Raspberry Pi in Turkey

Up until now, it’s been difficult for people in Turkey to buy a Raspberry Pi, with import duties and postage charges raising prices to a point where the Pi becomes uneconomic for some. Information about the Pi is hard to find in Turkish, too.

Pis are getting to Turkey; we know that there are some at the Base Istanbul Hackerspace, and we’ve had conversations with a number of friendly Pi-owners out there. But we’re not seeing the Pis out there being used by kids in the way we want them to be, and we’re not seeing as many as we’d like to outside the established academic and hacking community.

These are things we’ve been working to fix.

First off, we’ve established a new Turkish language section in the official forums. We’d like you to help populate it.

We’ve also found a new Turkish vendor, so Turkish buyers will not have to pay the import duty that has been causing such difficulties. Raspberry Pi is now available in Turkey through Samm Teknoloji AS, who aim to provide the Pi at the lowest possible price to Turkish Education.

In order to buy online in Turkey please visit market.samm.com. For more information check out www.samm.com; you can also place orders by telephone by calling the call centre at +90 444 1 726 or +90 444 1 SAM.



Dominik avatar

My word, after first glance I thought someone actualy pt Pi into Turkey…

Ken avatar

Turkey Pi ?

bromatt avatar

Cranberry Pi in a turkey would be nice too! :)

Andy avatar

I won’t say it.
No, I won’t.
Alright then, …
Turkish delight?

Matt avatar

Great job to the Foundation for taking the steps necessary to continue pushing towards their original goals.

Keep up the good work!

Peter Lööf avatar

Your work to get the PI to everyone is amasing. Thank you for all your efforts and keep up the Great work!

oldmike avatar

Thank you, Matt, for NOT making a f***wit comment on this initiative; Turkey is a country with huge commercial, educational and intellectual potential for the UK. Well done, the Foundation!

bromatt avatar

I’m sure they have a sense of humour as well.

oldmike avatar

Having worked in Turkey, bromatt, I can tell you that “They” do, indeed, have a great sense of humour. Perhaps, when Mummy has potty-trained you, she’ll let you go there to find out for yourself?

bromatt avatar

Potty train your mouth first Mike! I’m not the one trading insults, just making a play on the word Pi – Lets not turn things nasty.

liz avatar

Both of you – drop it, please. I am possessed of a golden banhammer, and today I find that many problems are looking like a nail.

bromatt avatar

Consider myself told!

liz avatar

Thank you – much appreciated!

Szymon avatar

buying rPi from Farnel or RS in Poland also is uneconomic at all. Price is very high with postage cost. Buying from kamami.pl makes price even higher – margin is extreamly high. The cheapest way to buy pi is buy it from aliexpress. 30-40% cheaper.

In current distribution schema it is unreasonably to buy rPi official way.

Hope fundation can invent some other way to distribute devices, wher price will not be doubled by distributtors fee for s&h and margin.

Dutch_Master avatar

The issue facing many outside the UK, EU or US, is that there are only 2 official resellers, RS and Farnell. Everyone else, including the local resellers, has to buy their stock from these 2 suppliers. But that means that you still pay for any taxes, transport and other costs (profit margin!), only the reseller already put that in the price he quotes you. You can’t see it, but you stall pay for it.

Also, mind that given the low standard of living outside the EU and North America, the niche product that is the RPi is considered a luxury, and treated accordingly: if you can afford a RPi, you’re wealthy enough for the local standards to pay more taxes, fees et all. Kinda defeats the Foundations goals I’d say… :(

Although I’d congratulate the Turkish geeks and teachers for having easier access to the RPi, I’d really hope the Foundation would do a similar job in Africa, Central+South America and parts of Asia, where cheap hardware enables many more people to work their way out of poverty by connecting to the rest of the(ir) world. One step at a time, I s’pose :)

Ozgur D. Cyric avatar

it’s been a problem buying from farnell and element. their support is good but delivery is problematic about the delivery time and customs. I am hoping a local vendor would speed and ease things up.

oldmike avatar

If it gets people to think seriously about this important Foundation initiative, Liz, then a bit of puerile schoolboy hurly-burly may be worth it!
What has puzzled me for some time is, how can ordinary Pi fans like us help make the most of these country-by-country Foundation inititives? The Foundation has done the pump-priming here, but it can’t be everywhere. Are there any mechanisms for the international Pi fan community to, say, “adopt” a country, or, for that matter, any of the Foundation’s other target audiences?

Murat Biskin avatar

I was looking for this for a long time.Thank you !

bybik avatar

Thank you for supporting.There are many here in Turkey

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