The MagPi, issue 10

There’s a new MagPi out: download it for free over at This month’s edition has a great mix of hardware and software projects. You can read from the cover what’s on offer: my absolute favourite for this issue is this month’s Scratch Patch, where you’ll be using Scratch to draw Julia Sets.

There’s a competition to win a Pi, too: this one is not blue, but it’s still pretty nifty. Get downloading!


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We are rather short of people to help with layout and testing of articles. If you are interested and have experience with Scribus or would be willing to learn please get in touch with us,

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I’ll add to that and say that in return we’ll offer you a friendly environment to explore all things Pi. The MagPi team is a great group and it is genuinely fun to be a part of the magazine.

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When I downloaded the pdf to my phone a few pages where missing, not completely there, could not be viewed
(page 2, 4, 25 and 33

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One of the mirrors managed to create a corrupted version, this should be fixed now.

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Hi Liz. I’m delighted you enjoyed the Scratch Patch article.

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