answers in this book ;-)

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Liz, any chance of listing the winning entries – hard to look them up from the comments thread! :)

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“Right now I am drinking from a mug…”

Champagne, we hope.

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I didn’t know Jack Lang was on the board – i don’t think I’ve spoken to him since the Perihelion days when we shared a booth at Siggraph ’89 (I think it was ’89 – certainly a *long* time ago …. )

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Whilst you guys are working really hardtop promote the project and all that is great, there’s a lack of stories about technical matters. Can you blend in more of what is actually happening with the pi platform please? Dom was doing a lot of this in the forum but that seems to have dropped off. Topics such as the status of DTS licensing and an update on the SD card corruption from using Turbo mode would be a good start. As much as you guys deserve to have fun promo tours, dinner parties and so on, the person in the audience at the Google talk, who said that you would probably get more help with more transparency, was right. It’s a chicken or egg scenario of course: less development immediately whilst more developers do more technical engagement, could result in a lot more development in the near term.

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All I can say is just you wait. I think you’ll enjoy the next couple of weeks.

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… with baited breath :) …

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Congrats on winning /another/ award! There’s almost as many “Eben in a dinner jacket” pictures as there are “Eben in a t-shirt” pictures ;-)

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“The digital zoom is pants”

Please translate for those of us on The Other Side Of The Pond.

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Pants – underwear in the UK. Or in this usage “not very good”

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