How did we not spot this earlier?

Hexxeh, an official Friend of Pi and hardcore-Chromium-type has this to say (whole post copied below, ‘cos it’s brilliant):

So a good friend of mine James (@Nxxus) is taking part in Extra Life this year to raise money for charity. More specifically, they’re trying to raise money for Children’s Miracle Hospitals.

On the 20th October, he and two friends will be embarking on an epic 24-hour sponsored gaming marathon, where they’re aiming to complete every Sonic game they can get their hands on (currently at a total of 19!).

Now James has set a few targets for his campaign:

  • $200: Continuing past the 24 hours until they’ve finished every game on the list (livestreamed), unless there’s a medical reason they must stop
  • $500: Complete removal of his eyebrows (livestreamed)
  • $750: Dye his hair white (which he’s been growing for something like 5 years)

Now, because raising money for kids hospitals is awesome and seeing one of my best friends dye his hair white is icing on the cake, I’d like to help James out, by adding a fourth goal:

  • $1000: If we reach this amount, I’ll release the in-progress Raspberry Pi Chromium OS image. Be aware, it is VERY slow and unusable, but lots of folks have been asking me for it anyway, so here’s your chance to grab it. I’ll also join James live on his livestream on the 20th October for all to watch.

If anyone can suggest extra goals, things I could do to persuade people to donate, then I’m open to suggestions!

So, where do you donate? Click on the following link:


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He’s holding the alpha chromium ISO for $1000 ransom? that sounds a little underhanded to me..

liz avatar

It’s very much a pre-release candidate – if someone does donate, they’ll be getting a (pretty complete) work-in-progress. This isn’t something Hexxeh would have been releasing as a finished article.

Corbin Davenport avatar

Raspberry Pi’s don’t have CD drives silly!

Liam McLoughlin avatar

If we reach the goal, I’ll release the image for download for everyone (and then go hide from the barrage of people complaining it’s too slow to play Angry Birds).

It’s not really a ransom at all, I just want to help a friend raise some money for charity and I figured it was a nice reward for hitting a somewhat lofty goal.

On the other hand, you should be aware that you aren’t going to be using this to get work done, it’s very much a “look what we can do” type demo. You’re talking perhaps 45 seconds to boot and then a further minute or two just to login. Loading Google? Another few minutes.

With some tasty graphical acceleration, however? It’s gonna fly in comparison. There just so happens to be some work on that happening as I type, so perhaps in a few weeks or months, we’ll see a faster more usable version.

Hopefully releasing this version will pique the interest of some more developers to join in with this effort, too!

Corbin Davenport avatar

It would be EPIC if a few drivers for USB Wifi dongles were integrated into the image later on.

Liam McLoughlin avatar

We’re pulling in the same rpi-firmware that rpi-update does, so if your dongle works when you’ve used rpi-update, you should find it works with this too in theory.

But again, please don’t expect to actually be able to browse much with this..! :)

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I saw this too and put it up on my site not a lot of visitors but working hard at it. I see the $200 goal was met that’s awesome I commend you on putting up your beta very noble gesture I wish him all the luck hope it goes even further. I think if someone could get their hands on a rev 2 or an ‘A’ board hint* hint* it could go through the roof. Maybe even a signed book or something ;)

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Are we talking chromium browser or chromium os?

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oh i didnt read properly i see os, wicked

Davespice avatar

Cool idea. Are they allowed to take any shortcuts to the final level of the game, or must they play through every single level?

Liam McLoughlin avatar

I believe they’re playing every level properly!

James Cunningham avatar

James here, the streamer that Hexxeh mentioned.

Every game with be done with no shortcuts or cheats, but we will be skipping emeralds on alot of games, the only exception being Sonic R as it’s really short even with emeralds.

Davespice avatar

That’s awesome. So what happens if you lose all your lives and die? Start again?

Matthew Manning avatar

Dude not your eyebrows I think you should skip that :)

Matthew Manning avatar

Just Donated! Good luck guys Sonic is one of my all time favourite video games, i love the new Sonic 4 episodes. Bring on the red bull.

Kevin avatar

Lol some fun stuff going on! But yah I would like an update on display and camera options for Pi and I might drum up some more $..;-)

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How much for the release of Android ICS image? lol

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