Poster competition update #2

Update 21/1/14: Thanks for all of your entries, we’ve been overwhelmed by the quality and inventiveness of them.  We’ve also been (literally) overwhelmed by the sheer number so please bear with us, this is one of the busiest times of the year for us and it will take some time to process. We will announce what’s happening in the next week or so but in the meantime we are unable to enter into correspondence about entries, either in the comments or via email. We’re not being rude, just pragmatic! Watch this space.


Here, for your edification, are hundreds more of the posters you made as entries to our poster competition. This slideshow contains most of the posters you sent us by email.

We’ve lingered on each poster for under two seconds so we could get through them all in less than ten minutes: if you want a closer look, hit the pause button!

Clive is lying under a tsunami of paperwork, preparing for BETT next week, so he did not have time to extract images from about 60 posters we were sent by email that came in non-standard image formats. If yours was a ppt, doc, pdf or pub file (we had some other…curious…formats as well), I’m afraid we haven’t been able to include it in this slideshow: but if you sent us a poster by email before the deadline, you will be receiving a Pi even if you can’t see your poster here.

Everybody who entered gets a Raspberry Pi kit. Some of the posters were so imaginative and so well-executed that we’ll be choosing a favourite each and rewarding them with a little extra something: we’ll let you know which ones we select next week. We’ll be basing some tutorials and real-life projects on some of the ideas you sent us too. Thank you so much to everybody who entered; we’ve really enjoyed going through the posters!


Christopher Howarth avatar

Some really lovely posters, I submitted my son’s in Jpg format before the deadline, but don’t see it in the slideshow, can you confirm if it was counted? All the best.

clive avatar

Yes, we got it thanks. (It was a Google Docs link and any non-attached images were dealt with separately.)

Christopher Howarth avatar

You are right – I was being “clever” thanks – great news, I will tell my son! He will be over the moon.

meltwater avatar

Am I going mad or..has someone stolen the forum link at the top header of the page?

me avatar

yep ur not mad. (at least in that respect ;} ) its gon it wasnt me

bertwert avatar

You are going mad!!!

meltwater avatar

lol…I should have taken a screenshot because it is back…
Although the madness thing…that never went away.

liz avatar

I think Ben had something to do with it. ;)

Carrie Anne avatar

Huge fan of the poster competition. Reminds me slightly of marking, only way more fun!

i’m also enjoying the high volume of hamster related entries.

liz avatar

I was also struck by the many, many hamster entries. Also the guinea pigs. And the chickens.

meltwater avatar

Once they are fully fledged engineers, they graduate to a cat.

Jim Manley avatar

No, the real engineers get Man’s Best Friend … it’s “designers” and posers masquerading as engineers who are slaves to cats. When was the last time you ever heard of a cat bringing his master the newspaper? OK, so the newspaper is shredded and soaked in slobber, but at least it’s inside the house. Dogs don’t sharpen their claws by jumping up on drapes, upholstery, and other expensive furnishings, they do it trying to pull you down the street while making traction on all manner of abrasive surfaces trying to chase cats. Oh, and “Dogs” that fit into carry-on bags aren’t dogs, they’re under-grown rats.

BTW, Mooncake really has to be a dog, because it would make absolutely no sense for Eben and Liz to have a cat given their world-class accomplishments in MIH (Makin’ It Happen), not to mention their insane work and travel schedules – not counting their Foundation activities that somehow consume another 24 hours in each day. What kind of cat would put up with that kind of selfish human behavior that doesn’t focus on the cat’s every need around-the-clock? :lol:

Stu avatar

But how many of them were ‘Hamster Party’ related? :)

Thanks again, my daughter loved seeing her poster on your wall.

Euan avatar

You should have some kind of display in you meeting room showing that video on repeat (with sound off obviously)

Jaydip Modhwadia avatar

I wanted to ask that i have won but any futhur details???

IL avatar

Liz, wouldn’t it be nice to make a post describing your favourite posters to keep ideas flowing around Pi?

Yeat Wah Pon avatar

Hi, just to confirm that you got my son and daughter’s posters, titled “Raspberry All-In-One Spy Machine” and “The All-New Hot Chocolate Maker” (I think) as all I got was an automated reply- was there supposed to be some sort of confirmation?

Anyway, thanks for running this in the first place!

liz avatar

The automated reply was your confirmation – thank you for sending them in!

REW avatar

Hi Liz, I don’t recall getting an automated reply for my daughter’s entry (on 16th December) – should everyone have got one?

George Streten avatar

Hoping I did everything right and that it went in ok… Haha you could use my project (Dropbox Photoframe/Mirror) to display all of the projects in your office :D

disappointed michael avatar

Argl – due to license restrictions on the music one can’t see this video in germany. Thanks a lot GEMA!

Bantammenace avatar

The story is that the RPi was brought to market on a hunch. By running this competition the Foundation now has real customer feedback on which to base future decisions. A stroke of genius. Though possibly perceived by some as a bit of a laugh or even mundane I would suggest that a serious analysis of the entries is carried out.
The sooner a Hamster feeder project is rolled out the better. Technology that fills a perecived need is quickly adopted.
Perhaps the poster idea can be run again next year when the RPi is being used a bit more widely in shools with perhaps country/region specific competitions? The logistics may be huge but the benefits of knowing the customers is like gold dust.

Andrew avatar

This was my favourite Take Hart gallery music. Thanks for reminding me of it. I expect my weekend will now consist off me trying to replicate this in Sonic Pi.

REW avatar

Great to see so many fab entries which show how much this has inspired the next generation.

Any idea when the Pi kits will be sent out (or have I missed that somewhere?)? I’m going to need to get a new monitor for my daughter to use and would like to time it right. Thanks!

Richard Mitchell avatar

Thank you Raspberrypi and Google. Will let you know how we get on with stop-motion project. Might need some help! Gulp.

Matt’s Dad

DRB avatar

My daughter has spent hours doing stop motion animation with her toys/teddies on the Hudl, we now also plan to use the Pi instead.

Richard Mitchell avatar

Cool. I tried the pi forums for stop motion but could not find anything, lots on motion detection. Seen Linux stopmotion, which could maybe do something on the pi???

What are you using on the hudl?

DRB avatar

From Google Play, first used a free app ‘Stop Motion Maker – KomaDori L’ and then bought ‘Clay Frames’ to add sound but I think we could have just stuck with the free one.

Richard Mitchell avatar

Thanks I will check those out. My lad made a film a couple of years ago, I helped with the sound fx. My programming skills are around zero. He picks things up quicker than me so I am hoping someone can point us in the right direction to get us started.

Richard Mitchell avatar

Just heard about pi-mation on Github thanks to Carie Ann. It sounds perfect for what we want.

Jaydip Modhwadia avatar

Any Furthur Information?????????

Ryan Pocock avatar

Hey, just wondering if my poster was received as I did not see it here. I sent it in way before the deadline. It was the RPG character statistics generator. Thank you, all the posters look great! :D

rach avatar

I have such a proud son. Not only have you made his day and help fuel his computing passion. Its been an enormous confidence boost for him too. Thnkyou so much.

Mike Brewer avatar

You see, because you wrote that “most” entries are displayed in this video, those of us who don’t see our children’s entry are worried. (I sent entries from Catherine, Anna and James Brewer, am I don’t remember getting any sort of email acknowledgement. Just 1 Pi set would be fabulous). Mike

andy avatar

0:51 :D

Cameron Sharp avatar

Just checking, did you guys get my entry? It was the web-controlled flame throwing pumpkin :D

Jaydip Modhwadia avatar

Hello PLEASE tell me if you can tell everyone about the other information

ali avatar

hi thanks for the competition. My son really enjoyed doing the poster and and inspire him to do similar things nicely like school hw.

I cant see his poster as it was sent as pdf file and just in panic a little. As i didnot receive any confirmation either.

Any idea when the rest of the poster will be displayed?
Also dont want to rush you sending pi but any rough guess when are we like to receive them? Its just i have booked a local rasberry jam workshop for my son and would have been nice taking the pi and get some lessons on it.

But no big deal. Really no rush. Take your time. Thanks again for this wonderful oppertunity you have given to our children. For a child geting a pi from parent is one thing and ‘winning’ a pi is a completely different thing…..

REW avatar

I’d agree with this last sentiment completely.

The difference between Dad buying daughter a Pi and said daughter winning her own Pi for an idea she put in a poster is huge!

She’ll have “ownership” (I hate that word) of the Pi and will feel she can try what she wants with it, rather than it still being under the notional control of Dad.

I’m in the same boat as you by the way. Emailed poster as a PDF (so isn’t in the gallery video) and didn’t get an auto reply either, so slightly worried it got lost somewhere.

Adam avatar

I think there are lots of people who cant see there entries by the looks of things. I sent one for my daughter and also posted one that my niece did. Neither have been shown and they can’t possibly both have got lost. I’m sure it will be fine. I also agree about the excitement and reward of getting one in the post. It’s something she’s really holding out for.

Richard Molyneux avatar

Thrilled to see my son’s entry at 3 minutes in (‘SleePi’ bed headboard, with sound and light alarm to wake his sister for school!), especially as it’s his 8th birthday tomorrow (I’ll let him know the good news then). Thank you Google, Lance, Clive, Liz and all concerned :-)

Tawhidur Rahman avatar

Hi there,
I sent my poster via email on 23/12/13. I didn’t get a reply of any sort.
I’m worrying that you didn’t receive my poster? It was called Eco friendly raspberry pi.
Please could you let me know for my peace of mind, thank you.

Jaydip Modhwadia avatar

I am getting worried as to if it is only me that has not got my pi yet.
Please reply urgently!!!

Richard Molyneux avatar

In an email they sent to my son, they said ‘you should receive it before the end of February’. He’s not received his yet (which is a shame, as his mum is taking him abroad for 3 weeks from Sunday), but as they’ve been very busy, I imagine they’re still in the process of shipping them out… there were 2,000 Pi’s going to schools and homes, after all!

Jaydip Modhwadia avatar

OK thanks rich!

Jaydip Modhwadia avatar

Thanks I found out today that my teacher got 5 pi’s

Richard Molyneux avatar

That’s great, hope they get put to good use :-)

Tawhidur Rahman avatar

has anyone received their pi yet?

I got an email on the 24/02/14, saying I should be receiving one before the end of February. But I haven’t got it yet, hope it hasn’t got lost in the post lol.

I look forward to the post everyday haha. Was just curious if anyone else has received theres?

Jaydip Modhwadia avatar

Nope Not received it yet.

clive avatar

The individual winners’ Pis are being sent out now and should all clear in the next two weeks. It was a massive logistics job (everything in the extra 3000+ kits needed to be assembled by hand, 3000 SD cards flashed by hand etc). So thanks for your patience, I hope you enjoy your Pi when it arrives! :)

Richard Molyneux avatar

Thanks for the update Clive, and all the hard work, I’d forgotten that you’d gone from 2,000 (already a large number) to 5,000 Pis :-)

Richard avatar

Hi Clive,

It has been a month since you posted that the Pi’s should all be delivered in the post. We still haven’t received any post, is this OK?

Best regards,

P.K. Mitra avatar

Hi there,

Should everyone who entered have received a Pi by now?? My two kids have been waiting to receive theirs and their massive enthusiasm at seeing their posters up with all the brilliant ideas is fading a little, which is a shame as they had organised a little computer club with their friends.

Tx P

Ian Colvin avatar

Ours was literally delivered a few minutes ago by a nice man in a UPS van. By sheer coincidence, Barnaby was at home this afternoon to receive it and is now already upstairs working on his monster game.
So I think they are beginning to arrive. Hopefully yours will be there soon!
Thank you to the Raspberry Pi foundation, Google and the other sponsors.

Tawhidur Rahman avatar

received mine today via UPS, missed it yesterday!

thanks for the pi!

Tony T avatar

My son’s poster features in this video (3:10), which he was hugely excited and proud about. However, we never received an email reply or a Raspberry Pi. Is it possible that there is still one for him en route?

Ben Nuttall avatar

Hi Tony – sorry to hear that!

Must be an administrative error. I’ve passed your email to Lance who will get contact you to sort it out.

Richard avatar

I have sent an email to Liz on the 22/04/14 with details of Blake and Hazels posters. Unfortunately we have had no contact about the poster competition.

Please can you help?

Richard avatar

Hazels poster @ 5:29 – Plant Monitor
Blakes poster @ 6:28 – Pi Alarm Shed

Liz Upton avatar

Hi Richard – I’m not sure your original mail got through, but the one you send today did – I’ve kicked it over to the team who were handling the competition. You should hear back from them shortly.

Richard avatar

Many Thanks Liz and Raspberry Pi Team,
I have two very serious computer engineers on my hands now! RPi’s have arrived safe and sound.


Rob W avatar

In the same boat as Tony T here, poster was featured in the video but nothing has been sent out.

Are some of the prizes still being dispatched? thanks for any info you can give.

Euan avatar

Same as a few of the people above. Mine was featured in the video, but I have not received a Pi. Mine was the RFID door system.

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