New product! Raspberry Pi Zero W joins the family

Today is Raspberry Pi’s fifth birthday: it’s five years since we launched the original Raspberry Pi, selling a hundred thousand units in the first day, and setting us on the road to a lifetime total (so far) of over twelve million units. To celebrate, we’re announcing a new product: meet Raspberry Pi Zero W, a new variant of Raspberry Pi Zero with wireless LAN and Bluetooth, priced at only $10.

Multum in parvo

So what’s the story?

In November 2015, we launched Raspberry Pi Zero, the diminutive $5 entry-level Raspberry Pi. This represented a fivefold reduction in cost over the original Model A: it was cheap enough that we could even stick it on the front cover of The MagPi, risking civil insurrection in newsagents throughout the land.

MagPi issue 40: causing trouble for WHSmith (credit: Adam Nicholls)

Over the ensuing fifteen months, Zero grew a camera connector and found its way into everything from miniature arcade cabinets to electric skateboards. Many of these use cases need wireless connectivity. The homebrew “People in Space” indicator in the lobby at Pi Towers is a typical example, with an official wireless dongle hanging off the single USB port: users often end up adding a USB hub to allow them to connect a keyboard, a mouse and a network adapter, and this hub can easily cost more than the Zero itself.


Zero W fixes this problem by integrating more functionality into the core product. It uses the same Cypress CYW43438 wireless chip as Raspberry Pi 3 Model B to provide 802.11n wireless LAN and Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity.

To recap, here’s the full feature list for Zero W:

  • 1GHz, single-core CPU
  • 512MB RAM
  • Mini-HDMI port
  • Micro-USB On-The-Go port
  • Micro-USB power
  • HAT-compatible 40-pin header
  • Composite video and reset headers
  • CSI camera connector
  • 802.11n wireless LAN
  • Bluetooth 4.0

We imagine you’ll find all sorts of uses for Zero W. It makes a better general-purpose computer because you’re less likely to need a hub: if you’re using Bluetooth peripherals you might well end up with nothing at all plugged into the USB port. And of course it’s a great platform for experimenting with IoT applications.

Official case

To accompany Raspberry Pi Zero W, we’ve been working with our friends at Kinneir Dufort and T-Zero to create an official injection-moulded case. This shares the same design language as the official case for the Raspberry Pi 3, and features three interchangeable lids:

  • A blank one
  • One with an aperture to let you access the GPIOs
  • One with an aperture and mounting point for a camera

Three cases for the price of one

The case set also includes a short camera adapter flexi, and a set of rubber feet to make sure your cased Zero or Zero W doesn’t slide off the desk.

New distributors

You may have noticed that we’ve added several new Zero distributors recently: ModMyPi in the UK, pi3g in Germany, Samm Teknoloji in Turkey, Kubii in France, Spain, Italy and Portugal, and Kiwi Electronics in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg.

Raspberry Pi Zero W is available from all Zero distributors today, with the exception of Micro Center, who should have stock in stores by the end of this week. Check the icons below to find the stockist that’s best for you!

UK, Ireland

Pimoroni The Pi Hut

United States

Adafruit Canakit Microcenter



Germany, Austria, Switzerland

France, Spain, Italy, Portugal

Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg



Pimoroni The Pi Hut Adafruit


Edit: Since the release of the Zero W we’ve announced 13 new distributors for Raspberry Pi across the globe. Find out more here.


The Raspberry Pi Guy avatar

Awesome news! I got my hands on one and gave it the usual comprehensive review here:

The Raspberry Pi Guy

Mike Hooper avatar

Great news – well done team. This nearly got leaked yesterday :)

Kalevi Ratschunas avatar

Congratulation to the team!

karan avatar

I wish you added a DSI port.

Hacker X avatar

Where? I mean seriously, where would they physically fit it?

Carl Jacobsen avatar

There’s only one display (the official 7″ touchscreen) that can connect to the DSI port on a Pi, and it dwarfs the Pi Zero in both size and cost. Connecting the two would be just silly.

Frederick Vandenbosch avatar

Welcome to the family, little one. I’m sure we’ll have many interesting adventures together :D

Alan Mc (Irish Framboise) avatar

“My precious!” Can’t wait to see what you’ll do with it Frederick!

Tony avatar

Well done everyone, I would imagine this well sell out today? Many thanks for all your hard work and insight.

Peter Green avatar

Is the intent for this to replace the original zero or to be sold alongside it?

The Raspberry Pi Guy avatar

To be sold alongside it

James Hughes avatar

Along side, but these should be available in much larger numbers.

Richard Ahlquist avatar

But it still limited to single purchase?

Over-50 avatar

Please, please, please make the Pi Zero W available to buy in quantities of more than one at a time. That was the single biggest problem with the original Zero. Fair enough if there’s an initial one-per-order policy but PLEASE (pretty please) review this as soon as the initial spurt has died down.

mahjongg avatar

Eben said in the video, that so far 80K of the original Zero’s were made, but the production of this one will be 25K per week! so in four weeks there will be more Zero W’s be produced than Zero’s in the last year.

Obviously initial sales will be limited, that is simply unavoidable, but the one-per-custumer rule will soon be lifted (hopefully).

Carl Jacobsen avatar

I believe (contrary to mahjongg) that Eben said they’ve made 80k of the Pi Zero _W_, so far, and can produce 25k a week – evidently they’ve been stockpiling for 3-4weeks. I expect they’ve made far more of the base Pi Zero than that, yet it’s still supply constrained. I’m hoping that the $10 price point gives them a higher profit margin, so that these can get produced at a higher rate than the basic Zero, and maybe get the limit raised a bit.

mahjongg avatar

As i said elsewhere in this blog, yes Eben meant there were 80k Made for launch. I realised that shortly after I made my post, and I corrected it elsewhere in this blog.

The zero was and will for the forseeable future continue to be made in quantities of 80k per month, the PI Zero W will be made on another assembly line in numbers of 25k per week, not month (so about 108k average per month or so). so the number of PI Zero’s and Zero W’s made in total will at least double.

Ben Simmons avatar

Good going there, more cost effective to buy these than buy a wifi dongle for my others Zeros. Just about to embark on a fishtank project with my sons.
Now if you could just make them generate their own electricity so we don’t need that stupid power lead ;-)

Anyway, make the 2A/3A talk yesterday silly, I thought you may get all that into the A form factor (would would have been ace, but into the Zero form factor. Well done

Mike Hooper avatar

Just placed my order :)

Niall Saunders avatar

Just ordered mine!

Well done everyone (you just need to get your stock levels up – to the point where customers can order more than one, without the hassle of getting them delivered to ‘friends and family’!!!)

Mark avatar

Ordered one, just about to build a music player so this is perfect. Thanks

Ludwig avatar

No audio out

Martin avatar

HDMI carries audio.

Calanor avatar

With external dac.

Helgi W avatar

The youtube video above mentions that it’ll be sold alongside the regular Zero.

But will it be available in 1< amounts? The zero has been limited to 1 per customer for a LOOOOOONG time.

Any word on power consumption?

Congratulations on the new launch.

alex eames avatar

Power consumption is about 20mA more than the regular Pi Zero. I’ll be publishing my comparison chart later or tomorrow :)

David Akerman avatar

You can get 20mA back by switching off the HDMI, so that’s pretty good.

Helgi W avatar

ok? So that means 90-110mA/0,5W ballpark?

Kyle Stewart avatar

Just ordered 1:-)

Happy 5th Birthday

hacker now avatar


Alan Mc (Irish Framboise) avatar

Wow wow wow!

Joyeux anniversaire. And thank you so much – MERCI – to the foundation to have allowed the Zero Family to be released on the French market!!! So so imporant for us over here.

A samedi pour la fête ! Vive le nano-ordinateur à la Framboise ! Vive Raspberry Pi =oD

Richard avatar

Please stop releasing incredible products, I can’t keep up. ;-) Now I have to go and order another raspberry pi to go with my 8 Zero’s, 2 Pi2’s, 1 Pi3, 1 Pi B+, 1 Pi A+, 1 Pi B 512mb and two of the original 256meg PiB.

Is there a AA for Pi owners.

“Hi, I’m Richard and I’m addicted to raspberry Pi”…..


Michael Horne avatar

Well done everyone at Raspberry Pi for bringing this new board out. How you managed to get it all squeezed onto that small footprint is a minor miracle, so congratulations to Roger, especially. :-) Looks like it’s going to be another hit! Here’s my little news story of the launch

Steve Barber avatar

Really want to get hold of one of these. Hope there are going to be some left by Sunday at the Cambridge party!

alex eames avatar

Congratulations. Looking at the volume of tweets, these are going to sell quickly. My walkaround video here…

gregeric avatar

Nice tour of the board Alex!

Gruffalo avatar

Great news, I have one on the way already.

I do wish that the case had a flat top so it is more stackable.

fsh avatar

Doh, now You talking when I just bought zeropi without wireless? :/

Dave A avatar

Are these still made in Wales?

Liz Upton avatar

They are, yes.

Dave A avatar


Leo White avatar

I was just wondering how to stop USB bluetooth adaptors falling out of a PiZero board for my PiWars robot… Now I think I have my solution! Considerably better than the super glue I was thinking about.

It’ll also be a good upgrade for my PiZero Bot!

Christian Nobel avatar

Cool, looks like a nice little device.

Will it be available through RS or Farnell in quantities?

Ken MacIver avatar

Christmas is officially moved form, 25/Dec to 28/Feb.
Congratulations Guys and Happy Birthday.

Niall Saunders avatar

Happy Birthday, and Merry PiMas?

seb avatar

Very cool.

I understand it the same CPU as the PI 1, BCM2835, hope to see a more modern cpu, newer ARM Instruction Set, in a future zero.

Kev avatar

Congrats on the new release. Yes, we’d would also love to see a Zero with ARMv7 or later. Or alternatively, support to have Thread Building Blocks (TBB) library supported on ARMv6.

Myself avatar

Indeed. While I get that low cost is a good thing for many, I could really make use tiny and fast but more expensive. A Zero form factor with a Pi 2/3 CPU would be ideal – even at double or tipple the cost of the existing Pi 2/3. Problem is nobody makes such a thing – getting any sort of high performance compact system requires designing your own PCB. :(

Jestyn avatar

Is there a “beginners guide” comparing the different models and which one should think about buying?

W. H. Heydt avatar

I’m trying to think of ways of saying this as gently as possible… If you aren’t familiar with the ins and outs of the various models of Pis, just get the current top model (Pi3B at the moment), do some playing around with it and perhaps some projects. Then start looking at what else is available and ask specific questions (“I need a smaller PI.” or “I don’t need this or that feature.”) in the Forums and you’ll get advice on what is out there.

dan3008 avatar

So, the sellers are still limiting the zeroW to 1 per coustomer…

On the other hand, I’m glad I waited, Now I only need 4 of these, instead of 4 zero’s and wifi adaptors

W. H. Heydt avatar

Worse…I checked vendor that has both Pi0 and Pi0W and they only let you order one or the other, but not both.

Remco Hosman avatar

I just noticed the wrong ‘CE’ logo is on there! this is the China Export logo, not the european CE one.

This means its not legal to see in the european union

mahjongg avatar

Yeah, they are quite red in the face about that one, but the next batch made will have this corrected. In the mean time its perfectly fine to buy and sell them, they have cleared it with the authorities, who are fine with it, given that the device does actually *have* the certification, but unfortunately this batch will have the wrong logo!

mahjongg avatar

Congratulations Raspberry PI foundation for your 5’th anniversary, and for the PI Zero W, which looks incredibly cute in its new case. Well done!

Jyri avatar

Damn, ordered old version last week.
Now i have to order new one..

Barry Christian avatar

Me too! ?

Stewart Watkiss avatar

Perfect – that’s just what I need.

Well done everyone involved.

Nick avatar

Does this have the same bootrom as the previous version? Specifically, can one boot over wifi without an SD card containing bootcode.bin?

Pete Stevens avatar

It can’t netboot, only the Pi3 can do that.

W. H. Heydt avatar

Don’t forget that the Pi2B2 has the same SoC (and, therefore, boot rom) as the Pi3B.

Nick avatar

I thought the Pi3 could network boot because it has the latest and greatest bootrom. The other models don’t, hence they require it to be provided on the SD card. Can’t they just flash the newest bootrom on these new Zeros?

W. H. Heydt avatar

The bootrom is masked in ROM in the Silicon of the chip. The only way to change it is to change the manufacturing masks, which is a long involved–and very expensive–process. So the bootrom in the BCM2835 is NOT going to change. In fact, *any* change to the SoC for the Pi Zero/Pi Zero W would entail designing a new SoC.

The requirement that would have to be met to upgrade the Pi Zero SoC would be that the package must be able to be used with PoP RAM. The only route to that that I can think of would be a new chip (is someone willing to donate about $10 million to the project?) that would probably be a single Cortex-A53 core (why go for ARMv7?) in, most likely 28nm, for power and heat issues that could be packaged to use PoP RAM (the quad core design requires too large a package).

Nick avatar

Thanks for clarifying that, much appreciated. I was thinking it was implemented in some kind of OTP memory but I see that’s not the same. Since posting I also found this which pretty much says the same as you have here:

Alan avatar

Magpi 55 (March)has a great deal and more info on new zeropi.

Anton avatar

Very cool, thank you!

A question: the antenna look really interesting, is there any more info about it somewhere? How does it work? Is it completely flat, as the previous antennas were 3D? Any data on how does it compare to the Model 3 one?

Gordon Hollingworth avatar

The antenna is actually a ground plane cut-out which acts as a resonant cavity at 2.4GHz. This is then driven using a couple of capacitors…

It turns out that in testing we found that this is actually a better antenna that the chip antenna we have on the Pi 3 (we had to turn down the output power to pass the FCC / CE certification)


Anton avatar

Thank you!

David Akerman avatar

Antennae are magic; resonant cavities more so :-)

Chris avatar

Is there any information on how we can turn it back up???

Gordon Hollingworth avatar

Really, you want me to explain to you how to break the terms of our certification with the FCC? Let me think about that…


Kat avatar

Ham radio operators do have a need to do this, y’know.

Patrick Cantwell avatar

Indeed. As a licensed Amateur Extra class operator I am allowed to operate in the 802.11 band at high power. See

To allow amateur operators to tweak the power does not violate your terms with the FCC. Ubiquiti and other vendors provide these details, I believe when you furnish a copy of your license. (I’ve yet to have a need to play with higher power WiFi though some projects are in the works).

So – how can licensed amateur operators get this information from you?

W. H. Heydt avatar

So…he asks slyly…does this mean that the Pi3A will have a resonant cavity WiFi antenna instead of the chip antenna found on the Pi3B? Or perhaps there with be a “point release” change to the Pi3B to use the better antenna?

Do I suspect correctly, given the constraints on the Pi Zero W that the resonant cavity antenna is cheaper to manufacture than the chip antenna?

jogco avatar

That’s really cool! :-D

exartemarte avatar

Seem to remember we had something similar (ie etched copper antennae) on military portable doppler radars back in the 70s. (Hoping that’s no longer secret …)

Phil avatar

Some related technical info concerning the history, theory & design principles of microwave slot antennas:

Rick avatar

Very Nice.

Can we also expect the Zero E anytime soon (i.e. wired Ethernet, not WifI) that’s what I’ve been waiting for, much better when you have a lot close together.

Gordon Hollingworth avatar

Yes you can buy one now, it’s the Model B+

Peter Green avatar

I doubt it (note: this is NOT based on any inside information).

There are several issues with putting Ethernet on something like a zero.

1. There is no standardised miniature Ethernet connector (there is “RJ point 5” but it’s vendor-specific, bloody expensive and still too big).
2. Ethernet needs “magnetics” which are also relatively bulky (these are often hidden in the RJ45 connector but if you used a nonstandard connector you would have to use a separate magnetics package).
3. Afaict there are no SDIO Ethernet controllers. The BCM2835 doesn’t have MII, Using a USB controller blocks up your only USB port so you need a hub. “USB hub with Ethernet” chips exist (and are what are used on the pi B series) but are relatively bulky and pricey.

Radek avatar

What about to remove USB power connector and use POE instead? You can use POE adapter to power RPI. I wanted to use PI Zero to stream video from camera. WiFi is unreliable. Real transfer is a way lower than standard promises. It’s also sensitive to interference which isn’t acceptable in surveillance applications.

Matt Hawkins avatar

This is great news. These will make nice internal security cameras as the official case will make them look like a real product rather than the bunch of wires in a shoe box makers usually inflict on the household.

Glenn avatar

Pi 4 announcement tomorrow?
I was expecting the Pi 4 announcement today as Pi2 and Pi3 released at the same moment of the year (end of feb).

W. H. Heydt avatar

Actually…the Pi2B was released in early February.

Richard avatar

So have the foundation just killed the CHIP? :-)

Ok, I better get on and do some work…..

Karin Andersson avatar


WE have no reseller for Raspberry Pi Zero in Sweden. Is it possible for some swedish company to be that?

Best regard,
Karin Andersson

Lorna Lynch avatar

Hi Karin, you can find more information on this in our FAQs. Hope this helps!

Mike Buffham avatar

Hi Karin
We have expanded the reseller network recently but you are correct, we do not currently have a Zero Reseller specifically in Sweden. However, if you go to the Zero Wireless product page you will see there are a number of resellers listed that ship internationally

Hope this helps

mneja avatar

I am pretty sure she was interested to become a re-seller, not necessarly just wanting to buy one.

peter avatar ships to sweden…

peter avatar ships to sweden (and to pretty much any place around the world – just ask them)

jogco avatar

Hej Karin,

Both Pimoroni and The Pi Hut ships to Sweden, fast and simple. I’ve bought several times from them, shipping is almost as fast as buying from sweden.


Milliways avatar

Since BREXIT you should have distributors in the colonies rather than EU. NO supplier in Australia.

dave j avatar

At least you’re not in New Zealand. One of the distributors is called Kiwi Electronics but they are in Europe. Imagine how annoying must that be. ;)

wallarug avatar

Yeah, same boat here. No suppliers in Australia and we get completely hammered on the exchange rates.

Not fair :(

Milliways avatar

I decided to bite the bullet, and buy one anyway. Checked out all the Global suppliers. With the British markup (VAT?) over $US10, international postage (which is several times the cost of the Pi). With exchange rate, it was going to cost me practically the same price as a Pi3 from Element14 (AU).

Jesse avatar

While this is great… I still can’t even get my hands on an original pi zero… not one! (Unless I pay $20…)

Please have WAY more stock available, of both this and the original…!

Carl Jacobsen avatar

The official UK sellers will cheerfully drop one on your doorstep every day for $11-and-change (depending on the GBP-USD exchange rate) _including_ shipping to the US. I know because I’ve done this several times. Yes, it takes about a week to arrive. At that price, simply keep a spare around, then timing won’t be an issue. If you’re paying $20 you’re doing it wrong.

peter wang avatar

It’s a pity,chinese can’t buy it!

Barry Christian avatar

I’m happy, but my happiness is tempered by the fact that I just ordered a raspberry pi zero and two cases over the weekend. ? Now I want to order a new one. ?

Ro avatar

Does anyone know if this RP can run retropie properly?

mahjongg avatar

Off course, it works great for retro games, I have even played a PlayStation game that worked reasonably well, just don’t get your hopes up on playing Nintendo 64 titles on it, you will need a PI3 for that.
Also you can upload your .ROM’s now directly and you can use scrape to get cover art.

mahjongg avatar

Oh, and you can also use your Bluetooth wireless Game controller or keyboard with it. How cool is that?

flrndttrch avatar

Great news guys, thanks for that.
One question, which is the camera that fits with the zero W? Is it the Zero v1.3 one or the regular Pi camera? In the video it looked like the regular one, but common sense tells me it’s the v1.3 :)

Lorna Lynch avatar

The regular Camera Module (or NoIR version) will work, but you will need a special adapter cable. More info in this post.

mahjongg avatar

Actually you could also use a normal cable, (for a Zero) as there is a slit in the official case for it to bring it out, but yes if you buy the original case a special cable is included for mounting the camera *inside* the case.

Lorna Lynch avatar

Thanks, mahjongg!

monojohnny avatar

Great stuff ! Just ordered mine!

Akash avatar

Would this be available for bulk orders(1k-10k) from suppliers, how long do you expect production to run?

Caner avatar

It is not a good news for people who will (mostly not) purchase it through your new partner Samm. While it costs around $20 for a set in other sellers, Samm request $45 + taxes which makes ~$53!

It is five times higher price! It was better while there were no partners!

Etienne Lesaffre avatar

very good news :) i bought one as soon as i read this.

Neil avatar

Wow. You added network comms to an un-computer and got a real computer. What a surprise.

Mike Robinson avatar

Since this has the same comms chip as the RPi 3, I guess this stops the Pi Zero W from being an OTG device?

MW avatar

The WiFi/BT Chipset does not use the single USB 2.0 BUS so Gadget Modes are still supported.

Mike Robinson avatar

Excellent! I’m getting one.

MOB avatar

Is it possible to use the FM-radio receiver?

Cuba++ avatar

What a great news! After installing Kali on RasPi3 with extra TPLink WiFi Dongle the Pi0W could be a much more interesting! Great job, Eben.

P.S. And – as usual – when you are in Czech republic I pay for every beer you drink. Promise.

Emil avatar

How can it be the same wireless chip as Raspberry Pi 3 when this one has Bluetooth 4.0 and Pi3 has Bluetooth 4.1? I think it’s sad this brand new product uses such an old Bluetooth version. There are many new features in 4.1 and 4.2 that are invaluable for some use cases, especially for BLE. Examples are the ability to be peripheral and central at the same time and the extended packet length feature.

AndrewS avatar

The article above says Bluetooth 4.0, but says Bluetooth 4.1 ?

I read “It uses the same Cypress CYW43438 wireless chip as Raspberry Pi 3 Model B” and thought “Huh, I thought the Pi3B used a BCM43438?”, but then searched and found

MW avatar

That appears to be typo, read of the Cypress (Broadcom) Chip set before venting:

Emil avatar

That is terrific news if it actually is Bluetooth 4.1! :)

Richard Ahlquist avatar

Will they ever ramp production of zeroes enough to remove the single purchase limit? In all frigging honesty, non-profit has something to make serious dough to help meet their goals but just cant see past getting production up to where there are no purchase limits.. It’s mind boggling.

mahjongg avatar

As Eben said in the video, the RPF has produced a grand total of about 80K raspberry PI Zero’s so far, but the production of the Zero W has been ramped up to 25K -per week- for the Zero W.
They hope to lift up the 1 Zero W per person very soon, and there are many more distributors to choose from.

Richard Ahlquist avatar

Still trying to figure out how a line that couldn’t produce enough regular Pi Zero (it was still selling out places last month) is going to produce enough of 2 models to actually put an end to the purchase limits. I hope they can do it, not just from a greedy geek angle but also a UK production angle.

MW avatar

It was stated a new production line was set up in Japan recently to compliment the one already running in the originalPRC, so that would leave more capacity at Pencoed, Wales.

W. H. Heydt avatar

You appear to have heard something in Eben’s remarks that I didn’t. What I heard was that they’ve already made 80K Pi Zero W boards. Nothing was said about how many plain Pi Zeros.

Last Spring there was talk about having 50K Pi Zeros made per month, so I suspect that 80K is around an order of magnitude too low for total Pi Zero production to date.

(As an aside…I’m looking forward to better availability of the “old” Pi Zeros as I don’t need WiFi or BT for my uses of them.)

mahjongg avatar

You are right, my bad! I watched the video again, and had noticed I misinterpreted what he said, but unfortunately you cannot edit blog posts. I already asked around for better figures for the total production numbers of the Zero, as its not really simple to make a guesstimate, because they have been trying to ramp up production of the zero all the time. But yes 50K a month could be a reasonable estimate, the PI Zero W will be made on an extra production line, so will not bite into that figure. So I guess we could say that 50k Zero’s a month and 80k Zero W’s a week will both be made together. Hopefully that will mean that at some time soon the one-per-customer limit can be lifted. But nobody’s crystal ball is clear enough to guarantee that, or predict exactly when it will be.

mahjongg avatar

Oops I meant 25k a week.

mahjongg avatar

That is on average about 108k a month, on top of the 80k of normal zero’s made.

Carl Jacobsen avatar

No, he said they’ve produced 80K Raspberry Pi Zero _W_’s so far.

Niall Saunders avatar

Great service from Pi-Hut – I received their ‘announcement’ email at 09:06 this morning, placed my order before I even came over to the Blog to see what this was all about, and Pi-Hut have already shipped my order as of 11:28 !!

Merry PiMas indeed. :)

WallyWare avatar

An excellent upgrade!

DiyRPi avatar

Happy Birthday Raspberry Pi! You’ve come a long way baby and you never cease to amaze! I was on the fence when the first Zero came out but after the craze they stirred up I sprang into action at the thought of a Zero model with wifi and bluetooth. I figured it’d be coming. Only a matter of time. Glad I ordered mine now and not later, even if it is just the board. At least I have everything I need from the previous Pi Zero kit I bought! To think I was looking at cases earlier and wound up buying a new Pi instead! Cheers!

Jaret avatar

What an amazing co-incidence! At 3pm (China time) I was about to order a Pi Zero v1.3, but got rudely interrupted and had to start work. As soon as I got home, I found the news that the Zero W had been released. Turns out that interruption wasn’t so rude after all.

Got my order in with CanaKit. $13.95CAD. Sadly, it’s $51 for shipping to China. Why doesn’t raspberrypi have a partner in China?

I’d be happy to sell them here!

Rich Steed avatar

NO! just ordered a pi zero with Zero view to do a garden watching camera with my boys and they release this that’ll do more for about the same price!

Oh well better order one with new case and do both I suppose :)

EdwinJ85 avatar

You’ve made my day with the case alone, I’ve wanted an affordable camera case for the zero for a while now :)

Thank you yet again for a massive March surprise product for the 3rd year in a row. My mind is exploding with projects that the new Zero is now far better than a Micro Bit for. Can somebody ask Pimoroni for an STS-Pi zero please?

EdwinJ85 avatar

….And bought! Seems only the Pi Hut are selling the official case though?

I hope there are more of these at the Birthday Party, I can see myself and a few of my like-minded friends wanting more than one…

solar3000 avatar

Yes thank you

Alejandro avatar

And four hours after your announcement, Kubii already has the Zero W out of stock… but the Zero W ONLY, if you want to buy it in bundles with cables and stuff (that are WAY more expensive), they have plenty.
Please PLEASE, find another distributor, these guys are robbers.

Richard Sierakowski avatar

An excellent improvement in performance and features. This should solve the connectivity issues and empower many new projects.

Well done to all at the “Pi” factory:)


yangxuan8282 avatar

Any zero distributors in China?
I know there are many user want to buy it, but haven’t found a good sellers.The price of zero start at $20 here.
Why foundation don’t just sell them at 15 dollars, and find some local distributor, or put them on global distributor like element 14 or RS.

Mary Brust avatar

Its such a shame that its only available at 3 retailers in the UK. Only growing one UK retailer since the launch of the original Zero.

Surely this is against the competition law as only certain retailers are able to get supplies this leaves many stuck without giving the three an unfair advantage.

James Hughes avatar

Odd, I would have thought three suppliers would be a pretty good number. It’s not a monopoly, so no problems with competition law (which is actually a lot more complex than most realise). Most countries have no distributors at all…..

W. H. Heydt avatar

Heh… Three resellers to cover the UK. Two to cover the US (I discount MicroCenter because they sell in store only).

Pi-erre avatar

Great news!!!!!
Could be great if the FCC certification stay active in case of soldering an u-fl connector for an external antenna! Could be useful for a lot of case!
Anyone knows about it?

Mark avatar

Do you know if the WiFi can be set to monitor mode? This looks brilliant :-)

Touliloup avatar

Sad that a lot of shop just force to sell you an overpriced kit…

For example Pi3G in Germany only sell the PiZero W with 2 or 3 1,5$ adapter and power supply for 25€!

Max avatar

Concerning pi3g / We also sell the Pi Zero W board alone, for 11 €.

Furthermore, we’re working on a solution to be able to ship to Austria and Switzerland for a cheaper. Please bear with us, there’s a lot of traffic today.

We’ll address any issues through our support channel directly – please contact us if there are problems.

Max – owner of pi3g.

Guenter Kreidl avatar

No, on your website you only offer kits. And your website is a pain to use.

There are quite a number of suppliers for Raspberry Pi in Germany who have been selling us RPis (and everything else we might need) for years now for very good prices. I have no idea why the Foundation chose a newcomer whom nobody knows.

Oliver avatar

Actually, I found it. Had to click around, though:

scruss avatar

Congratulations — you just crashed CanaKit!

Meysam avatar

It’s a great new for IOT guys; however, raising $5 only for wifi and bluetooth is too much. C.H.I.P. has the same processing power plus 4GB internal memory but $9.

Lafcadio avatar

Not a fair comparison, CHIP has no HDMI, you have to buy an extra piece to add it and it is really expensive, which is how they make their money. No digital audio either. And also you can’t actually buy one at the moment.

W. H. Heydt avatar

To be fair, you really can’t buy a Pi Zero W at the moment either. Several hours ago, yes, but not now.

mahjongg avatar

Next week another 25.000 will be available, can you say that for the C.H.I.P?

Carl Jacobsen avatar

You have the ability to buy a computer board with a 1GHz CPU, 512 MB of RAM, a GPU with HDMI output, microSD storage, a high-speed camera connector, and built-in WiFi/BT for a mere $10 … and you’re complaining that it costs too much? I’m not sure I can survive the eye roll that such a statement requires. Be instead overjoyed that we can get so much computing power for such a pittance.

Keep in mind that the $5 price point for the Pi Zero required not only clever construction techniques to keep the costs to an absolute minimum, but also cooperation from the resellers, who are making next to nothing from it. A higher price point for the Pi Zero W means we just might see higher availability.

Nicolas avatar

Wow, that’s exactly what the zero needed, impressive that you managed to add the chip to a board that already seems quite crowded !

Will there ever be a version with an optional antenna connector ? (Like, uFL switchable via soldering a resistor or something)
For some projects and cases, an external antenna would help a lot.

mahjongg avatar

Looking at the PCB there seems to already be a mounting place for an external antenna connector.

No word on how it works though, it seems you also need to do some magic with soldering a part, and perhaps removing another part from the board before it can work.

But note that this conclusion I have only drawn by looking at the PCB, I have no special insights in it.

Knowing this community someone will soon figure out how to do it though.

gregeric avatar

Yeah looks like you have to turn that 0402 (presumed 0-ohm) resister 90 deg to divert the signal to the UFL socket.

Wonder what the three unpopulated footprints over by the second crystal are for?

mahjongg avatar

If you do rotate the 0402 resistor/capacitor 90 degrees, you disconnect the antenna connector from the balun, so that won’t work. I wonder what they intended, perhaps removing the 0402 device and adding something diagonally?
Note that you also need to disconnect the cavity antenna.
Anyway, someone will soon figure it out.

gregeric avatar

Yes, it’s skewed, not 90, as on the Pi3.

Like on that, probably removing the resistor & making a solder bridge across that odd angle will be enough.

Nicolas avatar

Actually, the traces just above the “USB” markings could be just that… I hope that someone will test soon, and that it’s easier than on the PI3 (which needs very very precise soldering for that IIRC)

Pi-erre avatar

Yes it’s seems easier to solder, no resistors to move.
but the big question is about the FCC and CE certification… Do an external antenna breaks it or not..?

mahjongg avatar

I doubt there will be no resistors to move, I can see the signal pin of the connector leads nowhere.

If you make such a change yourself you are invalidating the FCC approval. Note they actually had to lower the output power to the new antenna (cavern) as it gave too much output power compared to the estimate they made from their experience with the antenna of the PI3.
If you add your own antenna, and connecting parts, you do not know what will happen the signal output may again be too much!

JBeale avatar

Keep FCC certification when using an unspecified external antenna? Has that ever been possible with any device?

Nicolas avatar

well, there are plenty of devices where you can change the external antenna. Don’t know how they handle the certification though.

Dougie avatar

Wow, looks like there’s no need for a Pi3A now.

Well done everyone at the RPF, this time you kept that one secret.

W. H. Heydt avatar

Really? Pi Zero W: Single core ARM11, no power protection, 512MB add your own header pins, needs adapters for many peripherals. Expected for Pi3A: quad-core Cortex-A53 (ARMv8-A), built in power protection, 1GB RAM, comes with header pins installed, full sized connectors.

Which board you use will depend on what you want to do. There is room–and desire–for both.

Nico avatar

Well, I’ll have to rething WeMos ESP8266 on many projects :)

Just waiting for a South African supplier – the shipping costs is a product killer

CJ avatar

Any idea on how many pi zero w’s were shipped to micro center? Curious since they’re a retail chain and stock gets divided. Will they be hard to obtain like the zero’s were at first?

solar3000 avatar

Is that the wireless just above “USB” ??

mahjongg avatar

Yes! somewhat to the right above the USB text, the shiny rectangular object. Its what we in the industry call a “flip chip”.

solar3000 avatar

I like shinny things!
Is that the antenna? That little white rectangle?
It looks interchangeable. I guess I can replace my older 0s.

gregeric avatar

The antenna is a coat-hanger shaped clearing of copper between the mini HDMI & data micro USB. That white block is a balun.

solar3000 avatar

That blank area that looks like a coat hanger is surrounded by what looks like grounding.

Sandipan Chatterjee avatar

A vast majority of developers lives in India and its very painful to see there is no seller in India.

Ravindra Singh avatar

Congratulations RPI foundation and Team!

I wish I could get my hands on one in India! Unfortunately none of the sellers here will have it anytime soon. ?

Anudeep avatar

Yeah, I needed ~5 pi zero’s for my various projects but no availability. Some online retailers have listed Pi zero for $20-25 which is not cheap!

Paul-1st avatar

Amazing coincidence. This morning I was looking for particular info on the Pi3b with regards to the wifi and bluetooth and saw ZeroW just launched. Took me all of about 30 seconds to make up my mind so ordered one. Just got confirmation it was shipped. Happy days. and Happy Birthday RPI

PCS avatar

Where can I buy one for $10? I’m in England but have relatives in N America. £32 is not $10 unless the exchange rate is all Trumped up!

Carl Jacobsen avatar

Where are you getting £32? I ordered one from Pimoroni for £14.60 ($18.20 USD) total including shipping to the US.

Arthur Baynes avatar

Glad I was able to snag one from CanaKit earlier today!

Reiner avatar

Would it be possible to require resellers to sell “plain” Zero Ws without all the unnecessary accessories that everybody has in the meantime and that raise the price usually by 150%? It seems that most resellers do only sell kits.

Alex Bate avatar

They already are. It may be a launch day issue. Or that the solo Zero W has already sold out on the site you’re looking at.

Carl Jacobsen avatar

Everywhere I checked (Adafruit, ModMyPi, Pimoroni, ThePiHut) all sell the bare board. They don’t necessarily all have them in stock at this point.

Andy avatar

Good timing – was needed now the esp8266 and the micro:bit are becoming easily available (even if finding out how to use the former is difficult)

Susi Sorglos avatar

11€ for the pizeroW @pi3g but 13,95€ S&H from germany to austria? WTF!

Max avatar

We’re working on lowering shipping costs by switching to mail instead of DHL. Please check back in about two – three weeks.

Mark A. Swope avatar

Very cool! Congratulations and thanks – you guys keep meeting challenge after challenge with your product line-up. I’m looking forward to try one.

Dave Ingram avatar

Any chance of some these making it to South Africa?

Peter avatar

I’ve ordered from Pimoroni a few times, had it delivered to my postbox

Evis Aristo avatar

I just started working on IoT and MQTT using my Pi Zero, and beeing able to avoid using an otg cable and a wifi adapter is just great!
I will go get one now!

mobilepenguin avatar

This is awesome news! Does anyone know if the CYW43438 wireless chipset will play nice with low range mesh networking development?

MalMan35 avatar

This is awesome! Can’t wait to get my hands on one. Or maybe I should just wait till the next upgraded version….. JK :D

Brett Reinhard avatar

For those wanting to setup this new piece of hardware as an Audio Receiver using Raspbian Jessie. You can use the following GitHub Repo:

This will allow you to customize what sources of audio streaming you want to use and completely automates the installation process. In addition, there are several other options that will install preset installations that include A2DP Bluetooth Streaming, AirPlay Audio Streaming, Kodi, Sound Card Support (relatively little configuration), LIRC support.

I feel the Raspberry Pi Zero W is a great way to use this repo and can be combined with a Pi Zero DAC. The project already includes the necessary lines to enable any of the HifiBerry DACs with the necessity of only uncommenting one line in the /boot/config.txt

Johan Sundström avatar

Congrats RPi. Come to papa…

Gautam D avatar

Nice! Add to my TO-DO list. Done.

Tim avatar

This is just amazing. WiFi -AND- Bluetooth -AND- a spare USB port, -AND- still in stock.

Congratulations to the Raspberry Pi team.

Gregory Havenga avatar

Went to order one in the US and the only retailer that I could actually order one from wants $20 to ship a $10 board.

I don’t care how much I want to get one, the economics just don’t work out.

I wish:

a) That the Raspberry Pi Foundation would realize when they release a new Pi Zero, people are going to want them by the millions. This is especially true for the WiFi/BT version that everyone wanted in the first place. Put plans in place to pump them out like iPhones.

b) Pick a retailer in the US that does not overcharge for shipping to make up for an inexpensive board. I embed these things in projects like the instant replay system I developed for the cub scout pack that I volunteer for. I know Amazon is considered the “Empire of Evil” to a lot of people, but for something like this that other retailers do not want to carry because they can’t make enough off of it, for me, this would work MUCH better.

c) I want to be able to simply donate these things for projects like the one I pointed out above, and if I could buy more than one at a time, that would be perfect and would help out with shipping, because I wouldn’t be ordering them piecemeal.

That said, I think the Pi Zero W is a fantastic product, probably the one that should have been there in the first place. I can’t wait to see what people do with them!

Carl Jacobsen avatar

I ordered one from Pimoroni for £14.60 ($18.20 USD) total including shipping to the US. I looked at CanaKit and Adafruit (the only US retailers who will ship them – MicroCenter won’t) and neither were charging anything remotely like $20 for shipping.

a) Taking it as some sort of affront, or oversight on the RPF’s part that they can’t produce them in the quantity the market wants… that’s just silly. They’re making them as fast as they can. If you want to personally put up several hundred million dollars to build a new factory, I’m sure they’ll listen to your offer.

b) Adafruit doesn’t overcharge for shipping, they just mostly ship via UPS, which is spendy but trackable. Nothing is preventing US customers from ordering from the UK suppliers. I ordered several that way this morning. There’s no point in distributing through Amazon when they can’t produce enough to handle current demand.

c) When production gets far enough ahead of current demand, they’ll likely allow for higher quantity purchases. It doesn’t make sense to do so before then, no matter how convenient it would be for us.

Greg Havenga avatar

CanaKit wanted $10 to ship ONE Pi Zero, if you add anything else to the order, it goes to $19.99. I didn’t want to pay $20 for a NOOBS MicroSD that I can make myself for next to no money, but I did need some of the “extras” (PSU), and just adding a couple of those made the shipping completely out of whack.

There is a certain amount of appeal in the form factor alone, but the economics of paying $10 for the board and another $10-$20 in shipping by the time you have enough stuff to use it just doesn’t make sense.

I have Amazon Prime, so even if they had to charge a bit more to pay Uncle Amazon, it would STILL be more reasonably priced than the current options.

James Hughes avatar

It’;s quite simple. If the supplier you are trying has outrageous S&H, use another one. Plenty of people willing to send to various countries around the world.

In answer to the other questions.

1) There are limits to how many can be made upfront – it’s mainly the cost to do so. The RFP does not have pockets as deep as Apple. I believe 85k were make upfront, and the production line is running now. There are also other reason – availability of parts is also a factor.

2) The RPF cannot really influence S&H costs of an independant retailer,. See my first paragraph for the way round high S&H.

3) The ZeroW should. become available to buy in multiples once production hits demand. It’s higher profit margin over the plain Zero means it becomes much more affordable to do this.

Nic avatar

Greg, CanaKit is a reseller on Amazon. Most of their Pi kit is eligible for free shipping to Prime customers or for orders over $35. I’ve done it…

I have am pretty sure that once the demand has stabilised, you will be able to source the Zero W with free shipping in the US via Amazon just as you wish.

By the way, my CanaKit order for a Pi3B kit with free shipping from Amazon was delivered to the door in less than four days. I would definitely use that option again.

Carl Jacobsen avatar

I bought a Pi ZeroW and the new official case from Canakit, and shipping was $9.95. Admittedly that’s on the high end, but I didn’t see this supposed $19.99 shipping anywhere.

The ZeroW I ordered from The Pi Hut was £9.60 + £5 shipping for a total of £14.60. That’s the lowest shipping I’ve seen, but the price for the ZeroW in the UK works out to nearly $12 (we’re getting a deal at $10). All told, that purchase worked out to $18.68. Are you really going to get worked up over the total from Canakit being $1.32 higher?

Don’t look at it as “$10 shipping is outrageous!”, look at it as “wow! I’m getting a tiny wireless computer that can run Linux dropped on my doorstep for $20 or less!” Not many years ago that’d be nothing short of miraculous. Quit complaining, rejoice, buy the Pi ZeroW and make it do neat things.

Richard avatar

“Raspberry Pi Foundation would realize when they release a new Pi Zero, people are going to want them by the millions”

Will you put the money upfront so that they can produce in the volumes you think are needed? Which would need extra compacity at the chip fab, new factory partners for the boards and the pick and place. Pay for the severance fees when the demand falls and you have to reduce the workforce you bloated for the peek in demand.

Unless you’ve experience volume production you can not have any idea how the costs scale to unmanageable levels. Remember, you can’t sell them till you made them and someone has to pay for them to be made.

I used to work for Tom Tom, I have experience in what is needed to fund high volume production. It is not just a case of turning a knob from 10,000 units to 10,000,000.

Scalextrix avatar

If only it came with 1GB RAM, would be perfect as a cryptocurrency node

Carl Jacobsen avatar

Increasing the RAM would require reworking the SoC that makes a Pi a Pi, at a cost in the millions. Unlikely to happen any time soon.

Ian Hollis avatar

Brilliant work folks. Very impressive as it resolves the issue of lack of USB ports. If it’s the same as RPi3 then it’ll work very nicely. I’ll keep my Pi0 mint in box as a legacy device. It seems they’re pretty rare down under in Western Australia.

Now how to convince “her in doors” that I “need” another RPi device. Hmmm ;^)

Ioannis avatar

It is The Best Micro Computer designed ever !!!
Warmest Regards

Greg Havenga avatar

Hmmm.. Posted some time ago. Apparently some posts are “more equal than others”. Mentioned availability and shipping, apparently that was too much.

Helen Lynn avatar

No; just nearing the end of a very busy day, thousands of comments/tweets/etc, rather smaller number of people at Pi Towers.

Carl Jacobsen avatar

I’ve been saying for months that the RPF should do this exact thing, putting the Pi3B’s SDIO-based WiFi/BT onto a variant of the Pi Zero – thanks, RPF, for taking my suggestion. ;-)

Though I have been patiently building up my cache of Pi Zeros in order to achieve my plan for world domination, and this will set me back a bit.

Peter Green avatar

I mentioned that a zero with wireless would be a cool idea to Eben at the last piparty and his reponse was something like “yeah that would be cool, expensive but cool”.

I guess that the success of the original zero and the growth of the Pi community in general gave him the confidence to splash the cash on certifying the Zero W.

James W avatar

Nooooooooooooooooooooo! I literally just got my delivery of my latest Pi Zero purchase. Now I’m going to spend the week glaring at it until it it spontaneously develops wireless capabilities.

But $10 is still great and I already have a couple ideas for how to use it. Thanks for this wonderful addition!

Andres Flores avatar

Will this make it easier to build a Magic Mirror?

StarMariner avatar

From Zero to Hero . Thank you for the Birthday pi. Yummy :)

Mike Molt avatar

Any access to the FM tuner portion of the chip?

Annlee Fores avatar

Any news about Adafruit, 1 hour after the announcement its out of stock or haven’t they received the shipment yet? :(

mahjongg avatar

1 hour, you mean 13?

Steve avatar

Sellers seem to be counting pi zero and wireless pi zero as the same device for the one per person limit. They’re different so why would they do that?

James Hughes avatar

Because at the moment both have a one order person limit. That will change over time.

ravenousld3341 avatar

*goes to microcenter website*
*Spams F5 button*
Can’t wait to reserve one of these for in store pickup

Freddy avatar

LOL. I admire your tenacity.
I predict there will be long lines this Friday at the MicroCenters when their shipment of Pi Zero W arrives.

FindZero avatar

Certainly seem to be much more stock for the Zero W than there was for the original Zero. I have suppliers emailing me to let me know they are “back in stock”. Tested and purchased, tested and purchased, tested and purchased, thanks.

Colin Deady avatar

Mmmm more Pi. Yum.

Happy 5th Birthday and superbly well done. Top job Liz, Eben et al: George my Zumo robot says thank you for the upgrade.

Elliott Reed avatar

This is great news! I cannot wait to order and implement these. I think they’ll have a use in the local charity app and website setup I am putting together. $10 is a good deal!

Mikkel Pamperin avatar

Pi3G -> €13.95 for shipping to Denmark, ThePiHut only takes €4 for shipping, and Pi3G is our neighbor country…

James Hughes avatar

I think you know what I am going to suggest. Buy from the distributor that gives you the lowest price inc S&H.

Max avatar

We’re going to work on lowering the shipping costs. Right now we’re using DHL with tracked shipping. We need to buy some equipment to make volume untracked shipping possible.

TrentDramas avatar

this is awesome!!! But let down severely once again by distribution.. price of a coffee in the UK\US and in Aus you’d be flat out finding one for the price of a family dinner at maccas.. Fail.

Richard avatar

Who’s fail? Sounds like you need to ask the country you’re in to do something about the import taxes or get a foundation of your own started to create something home grown. The factors you have issue with (which I can understand is frustrating) are out of the control of the foundation.

Maybe Apple with all their billions could do something for you????

fiveseven808 avatar

A board like this is IDEAL for my little IoT project!

Can’t wait to get my hands on one!!!! Thank you so much RPF!

Raymond McArthur avatar

Sound great I am interested.

exartemarte avatar

Excellent! For small robots the benefit of the reduced footprint was offset to a degree by the need for a WiFi dongle. With no dongle, and a case that accommodates a camera in the lid and has GPIO access through the base, I foresee some very small, neat robot installations.

John avatar

trickleware? it surely costs more than $10 so it will be perpetually out of stock.

Elfen avatar

Love it!

But… for $1 less, it would compete withe $9 Chip in the USA.


W. H. Heydt avatar

As opposed to the extra $15 it takes to add HDMI to a CHIP, which the Pi0W already has?

Elfen avatar

It’s all about marketing, and we all know it.

There are pluses and minuses to both systems and the R-Pi beats it on community support (Not software since Linux is Linux and one can apt-get what they need for either system from the same repositories).

But enough of this silly little discussion. It will go no where fast.

Richard avatar

So go buy a CHIP then, the Zero W @ $10 is incredible value and with the great software support, it’s unparalleled.

Elfen avatar

Already got 3 of them. So, big deal.

HestiaPi avatar

HestiaPi Touch will soon be using this baby (hope we can order more than 1 each time!)

tzj avatar

As asked above… is the FM antenna broken out this time?

And has anyone used a pi zero to make a LoRaWAN node/node-cluster… i’d be impressed if a zero got used as a gateway!

Mmm… that cavity antenna… i wonder how we the users could make it directional somehow… an angled cage?

Kevin avatar

Both the new Raspberry Pi Zero W and the new case are utterly fantastic!
The first thing I bought for my Zero was a RedBear IoT HAT which provides precisely what the W adds.
The thing I’ve been clamoring to find is a case that will fit the combo as well as a decent deal on the cables. The fact that the mini cable comes with the case is brilliant!

Now for the complaint… (sorry)

MicroCenter has a relatively small number of stores (only 25) for a country the size of the US. The nearest one to me (and I live in a *very* heavily populated area) is 641 miles (1,031 kilometers!) away. The only reason I have more than one Pi Zero is I took a ~3,000 mile (round trip) road-trip and stopped at numerous MicroCenters in order to buy one at each. This is not an opportunity for most (most people in the US do not take road-trips anymore).

If MicroCenter is claiming they have a shortage, they are lying. When I took my road trip, they just happened to have put them on sale (why?!) for $0.99 each! Every store I called had *many* hundreds in stock. Some people even laughed when I asked as they had so many. One I went to at the destination of my trip had 624 in stock (they provide a printout showing their stock quantities when you ask a sales-person about any product).

This is how MicroCenter lists them (in the store and on the web):
1 at $5.00 each
2-5 at $9.99 each
6+ at $12.99 each
Now if the Raspberry Pi Foundation actually got that extra money, that’d be wonderful and I’d gladly pay. Unfortunately, it is quite obvious that MicroCenter is simply scalping their own sales. They’re hoarding them.

Please add a store that is more broadly accessible to those of us in the US… Radio Shack (1,743 stores) would be fantastic (and I’ve found them to be much more honest). MicroCenter is simply not accessible to the majority of the people in the US.

W. H. Heydt avatar

The problem with MicroCenter isn’t the limited number of stores. It’s their being unwilling to take web orders and ship Pi0 boards. If either MC would ship, or some other vendor, say Ameridroid or Central Computers that *would* ship were added, we could all cheerfully ignore MC.

William avatar

That is ridiculous to blame Micro Center because they only have a certain number of stores and for their audacity to actually listen to their customers and sell Pi Zeros, while the big electonics chain near you does not. I am sure the thousands of people currently living near a Micro Center would disagree with that attitude.

No one is hindering Radio Shack from investing money to make a deal to buy and resell Pi Zeros at their 1000+ stores. Go petition Radio Shack’s sales team instead of putting the hate on the wrong party. And if Radio Shack is not willing to get your Pi Zeros, then you need to get angry and rant at THEM on their forums or customer site.

As for the supposed price gouging by Micro Center, if paying keen attention to what they are doing, everyone should be THANKING them for their kindness. Consider this – they are selling the 1st Pi Zero at cost for $5, which is probably like 90% of the time. With the very small profit margin at that price, they are practically eating all of the transportation and handling cost to get the Pi’s on a ship from the UK across the ocean to the US, then finally distributed by trucks to each of the stores across the country. Gas and people are not free nor cheap. So they only start to make up some of those costs when someone buys multiples at once. Why would anyone complain about this!

At the same time, the pricing tier attempts to curb scalping. But just like any other product, that does not completely prevent someone from still buying 50 at a time if they really want to. Nor can they prevent that person from turning around and resell on eBay for $20 each, which is most likely what is happening. However that is beyond the control of Micro Center or anyone at Raspberry Pi if someone takes advantage of the store’s willingness to allow unlimited quantities. (Next someone will complain that Micro Center is selling TOO much Pi Zeros and should LIMIT purchases, because that is just not fair, right!)

But that is also why it is understandable with this price the Pi’s are only available in-store. Micro Center is a brick and mortar business, so need people to come into the store for the impulse buys and secondary sales. If they can’t make much profit from actually selling a Pi Zero then leverage the popularity of a product in hopes of getting lots of feet through the door, that after ogling all the cool shiny stuff will leave with the Pi Zeros as well as bags of other goodies.

So Micro Center should be applauded to have developed a business model that works, fair and actually gives people the opportunity to buy barebones Pi Zeros without forcing bundles on anyone. What the heck is wrong with that! It should be kudos to the chain (and their management) for their smart acumen.

You just wish the other stores were as adept and in-tune with market demands. There is nothing holding back any other entity from committing their own wads of cash to secure an allotment of Pi Zeros so they can have hundreds in stock the same as Micro Center. Therefore being jealous of the good fortunes of some people and accusing a store of some imaginary infraction will not change the current supply situation. However pointing to Micro Center as a example for other places to follow and directly convincing more of them to act by sending a steady flow of money for their own Pi’s, may.

Note: I am not in any way affiliated with Micro Center. I live 1 hour’s drive away from the nearest store and do wish it was closer, but c’est la vie.

Lada avatar

+1 on that.

And a little comment- RPF caused this situation by pricing Pi0 too low. It’s superb to have so cheap so capable computer, but for us ordinary people, real availability is the king. Various bundles with cables give the retailer some needed revenue and actually pays for the low margins they have on RP0 itself. Microcenter in the U.S. is the prime example how to sell without added cables – they just increase the price if you don’t need cables or cases.

This way, RP0 is heavily subsidised by RPF. But I think RPF is not strong enough (nor aby of its retailers) to do it again. Hence I’m glad the RP0W is priced higher, actually giving RPF the chance to ramp up volume production.

Until now, what you were actually paying for was multiple shipping costs (and multiple plastic bags for packaging to be discarded or sunk into the ocean) if you neede more 0s.

And with the excellent mix of capabilities, more and more applications spanning multiple 0Ws in a single location will emerge. The PI0 volume manufactured is miniscule compared to the rest 12M units sold. But the potential is much higher, some millions of Ws will be sold if not hold back by underpricing.

It’s RPF and/or the retailer who subsidizes the distribution of way too low priced Pis. In any case, volume production can’t ramp up. And we need volume, not struggling on either side.

I’m perfectly ok with the new model and its pricing. I congratulate RPF for this new model AND its according pricing. Not long ago, a discussion about 0 was here, I have stated that RPI0 with wireless would be great and price about 10USD/EUR would be perfectly adequate.

Now it’s here and I’m so glad! I’ll buy 10pcs right away, I can give them to friends and save some packaging plastic. But remember, the RPF must not cut itself from ramp up of production by pricing too low! Price of goods is always paid by the customer, but the whole devel/manuf/distrib chain has to survive.

Elan avatar

That’s funny. I never ever would have thought to hear someone being criticized for not being greedy: “You are selling this great item for too low a price!”

I guess maybe in this strange new times…

Lada avatar

Actually between greed and suicidal generosity is a spectrum of strategies. Hanging yourself in the hope you’ll feed the poor doesn’t feed anybody but the wolves. A small step towards greedyness is the sweet spot – feed the poor and yourself to be able to do it again ;-)

I’ve done the latter multiple times so I know what I’m talking about.

Kevin avatar

As I already said, it’s not the limit, it’s the scalping.
If the foundation got at least a share of the extra money, I’d be fine with it.

Carl Jacobsen avatar

I have no problem with Micro Center selling the Pi Zero, and I think their tiered pricing is not a bad thing. What I have a problem with is people mentioning Micro Center as a “US distributor for the Pi Zero” with a straight face, like it’s an actual viable option for some substantial portion of the country – it’s really not.

They don’t sell them online at any price, and they don’t have any stores in two-thirds of our 50 states. Another ten states have one store. Just six states have 2 or more stores (NY wins with 4). The state of California is well over 3 times the size of England (our population is 72% that of England). Micro Center has _one_ store here in California. It’s nearer to my end of the state, so it’s “only” a couple hours away. Driving 4 hours round trip to buy a $5 part is utterly unrealistic (for many in the state it’d be a multi-day journey). Calling Micro Center a “US distributor for the Pi Zero” is somewhere between highly misleading and disingenuous. They’re a distributor to a select handful of counties in one-third of the United States – and completely useless to most of the country.

Baylor avatar

What are you talking about? Micro Center is in the US. It also does sell Zeros to anyone. So yes they are a “US distributor for the Pi Zero”. No where is it stated that they are the “SOLE AND ONLY” distributor as you seem to be saying. There have already been mention of Adafruit, Amazon, Ebay, and others. But Micro Center is valid too as a potential source because you CAN buy a Zero there. Plenty of existing and happy people can drop by their local store right now and buy them in unlimited quantities. So what is wrong with mentioning the store – perhaps someone did not know this and they do happen to be lucky to live near one.

Anyways, can’t understand why all the negativity against Micro Center. Just because they don’t want to sell online and rather reward their local patrons? Why is there no anger directed at the stores that do not even sell any Pi Zeroes at all? It just sounds like a bit of green envy.

Err0 avatar

This is the first Pi to not include the Raspberry Pi Logo on the front!!!

Gavin McIntosh avatar

Did the FM input get routed out?
Been a couple of questions already but no answer yet.
Seem to remember it was too hard for the Pi3, too hard for Zero W too?

Tyler Ward avatar

Excellent. Now all you have to do is bump the 2.4ghz to 5ghz on the pi3 and i will be even happier!

Boring avatar

Available like the previous one?

Oz avatar

The German distributor your are listing is not selling the boards for private clients. You can only buy an expensive kit.
That is a very annoying thing.
I have two raspberry pies, and I am waiting for years now to upgrade, but every-time I want to upgrade just my board, I am either too late, or there is a bad option to buy in Germany. I wish the logistics of r-pi where not that complicated for me.

Oliver avatar

Incorrect. You’ll have to click a few times, though.

And they list it as available.

Raghavan avatar

Please find a distributor in India soon. I’d suggest Amazon / Flipkart / Snapdeal, as they have great networks. Thank you!

Mike Buffham avatar

Hi Raghavan
We are working on finding the right partners in a number of markets, including India. I hope we will have something positive to report in the future

Michiel avatar

AAAaaand they are largely sold out it seems :D
Hope RPi foundation is going to address the large demand, Id expect a lot more orders than the RPi0 had.

Over-50 avatar

Strange to note that even now, the morning after the launch, neither BBC or Sky News have mentioned the Zero W on their tech pages. Has any other media outlet picked up on it?

Where’s Rory when you want him?

Richard avatar

The BBC are a shadow of what they once were, they seem to be more interested in what oscar went to what film and why Beyonce pulled out of a gig.

Airborne avatar

It did make it onto slashdot yesterday already:

That’s all you need to get the news spread to all corners of the global geekdom in an instant. ;)

raymond avatar

Happy Birthday!

Thank’s for all the great products!

Tom avatar

Excellent stuff. Look forward to buying a whole bunch of these when they are available in quantity – postage nearly doubles the price for a one off at the moment!

AndyW avatar

If I take an SD card from an earlier Pi Zero and stick it in the Pi Zero W will it “just work” (wifi and bluetooth) or will I need to do some updates etc?

Simon Long avatar

No, you’ll need updates – sudo apt-get update / sudo apt-get dist-upgrade should work. Failing that, we released a new image yesterday with 0W support, available from our downloads page.

Gordon77 avatar

The Raspbian on the downloads page is dated 16/2/17.

Simon Long avatar

…which is when the image was created. We didn’t put it up for download until the Pi 0 W had been announced.

Gordon77 avatar

Thanks, I wasn’t sure as the release notes didn’t mention Pi0W

Gareth West avatar

Any chance RS Components will resell (for Africa’s sake)?

Gray avatar

I think it’s pretty much a tradition now, to ask for a bunch of features in the launch post for a new Pi?

So; I’ll keep mine super simple:

A lipo battery controller with three pin connection. (bare pads for preference, but header, socket, whatever) If your excellent engineers could consider that for the 3A, the 4, whatever comes in the future; I’d be appreciative of your time.

Nearly every pi project I make, I want a battery. My many server Pi’s would benefit from a simple, integrated UPS. Lack of integrated battery support (single-connector power and recharge) is one of the last things that stops me putting little Pi 0’s in everything ever.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not criticizing – the 0W is a huge leap forward for the Pi, as was the Pi 3. They’re absolutely usable for hundreds of creations. But I know RAM boosts are not possible, and improvements that draw much extra power are always a double edged sword. But native Lipo support would be cheap, draw very little power and would add a huge amount of extra flexibility.

Thanks for reading! :)

MW avatar

I do not want to pay extra money for a feature which I will have no use for, there are various HATS which already offer Battery Power.

kneekoo avatar

I wouldn’t want to pay for extras either, although RasPi3 (for example) already has features I never use (composite a/v, GPIO, camera and display connectors etc).

It’s especially important that a product such as PiZero comes with a minimum of components, so you can have the lowest power consumption possible, and also a small size.

However, I wish the Raspberry Pi Foundation would test and recommend some essential Pi-compatible products, and the battery power hats are very important for various projects. Power regulators would also be important in other projects.

There’s plenty of information on the web about add-ons, but this kind of info should be easily accessible from this website, nicely categorized, along with some technical info that any other add-ons would have to comply in order to be safe and compatible, because you can’t just recommend everything under the sun, but merely highlight some good options.

Lada avatar

Power regulators are rated by voltage (5V to 5.1V, but wider tolerance is possible incl. downwards, nominal is 5V) and their current AND ripple at maximum current.

Power consumption depends on added peripherals, whether videocore is on or off, camera present, frequency etc. That’s unpredictable hence the minimum requirements which is publicised (5V, 600mA for example). Go count or measure your consumption, the latter parameter – ripple – can be measured by an oscilloscope. It won’t be a stopper however – Pis have onboard switcher which downconverts the voltage to native 3.3V, so ripple on 5V rail is not a so big problem for the BCM chip itself.

If you use USB to micro cable long enough or bad enough, you’ll get a voltage drop across it. With pulsed load, it may translate to voltage ripple.

Richard avatar

Nearly 256 comments. :)

kneekoo avatar

Welcome, PiZeroW! :D

laurent avatar

Happy birthday to the Raspberry Pi fundation ! Thank you so much for this brand new model ;)
I started the adventure with the very first Pi (model sold with a T-shirt by Farnell or RS) and didn’t expected that, five years later. Keep your incredible power to surprise us ! Congratulations folks

Mihai Pintilie avatar

Happy Birthday! Well done Raspberry Pi! Looking for the latest product!

Monojohnny avatar

Great that you can just use a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse now rather than wired one – but I have a stupid question – will you still need a ‘temporary’ USB keyboard / mouse to initiate the Bluetooth pairing in the first place – or can the devices be somehow pre-paired by writing something to he SD card prior to booting ? (I guess what you do is pre-write your WIFI secret on the SD card, enable ssh and do it that way ?)

Khalid avatar

How can I connect it with WiFi network without any access to the OS?

James Hughes avatar

Please ask on the forum.

Greg avatar

Wow!! My first one arrived this morning – I had pre-prepared an SD card with the latest minimal image and my wpa_supplicant.conf file – put the card in, give it some juice and it just worked ! :-) Wow!!

Well done folks – again !!


Tom avatar

Hey! cool little Stuff!
But which OS is recommended?
Favor. is Ubuntu Mate

MW avatar

The Raspberry Pi Zero’s use the ARMv6 BCM2835 SoC and Ubuntu Flavors are not compatible, stick with Raspbian Jessie..

Manuel avatar

It is ridicoulus that any shop i found limits the number of pi zero you can order to one per customer.

i work at a big research center and that pi zero w is exactly what we need to do some nice researching (at the moment we´re using Pi3 but thats way to large).

and if you have some friends they all have to buy one by themselves, including shipping costs… absolutely ridicoulus…

Jose avatar

It is not ridicoulous, the boards are mainly intended for educational and hobbyist use, and one does not want some big company buying all the available stock if they are in short supply.

PS. Just bought one BTW :-)

MOB avatar

The BBC micro:bit (AKA MicroBit) has a proprietary (but open source) protocol when using MicroPython (in the module ‘radio’), due to lack of RAM. Can this protocol be used directly with Raspberry Pi Zero W and 3?

Daniel Ban avatar

This is very cool. But there is an issue with the case. When running the camera module for a while on the zero, the SoC gets very very hot. After a while frame rate starts to drop. A heat-sink is the only way to resolve this. But it looks like the camera module sits right on top. As well it would be nice if they have soldered on the external antenna connector. That is a necessity. The Pi 3 integrated Wi-Fi has short range.

Gordon Hollingworth avatar

Just tried this on my desk and it reaches 68 degrees with ambient temperature of 24 degrees. So I don’t think there is a generic problem with recording video normally…

For my test I did:

raspivid -o /dev/null -p ‘0,0,800,600’ -k

(i.e. change the preview window to be smaller but should make much difference. If you get the same output then your problem is likely to do with the SD card overheating)


Randy Lea avatar

How well does it play video files? My thought is connecting it to the TV to play videos, so I’d like to know how it does. Most of my files are less than 1080p.

talk2sk avatar

This is a great little module (specs wise). But I can’t use it unless there is certainity of supply in bulk. If I design it for a product but can’t buy any what is the use. Can you please confirm when it will be available in production quantities and we can buy 100+ lots ?


Carl Jacobsen avatar

The Pi Zero W is clearly not the right board for you, despite it being enticing in many ways. You will not be able to buy them in quantity 100 any time in the foreseeable future, and the Foundation will not confirm such a date for you. It’s a device for education and hobbyists, with constrained production. Not fitting your needs doesn’t mean it has no use – it’s extremely useful for the intended audience, but it’s not practical for designing into other products. Instead, look into the Compute Modules (CM, CM3, CM3L) or Pi A series (A+ and soon the 3A), which can be obtained in large quantities for your purpose.

Steven Sokol avatar


Just curious – is this the official word from the Foundation, or is this just your best guess based on the availability of previous Pi Zero models? Like the OP, the new Pi Zero Wireless would be a great platform for a product we have in the early stage of design.

FWIW – We’ve been using the Pi 3 as core component for the past 11 months. It only took about a month after the initial release before we were able to get them in quantity through the two major US distributors.



Ram avatar

Is there any distributor in India

Mike Buffham avatar

Hi Ram
We are working on finding the right partners in a number of markets, including India. I hope we will have something positive to report in the future

Potentiallabs avatar


Need to purchase 500 Pieces.
Where i can buy in india.

Micheal Smith avatar

i got my rpi0w yesterday (3/3/17) and immediately replaced my rpi0 with it. didnt work as i planned it but thats down to openelec not updated yet to use new onboard wifi so my advertising display project has been put back to old rpi0 for now (pointless having otg usb wifi plugged into it when its got onboard) and i`ll wait for openelec to catch up :)

i love this little thing. tiny footprint, big possibilities !

Ken avatar

FYI, the RPi Zero W is now available (as of 3pm EST) at the Central Ohio/Columbus Microcenter only and can be ordered online for in-store pickup.

None of the other stores are showing any availability yet. The Microcenter headquarters is very near Columbus, so I suspect this is the first store to receive their shipment.

According to Twitter and the Q&A on the Microcenter product page, several customers were told the RPi Zero W would be in store on Monday:

Although, it looks like someone in Atlanta just got one:

Ken avatar

Interesting, the Central Ohio/Columbus store still lists “10+” in stock, but online ordering for in-store pickup is no longer available.

Ken avatar

Now all Microcenter stores are showing “10+” in stock, except Orange County/Tustin, which is still sold out as of 7.50pm EST. Still no online ordering for in-store pickup.

Successfully got one myself at the Boston/Cambridge store.

Correy avatar

Blamo, now got mine as well! Thanks for the alert. Just took some “harassing” of a few different store assistants before one checked the stock room and found the box of Pi Zeros to get one out early for me. They have a few hundred but not sure how many are already reserved.

But it is a sweet board! Small and compact with no dangling usb stick like i had to before. As easy to set up as any other Pi – image the latest raspbian and pop in the sd card. Up and running in minutes, wifi and everything!
This will be going into my weather station outdoors.
May try to go back to the store later and snap up another if I can.

sfsdf avatar

In this blog post it says the Raspberry Pi Zero W has Bluetooth 4.0.
But on the shop page.
It says Bluetooth 4.1.

Which one is it? 4.0 or 4.1?
Please fix either the blog post or product page.

Mike Buffham avatar

Hi Sfsdf
The correct answer is Bluetooth 4.1 (as per the product page)
I will try and get the blog post corrected

Shannon avatar

It’d be kind of nice if you arranged distributers in Australia.

It costs more for shipping than the board, which wouldn’t be so bad if it wasn’t limited to one per customer so I can’t just order for myself + friends and split the shipping costs

$10 board (provided you can find it for $10) with $19 shipping…

Mike Buffham avatar

Hi Shannon
We actually did not have all the right certification in place for Australia at launch (we have now) so couldn’t go live @ launch with any reseller’s in Australia. Working on it and hope to have some good news in this regard very soon!

sigmaccc avatar

Raspberry Pi Zero(v1.3) will stop production???

Helen Lynn avatar

No, it will continue to be available alongside the Pi Zero W.

chinaguy avatar

Here in Shanghai the Raspberry Pi Zero W can be purchased for 34.00UK pounds/42USD at todays ex-rate! … t=6#detail

Anybody else seen a higher price or mark up?

But I can get a Chinese fabricated RP3B fro 23.50UK Pounds or 29USD! … t=6#detail

Enes avatar

Thank god i could get one before it ran out of stock in turkey this time. ALthough i saw a lot of pi2s and pi3s used in projects, and used a couple myself i have never seen the original zero in person. Had to get it in a starter kit kind of deal, because board only offer was out of stock.

Enes avatar

Also it was actually really $10 equiv. in Turkey.

Reto avatar

Can you put an official reseller in Switzerland directly which is not a complete rip-off like this pi3g? Pi itself is 11€ which is 10% more than the anounced 10$ and for delivery they charge 19€.

Max avatar

I’m sorry that you feel we charge too much.

1) the 11 € is including VAT – we have now set VAT rules to remove the VAT for Switzerland. It is the official price of the Raspberry Pi foundation – please check, e.g. the MagPi. 11 $ is excluding VAT
2) on shipping costs we need some additional time to implement a cheaper shipping system using postal service instead of DHL. We’re going to get there at the end of this month.


Søren Reinke avatar

When will it be possible to order more than 1 unit at a time?

We are a group of 7 colleagues who would like 1 each, for our maker group.

But since there is not one selling them in Denmark, we have to order from the UK, and the postage is pretty high, when it is once per unit.

Robert Cromer avatar

Congratulations on a neat update of the PI Zero. Too bad there isn’t a GPIO adapter & drivers that would allow the PI Zero or R Pi 3 B to connect into the CM DDR3 bus. That way the Zero/R Pi 3 could be the master to several CM Slaves. Otherwise, if a GPIO adapter is NOT feasible, then perhaps the male DDR3 connectors be made part of the Zero/R Pi 3 motherboard. You guys really need to have a low cost server.

Again congrats…

Marco Alvarado avatar

I think the ZW has very good possibilities to represent a new panorama for SBC applications. However, there is really a very bad approach to create so cheap machines in so limited quantities (this really doesn’t work). No matter if this is for industry, education or hobbyists. The Foundation it is killing a big quantity of possible applications for this machine in the entrance door.

I was just checking about it. Almost all the online stores are right now out of stock. And the ones have stock only have it for the ZW because the Zero 1.3 it is over. And there is a strange behavior on Canakit. When you make an order for one Zero and one Zero W (two different machines), they work as if you are ordering two machines the same type … so you only can purchase one Zero OR one Zero W.

For me it is very clear the limitation the Foundation had on the original Zero, because they were making it by themselves and this imposes a real limitation. However, the video indicates that they are using another maker for the ZW … so, why, with so big demand, can’t they be more aggressive? This is no longer an experiment, the Zero was really an important device in the history of computing (where can you find a complete computer for less of the price of a limited micro-controller?).

Fred Hillhouse avatar

Will Wi-Fi and the RS232 port be usable at the same time? I use both.

I added an ESP-12F to my RPi0v1.2 and use it for Wi-Fi while I have additional hardware connected to the RS232 port.


Fred Hillhouse avatar


Carl Jacobsen avatar

Ask in the forums – (almost) no one is looking at this blog post any more.

MIke avatar

Pimoroni: We don’t offer shipping to Russia.
PiHut: Russia isn’t in the country list.


Frank avatar

Ordered my pizero w from pi3g in Germany 7 days ago, they still havent confirmed that they have shipped the pi or returned with a delay note of any kind yet, so might wanna try another supplier.

Max avatar

We’re working on shipping everyone as fast as we can – I apologize for not having shipped you already.

Radix avatar

I’ve ordered my Pi0W from pi3g on Sunday, and it arrived today as ordered.

Stuart avatar

Any tips for getting the wireless N 5ghz to work on the Pi Zero W? Currently only seeing/connecting to wireless G 2.4ghz networks.

David Hood avatar

My Pi Zero W arrived last night via USPS from to Colorado! No one stateside had it in stock for more that a few minutes, so I reached out to our Canadian friends. I lost a day because my credit card company needed me to grant permission for an international transaction, but filled me in and shipped as soon as I got the ‘all claear.’ Fired it up this morning and everything is as advertised! The case is pretty slick, too. Connected the Bluetooth keyboard and mouse, now I can ditch the dongle AND access my network attached peripherals. Did I mention the case is pretty slick, too!?

I am very happy with this purchase! Thanks Raspberry Pi Foundation and the awesome folks at!

Don avatar

For me, buying from any of your partners makes no sense in terms of shipping costs alone – Typically the shipping is two to three times the value of the product being purchased. ($10 board, $45 transaction)
Perhaps a Chinese distribution partner who was able to ship world-wide would make a lot of sense.

Mike Stoops avatar

Mu zero W arrived last week. I hooked it up and to my dismay, the USB port is DEAD! Very disappointed! Pi-team seems to be only worried about shipping quantity not quality.


Liz Upton avatar

That doesn’t sound right – they’re all tested before leaving the factory. Have you visited our forums to try troubleshooting?

Ivo avatar

I´ve ordered a week ago Pi3 Kit at Pi3G in Germany. They have delivered a package with missing parts. I´ve send 5 days ago four email to all possible contact emails mentioned on their webpage including the paypay contact. Until today I got no response from the seller (Max) who has responded here in this thread as well. The telephone numbers on the website – one is cut off and the other is not reachable since I got my package last friday.
I would suggest not to buy at this shop:

Oper avatar

If you want to check the availability of PI ZERO and PI ZERO W you can now use

dimas andhika sury avatar

please add seller in indonesia… i want to buy 1 raspberry zero product $5 and shipping for $50 ,the shipping its to expensive… T_T

Dave Semmelink avatar

I have a crazy suggestion about the official case. It’s great that it comes with the 3 different lids, but that means that we will be throwing away 2 lids for every case we buy. It would be a logistics nightmare stocking 3 different cases, so how about this: instead of 1 case with 3 lids, why not sell 3 cases with the 3 lids? That way, every time I buy a case I’ll be tempted to buy 2 more Pi Zeroes! I’d happily pay $10 for a 3 pack!

Frank Davey avatar

I received my Pi Zero W the other day and try as I may I can’t get the Wifi to work it just reports ” NO WIRELESS INTERFACES FOUND” have I missed something ?? . Do I import a driver ? I have a pi B2 and that works on the same WIFI all ok

Simon Long avatar

Make sure you have updated to the latest firmware and drivers, or are running a clean version of the latest release of PIXEL. Older versions of PIXEL do not have the drivers for the wifi on the Zero W.

Try “sudo apt-get update” followed by “sudo apt-get dist-upgrade” to update to latest software – it’s probably wise to take a backup first, just in case.

Chas avatar

Would OpenGL work on it?

Topias avatar

Is it possible to get PI Musicbox to work on Zero W? I have Rasbian Jessie and PI Zero compatible version installed with instructions from

I get an error message module p80Z11 not found and Wlan0 no such device. I have edited hifi details according to instructions. I don’t know musch about these. Just would like to have the functionality as wifi spotify player for my active speakers with dsp and usb input.

Please can someone give advice?

Radix avatar

My Raspberry Pi Zero W fails to work in USB Ethernet gadget mode. It won’t properly set up and using dmesg I see “dwc2 20980000.usb: dwc2_hsotg_enqueue_setup: failed queue (-11)”. Overlay and drivers are correctly set up.

After an hour or so of fruitless diagnosing I finally tried with another Pi Zero W, using the same setup, and it worked right out of the box. From comments I googled it seems that some batches of Pi Zero W seem to be broken in that USB Ethernet gadget mode doesn’t work.


Jim Fathman avatar

Where and when will schematics be available for the RPi Zero Wireless?

Those schematics are not yet included here:

Bassem avatar

How can I buy this in Egypt? Raspberry Pi is really overpriced here in Egypt. :(

Chas avatar

Would OpenGL work on this as it has the same specs as the RPi3? When I go to raspi-config it says OpenGL can’t be enabled so what do I do? Will support be coming soon?

Chris avatar

Great news!
Would be better if a GPS can be added, then it’s the killer for a lot of mobile applications.

HowardP avatar

The Zero W is wonderful and impressive little device – I’ve already solved numerous problems that would have been too expensive or bulky otherwise. After reading many of the comments here, I’m glad to see mention that the 0W has a “good profit margin” for you. For we the buyers that means you’ll eventually have production meet demand – and the vendors won’t have to treat the 0W as “loss leaders” nor limit sales to one to a customer! As most here know, an alternative for WiFi IoT is the ESP8266 and, getting there, the ESP32. But even the ESP32 with (essentially) two cores, still (to me) does not compete with the 0W. ((Wishing I could buy 40 of them :))

Brian Chow avatar

I am having a hard time getting a hold of several Pi Zero W. No suppliers are selling it for $10. They package with other product like a case, which i am not interested in, so that they can up the price.

Even in China I was quoted $30/piece. Where can I buy it. I need about 50 pieces.

Thanks for any help.

Phil Jarvis avatar

Good question, I’ve been trying to a number for education purposes – no one is will to help

Fred Paul avatar

Well, this is cute. In the USA, we have three distributors. Adafruit is always out of stock. That brings it down to 2. Micro Center do not ship. Honest. You have to go to their brick and mortar store to pick it up. And if you want more than one, it costs more. Unfortunately, they don’t cover all of the US and no stores in Florida. That leaves one. A Canadian company called Canakit that limits one board per purchase and the cost to ship is the same at the W version or twice the cost of the $5 version. Interesting. It is cheaper for me to buy a Zero W from Primoroni in the UK and ship at the same time it takes to get it from Canakit. And no limits. I’m Canadian living in Florida. Another reason to move back home.

Honestly, you guys have to improve your distribution here. 320 million people and one distributor. Tsk Tsk Tsk.

Oh…. you can always go to Amazon or Ebay and pay through the nose. That was a figure of speech. You don’t really pay through the nose. Maybe an arm and leg.

Mike Morrell avatar

I am having problems getting my Bluetooth KB and Mouse to work with the PI Zero. Any ideas as to which ones are compatible?



Tarun Mittal avatar

I want to know which pins can be used as GPIO and also for UART. Can’t find a datasheet. Can anyone please help?

Mike Buffham avatar

Hi Tarun
Have a look at this old blog… it should have the info you need!


Peer Kolendorf avatar

When will Raspberry Zero be available in volume quantities?

Mark Carney avatar

I agree with Peer I live in US and can’t make volume purchases unless you purchase the bundled versions.

flyrobot avatar

Its really too bad, No one in global distribution list above have good experienced to ship globally.
Some of them give me super mega expensive shipping.
Other no shipping to my country at all.
Why no distributor for asia, like dfrobot, seeedstudio etc,they are very experience shipping globally.

I do not know where is experience distributor like element14 etc? they are not selling Pi Zero

Mike avatar

Great :(

Another US/EU only board.

When are you going to make a product that’s going to cost me less than $56 for a unit? Because that’s what you’ve done – I can only buy one unit from any of the distributors you have set up, and shipping to NZ cost $46, for a $10 board.

Element14, a vendor that offers reasonable shipping, doesn’t offer the W at all.

Unless and until you actually make enough of these to sell more than one at a time, I’ll pass and buy a clone.

It’s not that I suspect you and your distributors from artificially constraining supply to push buyers to more expensive boards, because the Zero is still, after more than a year, available in single units only.

Either you’re really bad at logistics or it’s a deliberate ploy.

So, congratulations North America and EU on your shiny new toy, but for us poor slobs that make up the rest of the 80% of humans on the planet, not much fun use at all.

Alex Bate avatar

Hi Mike. Sorry you feel that way. If you look at the Pi Zero W product page, you’ll see that we now have a distributor in New Zealand and another in Australia. Head to the page here: and find the best distributor for your needs. These new distributors were announced in early May and we’re continuously working to increase the number across the globe. You’ll fine the blog post here:

vignesh avatar

AMAZING PRODUCT, WHEN ARE WE GETTING IT TO INDIA , ITS BEEN SO LONG!!, we did not even get the zero and there are some distributors claiming to be authorized selling it at an approx 25$ , thats only the zero w .

Please launch it in India soon .

Janina Ander avatar

We’re constantly working with stockists across the globe to increase the availability of the Raspberry Pi. Keep an eye on our social media and blog for announcements of new stockists.

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