Gordon Hollingworth talks to the Orlando Sentinel

Dr Gordon Hollingworth, our Head of Software, has been in Orlando visiting Familab, one of our favourite hackspaces. (I love it there – unusually, they’re in a big industrial unit, so they’ve got a lot of space for really big hardware. They’ve got cherry pickers, traffic lights, an industrial CNC milling machine and a lot of Lego.) The Orlando Sentinel went along to have a chat with him: here’s some video they took on the day.

Really sorry about the autoplay; we know you all hate it, but the video player used here doesn’t give us the option to turn it off when the video is embedded.Begone, autoplay!

Gordon sent an email to the office mailing list from his phone while he was there, saying that the pinball machine you see featured in the video was the coolest physical project he’s seen done with a Pi so far. Think you can do better? Let us know!


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Very proud to be a member of FamiLAB. A big hearty THANK YOU to Dr. Gordon Hollingworth for taking the time out of his vacation to come and spend the day here.

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Big thanks to Gordon and the rest of the Raspberry Pi team for taking time out to visit us at FamiLAB – even when on vacation!

I put together a quick blog post on the Fireball pinball machine if anyone wants more information – http://www.raisinggeeks.com/blog/2013/08/fireball-hd-debut/

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How did you get the video to not autoplay.

The main Raspberry Pi site video auto plays for me, but the video embedded on your blog does not.

I tried copying the iframe from your page and just putting it into a bit of html on my local machine and it still aut played.

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I use the wordpress iframe plugin with this shortcode:

[iframe src=”http://embed.newsinc.com/Single/iframe.html?WID=2&VID=25028064&freewheel=90022&sitesection=orlandosentinel&height=320&width=425″]

I simply cut & paste the embed code I received from the Orlando Sentinel, and wrapped in the iframe shortcode, not sure why this is different than what Liz is using…

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please disable the auto play on this video.

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I wouldn’t mind the autoplay so much, other than the fact it starts with an advert. I just had a little boy shouting “MY PENIS” through my speakers at work as I was browsing my RSS feeds.


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Cue “Raspberry Pienis” jokes in 5…4…3…

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if auto play can’t be disabled then please remove the video. It could be uploaded to youtube or vimeo and re-embeded in the page.

Otherwise it’s going to be there for days until the post finally rolls off the front page.

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If can’t prevent autoplay, don’t embed it – just put a link there Anyone who wants to watch it can follow the link.

I had this appear within a long list of items in feed.ly and it took me ages to work out where the “penis ad” mentioned above was coming from.

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Autoplay is still working :( As stated above, if autoplay cannot be disabled, do not embed the video! Furthermore, it’s obvious the makers should use a different provider for their video clips, like one that disables autoplay ;)


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Autoplay is now disabled. That’s good :)

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Thank you Dr. Hollingworth for visiting us on your vacation. @Familab Thank you for allowing us to visit your great facility and visit with Dr. Hollingworth. @Ian Cole I think your raspberry pi pinball machine is the coolest project I’ve seen using the “PI”. We will be sharing the details on our website.

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