Chocolate Joy Jacket

A quick post today: I’m in Cardiff with Lorna, who you may have spoken to if you’ve ever emailed our info@ address or wanted to talk about copyright with us. Lorna’s going on maternity leave shortly. We all wish her a fantastic time away from Raspberry Pi – but we can’t wait to have her back!

Today’s project is one of the most involved wearables implementations of the Raspberry Pi we’ve seen so far. Creative Technology Consultants Hirsch & Mann were asked by Cadbury’s to create something to communicate just how great chocolate is (not hard), and to amplify the enjoyment of eating chocolate (harder). Enter the Cadbury Joy Jacket.

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Pi-powered and Arduino-assisted, the jacket talks to the wearer to insidiously suggest the eating of chocolate, and detects nibbling with a camera in the collar. Here are the team at Hirsch and Mann to explain how it works and demo the jacket in use.

There is also confetti.

Diary note to self: organise chocolatey business tie-in.



Tim avatar

I could do with a coat to tell me to stop eating chocolate!

Great stuff..

Ravenous avatar

I used to have one, but it doesn’t fit me any more… :(

Patrick avatar

The fact that it doesn’t fit anymore is it’s way of telling you that you’ve eaten too much chocolate.

:) :) :)

Ravenous avatar

Wow you’re fast, I never thought of that! (kidding)

Gordon avatar

Does that mean we get free chocolate in the office? I’m sure I can think of other ‘branded’ chocolate projects to drum up some interest!


alex eames (RasPi.TV) avatar

That is brilliantly silly. I love it. Did he say bloggers? (Hint hint) ;)

Ken MacIver avatar

Maternity leave;
Sounds like a great opportunity for some nursery based PI-Projects..

N_A_B avatar

And the second stage of the project involves implementing a GSM gateway to permit the RPi access to your dentist’s booking system’s API so it can make an appointment for you…?

Ravenous avatar

What next, The Columbian Smack Jacket?

Mark avatar

Bantammenace avatar

Where do I get one of those coats for my daughters’ hamster ? Fatso just loves to eat chocolate after running on his wheel.
Is it too late to submit my idea to the competition ?

Dutch_Master avatar

Leave it to a woman to combine clothing and chocolate ;)

(and yes, you are too late for the poster competition :-P)

Patrick avatar

By the end of the video – she looks like a Peacock.

Thaddy avatar

In that case, surprsingly, *he* would be in drag. Female peacocks do not display such an eye-catching behaviour :)

InverseSandwich avatar


Patrick avatar

That’s hilarious !!!
:) :) :)

Jim Manley avatar

Since I’m already a pariah here (and proud of it :lol:), no one will mind me tossing a wet blanket on the proceedings. Do we really need to be promoting yet more carbohydrates when obesity-related diseases are already claiming lives decades early for upwards of a quarter of adults and a third of kids when they become adults if they don’t learn to control their intake and raise their physical activity levels? As illicit drug dealers say, calling them “pushers” is inaccurate – no one needs to be “pushed” into abusing anything that exploits people’s pleasure centers in the brain.

I’ve been showing kids how to modify exer-cycles obtained from to use the electrical power they can generate to run TVs, video games, computers, etc. As far as I’m concerned, if someone wants to veg out as a couch potato in front of a glowing screen, they need to be generating the power used to run it. Unlike a laptop that can run for hours between charges, using the exer-cycle to power an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) works well because it can run things like computers for brief periods without needing to reboot during water replenishment and bathroom breaks.

Well, time to get back to working off the chocolate chip muffin I was munching on while writing this. Where the heck is the ignition key on this exer-cycle, anyway? :D

mark avatar

I’ve been showing kids how to modify exer-cycles obtained from to use the electrical power they can generate to run TVs, video games, computers, etc.

As long as we’re off-topic, a link would be nice . . .

b1ackmai1er avatar

Bah! Humbug! :)

b1ackmai1er avatar

This is awesome! until now I though wearable electronics was a load of rubbish but I can now see that 50 years from now this is really going to be a big part of fashion “girl-on-fire” style.

Well done.

pea-cocking anyone?

RetNek avatar

Amazing ! Nice work

Bracket avatar

Exactly how long does it take for a moderator to approve someones first post on the forums? I attempted to create a thread a couple hours ago and there has been at least a handful of global moderators on since. I guess I’ll be checking tomorrow. :(

clive avatar

‘Logged in’ does not mean sitting in from of computer approving posts, especially at close to midnight GMT on Sunday ;) Those in other timezones may be having a nice Sunday meal with their family. Please be patient, it will happen. In fact, I suspect that it has :)

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