XmasPiLights from Reading College

Over in Reading, there’s a rather special Christmas tree.

Reading College holds a week called “Go Further” every year, where students are encouraged to go beyond their curriculum to create ambitious projects. This year’s students decided to make a Christmas techno-tree from steel they milled themselves, a 3D-printed star they designed themselves, and string after string of LEDs, all hooked up to social media so people around the world could activate the star at the top.

Here’s a time-lapse of the tree’s creation:

And here’s the tree being built and tested.

You can see a live stream of the tree at xmaspilights.com – and most importantly, you can make the 3D-printed star at the top twinkle by using the hashtag #XmasPiLights on Twitter, Instagram or Google+.

Thanks to our friends at Energenie for sponsoring this project. We’re off to Twitter to make some stars twinkle.

Helen adds: Bonus feature! I’ve discovered that if you type XmasPiLights followed by up to 15 characters in the live chat window at xmaspilights.com, the tree will flash your message translated into Morse code. There goes my lunch break!


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Note: You need to use https://www.xmaspilights.com/ to get the chat window working. Using http://www.xmaspilights.com/ fails to load the browser based IRC client.

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It depends. Sometimes it connects, sometimes it doesn’t. Doesn’t matter if you’re using SSL or not.

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Very cool. I love ridiculous.

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This is cool.

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