Nokia has Raspberry Pi vouchers for 400 Qt developers

You’ll have seen quite a buzz here about Qt on Raspberry Pi, alongside some of the prettiest demos that have been submitted to us so far. At next week’s Qt Dev Days in San Francisco, developers will have a chance to play with one of the few alpha boards in the wild. Nokia are one of our partners, and have done a large amount of engineering on this, convincing us that Qt’s a really good fit for the platform while they’re at it. They’ve negotiated with us to guarantee to sell them 400 beta boards when we start to ship. They’re going to be giving those boards away to Qt 5 developers who are willing to port software, develop apps, and test and improve the Qt 5 Linux stack. You don’t need to attend Qt Dev Days to qualify, but you do need to be a verifiable Qt developer with some idea of what you’re wanting to do with the board.

If you’re a Qt developer who wants to get their hands on a free board (I’m looking at you, team Tampere), visit Nokia’s Qt blog to find out how to apply.


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Are the first 10k boards called beta boards?

Makes sense.

Any info on if the final PCB design has been tried out?

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They went into the factory a few days ago after another weekend spent crawling over the schematics for bugs, and the PCB guys have not reported any problems (one place where an *awful* lot of PCB projects fall down is at first manufacture, where the foundry spots something that bypassed the designer, so this is very good news indeed). So far it’s all looking good, but there will be no news I can reliably report on it until next week.

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Why oh why did I choose to spend this year learning Haskell instead of Qt?!

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AIUI, the next release of the GHC Haskell compiler, due before the end of this year, should include improved support for producing ARM code using LLVM.

GHC, like Raspbery Pi, is a Cambridge based technology. It all sounds like a good fit to me (who intends to get a R-Pi and program Haskell on it).

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I’m having one question about the raspberry pi:
How do I hook up a VGA monitor?

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Have a look in the wiki/faq/forum.
Short version: Vga requires extra hardware which adds cost.
But you can get Composite to VGA adaptors, also there are HDMI to VGA adaptors which are more expensive. You can also connect to HDMI to DVI monitors with a cheap adaptor.

Hope that helps.

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you can go one step further and get a hdmi – dvi that you connect to a dvi – vga adaptor :P

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That won’t work.
HDMI provides DVI-D plus digital audio.

The ‘cheap’ DVI to VGA ‘adapters’ take the analog VGA signal provided in a DVI-I or DVI-A connector and link them to the D-sub-15 VGA connector.

An HDMI port doesn’t have those analog pins at all, and neither do the HDMI to DVI-D adapters.

DVI-D to VGA convertors do exist, however they are quite expensive – the ones I’ve seen are £100 or so.

The £5-£20 ones are either DVI-I/DVI-A to VGA (thus don’t work for Raspberry Pi), or are fraudulent and don’t work on anything.

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Impressed with Nokia, dropping $10k+ (guessed calc…) on involving developers. Fingers crossed it’ll get some easy set-up Qt images ready for the Pi.
Excellent news!

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Will we see some videos from Qt Dev days?

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The Foundation doesn’t have anybody on the ground in SF for the Dev Days, but we hope some friendly soul there will be putting some video on YouTube.

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I’ll bring my FlipCam and see what I can do. :)

An overview video from the event in Munich is here:

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Thanks very much! Looking forward to seeing it.

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Donald has uploaded a (noisy) video of him demoing Qt 5 on the Raspberry Pi during Qt Developer Days in San Francisco. He also has a bunch of other related videos on his channel.

Enjoy! :)

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It must be very heartening to know that Nokia has taken an interest in the Pi.

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Nokia already use a lot of Broadcom chips, and if you look at the Nokia N8, and 701 (etc) you will see they use the Videocore series GPU’s, as used in the Raspi.


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Didn’t you guys tell us you are not accepting any money and/or pre-orders to make sure you do not appear like vaporware or an internet scam? Either that or this news article simply states Nokia are planning on purchasing them upon release. I do hope the latter..

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Who knows, but commercial orders are slightly different from selling direct to the public! Contracts and all…..

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Nokia are planning on purchasing them on release.

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I welcome this sale, this ensures having different software options even sooner :)

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RaspberryPi is the reason I changed my developing platform from C++ DirectX to Qt/OpenGL

The cost factor is just too important and a $35 networked HDMI h264 platform fills the gap in many applications where your usual $125/$300 solution is just too expensive to scale up period. Even a $70 RaspberryPi would’ve been a show stopper for me. But at $35, there is enough margin for the enclosure and perhaps wireless when needed.

I started development about 3 weeks ago in C++OpenGL, then switched to C++DirectX when it became clear a multi-video ouput PC (eyefinity) was the most economical option to fill 3 monitors with dazzling multimedia but switched back to OpenGL when the Raspberry price makes 3 networked Rasperry’s do about the same with the advantage of fast developement with Qt and more scalable possibilities.

Too bad that being my first Qt development won’t qualify me for a free one from Nokia, but at this price I can afford 3 while I always grind my teeth when I need to up-front $300+ for other micro-“controller” dev boards … Really looking forward to Qt 5 on Raspberry Pi in the future and my first order for 3 model Bs as soon as they are up for sale.

BTW, power-over Ethernet is my most requested missing feature of the Pi, together with some nice enclosure options that accomodate for internal Ethernet switches and/or wireless adaptors. And if the chipset can do it without much cost, multi track analog audio could also be helpful (even if just header space on the board is supplied, no need for actual extra jack connector for 5.1 or 7.1 analog tracks …)

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The main reason Raspi exists is as a charity to provide school-going children with a very cheap computer they can experiment with. Requested features such as Power-over-ethernet or multi-track analog audio are probably not going to be fulfilled. Plus, a multi-channel USB soundcard is not expensive, you know. If you really wish for power-over-ethernet, just buy a splitter cable and a DC-DC step-down converter (look up HRD converter); this should not cost more than a couple of dollars. The good thing about raspberry pi is that there’s a huge community of interested people with varying backgrounds. If there’s a technical problem, there will always be a solution.

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This is great news, I love Qt. I wish I knew how to program in it though.

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Cant wait to buy some for underprivileged schools in pakistan/india.

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This is great news, I really enjoy using Qt and Qt Creator. I really like the backend side of programming, I have a task in mind and dont want to spend hours on the UI. Qt really makes it simple for guys like me, I can spend weeks writing my app, and less then 10min on the UI and I have an incredibly functional app that looks good and is easy to use as well.

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Excellent. Always good to see a major corporation backing a project and getting some new hardware in the hands of developers.
Even better that anyone has a chance of being one of those developers – not just a select few.

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I think this demonstrates how confused Nokia are at the moment. One moment they were drawing Linux/Qt devs from every where the next saying that Windows 7 was the true way and the M’go stuff was a dead end( great way to launch a phone BTW!!!). Now we hear that they have punted up 10K for dev units. This is good news and I really hope this means something but at the end of the day it’s a mere drop in the Ocean in comparison the Billion$ they got from MS!!

Lets see how this goes !!!!

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I well that’s it the final push to get me to look into Qt currently downloading I should be fun.

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Does this mean that the number of board available for the general public will be short of 400 or the Nokia have a different pool ?. Just checking to make sure for us who have been waiting for sometime have the same chance of purchasing it as any other vendor/people out there.

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Nice to see that Nokia obviously have great belief in the Pi.

I also really really hope internally the beta boards are known as ‘cutie pies’

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This is awesome news and all, but to be a bit of a grammar Nazi… Why does everybody keep saying “Nokia are”? Nokia is A company, thus Nokia IS. If you want to say that’s too impersonal, no, it’s not. A company is a single entity that can only exist with the help of many people. Name the people if you want to talk about the people. (The people at Nokia ARE ,,, )

liz avatar

Fowler’s MEU doesn’t agree with you, and says the two can both be used. (I’m a professional grammar Nazi; I’m a freelance copy editor when I’m not dropping my career on the floor to work for Raspberry Pi.)

DaVince avatar

That’s interesting to hear… It definitely sounds awkward, especially when you consider a company is, well, *a* company. I guess in modern English it’s become a thing of preference. (I can’t imagine it being correct in not-so-modern English; please correct me if I’m wrong.)

Any way, keep up the good work. Looking forward to the release of the Raspi. ;)

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Bro you just got bum chummed, handle it

Alex avatar

Where can I buy this computer?

jamesh avatar

This question has been asked many many many times elsewhere on the site. It will be released very soon, it is not yet available. Keep an eye on the home page of the website for the launch announcement.

The FAQ has LOTS of information.

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PyQt4 is fantastically easy to use. Python + Qt + Rasberry Pi is going to be great for education and great for everyone. I can’t wait.

[…] están trabajando en una versión ultra optimizada de Qt5 para esta plataforma, ademas se creo un programa por el cual Nokia esta entregando a 400 miembros de la comunidad placas para que puedan usarlas en […]

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I want a Raspberry Pi for several resons. One of them being able to make a Carputer based on linux where there is an simple GUI where the user can access all the information needed from the car, still being able to use an external gps and other software. I also want to make an simple case with can be placed in a car without any problems and all the hardware being protected from cold weather and dust.

Im no programmer but I’m a gui designer with over 8 years of experience and think this is a fantastic step in the correct direction for technology.

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I am one of those lucky guys. Any idea when these devices will ship?

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