250,000 Pi Zero W units shipped and more Pi Zero distributors announced

This week, just nine weeks after its launch, we will ship the 250,000th Pi Zero W into the market. As well as hitting that pretty impressive milestone, today we are announcing 13 new Raspberry Pi Zero distributors, so you should find it much easier to get hold of a unit.

Raspberry Pi Zero W and Case - Pi Zero distributors

This significantly extends the reach we can achieve with Pi Zero and Pi Zero W across the globe. These new distributors serve Australia and New Zealand, Italy, Malaysia, Japan, South Africa, Poland, Greece, Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Finland. We are also further strengthening our network in the USA, Canada, and Germany, where demand continues to be very high.

Pi Zero W - Pi Zero distributors

A common theme on the Raspberry Pi forums has been the difficulty of obtaining a Zero or Zero W in a number of countries. This has been most notable in the markets which are furthest away from Europe or North America. We are hoping that adding these new distributors will make it much easier for Pi-fans across the world to get hold of their favourite tiny computer.

We know there are still more markets to cover, and we are continuing to work with other potential partners to improve the Pi Zero reach. Watch this space for even further developments!

Who are the new Pi Zero Distributors?

Check the icons below to find the distributor that’s best for you!

Australia and New Zealand

Core Electronics - New Raspberry Pi Zero Distributors

PiAustralia Raspberry Pi - New Raspberry Pi Zero Distributors

South Africa

PiShop - New Raspberry Pi Zero Distributors

Please note: Pi Zero W is not currently available to buy in South Africa, as we are waiting for ICASA Certification.

Denmark, Sweden, Finland, and Norway

JKollerup - New Raspberry Pi Zero Distributors

electro:kit - New Raspberry Pi Zero Distributors

Germany and Switzerland

sertronics - New Raspberry Pi Zero Distributors

pi-shop - New Raspberry Pi Zero Distributors


botland - New Raspberry Pi Zero Distributors


nettop - New Raspberry Pi Zero Distributors



ksy - New Raspberry Pi Zero Distributors

switch science - New Raspberry Pi Zero Distributors

Please note: Pi Zero W is not currently available to buy in Japan as we are waiting for TELEC Certification.


cytron - New Raspberry Pi Zero Distributors

Please note: Pi Zero W is not currently available to buy in Malaysia as we are waiting for SIRIM Certification

Canada and USA

buyapi - New Raspberry Pi Zero Distributors

Get your Pi Zero

For full product details, plus a complete list of Pi Zero distributors, visit the Pi Zero W page.

Awesome feature image GIF credit goes to Justin Mezzell


Hans Otten avatar

Great news! The Zero is a big seller ;) adn a great creative building block in many projects!


Alex Bate avatar

Thanks Hans!

Richard Collins avatar

The Pi Zero W is my all time favorite device. :-) I still have to pinch myself to make sure I’m not dreaming. It really is that good. :)

You guys rock!

Alex Bate avatar

Oh gosh, you.

manuti avatar

But …
… Why we can’t have a real Spain and also South Americans distributors?

Geekworm avatar

Good news!

Leon avatar

Awesome, keep on the good work! I have already bought a couple of Pi Zero W and soon I will be looking for more. The first replaced the remote control of my air conditioning and the second is looking after a plant as part of my hobby gardening project.

SvOlli avatar

How about dropping the 1-per-customer limit?

I wanted to do an IoT workshop in October, handing out preconfigured SD cards already installed in the Pi Zero Ws, so people can connect using LAN-over-USB for bootstrapping. Assuming that everyone who wants to attend will be able to bring in her/his own Pi Zero W will not work.

Buying any kit doesn’t do the trick as they cost much more and I get a lot of stuff I don’t need, like HDMI and USB-otg adapters.

So I decided to postpone the decision, but if I can’t buy something like 10-20 at the end of June, I’ll drop that workshop.

fanoush avatar

Also one cannot buy one Zero and Zero W in same order, that’s even more strange as it is different product.

mahjongg avatar

This is discussed to death in the fora, this arrangements has been devised specifically to maximize the possibility that persons can actually find a Raspberry PI Zero (W) in the shop instead of that someone buys them all up to scalp them for a premium on e-bay. Only if production exceeds demand this can be lifted, which still doesn’t seem to happen even with the production of a quarter of a million in a few weeks.
And no, the production cannot simply be increased!

azbest avatar

It is more likely a business decision. Getting cheap alternatives out of the business but not making competition for the compute modules. It is so cheap I would be surprised if the foundation would make any profit from the zero. So it is understandable they don’t want to flood the market with zeros. Individuals can easily get a few piece of the zeros.

Richard avatar

Well said sir. :-)

Jay Edmonds avatar

An even the new outlets limit you to one and the shipping is as much as the Zero itself. The comments are correct. Until you can purchase 4-5 or more, the device is simply a novelty that generates a lot of web traffic. It is not a teaching tool, nor a device you and build around since you cant get enough to do either.

James Hughes avatar

Well, with 250K sold, clearly a very popular toy and novelty. Or just perhaps, lots of people can get by with one, or simply buy when needed rather than 5 at a time.

Pete Chown avatar

When the original Zero came out, I assumed the one-per-customer limit was temporary, while production was increased to meet demand. That was ages ago, so is it actually intended to be permanent?

To be clear, I won’t flame you either way; the way you run the Pi Foundation is none of my business. It would be nice to know though.

Hussam Al-Hertani avatar

It would be great if the buy one limit could be dropped for educational institutions. This is more for Universities & Colleges teaching Linux, IOT, physical computing & robotics rather than for primary/junior High schools teaching scratch, sonic pi and intro to Python.

The compact size in particular makes the RPi Zero W attractive to that sector. Being a Community college level Educator I would like to be able to purchase multiple RPi Zero Ws for that sort of thing. Of course RPi3s are also OK but their larger size is non-ideal in some projects and its higher cost makes it harder to replace when hardware interfacing mistakes are made

Jacques avatar

Where/when is it available in South Africa?

Most of the above don’t ship to South Africa, and the few that do, charge $50 for shipping.

I see RS components is the official stockist for South Africa, where I bought all my other RPi products from, but they don’t have the Pi Zero W.

Would LOVE to get a few; hope to hear from you soon!!

Mike Buffham avatar

Hi Jacques
We actually announced a Pi Zero distributor in South Africa today! https://www.pishop.co.za/store/
Note, we are still waiting for ICASA Certification on the Zero W in South Africa (should be very soon!!) so only the Pi Zero is available there at the moment

Anirudh Roy avatar

When can we have some distributors for India? It is very difficult to get a Pi zero even today.

Mike Buffham avatar

Hi Anirudh
You may have missed it in the overall message but we are currently working on announcing a distributor for Pi Zero in India, so there should be good news for you (and the rest of India) very soon, Mike

ThePiLocator avatar

I added this stores with their stock status on http://www.thepilocator.com so you can find them all in one place.

DerHerbert avatar

Your list of distributors for germany seems to be missing sertronics.
pi-shop.ch seems a shop for switzerland only.

Elfen avatar

Interesting. Great information to know!

Gabor Nemeth avatar

It is great news to hear about new PI Zero W distributors. What is the process to become official PI Zero W distributor?
We are one of biggest PI webshop in Hungary and our customers are waiting for this new PI Zero model.
How can we become PI Zero W distributor, how can we sell this product and accessories in Hungary?
Could you send information of requirements please!

Mike Buffham avatar

Hi Gabor, If you drop an email to [email protected] they will get your request to the right place (me).

Jin avatar

Happy to see Malaysia best electronic store Cytron as a distributor, just buy a Zero and W from them :D

zoel avatar

nice but how to as pi zero distributor?

Mike Buffham avatar

send your company details to [email protected] and we will get in contact with you


Param avatar

Congrats to all of you who are getting their piece of Pi!
But dear Raspberry-pi org, you keep forgetting India.
Here Amazon is selling Pi Zero (not W) for 53$. Yes you read it right 53$.

Mike Buffham avatar

Hi Param
You may have missed it in the overall message but we are currently working on announcing a distributor for Pi Zero in India, so there should be good news for you (and the rest of India) very soon, Mike

Anton avatar

Really excited with this announcement, but sad at the same time the Philippines is left out. Please make the Pi Zero W available in the Philippines…

Aditya Chaubal avatar

We want to become Official Distributor of Rasperry Pi in India. To whom we are suppose to contact ?

James Hughes avatar

Send your company details to [email protected] and they will be forwarded to the right person.

Rob avatar

$18 delivery to New Zealand from our ‘local’ distributor seems a bit steep and I can only get one in the package, this more than doubles the cost. I can get it from the UK for less!
Is there any chance we can get a kiwi distributor?

nicegear avatar

We’ve been in touch with the Raspberry Pi Foundataion to try and get some stock in New Zealand. Waiting to hear back.

don isenstadt avatar

plenty of supply in ohio now.. thanks Microcenter!
I wonder why someone would buy the pizero 1.3? even though it is $5 by the time you put in wifi you are at $10 and you don’t get the Bluetooth…

mahjongg avatar

there are plenty enough applications that don’t need, or even don’t want, any connectivity.

Graham avatar

Great, great machines. Sadly though most will only sell you the $10 W as part of a kit that, at least for me, amounts to no more than a wasteful tax.

Any prospect of getting e.g. a 10 pack of Zeros and / or Ws? That may make it possible for distributors to make a modest margin.

Keep up the GREAT work!

b avatar

Still nothing for india or the indian subcontinent, that’s like ignoring 1/5th earth.
And it looks like next revision isn’t anytime soon.
So sit back and enjoy.

Olav Kvalem avatar

Re: Distributors for Norway.
The distributors chosen for us are Swedish and Danish regular online stores.
They are not in Norway, the Danish one doesn’t seem to do any ‘off-line’ trading and while the Swedish has a real shop in Malmø, that is about as far from Norway you can get in that neighbouring country.

It is cheaper for me to shop online at Pimoroni, so no advantage there… But hey! I’m very content with the British stores, it’s just never possible to just go and get something. You have to wait, and when things arrive, you are working on another project. :-)

Jeppe Kollerup avatar

Hi Olav.

I am sad to hear your thoughts on our Danish shop (Jkollerup.dk). I have been putting in a lot of work the last few months to cover the rest of the Nordic countries in a good way. I have specifically been optimizing for Norway as you do not have a Zero reseller at this point.

This has resulted in an English translation of the website as well as very low shipping costs (still tracked!) to Norway. I will be happy to hear from you if we can do anything else better; contact me through the website.

Best Regards
Jeppe Kollerup

Lucas M. Fernandes avatar

South America distributors, please :)

Christoph avatar

Sad to see that you forgot Brazil!
So we have international shipping cost and 60% of import tax upon all, for shipping too! And often goods do not arrive.

Janina Ander avatar

We’re constantly working with stockists across the globe to increase the availability of the Raspberry Pi. Keep an eye on our social media and blog for announcements of new stockists.

Peter E avatar

I am writing to inquire how one would place an order for Bulk Raspberry Pi Zero or Zero W?
Seems we can only order 1 at a time most anywhere.

Alex Bate avatar

Hi Peter. Drop an email to [email protected] as they are the ones to deal with such requests. Thanks

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