Video: Rob Bishop talks to MAKE

Rob’s in the US at the moment for a few weeks, covering the bits of the country we’ve not been to before, and he’s filled every waking moment with Pi-vangelism. You can read more about his schedule at this earlier post: the last unconfirmed date, in Kansas City next Friday, was just signed off today, and there are still places left at a few of the talks he’s doing, so check out the list to see if he’s visiting somewhere near you.

Last night, Rob took part in a hangout with MAKE magazine and Matt Richardson. (He’s calling in from his hotel room in this video, hence the depressing lighting environment.) He’s talking here about the history of the project, where we’re going, and what he’s up to on his odyssey across the midwest. It’s well worth a watch.


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I believe when they said “bytecode”, they really meant binary object code. Bytecode has to be interpreted by a bytecode interpreter, while binary object code can be loaded into and directly executed by the CPU. Rob seemed to hesitate and then just let it slide, so I think he was aware of the misnomer, but newbies are eventually going to get confused.when they use those terms interchangeably, and now it’s Out There, just like The Truth Is ;)

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I forgot to include examples of bytecode interpreters and they would be a Java Virtual Machine (JVM), a Pascal p-code interpreter, a Python interpreter, etc.

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Also Microsoft’s CLR (i.e. all the .Net stuff, C#, etc.) of which Mono is an open-source reimplementation (which runs on the Pi).

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1.52 …….
Rob, could you please take care with statements like ……. ” cheap enough for ever one could have one ” ……. as a lot of the world is hoping to coping on $1 / day , Cambridge speak of this nature is, i would suggest, is a reflection of over wealthing. When the Pi is $1, that statement may be a little more apt, but on the grounds that you can’t eat it, even then it will be a little overpriced . Keep up the good work , but there is some distance to go yet.

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