We’re coming to Edinburgh!

Edinburgh, you’re up next. For the second of our three-stop pop-up tour (say it quickly) to celebrate the Raspberry Pi Store’s third birthday, we’re crossing the border to catch up with our Scottish friends.

Where in Edinburgh will we be?

We’re landing in St James Quarter, which is tucked away in the New Town area of Edinburgh. Master-planned in the 1700s, it went on to become a haven for writers, printers, and publishers in the 18th and 19th centuries. The ribbon building in the centre of of St James Quarter is an allusion to paper unspooling as it runs through old-fashioned printing presses.

st james quarter edinburgh pop-up store
St James Quarter unspooling in the centre of New Town (Image: stjamesquarter.com)

More than 350 years later, we’re bringing our revolutionary credit card-sized computers to this historic medieval city.

Find us on the first page of this map. We’re popping up inside the Sook store opposite the big John Lewis.

And here is some helpful travel info to help you get to St James Quarter itself.

Gateshead Metrocentre pop-up store
Our brilliant staff at our last pop-up at Metrocentre

When will we be there?

Friday 29 July

10:00 – 18:00

Saturday 30 July

10:00 – 18:00

What can you buy?

All three of the Raspberry Pi Pico family will be available to purchase, and you can take home as many as you want. That’s the original Pico, plus the new Pico W and Pico H.

We’ve also planned to bring along more Raspberry Pi 400 stock, as they were so popular at our last pop-up in Metrocentre that we sold out!

Our exclusive pop-up-only limited-edition tote bag (pictured below) is back for Edinburgh, so make sure you pick one up. Only visitors to this Edinburgh pop-up and our previous one at Metrocentre can get their hands on these.

Plenty of other good stuff will be on sale too, from T-shirts to mugs, magazines, books, accessories, and maker kits.

We will have stock of Raspberry Pi 4 (2GB, 4GB and 8GB) and Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W. Please be aware that we’re limiting these to one of these computers per person. Note that the limit is one of any, not one of each, so you won’t be able to purchase one Raspberry Pi 4 and also one Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W, just as you won’t be able to purchase one 2GB Raspberry Pi 4 and one 4GB Raspberry Pi 4 — you can only buy one of any of these computers.

We’ve decided to do this to try to ensure that everyone who has made the trip to Edinburgh can pick up a Raspberry Pi.


Gary Clelland avatar

Looking forward to visiting Raspberry Pi Pop up store in Edinburgh.

Ashley Whittaker avatar

YAY! Did you see that Time Out just listed Edinburgh as the best city in the WORLD to visit. Maybe we should move…

Michael avatar

Fantastic news that you’re hopping o’er the border! It’s great to that you’re limiting supplies so we all have a shot. I noticed we can’t buy multiples of the rarer Pi’s but to clarify, could I buy a couple of picos, a Pi 400 and a Pi4 8gb? Would that fall under your ‘Fair Purchase’ efforts? Looking forward to seeing you guys… Thanks!

Ashley Whittaker avatar

You can filllllll your boots with Picos and 400s yes. And that’s on top of being able to buy one of the Pi 4s you want 👍🏼

Stephen avatar

what time will you be opening on both days please?

Gavin avatar

Will there be compute module 4’s for purchase?

Ashley Whittaker avatar

We aren’t bringing any Computes Modules this time, sorry Gavin.

Nancy Elias avatar

I will defintely visit Raspberry Pi Pop up store this time. You guyz are rock.

Bobby avatar

Can you give some idea of the prices to expect as usually Pi’s are announced in USD? Im trying to decide if it makes sense to travel (trains are expensive). Thanks.

Ashley Whittaker avatar

Which board are you thinking of buying?

Daniel avatar

Do you have other pop-up stores coming soon to the South of England?

Ashley Whittaker avatar

We’re back in London in October 👍🏼

Alan Robertson avatar

Enjoyed my visit, just a shame not as much merch available as hoped (only some 2XL tshirts left and no mugs, etc) but appreciate there’s a limit to what the team could bring. Got a Pi02W at least!

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