Christmas light sequencer

Over at Instructables, Osprey22 (what’s your real name, 22? Let us know and I’ll add it to this post) is driving audio and eight strands of lights (plus a jolly twinkly star) from the same Raspberry Pi, so the two can be sequenced using some custom Python he’s written. Play to the end for a bit of Let it Go, if you’ve not heard it too many times this year already.

Star of wonder

Osprey22 has made full build instructions available, along with all the code you’ll need, and sequencer files for a few Christmas choons. We love it.


AndrewS avatar

Nice to see that the Raspberry Pi has all sizes of tree covered :-)


How boring things would be without LEDs!

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Like Napalm Waitress Force, I live to serve. :)

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Hello friends,

I have created a petition about the Christmas Competition.

Please sign the petition if you find it to be relevant.

Tim avatar

Great idea, but I put my tree up a week ago and I am not sure I can undertake a project such as this with 5 days to Christmas Eve!

Always next year!?

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This got me excited for Christmas this year.

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