Is your product “Powered by Raspberry Pi”?

One of the most exciting things for us about the growth of the Raspberry Pi community has been the number of companies that have grown up around the platform, and who have chosen to embed our products into their own. While many of these design-ins have been “silent”, a number of people have asked us for a standardised way to indicate that a product contains a Raspberry Pi or a Raspberry Pi Compute Module.

Powered by Raspberry Pi Logo

At the end of last year, we introduced a “Powered by Raspberry Pi” logo to meet this need. It is now included in our trademark rules and brand guidelines, which you can find on our website. Below we’re showing an early example of a “Powered by Raspberry Pi”-branded device, the KUNBUS Revolution Pi industrial PC. It has already made it onto the market, and we think it will inspire you to include our logo on the packaging of your own product.

Using the “Powered by Raspberry Pi” brand

Adding the “Powered by Raspberry Pi” logo to your packaging design is a great way to remind your customers that a portion of the sale price of your product goes to the Raspberry Pi Foundation and supports our educational work.

As with all things Raspberry Pi, our rules for using this brand are fairly straightforward: the only thing you need to do is to fill out this simple application form. Once you have submitted it, we will review your details and get back to you as soon as possible.

When we approve your application, we will require that you use one of the official “Powered by Raspberry Pi” logos and that you ensure it is at least 30 mm wide. We are more than happy to help you if you have any design queries related to this – just contact us at [email protected]

If you’re looking to adorn your home projects, school books, or kit with Raspberry Pi branding, check out our swag store for stickers, pins, and more.


Kratos avatar

You know how most laptops have a sticker on the outside that says something like “Intel inside”? It would look super cool on a pi case. Or maybe a monitor if you have it stuck on the back like I do.

Alex Bate avatar

“Raspberry InPied”

…I’ll get my coat.

Tom Kirby-Green avatar


Ianken51 avatar

“Powered by Pi” sounds good.

TempoTutor avatar


Adrian Stone avatar

It would be great to offer this logo in sticker form for use by the Raspberry Pi community, especially for those making robots, weather stations and other home-builds.

Like @Kratos, I also use a Pi(3) on a VESA mount on the back of a monitor as a desktop replacement (very cool).

Jonathan Björklund avatar

Totally agree!!

jose avatar

I have the same idea.. please tell us What kind of power supply are you using.. what case?? what is the main computer operating system?? what kind of appication (text/graphs?)

W. H. Heydt avatar

When I set up the images for my electronic name badge (Pi0W+3.5″ display) I try to remember to put a red “Powered by Raspberry {i” line at the bottom. Pretty small print…but I like to have it there.

Shannon avatar

I was reading the branding rules, and they are pretty standard. One thing that “bothers” me is section (iv) of part 3. In a small club setting, where some kids get together and build some stuff, but just want to print out a sticker for their notebook to show solidarity. It’s nice to buy official stickers, but could they use the berry to make a club logo or print out their own stickers for personal use? The branding rules fall a bit more on the lawyer side, and a little less on the GPL/Apache/BSD/GNU/Open Source side of the line. Any chance to get some special branding that could be used by small clubs and project builders, but would be restricted from commercial use? A variation on the logo and branding just for the community to use?

ukscone avatar

a couple of years ago I started work on a Pi Inside Logo based on one i’d done even earlier for another device. kinda naff but it almost worked.!Ap_hXBavS8iAiWsPiOgTN6LsiLYH

Dave avatar

I actually quite like that.

Cleoqc avatar

yeah I like that!

Martin Mander avatar

I’d love it if there was a small subtle sticker version for use on projects, maybe a different colour from the commercial one? And a car decal, I’m sick of those Powered by Pixiedust ones.

Elfen avatar

Where can I buy a pack of 100?

The kids would love to stick them n their notebooks and things! And I on my projects!

Milliways avatar

My Pi have a Stallman sticker “GNU/Linux” “Inside!”

Neil avatar

Hmmmm … an “industrial” device powered by a device without an industrial (or any!) specification. New territory.

Christian avatar

Hi all,
What is it for Industry or IOT?

Mike Gregory avatar

It all starts with a sticker! Then with a property!

Hans lepoeter avatar

I guess it’s ok to put on any home project wo conditions ? Is it ?

I’m building a beerglas engraver :-)

Liz Upton avatar

Absolutely – this is only for products people are bringing to the market.

kevotheclone avatar

A “Powered by Raspberry Pi” t-shirt would be cool.

Or maybe an “Empowered by Raspberry Pi” t-shirt, since the Raspberry Pi is empowering us to do many things.

Armin avatar

How about a permit to put on this logo also on a device that Hilscher developed together with element14 through the “Raspberry Customization Service”. Basically it is 100% a RPi 3 and has just an Industrial Network controller extra.

See here:

Gavin McIntosh avatar

I need a Logo for Scientific use, SciPi?
Put Glasses and white coat on a Pi?
Something us nerds can relate to.

Working in a University I embed Pi’s in equipment.
How to market Pi’s to researchers and Professors in many disciplines. It is not just the Science fields that benefit from Pi’s, Health and Nursing find them useful.
But I am only reaching the early adopters, educating the tertiary education system is very slow.

It would be a shame if those Pi kids get to Uni and no one knows what a Pi is or how to use them. These Pi’s go way beyond just CS, everyone needs to now how to use them, even if it is just to make my life easier:)

The kids are the easy ones to teach.
Pi’s for Science, Pi’s rule.

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