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Быть добру!

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Eben, sorry to have to miss you. I’m in the middle of the country (Arkansas) and won’t be able to get there. We are going to be in England in March 31, April 1st and 2nd, 2012. Maybe then? I have been getting interest from the local college here with regards to some help with making cases (CAD department to prototype and they have a couple of injection molding machines they are not using). I am interested in setting up some kind of production here of the boards, but that is sort of new to me and I am still researching it. Maybe a co-op can be formed later as interest picks up.
Any way, have fun and I look forward to seeing the post from your trip.

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hey Liz !

Of course a video is “a need” :)

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I’ve bought a new camera and everything. :)

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Youpiiii ! D

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If you read this in time, why not pop over to see the folk at Instructables.com (their stall will be in the “Hall of Science” in Queens)?

Raspberry Pi would be right up their street, and it would be really cool if you collaborated on a release event (say, some sort of contest with Raspi’s as a theme or prize).

Oh, if you get there, tell them Kiteman sent you.

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Was at MakerFaire today and saw the alphaboard running (& met Liz & Eben ta muchly for the twiglets). The alphaboard is great and if the final board is half as good it’ll be fantastic

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Really, really good to meet you, ukscone – thanks for providing some much-needed levity. We had a great time, and are still just about awake enough that we can still see straight. Enjoy those Twiglets!

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Any video from this event?

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I was also at the Maker Faire yesterday and met Eben, Liz, and ukscone as well. (I’m the guy from Pittsburgh). Had a great time, was lovely meeting all of you.

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nice to meet you too acfrazier. all in all a pretty good day wasn’t it?

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Aside from the first few hours with no monitor, I’d say overall it was a good day.

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God, the failure of the monitor to turn up had me spitting bullets. It *did* make for nicely lowered expectations in the crowd, though, so when it did arrive, things went better than we could have hoped for.

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Where is the video ? Also the first model on the market will be released in november 2012 ?

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Video not ready yet.
And it’s November 2011.

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Damn. I live in England.

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Well, it was developed in Cambridge, UK, so i am sure there will be something to go to sooner or later!

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When will be available for sale?
I live in Brazil, how can I buy the Raspberry Pi?

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November 2011. Will be available worldwide.

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Thank you! I’ll be waiting to buy it.

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Когда же объявят о продажах?

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в конце ноября

Late November.

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