Blue Pi!

To celebrate our first anniversary, RS Components, one of our two main manufacturing distributors, are releasing a limited edition of 1000 blue Raspberry Pis. These Pis are very cute: there’s something really handsome about that blue. They come with a certificate of authenticity signed by Eben and a matching blue case from One Nine Design in Wales; and blue, as drinkers of Slush Puppy should be aware, is the canonical colour of raspberry flavouring. (Do not eat this Pi.)

There’s a catch. You won’t be able to buy these Pis. The majority of them are being donated to charitable causes involving kids and education. But some are also being held back as competition prizes, and you can win one yourself.

For four weeks from today, everyone who tweets #bluepi to @RSElectronics along with a suggestion for uses for a blue Pi, or with a great Pi design idea, will be entered into a competition to win one. (Please tweet your entries to @RSElectronics – don’t leave your entry here in the comments, because it won’t be counted.) Every week, the top ten entries will be selected by a panel from RS and the Raspberry Pi Foundation, and those ten winners will be sent a blue Pi. Easy! There will be another competition when these four weeks are up – RS will be running Blue Pi events until June.

Terms and conditions are available at RS’s website.



ukscone avatar

Take a Green Raspi, A Red Raspi and a Blue Raspi put them in a blender and you can make any coloured Raspi you could want :)

Michael avatar

As long as it’s murky black (or similar)

ukscone avatar

nothing wrong with murky black, could make a nice muddy purple too

John Doe avatar

What about people who don’t (want to) use Twitter?!

liz avatar

They’ll have to swallow their distaste if they want to enter.

Steve Drain avatar

When you opened up to Facebook and Twitter last year there were protests, but you said that nothing would appear there that would not also appear on this site. I thought then that the social media would seduce you and I seem to have been correct. I think your turn of phrase is unfortunate: “like it or lump it”.

liz avatar

I think you misremember. We said that FB content would not mirror what’s on this site, and we’ve been on Twitter for as long as we’ve had a blog; what precisely is the problem you’re experiencing here?

Helen Lynn avatar

I remember there was some concern when we launched the Facebook page three weeks ago about whether this blog would continue to be the place to come for all the important stuff; Liz assured people that it would, and it has.

Raspberry Pi does all sorts of things in all sorts of places on the web and in the real world; we’d be daft not to. The special thing about this blog is that all the important announcements are here and if you read it you won’t miss any, not that we won’t ever do anything anywhere else.

ukscone avatar

Please remember that it is not the foundation running the competition but rather RS and it’s they who have set the rules. One of the rules THEY’VE set is you enter via twitter but that is nothing to do with the foundation. The foundation has lived up to everything they’ve said about anything on twitter will also be available to find out about on this site. You found out about the competition on here didn’t you?

your facebook comment is a bit of a red herring as well the competition isn’t enterable via fackbook.

I also don’t remember many protests about the foundation using twitter as the twitter account was setup before the time that this site went from a static page to a blog to a blog+forums. I do seem to remember a few comments about faebook, but not many and what the foundation said about using facebook has come to pass

liz avatar

We’ve never had any protests about our use of Twitter (quite the opposite – we’re approaching our 90,000th follower over there – that’s even more people than we have signed up to the forums here). Whether you like it or not, social media’s here for good, and as a Foundation that wants to get as many Pis into the hands of as many people as possible, we’d be crazy not to use it. If Twitter’s not for you, fine. Don’t use it. But don’t expect us to change our outreach policies – the stuff that takes up hours of my day, and of Helen’s – just because there’s a specific platform *you* don’t like.

You might want to give Twitter a swing, Steve. There’s a remote possibility you might find something you like there.

David R avatar

I refuse to use the internet. This comment has been sent via squirrels from the outer reaches of Farthing Wood. Where is my paper-based copy of the raspberry pi site and why aren’t you listening to and accommodating my quite reasonable objection to the internet? Please send free stuff to my tree-house.

Kevin avatar

I wouldn’t mind having a blue Pi to go with my Red one. Too bad the only way to enter the contest is via Twitter. I have zero interest in Facebook and Twitter. I probably wouldn’t have been lucky enough to have won one even if I could have entered.

liz avatar

…and that’s just the sort of attitude that creates a thriving global economy.

clive avatar

On the other hand, I read this out loud in a Marvin the Paranoid Android voice and it really cheered me up :D

Kevin avatar

I would have played the odds and entered the contest if there had been some other way to enter other than via Twitter. After all… someone has to win. :-)

Dave Akerman avatar

The colours mix subtractively not additively, so actually you need cyan, magenta and yellow boards :)

ukscone avatar

can’t you tell i failed art at primary school :) although isn’t paint additive and light subtractive? i seem to recall Miss Armstrong telling us that mixing coloured solids acted differently to mixing mixing light.

meltwater avatar

You then gain the all powerful “black” pi!

ukscone avatar

a Black Raspberry Pi has been discussed in depth by the IRC channel ops and at least two of us have said we’d sell our first born, ok in my case my second born as i’d have to pay someone to take my 1st born, for a Black Raspberry Pi.

Jim Manley avatar

I’m holding out for a clear board. A number of computer models came out in very limited clear cases (not quite the same thing as a clear board and clear cases are already available for the Pi). The Mac Portable is one example, although technically they were special demo units used by salespeople and not offered for sale to the public at the time, but some have shown up on eBay and in collections.

liz avatar

Yes. And I want one that’s MADE OF PURE ENERGY. :)

Dave Akerman avatar

Dark Matter. Nothing else will do. :)

ukscone avatar

fairy dust, unicorn horn & mermaid tears

Andre avatar

Are those pi’s rev 1?

liz avatar

No. Nobody makes those any more.

ukscone avatar

if you look really hard at the photo you can sort of see a mounting hole & as it’d be a special run of the pcb it makes sense to use the latest revision

Miffed avatar

First thing the Raspberry Pi foundation has done that is annoying, which is a shame. I’d much rather miss out on buying one because I was too slow, or be out-bid on ebay with funds going to charitable causes. At least with the red one it is simply a case of getting a friend to send one on from China.

It will be interesting to find out how long it takes RS to ship these ones out!

JamesH avatar

Really? The first thing?

I’d love one of these, but, they are for charities and competitions. I can live with it, it’s just the way of the world that you cannot have everything you want.

Billy Ebullient avatar

I agree with Miffy – it’s really annoying that you have allowed someone to give away cool stuff for free. Shame on you Raspberry Pi Foundation — it smacks of altruism and there’s only one thing worse than altruism and that’s helping good causes because you want to. I’d much rather walk up the M6 with a hobnail in my boot than get a free, blue Raspberry Pi. At least with a green ones it is simply a case of getting a friend to send one on from Wales. I’d have to pay for it of course, but that beats having to come up with a good idea.

It will be interesting to find out how long it takes RS to ship these free beauties out to deserving people, I can tell you!

Tom avatar

shut up and take my money!

gamerb avatar

So, there is no way around using the twitter… Because I am not allowed to have one… or a Facebook… or, well you get the point

Matthew Manning avatar

AWWW This is so unfair lol :( I never win anything.

amd3012 avatar

Ich hätte so gerne einen Blauen. Sieht wirklich gut aus. ;-)

jesse avatar

are there any extras to it, like more ram or a higher usb output rating?

liz avatar

No; it’s just blue!

ukscone avatar

the only way it could be better was if it had “go faster” stripes

Jim Manley avatar

What, no wheels and a sandwich??? :D

ukscone avatar

i ate the sandwich

liz avatar


Mike avatar


The competitions are open to entrants worldwide, with the exception of Italy, South Africa, Luxembourg and China for legal reasons.

I was just thinking about connectin a blue raspberry pi to a blue Arduino Due. Now I have to make a green to blue adapter !

Jonathon Conte avatar

Personally, I would have preferred the Cyntech Blueberry Pi Enclosure. The sharp design of Cyntech cases is tough to beat.

I have no affiliation with Cyntech. I’m just a very satisfied customer.

rickyjames avatar

Here’s my entry. What timing!!! I’m sending off my files to later today to get the last piece I need to build this – except for that mythical camera module. Guess I’ll just have to work on the control Python software while I wait. I’ll keep you posted on my progress…

@RSElectronics #bluePi Batt pwr cust PCB:GPIO/Pouolu SSC03A/Dagu RS002B mini pan-tilt/swiveling RPi HD cam unit on 150mm FCC/wifi USB dongle

rickyjames avatar

D’oh !!! Should be FFC not FCC!!!

GoldBlawkzMan avatar

I’m assuming it’s Model B??? (it had an Ethernet port! :OO)

liz avatar

Yup, that’s right.

Robert_M avatar

I’m blue with envy (it took quite a while to get all that yellow out) knowing I have a better chance getting that job to go dust off the Curiosity Rover than getting one of these boards, so I’ll just have to sing a little song, instead.

Robert_M avatar


Could it be possible to get some glamour shots of the blue board that some folks (not me, obviously) could blow up to poster size to, perhaps maybe, take out to the movies and to meet the fam and stuff like that?

liz avatar

I was thinking about that too – I’ll see if I can get RS to send us something.

Robert_M avatar


Er… I mean, those people looking for that sort of thing would, no doubt, be pleased by that development.

CaptainWebb avatar

Blueberry Pi? Who’s making these versions? Mr Kipling?

Sorry, I’m brambling again …

Peter Dwyer avatar

To this day I have no idea why Raspberry slush puppies were blue. Not as blue as blueberry but, still blue.

liz avatar

I think it’s because the makers discovered that no other colour was better at changing the colour of your tongue.

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