Relive last weekend’s Raspberry Pi pop-up store at Metrocentre

For the first stop on our three-location pop-up tour celebrating the Raspberry Pi Store’s third birthday, we headed to Europe’s biggest shopping centre. Here are a few snaps from our weekend up north at Metrocentre in Gateshead, UK.

Our lovely illustrator Sam made some super graphics especially for this pop-up store

We were based on the bank of the River Tyne and managed to squeeze in views of the Gateshead Millennium Bridge and the famous Angel of the North statue.

This was only our second ever pop-up store. We spent Black Friday /me sideeyesweekend last year in the heart of London’s shopping district on Oxford Street. But popping up in a sprawling shopping metropolis was an entirely different experience.

These special edition tote bags – created just for our pop-up store shoppers – were a big hit

Seeing as Metrocentre is home to more than 300 shops, we were absolutely made up that so many people chose to visit us.

We brought our super knowledgeable and friendly staff from the Cambridge Raspberry Pi Store and they helped loads of visitors to get hands-on with tech and pick out whatever they needed to get started on their own projects.

Thank you so much to everyone who visited. You were queuing round the block on our opening day!

We all <3 Babbage Bear

We love our Babbage Bear  — who, as you can see from the photo below, is adorable  — and we were touched to find that our pop-up shoppers do too. We were all sold out before the end of our first morning at Metrocentre.

A Babbage Bear teddy sits on a glass counter at the Raspberry Pi Store

We’re sure that all of the Babbage Bears are settling in nicely to loving new homes. And don’t worry; we’ll bring new stock of Babbages to our next pop-ups.

I missed it! Are you doing another pop-up?

Don’t worry if you couldn’t make this particular pop-up weekend, or if Gateshead is a little too far from home for you. We have two more pop-ups happening this year:

St James Quarter, Edinburgh
Friday 29 & Saturday 30 July

Oxford Street, London 
Friday 29 & Saturday 30 October

We’ll be back, don’t you worry!

Did you come and visit us at Metrocentre? Let us know in the comments what you thought of the store and what you bought.


Anders avatar

I am impressed that there was a queue!

Danny avatar

it was great I bumped into people who I haven’t seen since they ran a gateshead raspberry jam in March 2020 before lockdown I bought a power supply ,T-shirt, a trolo bot ,sticker pack and I got one of those limited edition bags I would love raspberry pi to have a permanent store in the centre.

Helen Lynn avatar

Oh brilliant – how cool that you bumped into some old Raspberry Jam acquaintances! Thanks for commenting. This was really nice to read.

Stu avatar

We went on Sunday and got an 8GB 4B, a power supply and a bag. It’s not the most convenient place to get to (50 mile round trip) but still cheaper than buying from ebay.

Liz Upton avatar

AND MORE FUN, amirite?

Stu avatar

You are right and you can’t buy fresh pretzel dogs while shopping on ebay.

apkprox avatar

I hope the was as the architect rather than a way to pass many idle hours at the weekend? :) great shop BTW, visited it recently.

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