Approved Reseller programme launch PLUS more Pi Zero resellers

Ever since the launch of the first Raspberry Pi back in 2012, one thing that has been critical to us is to make our products easy to buy in as many countries as possible.

Buying a Raspberry Pi is certainly much simpler nowadays than it was when we were just starting out. Nevertheless, we want to go even further, and so today we are introducing an Approved Reseller programme. With this programme, we aim to recognise those resellers that represent Raspberry Pi products well, and make purchasing them easy for their customers.

The Raspberry Pi Approved Reseller programme

We’re launching the programme in eleven countries today: the UK, Ireland, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Greece and South Africa. Over the next few weeks, you will see us expand it to at least 50 countries.

We will link to the Approved Resellers’ websites directly from our Products page via the “Buy now” button. For customers who want to buy for business applications we have also added a “Buy for business” button. After clicking it, you will be able to select your country from a drop down menu. Doing so will link you directly to the local websites of our two licensed partners, Premier Farnell and Electrocomponents.

Our newest Raspberry Pi Zero resellers

On top of this we are also adding 6 new Raspberry Pi Zero resellers, giving 13 countries direct access to the Raspberry Pi Zero for the first time. We are particularly excited that these countries include Brazil and India, since they both have proved difficult to supply in the past.

The full list of new resellers is:

Hong Kong and China


Raspberry Pi Brazil


Raspberry Pi India

Czech Republic and Slovakia

Raspberry Pi Czech Republic and Slovakia

Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia and Bosnia-Herzegovina

Raspberry Pi Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia and Bosnia

Romania, Bulgaria and Hungary

Raspberry Pi Romania, Bulgaria and Hungary


Raspberry Pi Mexico


Chris avatar

Sorry if I’m being blind and missed a link but how do you apply to be an “Approved Reseller”?

Alex Bate avatar

Any company looking to be considered as an Approved Reseller should email [email protected] with details of their business.

Misel avatar

The links to the shops don’t work when I Google Analytics. :o

Misel avatar


I meant “when I block Google Analytics”… :-S

Andrew Oakley avatar

Will the limit of 1 per customer for standalone Zeroes & Zero Ws be lifted soon, please?

Lada avatar

Personally I doubt it. The world has consumed 13 million RPIs till today, that’s (let’s say) 3-4 million interested users, who want the latest stuff but also some non-zero number of ZEROs for their builds. For every RPI3 there is demand for 3-4 just with those users, let alone businesses which could consume much more. So my guesstimate is, there is thirst for 10-20 million ZERO Ws. The more countries are added to the availability list, the more this number raises. And the poor countries may consume even more due to the fact it’s cheap, energy efficient for what it does, open etc.

To fullfill 10-20 million units in a year’s time, RPF would have to produce 200k-400k units a week. If they stay at 50k, the limit will never be lifted as happened with ZERO.

My personal (just mine) opinion or guess is that it will not be lifted for 2 years.

But I’d really appreciate if ZERO Ws were available in volume, because it’s so versatile and capable that a number of my company’s devices could be built on it.

Correct me if I’m wrong.

Andrew Oakley avatar

Lada, you’re probably right, but that doesn’t make getting hold of Zero Ws for a large Raspberry Jam any easier! I wish there was an exemption for Jams & certified educators.

Richard Collins avatar

Sounds like someone needs to become a re-seller that only sells to Jams and certified educators. Not sure how feasible that is. But it may allow the re-seller to do bulk orders.

Aaron newcomb avatar

+100 to this. I have been wanting to buy small batches (10 – 30) since the day the Zero was released, but still can’t. I run a makerspace and we keep Arduinos and ESP8266 boards in stock for our members to grab so they can start working on a great idea right away. Zeros are their number one request (after a new laser cutter), but it is too much trouble for us to buy them one at a time. Seems like this is a great opportunity to deliver on the educational goals of the RPi Foundation.

Saravanan avatar

Great news for Pi enthusiasts from India!!

Shreesh Manasvi avatar

Indeed, a very great news. Looking forward . . .

ameyring avatar

Can you clarify what you mean by “reseller” versus “distributor?” Thanks.

Mike Buffham avatar

Hi, no real difference really, a smaller, local company serving a region or small group of countries is often referred to as a Reseller whereas a larger, perhaps global company is often referred to as a Distributor but technically no real difference!

Neil Lagmay avatar

No new resellers apart from RS and Element14 here in Philippines. Bummer. I can’t see Pi Zero W even the regular Pi Zero being sold here either from both of them.

Vivek Kumar avatar

I am really excited to hear that I can get Pi Zero in India as well. First thing I did after this news was – Try to reach out Store.
Getting Pi Zero here was easy ( from offline store ), but have some comments as well –
1. Pi Zero W was expected to be prised at $10, surprisingly reseller doesn’t sells it without case and final price we get is 1410 INR, close to $21.

2. The available stock with reseller include Zero W only, PI Zero still not available.

3. Sadly accessories apart from Case are still difficult to get. List includes the mini HDMI to HDMI Connector.

Anyways, happy to get it finally.
Thanks for making it happen.

Shreesh Manasvi avatar

Very true indeed. Happy to see a reseller from India. I also agree to the extra costs adding up as ultimately it is what you pay out of your pockets. . . but now that will be rectified post reseller initiative from India as well.

Ibrahim avatar

Would like to work with you for Malaysia and Indonesia markets.

Ibrahim avatar

Your product is timely for ASEAN market

tkraspi avatar

We are ready to work with you from Indonesia :-)

Alex avatar

I hope you’ll make more of them and get more official resellers. They are small and versatile, but there wasn’t enough of them, so the price was too high, which defeats the purpose of using them.

Regis Ricardo avatar

Este produto esta no meu projeto de pbx ip sera que estes revendedores serão distribuidores

Evgeniy avatar

I am interested in becoming an authorized resellers in Belarus.
Can I find out about the conditions?

Alex Bate avatar

Hi there. Any company looking to be considered as an Approved Reseller should email [email protected] with details of their business.

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