Where is the new video? Why haven’t you answered my email? Reply to my PM! Etc. etc.

Just a quick note to let you know that Eben and I have been travelling across the United States from Maker Faire to meeting to conference room to meeting over the weekend and today (we are racking up air miles at a frankly unsustainable rate). I haven’t been in front of a computer much because we’ve been on the move, so I haven’t been able to get through the 600-odd emails sitting in my in-box or to sit down and edit the video from Maker Faire yet.

I’m in Arizona for a few days at the moment (for non-Pi-related business), and I’ll be travelling from here to Vegas, California, Vancouver and back to CA again over the next couple of weeks, so updates may not be quite as frequent as usual, and it may take me a little longer than normal to answer your emails. I hope to have some video up in the next 24 hours – please be patient with me, because the jet lag and general fatigue is so bad it feels as if my eyeballs are effervescing slightly.


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We all appreciate the time already spent by all, keeping us up to date at every opportunity, so catch up with some rest. Your probably gonna need it later :D

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Hope you feel better soon, gentlemen.

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Thanks for the update and isn’t jet lag horrible, I’ve twice gone on about 12 hours flights with only an hour break in the middle. :|

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Everything is cool. Take it easy Liz. Things will come.

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heheh, if in doubt panic !
You guys are BUSY,, we all know this by the results we can see,, feet up, glass of wine and unwind, :)

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Sounds like you’re having fun!
Don’t try to do TOO much, we can wait for the vid, its just good to know that Raspberry Pi is making waves and good impressions wherever it goes.

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Brilliant – thanks, WASD. That’s the geek.com video, which was taken from the other side of the crowd from mine – and it’s saved me a chunk of work. We do have more, which I’ll get loaded onto YouTube later on today.

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Someone linked it in the IRC and said it was already linked in the forums so don’t thank me :) I think it was ShiftPlusOne, not sure.

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Why there’s no RSS.

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No RSS because it tends to mean that content gets syndicated where we don’t want it.

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What’s going on in Vancouver? Is there some sort of public event I could come and see the Raspberry Pi at? :)

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Unfortunately not – I’m there reviewing restaurants and writing travel guide stuff for my day job! (Incidentally, if you have any restaurant recommendations, they’d be gratefully received.)

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Oh, I definitely have restaurant recommendations! I’ll send you an email to figure out what kind of places you’re looking for, and I’m sure I’ll have something! :)

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Vegas? Are you guys going to the Digital World Expo?

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We’re not – it’s a quick weekend of R&R so that Eben and I can spend some time together uninterrupted so that Raspberry Pi doesn’t kill our marriage! (I kid. Raspberry Pi is doing nothing of the sort – but it *is* good to have the chance to do non-work stuff for a weekend.)

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Are there any public events going on with your California trips? In particular anything happening in Northern California?

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Hi, I am sorry to bother you as I am well aware you are all very busy, and i hate to come across as pushy. However, i sent an email last week, and I am requiring an answer to it rather soon (3rd October). It was the one titled ”Final year Project – Loughborou​gh University” and was sent to the ”info” email given in ”about us” page which is also the email given on Eben Upton’s LinkedIn page. I was just wondering who reads the emails and if i actually sent it to the right email concerning contacting a member of the company.

All that said, i hope your travels are safe and you all get some well earned rest very soon!!

Thank you for your time.

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Unfortunately Liz who deals with info@ emails is getting 100’s a day, so she is working through a backlog at the moment. And of course she has a day job. Is it anything that can be answered here?

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Indeed, hence why i am sorry for coming across as a bit impatient. I just have a project briefing next week, and would rather have liked to know where I stand before it happens.

Possibly might be able to help… I don’t know. Worth a try anyway…
I’m a student at Loughborough University studying Product Design & Technology and currently about to start my final year project. I merely emailed them about the possibility of working on a design concept for them linked to the Raspberry Pi. It’s a student project and as this is a charity company, i would fund it myself. I was just hoping to possibly design this project with occasional feedback from the company and with their blessing to work on this design. The full details of the project were explained in the email, but i am a bit hesitant posting them on here to the public.

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OK, not something I think can be handled here. I’ll email Liz directly and she if she has got to your email yet (she will probably also have seen these post which may help).

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thank you very much James. I really appreciate it!!

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Interesting to see the comments about the RP on Newsnight.

It was worrying to see how the politicos sidestepped the issues without seeming to.

My estimation (FWIW) is that from these words on camera, there are a world of interests in there around the status quo.

The question really amounts to this….

Can you manoeuvre the educational establishment into a situation where they see the RP as a vote /for/ the establishment, rather than a revolutionary upset of the applecart? It will take a lot of political firepower to engineer a result.

The difference with the old days, and Acorn.
The BBC initiative was exactly that…an initiative BY the corporation, that caught the imagination of the polititicians, and was boosted on the back of that.
In the education sector there were no vested interests or positions, that could be considered to be working inside the establishment and de facto resisting the move.

That key difference encapsulates the problems in carrying this move forward.

It is a case of finding the right allies in the right positions, who can be won over, the movers and shakers who can back the initiative and permit the concepts inherent in the RP gain traction in the establishment.

If the BBC can be ‘won over’ then the possibility exists for an externally led pressure group/focus, who can pick up the torch, coupled to an external learning course (Via the BBC and perhaps the OU). Something that presents the educational establishment with a crop of computer newbies up and coming who could slot neatly into the concept of schools and colleges preparing for an intake of these types of students possessing these skills…

For the BBC now equipped with the internet, and groups like the hobbygroups who ran ‘basicode’ in Holland, and the IT programme that ran around with subject hosted by Barry Norman on the radio (I seem to remember it being called something like The ‘chipshop’), in the 1980s, you have a group and focus that can push the idea in a developing direction that the education establishment can latch onto.

Couple the two together and you defeat the biggest threat to the RP, the establishment portraying it as an educational ‘toy’ that has no significance.

If you can come up with a syllabus, and marry that to BBC programmes and programmers/lecturers to carry forward this as a publicly funded initiative almost in parallel to the education establishment, then this will make a serious difference.

Where things went wrong in the ’80’s, probably, was the BBC standing back and not getting their hands dirty and pushing the education angle.

They even controlled the means of delivering courses to the machines, ‘telesoftware., but it was never followed up…

Because they did not continue along this vein, the national computing idea somehow got subsumed into the general education system, and gradually lost its way, resulting in the drift into ICT. The key problem being…Computing found itself being directed by non computing academics and administrators who do not ‘get it’ and had trouble fighting the corner of the new computing science economy, objective.

With the internet as it is today….most of the general public, and school kids, have direct access to a source channel for any such serious initiative, that you could entangle the kids and schools into. Direct access to their home environment…

To make this grand idea/plan work, looking how the whole thing failed last time, is 90% of the way to avoiding the resurrected plan miscarrying this time.

I think you need to talk in depth to the BBC and the Open University, to bring the power of academic kudos into the equation, to sell the idea in such a way that it appears to be a vital direction to take, and that direction that is a win-win situation for educational academia.


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