Where are my stickers?

Some of you may be wondering where your stickers have got to. After we ran out of the initial batch last week, we placed an order with our suppliers for a much larger batch, with a projected delivery date of this Wednesday. For reasons beyond our control, this has now slipped to this coming Monday.

As a result, some people have now been waiting a week for us to fulfil their order, including a minority who ordered before we changed the product status from “in stock” to “pre-order”. We want your goodwill much more than your money, so if you’re one of these people and would like us to cancel your order, please contact us at [email protected] and we’ll get right on it. Otherwise, we expect to fulfil all outstanding orders on Monday.

And yes, this is exactly the sort of thing we don’t want to happen when we launch the device.


Tristan avatar

All is forgiven. Would have donated the amount I spent if I knew how.
: )

scott avatar

it would be interesting to know maybe how many stickers have been sold…

Adrian Jones avatar

Mine turned up yesterday. One week exactly.

Great way to test out the ordering system, and I’m pleased to be of some help with it.

Adrian Jones avatar

Mind you, I ordered 4 and received 8!

You might not want to do that with the final product! :)

liz avatar

We doubled up on all the orders because we felt guilty about the P&P – no danger of that happening with the device itself!

psergiu avatar

Thanks a lot, mystery solved. (order #706, 3 stickers -> 6 stickers)

Andrey avatar

Actually I’d like to add more stickers to the order. :-)

nearlygreen avatar

Order #680 arrived yesterday here in Ireland.

I almost didn’t open it – could be more valuable in the future to have a “mint”set :)

Just waiting for the pi now.

Thanks and best wishes for this wonderful project.

ansbaradigeidfran avatar

There’s no rush on my part, as I honestly have no idea what to do with the stickers I ordered yet!

WASD avatar

Excellent idea to start selling stickers now and observe failures like these.

Chris avatar

If you really cared about us you’d offer us first dibs on a Pi ;-)

Seriously tho, don’t think any of us ordered the stickers ’cause we actually wanted the sticker as such, we just want to support the project.

It’s for this reason that I think it’s really important that you have the facility to Buy One Donate One from day 1 of sales.

campsec avatar

Np on the stickers, like everyone else I just want to support your effort. I wish I could be there to help ship the first 10K Raspberry Pi! Serioursly, I’m a hardware engineer but I’ve also done shipping and receiving! 10,000 packages, np! The UK facility for the company I grew up at as an engineer was in Milton Keynes, I have fond memories of many pubs in the UK! Anyone of the group heard of a company called Xylogics? Can’t wait to your release date! Best Regards!

Andrew Scheller avatar

Haven’t bought any stickers I’m afraid ;) but I just noticed that there’s a newsletter signup form on http://www.raspberrypi.com/merchandise/
Is this the same newsletter that the main website signs up to, or is this a redundant form that needs to be taken out of the store?

Does the store need a T&Cs page?

Tim H avatar

The store software’s a bit clunky, but it worked and I have my stickers, thank you!

I very much look forward to using the store to buy my Pi(s). ;^)

Please tell us when, I’m sure we’re all dying to know.


jamesh avatar

When? Well, I thought I’d keep it a secret!

It’s been posted many times before – when the boards are ready, there will be a BIG splash on the home page and everyone on the email list will be mailed as well. Twitter will be informed, and Prez Obama has said he will announce it to congress.

Actually, that last one might not be true.

Andrew Scheller avatar

Heh, that’d be a damn impressive PR coup! I’m sure Liz has the persuasion powers to pull it off… ;-)

Bib Downe avatar

She may have more sway with the Queen of England!!

Hazor avatar

You three have just made my bad day far better. Laughter ftw.

PiOfCube avatar

I was wondering about it but just thought that it might be down to it taking a while for one person to post 1,000 stickers… ;-)

Personally, I don’t mind waiting a little while because it’s more of a test to iron out any wrinkles…

Different story completely to my order with another site where I placed an order for some stuff including a case so I could start recording R-Pi videos. I paid for Saturday delivery but the courier has decided not to bring it until Monday.

Thanks for the update and I look forward to getting them soon :-)

Arvind Vyas avatar

Amazing !! btw, Where my ‘T-shirt’ ???

George99 avatar

T-shirt, ball cap and coffee mug.
Let’s get some marketting behind this thing.

How about an action figure too?

Rhys avatar

Hell yea I want a rasbrri pi mug and T shirt but the action hero needs a villain counterpart how about AppleTau

duncan avatar

I’d put money on the site going down within a few minutes of the release :P

Manuel Lopez avatar

So, can you give us any expected date for the first Pi Board?
best regards

Jongoleur avatar

Bit the bullet, bought sticker to check my shop login was working ok…. :-)

System seems to be working well and I look forward to getting the sticker, though not as much as I’ll be anticipating getting the Real Thing(tm) when its released!

yannoslemanos avatar

I would like to help improve your delivery system and therefore I command you stikers 3. But I’m French and I find it unfortunate that we can not choose its currency (that is a detail eh …) Otherwise it’s pretty clear as presentation. Oh yes: The accents are a problem we give bizzard characters!
Voila! Good luck for the rest of the project, I look forward to the machine!

karlmag avatar

“Otherwise, we expect to fulfil all outstanding orders on Monday.”

I just lol’ed.
Got email about stickers being shipped at what I believe was 23:51 Monday in the UK. ;-)
You didn’t have to burn the midnight oil for me, but thanks :-)

tiris avatar

the stickers are really cool and I wanted to buy some to support your testing also for international shipping, but royal mail international package is awfully expensive for just a sticker. Any chance you could just put it into an envelope for testing purposes?

Adrian avatar

Not true, I ordered to Australia and paid just £2 for the shipping, I hope the Foundation is not losing money in my order!

jamesh avatar

It’s effect of the sales software being used. Check out the original stickers thread for where the money goes.

jg avatar

Hi, Im sure you get sick of questions about when will R-Pi be released but do you think it will realistically be available ready for xmas? I want one as a present for someone and im holding off buying something else as im sure they would love one of these.

jamesh avatar

Final design is complete and has gone off for a small run. If they work OK then I see no problem with getting them by Xmas. Depends on how fast the first batch sells!

Caveat. If the board doesn’t work, then there will be inevitable delays. We hope this will not happen!

Jongoleur avatar

I’m sure the team have everything crossed that its possible to cross…… It would be nice to get an update on the results of the sample run. It’ll take a little while to run through the first 10k parts sets once the design has been proven to be ok.

sh4d0w0lf avatar

Thanks for the stickers.. Didn’t realize that there was two in the envelope :) one for the laptop and one for the pi when i can get my mitts on one..

Derek avatar

Looks like everyone’s getting two stickers. I guess I probably threw one away with the envelope, as I was only expecting one. Never mind – it looks good stuck on my monitor as a reminder to check back every day for updates.

BlackAdder avatar

Yay! I’ve been declaired a minority! I just hope the same thing doesn’t happen when I order my RasPis :-(

Grig avatar

I am on the bandwagon of “I don’t mind waiting for stickers if this will smooth the bumps in the process.” I remember the disaster we had with the first OLPC.

Dave avatar

I will add my voice to say no problem with the delay.
I am not going to ask about the date for the first shipment but !!!!!!!!! as the first lot will sell out within a nanosecond what month next year are you expecting a regular supply (if no problems with first shipment) so I can look forward to my pi

Rhys avatar

Raspberry pi stickers………….. meh, Where is my raspberry pi board? :D

Fienan avatar


I would like to place a preorder as well for the sticker and posted to Indonesia.
How much is the postage cost anyway?

nick soph avatar

Mine arrived this morning about a week after I ordered them. As for saying sorry for their delay – I laughed, sorry but for those of us who paid our 339 pounds for a BBC model B and then called up every week for 6 months wondering when it was going to be delivered/made/designed, a week late is hardly noticable. thx

jamesh avatar

I do remember that wait (although for me it was a model A)!

Kev avatar

I ordered 1 and received 2. I thought it was a mistake until I saw a comment from Liz! Finally a company who actually sympathises with customers, it’s a miracle! =D

Ronny W avatar

I hope you guys has not run out of stock already :P
I ordered 10 on the 14th and still it says awating fulfillment..

but as other says.. not here for the stickers :P gonna be like a hawk on the site in the nearest future for the release of the boards

liz avatar

Not out of stock at the moment (although we’re getting close again); we had some post office trouble when their Smart Stamp system went down for most of this week. We should be done with the backlog by tomorrow.

Ronny W avatar

No worries.. Dealing with the postal office always seems to be a hassle. :( same thing here in sweden.. there is always sumthin..

rsbrowndog avatar

Got my stickers today and love them. One on the keyboard Windows key and one on the mouse that are sitting patiently waiting for a Pi to connect to.




Bruce Goatly avatar

Ummm…. I received an empty envelope postmarked Cambridge yesterday with no return address on it, and I surmise that it should have contained my sticker(s)…

Is there any chance that it or they could be sent again, please?

liz avatar

Hmm – yes, that sounds like a sticker foulup. Can you email us at [email protected] please, and I’ll get some more sent out to you.

Bruce Goatly avatar

Thanks! Done, and done…

Bruce Goatly avatar

Sorry – I should have said sooner that the replacement envelope stuffed with two stickers arrived safely. Many thanks to Liz for arranging it, and to Eben for reminding me!

chrigil avatar

I recently received an envelope with what appeared to be 2 ‘tabs’ of RaspberryPi. After licking them for an hour with absolutely no effect I proceeded to stick them on my keyboard.

Bruce Marriott avatar

Just tried to order some stickers but integration with Paypal seems wrong. Normally I’m taken to Paypal, login and use default payment. This time:
1) Hit login and get
“Page Not Found
We are sorry, we are experiencing temporary difficulties. Please try again later. If this error occurred while making a payment, avoid duplicate payments by checking your Account Overview before resending a payment.”

Sounds like Paypal problem. Wentinto Paypal direct and all fine – no transaction and servers seem fine. So decide to try again:

2) This time I seem to come into Paypal as if I don’t have an account with them. There is no login screen and instead it looks like I’m being asked to put in card details for the first time. I don’t!

This may be Paypals fault – but I have never seen this before.

Finally £1.90 for post seems very, very, steep.

liz avatar

We’re sorry about the postage price – if you read the article at http://www.raspberrypi.org/archives/320, you’ll see why we’re charging so much. I suspect your problem is at PayPal’s end, but I’ll look into it. (You did notice that the stickers are on back order at the moment, I hope!)

tuneable avatar

Stickers arrived today (UTC-8, USA). Thanks!

(Smart idea to practice printing the Customs Declaration form too!)

liz avatar

We’ve been throwing LaTeX at those labels – we can now print customs forms, address, a code telling us what you’ve ordered and the correct franking for your region to the same file. I hope people are finding the shop process somewhat smoother now as well.

Trish avatar

Argh! Had a minor freak out when I received an empty envelope (is it anthrax?) – then I spotted the stickers! Phewf.

Thanks very much – I do love that logo :)

Will Brown avatar

Just received my stickers. Doubling up the order is a very nice gesture but wholly unnecessary. Kindest thanks!

I know you are holding off on any other merch but i would defo order a tshirt and mug as well as a brace of pi’s.

Chris de Bruin avatar

I got my stickers today too. Love em and one is over the apple logo on my ipod touch :D I can’t wait to place an order for a couple B boards.

Also had to ask everyone out there, is it wrong that I think the envelope is almost as cool as the stickers for having Eben’s signature on it? Now that’s personal service!

richo avatar

I ordered.. I don’t know how many. But I recieved what would appear to be several jillion more. Huzzah!

Robert_M avatar

Yay! Stickrz in da House… er, mail!


Rob avatar

Just received my stickers safe and sound down here in Sydney, Australia.

English postal stamps seem much more high-tech than ours.

Iskandaru avatar

I’ve just got my stickers. The first thing my family asked was: “hey, are they LSD stamps?” :))) By the way it took almost a month to get from the UK to Moscow, Russia.

Montala avatar

Are the stickers still available please, and if so, how can I order some?

Thanks! :)

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